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73 Years After Atomic Bombing of Japan: Nuclear Threat More Immediate Than Ever

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We tend to think that the nuclear war is a remote possibility. However, on the 73rd anniversary of the second atomic bomb drop on Japan, in Nagasaki, historian Peter Kuznick reflects on how the nuclear threat is more immediate now than at any other time since the 1950's Visit https://therealnews.com for more stories and help support our work by donating at https://therealnews.com/donate.
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Dolfin Love (5 months ago)
Trump nothing can do, maybe russian risk to america..
Doug Couch (5 months ago)
This is a great interview, thank you TRN
aurora7207 (5 months ago)
Humans aren't insane, they live in a system that incentivizes destructive behavior through economics. Employing a destructive tool for it's economic benefits to individuals and countries, and refusing to look closely at the system as a whole for it's detriments, it's externalities, is our most flagrant mistake. Short term profits vs long term sustainability, the economic rewards of the system we employ makes long term planning an unfunded and deleterious proposition. If there is no economic incentive to plan holistically, then it does not happen. The miracle is that we've gotten so far on luck and morals, a poor substitute for intelligent foresight.
Alonso Quijano (5 months ago)
Change the variable from nuclear war to grear power confrontation, that is war between Russia & USA, what leads these powers to war? Competition for world dominance; for resources, markets, spheres of influence, etc. Briefly the capitalist system is responsable for world war. It needs to destroyed and the only segment in capitalist society is the working class, for imperialist wars abroad strengthen the class oppression (economic inequality, social cleansing) at home. Don't vote for Democrats, don't be stupid!!!! Democrats dropped the bombs on Japan, don't forget it.
Robert Johnson (5 months ago)
Oh, man, "On the Beach" is such a great movie. The Real News should screen it, with commentary. Why don't you guys have a movie night? On the same subject, check out The Atomic Cafe and Dr. Strangelove.
Dov Struzer (5 months ago)
A N K H (5 months ago)
A N K H (5 months ago)
Thread *korium.wex.pl*
Peter Knopfler (5 months ago)
Know History...No Surprises. American Fantasy,"We own the world", is the killer. Narcissism starts with the military and denial is first refuge for Narcissism. Yes Death Instinct by Americans, suicide in USA up 37% Military has 22 suicides a day, Leon Panetta Dir. CIA.
Mike Bunch (5 months ago)
Mike Bunch (5 months ago)
Nobody gives a FUCK,every year they protest at the Ebola gay hanger where they flew out of with this bomb,guess how many protesters showed up,ONE,Kevin Blanch our great nuclear activist,look him up!
Futures (5 months ago)
human beings are incredibly vulnerable creatures yet we've learned how to harness intelligence to protect and project ourselves often by controlling others and with this we have unleashed ultimate power and now like a child with an atomic box of matches we have no clue how to handle it - and this child has had its esteem inflated to god like narcissism status by cultures ludicrous beliefs such as the individual and ideas of the hero manifest destiny etc.
A L X (5 months ago)
©™ ALX 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍ Completely unnecessary.
Edgar Sanchez (5 months ago)
The worst war crime in human history and no justification for it. Rest in peace to the Japanese victims of this cruelty to mankind.
Freedom (5 months ago)
Your video was too graphic with no warnings
shoti66 (5 months ago)
Ally the horror needs to be in everyone's face.
Shan Ri Ha (5 months ago)
So I suppose it is Man that's causing all the Volcanoes to erupt at the moment too in your Anthropogenic Climate model? The IPCC etc doesn't even put the Sun in their models and it's the controller of our Climate, this leaves them nothing but Man to be the cause of what we're seeing. The reason you see so many Volcanoes erupting is because we're heading into the Grand Solar Minimum and just like in past Grand Solar Minimums there is more Volcanic eruptions, more Earthquakes and what we'll not be able to deny soon enough is that the Earth is COOLING. Same with the BS about Arctic Ice they're saying the Ice is melting and in Fact their own graphs show that the Ice at the Arctic is at 40 year average and INCREASING. Don't believe me? Go have a look at the USGS and Danish Climate models. Most of you people wouldn't have done any of your own research and yet you'll scream at people that you know because someone told you. Go look for yourselves. Peace
Dov Struzer (5 months ago)
shan ri ha what does to do vvolcanoes,and earthquakes with climate change , where did you read that you talk like somebody from the middle ages,that has no idea os how the earth planet works try to read something before you waite a post here
chickendinner2012 (5 months ago)
We need World Peace
Explicit Tech (5 months ago)
A lot of us have given up on humanity.
Love R Kids (5 months ago)
I bet it is no one wants peace they just want war
MR. Right (5 months ago)
Love R Kids so disgusting
sfx3000 (5 months ago)
Love R Kids because war is profitable.
Vinmoonsu (5 months ago)
From 1945 Japan to 2018 syria. Bombs after Bombs, thousands of thousands have been killed by God bless America. Not one but two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians. shock & awe on Iraq, mother of all bombs on Afghanistan. Jesus Christ i believe America will be the one to use nuclear weapons for the 3rd time in history.
Zackidoo Zacoou (5 months ago)
Am not denying that nuclear arms are so dangerous... but in the 50 60 and 70 ... USA and URSS. Tested if am not mistaken thousand of nuclear test on earth.. sea and space. Why are not all dead already ?
James Martin (5 months ago)
Zackidoo Zacoou You are mistaken. The bombs used on Japan killed at least 100,000 people each. Today there are thousands of weapons that are, by this mans estimate, 80 times more powerful. Look up nuclear winter.
Carlos Garzon (5 months ago)
im sorry but Russia is only reacting to the american aggression,,, like ALWAYS... even Stalin's nuclear program was a defense reaction against trigger happy nuclear Truman... don't forget mad mad Curtis lee may and lets nuke all of china MacArthur
Ken Bush (5 months ago)
climate change is not real
Dov Struzer (5 months ago)
shan ri it was the same with tobacco coimmpanies,and now with the food industrie ,you climate deniers,payed by the big oil corps .or just listening to the big oil corps payed scientists
Dov Struzer (5 months ago)
b rizz may be you are not real ,may be you are just an android in the cyberspace and you think you are a human
Shan Ri Ha (5 months ago)
Rubbish, the IPCC doesn't even put the Sun in their Models so they draw at straws and say it must be man, but it is NOT Manmade. When the Sun is put in the Model it works fine with no need to make up Anthropogenic Climate change. You believe Pseudo Science.
Shan Ri Ha (5 months ago)
Well the climate ALWAYS Changes, that's why they dropped "Global Warming" and now never say it. It's just Climate Change now and you are spot on but should have said Anthropogenic Climate Change is not happening. The IPCC etc doesn't even put the Sun in their models and calculations so to them they only see the possibility that man must be doing it, this is why they are so damn wrong because the SUN controls our Climate and when you put the Sun in the model it makes perfect sense that it is NOT Manmade. Peace
Nate L (5 months ago)
Ken Bush Yeah it is a big scam to tax the entire world on every good produced and or service that produces carbon be taxed. Carbon credits will be they biggest tax ever levied on mankind. The big boys dont force it on you they scare the shit out of the people so they beg for the solution(carbon taxes).
Charles Kesner (5 months ago)
It was not necessary, the US will never own up to this. Even Eisenhower knew it.
sfx3000 (5 months ago)
Charles Kesner we sometimes disregard the Geneva conventions and laws of armed conflict too.
staatsfeindlich (5 months ago)
Even Curtis LeMay who organized the firebombings of Japanese cities thought so.
mfmf100 (5 months ago)
Thank God we dropped those bombs. It saved lives, Americans foremost but on both sides.
shoti66 (5 months ago)
mfmf100 I'm sure if Hitler had dropped those bombs on America and stopped the war thereby saving lives you'd be happy with that too right?
Nate L (5 months ago)
mfmf100 If the bomb mattered they would have surrendered after the first one. The Russian were coming and they wanted pay back for Russo Japanese war and would not consider anything but unconditional surrender ,which would mean thy would have killed the Hirohito.
staatsfeindlich (5 months ago)
mfmf100 That is simply not true. Japan was ready to surrender not long after V-E Day and the details were being worked out via Moscow. Truman knew that. The invasion was not going to happen. Please check out Kuznick in the Untold History of the United States; it's an Oliver Stone HBO TV series.
Mcfishy First (5 months ago)
#thanksTRUMP TRUMP hates poor people

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