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The Biggest Lie In Investing That You Believe In | TEDx Talk

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In this TEDx Talk event, trader Alessio Rastani exposes one of the biggest lies in investing that almost everyone believes in... It reveals a truth a big truth about the stock market and the economy.
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randy david (6 hours ago)
To sum up investing and wealth building...it all boils down to greed and fear. Those who muster these 2 powerful emotions will eventually rise on top.
Foxxtrott1100 (10 hours ago)
Ya no shit the smart money bought in 2009. The hard part is knowing that was a bottom. If you spent all of 2008 buying you got smoked unless you held.
Alan Bang (10 hours ago)
If this fast talking shumuck ever near my site I would love to waste 9mins of his times i😄😃😂😅.....Duhhh Duuhhh Duhhhhhhhh talking to Einstein😂😃😄😅
Time Keeper (11 hours ago)
People get their information from late night comedy , teaching people now is a waste of time
Thomas Headley (12 hours ago)
Buying during drastic declines looks great after the fact. But it requires deep reserves & a long view. Your friends will sign u up for therapy & ur wife will leave you. The problem with buy low, sell high is how to define low or high in real time. Without context (which requires more than 3 minutes), most advice is useless. Warren spent many years studying & screwing up. These facts are glossed over. Nevertheless, an interesting presentation.
Gursi Singh (20 hours ago)
he is not a really good presenter
Myles Gray (1 day ago)
When the bull run is nearly over (right now) buy stock in gold companies, not overpriced tech stocks. Gold mine stocks are crazy cheap after a long bull market like the one we are having now. They only make money in a crisis, when everything else is dropping. Then sell the gold stocks to buy cheap company shares when the market turns around. Pro investors do this which is why the gold mining stocks have such dramatic positive moves as soon as fear enters the market.
Konna Bonna (1 day ago)
this is video is WORTH GOLD! One of the most valued videos on youtube! THX! Thx you for educating masses. Maybe one or another will listen to it's content :))
Freedom Talk Media (1 day ago)
I don't know what the lie is here. Everyone knows to buy low and sell high. The problem is, until you look back, you don't know when it is high and when it is low. You could think the market is hot and sell, only to find it goes up by another 40% that you missed. Likewise, you could think you're at the bottom and buy only to find it falls another 25%. I remember the news during the last crash. There was no lie. All the stories were about trying to decide when we were at the bottom. The prices would go up a bit and they would ask, is this it? Have we hit bottom? Is it time to buy? Nobody and I mean nobody knows. Nobody has that chart shown in this video telling them when the bottom is when the future hasn't happened yet. There is a simple way to get some of this advantage though. Asset allocation with regimented re-balancing. You keep most of your money in something less volatile than stocks. Then keep your portfolio at that ratio. If you have 70% in a money market fund earning 3% and 30% in stocks when the stock market goes up 25%, you now have 28.6% stock and 71.4% in safe money. So, you have to sell stock to re-balance. Likewise, if there is a crash, you have to buy stock to re-balance. This regimentation takes the psychology out of the picture.
True (1 day ago)
Guys a douchebag and a phony. Nothing to see here folks. Funny how he poses as an intellectual though. Get some real education kid and try harder.
SEDRICK WELLS (1 day ago)
I see a lot of condescending remarks about the video, and I understand that for you advanced know it all, this might seem too basic for you but, what some of you arrogant people didnt realize is that he wasnt just stating the obvious, he was bringing attention to the what to look for and when to buy low. But I'm sure all of you knew that and your probably investing millionaires with no need to watch videos like this cause you got the market thing down...... Well for the rest of us Gtfoh and let us have our moment so that we can get like you rich and powerful people.
Dalton King (2 days ago)
Holy shit is this guy dumb. I saw Tedx and I still clicked on it!!! Ugh why!
Sheldon Cooper (2 days ago)
Buy and Hold is a better strategy for most people than timing the market.
vinay wamanse (2 days ago)
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Chris Violette (4 days ago)
Lost me at, "I've never voted". Moron.
Ganesh Shete (5 days ago)
Wasted 9 minutes already... worst
Randy Fernandez (5 days ago)
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shivercanada (5 days ago)
Alessio doing a Ted talk! AWESOME!!!
bloodybjorn (6 days ago)
are you fucking kiding me? The only reason why everything is going up again is because. Everybody keeps printing money and lowering intrests and owners buy their own stocks. Its all fake ! Soon everything will crash for good and we wil have to restart.
Annie Green (6 days ago)
Crash Monkeyz (7 days ago)
Love it
sajawal virk (11 days ago)
Appreciated sir
Diamond 482 (11 days ago)
This really is a waste of time, you missed the key fundamental point. Most people are dead broke and carry massive loads of debt on credit cards and lines of credit. Never mind the car payment and morgage ( if they even have one ). In fact MOST people think they are doing well if they have a little bit in a GIC earn 1/2 of 1%. So do you sit on your cash for a decade until the next crisis ? Stupid. If you looking at quality stocks, then make sure your getting at least a 4% return annually on dividends. Then you take a small percentage of your portfolio and buy the "stupid penny stocks" and look for the big payday but with some thought and foresight into upcoming trends. ie. Microsoft, Apple .... when they were new industries. Today that would be Cannabis. It's a no brainer. This whole speach is way over simplified. Maybe thats why there is a teddy bear there .... it's for 6 year olds to start them thinking. Oh wait ..........
Dundeal (14 days ago)
Been following you for awhile, didn't know you had a TED presentation. 😁
martin film (14 days ago)
what a total waste of time watching this. as soon as he said buy quality stocks and saw Bentley I was out the door. Thank you but I make most of my money in the so called "junk" stocks - Pennystocks. idiot. many companies used to be start-ups... you make the most money on good ideas 10x - not monopolised companies like Bentley.
Steve Alexander (16 days ago)
Lotsa hype, zero content.
ukjw2 (17 days ago)
Tedx is really going downhill by letting these people on
Conspiracy Theorist (18 days ago)
This guys sounds like a scammer i bet he is living out of his car lol
Don't get the hate this wasn't bad at all
JohnJohnAustralia (20 days ago)
I wish, i have watched this video in December 2017. I bought Litecoin at $200 because everyone was buying and the media were saying positive things about it..... :( For newbies like me, this presentation is awesome.
All I need to see is that it's almost 50% dislikes, and I click away.
Raza Daza (23 days ago)
Shit house talk... even I could have done that.. wtf makes that doofus think he can go up there ffs
Fernando (24 days ago)
Awesome, great!!
Chris Bird (24 days ago)
Wish I had seen this 20 years ago ..
grpere1 (25 days ago)
Man this dude needs to lay off the coffee.
ramses kat (28 days ago)
This guy is a complete ass crack.
lazar roxy (28 days ago)
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Jzusy Yztqg (1 month ago)
Excellent project, this ico has everything to succeed to make a lot of success among the investor community,
Lorde Heisen (1 month ago)
this guy is mumble raping .....
Prince (1 month ago)
How much have all the negative commenters made In the stock market I wonder
Goofy Duder (1 month ago)
This advice is not basic because it is basic human nature to not buy when there is fear abound and the prices are super low. We all know it's a good move if you believe in the company, but in the moment you are in extreme emotional conflict. At least in my experience. Alessio is the real deal.
geckogekko (1 month ago)
Wow nothing new here... who doesn’t already know this? I’m guessing the target audience are high school kids who are curious about investing. Wasted my time.
Yogesh Gawande (1 month ago)
Whatever people say in comments, hit like if you love alessio
Buy blue chips during market crashes for cheap 👍
Crypto Anders (1 month ago)
Not hard at all to buy when people panic. Not if you got a mind of a pro. But if you are a 95%'er then you already lost. Your emotions made you lose.
Crypto Anders (1 month ago)
50-100 billions is not enough to be 80% of the trading lol. Unless you talk about they are using algo's to trade 24/7 with those billions. Then I guess they culd manipulate the market quite alot. Like wash trading.
Nelson Manzano (1 month ago)
Value content!
JAMTGP (1 month ago)
If you bought tech stocks after watching this you would now have triple or more money. And that was when times were greedy. They have not stopped.
J Norfleet (1 month ago)
"The stock market is the only place that has a sale nobody shows up for" - Warren Buffett. Those who trade on emotions are the ones who will lose the most.
Greg Sommer (1 month ago)
It wasn't easy for me but meeting Dmitry Vladislav turned things around and he helped me unlearn the BS knowledge I had while using he's strategy called *Blended Model Strategy*. revealing the secrets of trading. He is the best and unlike these so called experts on social media he is willing to help. Email him ([email protected] .cc) or google his strategy.
jordy ver (1 month ago)
So much ignorant people in this comment section. Those who are so ignorant are the 90% who lose money ;)
Moss Wilson (1 month ago)
Too many asides, doesn’t speak well, ideas lack clarity
ewt415 (2 months ago)
The haters in the comments section are actually the same people who help traders make their money, they're the ones who laugh at the obvious phrase "buy low sell high" and then proceed to give in to outside pressure and buy high sell low.
Crypt Tonio (2 months ago)
God bless the masses
blink blink (2 months ago)
What he's saying is BUY BITCOIN
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Mary Lancaster (2 months ago)
Totally agree
SchoolTrap (2 months ago)
This guy is one of the better YouTubers on the topic of markets. I really dont know why he gets so much visceral hate. There are dozens of way worse channels that dont get nearly the amount of hate. Sometimes I wonder what type of people would feel the need to insult a guy just trying to share wisdom for free? Anyways Alessio keep making great content!
Han Sagan (2 months ago)
..even if the blood is your own
Roy Berry (2 months ago)
If your all so smart why are you wasting your lives being negative. Nothing constructive. Grow up ffs.
ken chai (2 months ago)
thewuhaitao2001 (2 months ago)
you just wasted my 9mins . ..try tell soemthing more then common sense next time .
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Investing Book Summaries (2 months ago)
The Bowman's Vlog (2 months ago)
What made you think of this
Michael Gerber (2 months ago)
"Buy the fucking dip." I just saved you 9 minutes of your time.
Martha D.moreno (2 months ago)
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MrDantheman600 (2 months ago)
" The economy is doing better, so the stock market should be batter too." "If you hear any economist say this they have no idea what they're talking about." Oh boy, I do not think this guy had ever opened up a economics book.
musa ünal (2 months ago)
Gord Henschel (3 months ago)
this could have been 30 seconds long.
pdevelopment (3 months ago)
All you commentators are fucking blind. He gave you a hint on what direction you should think... who controls the media, huh? Or a better question - what?)))))
find jobs (3 months ago)
can be said bu defficult to follow #livinglifesudharo
Kathryn J. Hernandez (3 months ago)
What a cutie!! :-)
cato (3 months ago)
Disappointing 9 minutes
Raymond Chin (3 months ago)
This is the only sure to win way . common sense but not common practice. Totally agree.
RiffRaff (3 months ago)
You better be quick and buy the stocks because the central banks of the world are printing mountains of paper and buying all the real stuff up before people realise the paper is worthless.
anthony nesta (3 months ago)
The stock market is full of half truths, and half lies, including your own. It makes no sense to wait for a crash when stocks are going to all time highs. What you should be saying is that you need a "stop loss," circuit breaker on you stocks so that they are sold automatically when they are going down. Also you need to know about "short selling" stocks.
Short Selling involves unlimited risk and really isn't something you want to be telling average people be doing. This is mostly related to margin requirements.
Jeffrey D (3 months ago)
in related news.....water is wet..
max s (3 months ago)
The biggest lie in investing is "buy and hold". Look at a chart and do some analysis, don't just buy and sell. Look for an entry and sale point don't just buy at any time. You can make much more money that way.
Justin Murithi (3 months ago)
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Zebman (3 months ago)
Relying on only buying during a recession limits your buying opportunity too much. Anyone can provide this "sage" advice. These recessions are too infrequent to use as a basis for investing. Also, you cannot invest during a crises unless you were able to be smart enough to sell during a good time (so you have money to invest). The problem is that a good period may go on for 5 or more years. When during this period should you have sold? What specific criteria triggers a sell for you? Is this done on individual stocks as for Warren Buffet? Think of all the return from dividends you could have had if you waited to the end of this good period vs. selling at the beginning. But when is the end? Things change quickly, sometimes while you are on vacation. There is not just good and bad periods. There are rather short periods of down times followed by very long periods of uncertainty up, down, and sideways. Why is this? This is because almost everyone already knows this principle so investing becomes more difficult. Are there periods of greed with "musical chair" mentality? Yes, but it does not happen that often. You also need an investment strategy that can help you during "average" economic times. The other consideration is if you believe the market is over priced, what will you do with your money? Put it in a mattress? Invest in gold? Both, not good long-term options. Warren Buffet rides out highs and lows, and simply reduces exposure on companies that are over-valued. He IS interested in the profitability and management decisions of the company by the way. He does not make his money by waiting around for a recession sitting on a pile of money.
Quite frankly anyone who talks about investing and only mention stocks is not looking out for you or your best interest(retirement)
Dan Anthony (3 months ago)
This is why everybody should be buying crypto currencies. This is exactly what he was talking about.
Marc-André Poulin (3 months ago)
Only truth in investment is that you can loose all😂😂😂😂😂
JDoldschool13 (3 months ago)
Buy low sell high. True. But unless you short or long contracts and still benefit on downfall. Bitmex. Crypto...mad gains when you short it when the crash happened
Roy Rudy (3 months ago)
The biggest lie in investing is "buy and hold"
nick hurley (3 months ago)
Ted talks have been a joke forever.
nick hurley (3 months ago)
Alessio, kill yourself. You are a faggot, sell out, wannabe, loser.
Sasha Millaus (3 months ago)
Agree one of the most useless talks on investing!
Arrwmkr (3 months ago)
He's "never voted" - this kills me
Debbie Trexler (3 months ago)
Good video about psychology and classes.
drishy94303 (3 months ago)
Basically took 9 minutes to say buy low sell high
Taka Ohashi (3 months ago)
lmao dumbass presentation
Osbye Cad (3 months ago)
Markets go down and up—so what is the point? Just leave things along —all is an average— don’t time it. Buy low high and in between and you come out ahead all the time.
EVOKE FINANCE (3 months ago)
Everyone knows that BUY LOW SELL HIGH....the difference between common people and insiders is that insiders know when it is HIGH time or LOW time......common people do the exact opposite. So i agree with whatever he tried to explain....
carls apartments (3 months ago)
So what happened to getting right "back Warren Buffet in a minute"? kinda dis-jointed and not on point. Too nervous, relax, slow down, talk slower, practice be fore you present!
Abhijit Ghosh (3 months ago)
good the true knowledge of investing
amplefry (3 months ago)
Ryan Dehaney (3 months ago)
Looks like a few haters and a lot of sheeple. There's good info here. Eyes wide shut.
PrestoWind (3 months ago)
Felix Lopez (3 months ago)
Pointless, sorry :(
Public Ally (3 months ago)
no, you should be sorry for you because you can't understand the point sorry man

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