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Hamlet Analysis (Act 1 Scene 3) - Nerdstudy

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Like and Subscribe! Drop us a comment and show some love! Let's start explaining the ins and outs of Hamlet Act 1 Scene 3. We've already seen the summary for Hamlet Act 1 Scene 3, so now let's dive even deeper into the analysis of what had happened in the story. You'll find that we get to truly appreciate Shakespeare in many different ways from this lesson. Check out www.nerdstudy.com for all lessons!
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Text Comments (39)
Infinita Fenix (2 days ago)
I love Shakespeare and I love you for helping me understand him :), keep the good job!
TarrantBot 2020 (22 days ago)
Waaaaaah trigger wahning
Eben Oosthuizen (1 month ago)
These videos are great Writing exam tomorrow.... Wish me luck
Nerdstudy (1 month ago)
Good luck!!!
Mini Minz (2 months ago)
hmmm.. i really dont feel like it has anything to do with incest... I think she was just being polite or obedient by saying that he will have the key as the "permission" , only he can give her the pass to lose her virginity, not that her virginity is kept safe for him I think he was being overprotective of what kind of man his sister should end up with.
H Baker (2 months ago)
I really appreciate this type of content. Your videos are incredibly helpful and even entertaining considering this, topic, please keep the videos coming.
Morbid Guitar (3 months ago)
I'm trying to read Hamlet (it's my first time reading a Shakespeare play) and these videos have been super helpful in helping me understand the general plot. Keep up the good work guys!
Nerdstudy (3 months ago)
This means a lot to us. We specifically made our lessons so that we can help students to get an A or A+. That was our primary objective. So unlike most other clips that focus on grabbing your attention only, we focused on so many things to make sure that you learn as many details as possible. All lessons are available on Nerdstudy.com. We have more there than we do on youtube (a couple more that are free usually) but not all are free. Still, I hope you learn and appreciate the plays! Hamlet in particular is one of our team's favorite... by far!
Farzan Butt (3 months ago)
I think that when Ophelia said the "tis' locked in my memory you yourself have the key to it" she is referring to what leartes said her about staying away from Hamlet.She is not referring to the key to her chaste treasure. As leartes commands her not to love Hamlet she says that I will remember it and it is locked in my memory and only who have the key to that *memory* not the *chaste treasure*. And I think that is the thing that is making confusion.
I think he is referring to the psychoanalysis aspect of the lines.
oreinge (4 months ago)
Too handsome. Too distracting to focus on the material.
Mislav B. (4 months ago)
good quality, good job
Hemanjali Chandra (4 months ago)
why did u leave this in the middle you gys pls complet our exams r on our head
Mirajul Shawon (4 months ago)
Your shirt is dope man *_*
CJnr Mansfield (4 months ago)
these videos are very helpful!
Will Scheib (6 months ago)
Act 2? Act 3?
wind walker (6 months ago)
I’m so thankful for your amazing Hamlet videos!
Gracie Spinner (7 months ago)
These are such helpful and well-produced videos. Thank you!
Anahi Jaime (7 months ago)
this is so helpful
M NJ (8 months ago)
Great videos, very helpful and well done. Thanks for your help!
Janeve E (8 months ago)
love these videos!!
Mathew Wang (8 months ago)
I liked the part when you showed both sides of the argument for Ophelia's character, but you didn't offer a counterargument about Ophelia and Laertes's possible incestuous relationship.
Sumaiyaafrin Tithi (8 months ago)
Really helpful, thanks a lot.
Laith Mohammed (8 months ago)
Great this video is interesting
AbdelAli Zaour (8 months ago)
this is really amazing thank you
Laith Mohammed (9 months ago)
Thanks ❤
oreinge (9 months ago)
I will be your Montague to my Capulet.
Abbey Kirkman (9 months ago)
These videos are amazing! Thank you!
Shana Graf (11 months ago)
Very well made, thank you very much! And I really like your glasses, by the way :)
Mani Ma (1 year ago)
what are your sources for these analyses, if i may ask ? and why is it that these relationships are only analyzed on the level of power dynamics ?
Thank you very much. Your analysis really helps.
Symone Sexton (1 year ago)
Please please please keep up the amazing work!!!
Matt Jones-Molyneux (1 year ago)
Helpful, keep making more please
Annabelle Nichole (1 year ago)
These videos are helping so much!!! Please post more!!! because we are studying the play right now in class and I need these videos to help me understand the play better. Thanks!
Kid Thirty (1 year ago)
My mans, i have english this sem and you’re really helping me out with this. Thanks bruhhhh!!!
Fiorella Oviedo (1 year ago)
This video was very helpful! You explain exactly what we need and I love how explicit you were with sexuality. Thank you!
Ahmed Abdalla (1 year ago)
Thank you guys well understood
Evin Nazya (1 year ago)
Very helpful!
hairartandfashion (1 year ago)
These videos are really helpful! Thank you!

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