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How To Set Up An Email Account On Your Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) - Phones 4u

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If you want to know how to set up an email account on your Samsung Galaxy S III, Phones 4u has the answer. We've put together the perfect tutorial to make receiving your emails and syncing your mobile mailbox as simple as possible. To read the complete guide to the Samsung Galaxy S III visit: http://community.phones4u.co.uk/the-complete-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-guide/ To buy the Samsung Galaxy S III visit: http://www.phones4u.co.uk/samsung/galaxy-s3/?cid=Social_YouTubeO_SamsungGalaxyS3 To watch all of our Samsung Galaxy S III support videos visit: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL605855401AE9EA3B To watch all of our Samsung videos visit: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8493BE5B1AE73F8D DO SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=phones4u FOLLOW US: http://facebook.com/Phones4u?sk=wall http://twitter.com/#!/Phones4u http://phones4u.co.uk Stick with us at Phones 4u - we regularly upload reviews, tips, news and tutorials to engage with a community of people who love mobile technology as much as we do. TAGS: How, to, set, up, email, account, Samsung, galaxy, s3, s iii, Phones 4u, tutorial, emails, mailbox, sync, mobile, phone, guide.
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Text Comments (90)
I'm keep on getting authentication failed though I cleared data plss help me
HAKNYEON HWALL (1 year ago)
I tried again and again but it said authentication failed. What to do?#ASAP
Donna Oates (1 year ago)
Thank you phone 4 u
When I am composing a HotMail message, many times the message will disappear and cannot be found. Why don't they go to Drafts.
Bryan Fung (2 years ago)
It say Authentication failed ! please help
sara miku (2 years ago)
Nidia Herrera (2 years ago)
I keep on getting authentication failed
Suzanne Buller (3 years ago)
I put my email account in and my password and it comes up with "Authentication failed"
Clifton Austin (1 year ago)
zsuzanne Buller 7
G Moore (3 years ago)
How do I change the sort order on my email account?  I need to sort by date, not sender.
i have entered an email,but it keeps sending message-Update security settings(it them it says disturbing things like it will remove phone data , wifi connection etc.).What to do please help?
Ksa Ksa (3 years ago)
حلو حلفبي
HEIDI NORTH (4 years ago)
when i sign in to my yahoo mail on my samsung s3 it tells me i need to unlock my account. i press continue and fill in username and sign in.  it then says account needs updating in login.yahoo from desktop. i do this and just get my bt homepage which i can acsses from my desktop but not my mobile. what do i do???
Padraig O Donnell (4 years ago)
every time i try to create an account then is sayes incoming server incorect password r emal
Padraig O Donnell (4 years ago)
every time i try to create an account then is sayes incoming server incorect password r emal
jeff walton jr (4 years ago)
It keeps coming up username or password is incorrect and I can sign in on aol's site
jeff walton jr (4 years ago)
I know my info is correct I can sign in on the internet but can't add my aol accout I need help
Akremi Malek (2 years ago)
how to get samsung account i need to verify my email to run
Shirley Adams (4 years ago)
+Phones 4u
Phones 4u (4 years ago)
Hi Jeff. That seems strange, what error message does the phone display when you try to add the account? Chris
Soukaina Asnaina (4 years ago)
hi,i would like to know how to disconnect plz 
W Leon (4 years ago)
I keep getting 'Authentication Failed', even though I know my password and email address is correct. It just suddenly stopped working. Any help would be of value.
HAKNYEON HWALL (1 year ago)
W Leon how can you solve it?
Pedro Amador (1 year ago)
W Leon it happens to me too
W Leon (4 years ago)
The problem has since been solved. Thank you for your reply.
Phones 4u (4 years ago)
Hi there. We've had a look into this and it seems it will work if you clear the email data. To do this, go to Settings>Application Manager>All>Email>Storage>Clear Data. Once you've done that, you should have no problems at all. Let us know how you get on. Dan G
FullscreenPartnerNet (4 years ago)
"Hello. We sent you a message regarding your video. It would be great if you could take a look at it and get back to us as soon as possible or email us at [email protected]  Kind Regards"
Mel Mussi (4 years ago)
Hello! I have a problem with my samsung galaxy fame. When I what to set up a new email account, I go to "set up" fot create a new samsung account, but I can't do it because it says "up date samsung account" and it last too much time to do it, so, when I look it again, don't up date it all. What can I do to have an samsung account? Thank you and sorry for my bad english
vova440 (4 years ago)
i start up my new phone(s3 mini) and write all my information(email,name..and .. and)when i finish all this settings,the programme "samsung apps" ask me to verify my e-mail,then i realize that i gave the wrong e-mail,how can i give the true e-mail?(sorry for bad english :P )
Haider A (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot Dan I did it.
Haider A (4 years ago)
Hi Thanks for a video.I did it but how to make it ringing when receiving email?
vova440 (4 years ago)
hi,how can i change my samsung apps account,not put another one but change it.pls someone tell me!
vanshiek (5 years ago)
I needed to know how to add another e-mail account......Thank you so much!!!!
Rahman R (5 years ago)
hi there i am not able to configure my compay email in my galaxy grand pls help
OxTic l (5 years ago)
hey i can see your password just telling that you shuld hide it
Isa Belle (5 years ago)
Hi there, I have done all that and my emails are all appearing in the "Email" envelop, but when downloading Outlook app, my inbox is empty, when it is clearly not. Can you help me with that? Thanks.
Alice Dale (5 years ago)
I'm having the same two problems as below. Any thoughts?
Mony Penny (5 years ago)
Thanks - nice series for us newbies.
serhad gultekin (5 years ago)
yuma buitron (5 years ago)
Thats a glaxs s4 dumbass
emad foqha (5 years ago)
Hi there,,, i cannot see my messages in INBOX, where did they go!!, i have tow accounts one is GMAIL which showes Inbox messages with no problem, one is work email which showes no messages in the inbox ,were they stored or how can i fix the problem!! thank you..
Willcyd (5 years ago)
I just figured this out. I had sync disabled for my entire phone. To change that: Settings -> Data usage -> push menu button -> Check "Auto sync data"
Willcyd (5 years ago)
I seem to have same problem. I have everything set to synch every 5 min. But it never update my mails, unless I manually click the update button.
Jojog (5 years ago)
My emaiks dont automatically uodate i have to manually go into the emails and refresh it any way round this as i missing emails thanks
Juzz467 (5 years ago)
it says i need to define my account details using protocol etc?
neoarcadezr (5 years ago)
its asking me to verify my account but i dont know where to go after that it doesnt tell me which email it sent it to i checked my regular email its not there
farahkhazai (5 years ago)
hey thank you!
farahkhazai (5 years ago)
how to sign out from email? helppppp
jromerogzz (5 years ago)
when forwariding an email, I can not erase or delete the contacts from which I recieved it. The contact history, how can I do it?
Mohammed Sabah (5 years ago)
Dear Friend i have same problem the sync button in not available at all in the black menu when swiping from top of screen and all accounts have sync disabled?!
Lin Rose (5 years ago)
hi, i created a new gmail acct but in my s3 the previous gmail acct was registered can i changed it or set up my new gmail acct and how? thz ^^,
jcash39 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the reply, it seems all my accounts have their sync disabled, but i was unable to find the enable syncing in my settings, could you advise exactly the steps to follow, please and thank you.
jcash39 (5 years ago)
Hi, i have the same problem, i set it to sync every 5 minutes but i still have to do it manually, i'm on the 3G network, plz advise
veryonica29 (5 years ago)
Hi I use the samsung email program that comes with Samsung S3 and I download them from gmail and tiscali. I connect to the 3 network (which is 3G) and at home I switch to wireless. I've noticed that when I'm on 3g it does sync, but at home on wireless it doesn't. Is this ok. Thanks for any help.
veryonica29 (5 years ago)
Hi Dan, I am hving problems sync my emails.I use the brand app.Everything is set to sync but it doesn't.I'm I missing something. Does it only sync when I'm connected to the network or should it also do it when I'm on wireless. I'e set it for 15 min. But when I go and control I have to do it manually. Any help. Thanks
Stephanie Taiwo (5 years ago)
i have the same problem that @10devon10 i have a yahoo email but everytime i try to log on it always says choose POP3 account, IMAP account or Microsoft Exchange Active Sync. Which ever one i use it says server not found
karma21525 (5 years ago)
i have a galaxy s2... i have been trying to get my emails sent to my phone, but it never allows me to. it will say i have an incorrect username or password,or unable to connect to server.... but i KNOW ofr a fact its correct. is it because it is my school email?
mkdragonflyer (5 years ago)
I have my email set up on my phone, and my server is hotmail or outlook. It's been set up since I got my phone months ago. All the notifications are on, as well as sync, but I still can't get my email sent to my phone; I always have to go into the app and download it. How do I fix this?
astrid antindini s (5 years ago)
Hai,,I also having problem when trying to add my work email address. We are using POP3. I have succeeds for incoming server settings but never succeeds in outgoing settings. I have put my provider ISP setting but never works
Devon Thomson (5 years ago)
I am trying to set up my email onmy phone and right when I click next it gives me an option to choose POP3 account, IMAP account or Microsoft Exchange Active Sync. I am not sure which to choose and no matter which ever one i choose it says setup could not finish, and gives me an option to edit details then after click it, next there it says its unable to connect to server
Lesley Coffey (5 years ago)
I am putting in my email account name and password that I use for my bigpond account but it is telling me I am putting in the wrong password. Should i be putting in a different password?
tomx63 (5 years ago)
thanks for the suggestion. i found this same suggestion somewhere else on the web a while back. for some reason my widgets doesn't contain the email 1x1 icon.
ghazenfar naqqash (5 years ago)
is the sudden death problem there in pakistan or asia of galaxy s3?
ghazenfar naqqash (5 years ago)
have samsung fixed sudden death problem of samsung galaxy s3 .....? tell me plz.i am waiting for your answer.........nice job phones 4u
tomx63 (5 years ago)
this is helpful, but is there a way to create a separate icon for each of the email accounts added using that application?
Goalie T (5 years ago)
Is there any reason why my e-mails would automatically disappear without me getting a chance to see them? Or they don't show up at all, but they will show up on my webmail? This has my frustrated, and I have deleted and re-entered my e-mail account information. I have the Galaxy SIII and live in Canada.
Cephas Petros (5 years ago)
I think it is the same thing with note2. I just changed my gmail password, afterwards I tried to setup my gmail account on email it appears that invalid email or password, by the way I already double check my password and email. Is that anything I can do?
desireeakadot (5 years ago)
Thank you!!!! XD
desireeakadot (5 years ago)
does it have to be gmail?
christine campbell (5 years ago)
add email account problem,,put in email i want to add,then password,,click next,what type of account hav i to choose from the pop,imap,mirco options?as i have chosen all and still says same,,failed to connect exchange server auto enter settings manually,,went to do this but and left email addrss n password,exchange server has the ending of my email added,i have chosen secure ssl connection leaving client certificate box free,,next says unable to conect to server,argggg i hate gadgets,help!!
abdallaha salem (5 years ago)
aha all apps and all games and all live wallppers every thing i could find it in samsung apps or there is another site i could download games from it thanks sooooooooo much
abdallaha salem (5 years ago)
can i log with my yahoo mail or i should make a new accoumt on gmail to log in samsung apps plzplz
EgAnimatiOn (5 years ago)
When i do this and i go to settings --> account, it shows microsoft exchange sync. This is killing my battery! Can't i just setup mail for only hotmail without that microsoft exchange sync crap?
Stephanie Castillo (5 years ago)
Hi. I have a problem with my Samsung SIII, I configured my 3 email accounts (yahoo and gmail both) but do not enter my mails in real time as entering in my previous bb torch cell. Any advice?
AChand987 (5 years ago)
Hey I have synced my university college email account to the email but I also recieve my normal text massages to that account. I would like that to stopbut dont know how?
Ju Hyunju (5 years ago)
I wanted to add an additional email account after successfully setting the first one. However, I keep getting a message that says Unable to connect to server. How do I fix this? I have two main email accounts and I need them for both. Help! (the one I have set up is an US yahoo account. and the other one is naver.com which is used for my korean emailing. My galaxy is purchased in Korea.)
NUTTY JUN (5 years ago)
Hi, I went to the Samsung Apps and when I clicked to download an app, it told me to register. So I entered my email, but then realised it was the wrong one, but now I dont know how to change it :( Any ideas? Thanks alot
Mike T (5 years ago)
Thanks, I was stuck on adding multiple email accounts and didn't know there was a settings button to do that :)
Zeroprobabilityvids (5 years ago)
I'm at an issue here. The Email app doesnt appear. Just gmail. :/
v2d88 (5 years ago)
I had the same problem as well and I tried ur solution and it worked..........THANKS!
djfoxy83 (5 years ago)
managed to get set up,was using yahoo.co.uk,tried changing it to yahoo.com and it worked,hopes this helps
djfoxy83 (5 years ago)
Same problem as hoidydoidy, maybe yahoo don't allow it? Anyone else having this problem?
Steph P (5 years ago)
I want to set up my yahoo email and it wont let me. it tells me that the user name or password is incorrect. I have checked, double check and triple checked... my user name and password are correct. am i doing something wrong??
Marcus Chan (5 years ago)
When I try adding the second email account, it said my email or password was wrong. But I am pretty sure its right. How can I solve this problem? I have the same problem on my iPad actually... Thanks
tibsnow (5 years ago)
Is it possible to have more than 1 email account set up within that email app? I have a gmail account that I use with the gmail app and then my yahoo account on the email app, but id like to add my work email too. I can access it through the browser so its not a huge deal but it would still be nice.
Hemanth (5 years ago)
i need help with my samsung account. I Created new samsung account and by mistake i put my email wrong. Now when ever i try to dowlands app i need to verifi my email (which is wrong). so i cant get any app. what can i do now.
jkromes20 (6 years ago)
that screen doesnt come up when you set up email. it asks for the type of account
litemanmdd (6 years ago)
samsung Account Setup error occurred 80383: Pin Expired.. what now?
Khalid Benaissa (6 years ago)
Great ! But we just can't log out, we have to delete the account each time :(:(:(
지나 (6 years ago)
how do you set your gmail account? i already have a gmail, and i want it in my phone..

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