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Introduction of the euro in Cyprus

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+++THIS VIDEO ORIGINATED FROM THE EUROPA AUDIO/VISUAL SERVICE WEBSITE+++ In May 2007, the European Commission gave its approval for the entrance of Cyprus and Malta to the Eurozone as from 01/01/2008, as both countries comply with the economic convergence criteria. On 01/01/2008, the Cypriot Pound will be replaced by the Euro. In order to illustrate this, the European Commission's audiovisual service has prepared an infoclip which will include: - General views of Nicosia, capital of Cyprus - Post office: preparation of the free Euro converter/calculator kit being distributed to citizens via the post - Ministry of Finance - Central Bank of Cyprus: exterior views and exhibition on the euro - Shops with dual pricing displays and the FAIR "logo" - TV campaign advertising on the euro with Cypriot athletes. Info-clip | 12/12/2007 | REF : I-055763 | 00:04:59:18
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kurom94 (10 years ago)
ole ole ole
TimCommerford (10 years ago)
I love Ayia Napa!
ejcnettube (11 years ago)
Yes me too, I think I want ten starter packs :)

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