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JuffBass - Articles On Leafs (Original)

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Bandcamp: https://juffbass.bandcamp.com/ Hey! Evenings On a Balcony is my second album I wrote, right after my first album called Moments with Birds. It was such a great feeling to read the positive comments about that album, so it was an easy decision to write a second album. Also I felt that my first album isn’t as complete as I wanted to so I’ve started to write Evenings On a Balcony a week after my first album’s release date. My main purpose behind these songs when I wrote them was to make my songs a little bit easier to listen to or a little bit faster while they still have the calming atmosphere. I wrote all of them during the summer and every night I listened to the demos on my balcony countless times because I wanted to make sure that they are not boring or bad. That’s why I named this record to Evenings On a Balcony. I made a lot of memories on these nights. If you want to support me, my covers or even my bird from my covers, you can, if you buy this album. If you buy it, I will send you an exclusive tab book, so you will know how to play these songs on your bass and you will read some grateful words by me. :) I hope this record will be enjoyable to a lot of people and they will bring some nice moments to others life like they did to mine on those summer nights.
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JuffBass (1 month ago)
Listen and download here: Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/4RzPgAKw1qqZn9hgiKkXpS Bandcamp - https://juffbass.bandcamp.com/music
Macimo Aded (6 days ago)
It's so beatiful this song
Kiwi asd (4 months ago)
Love it <3

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