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Why Invest in Trust Deeds? - California Trust Deed Investing #4

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Bruce and Craig discuss trust deed investors and how they end up in trust deed investments including retirees, wealth managers, and people who have inherited substantial wealth that don't know what to invest in without affecting principal. Others are those who are successful at business or cashed out of a business and decided this was a really good place to put a chunk of money and earn a good yield. They also discuss the advantages of investing self-directed retirement funds. They talk about yield and how there are two groups of people who view yield differently. Rentals vs. trust deed investing. The important of fire insurance and a little more into monitoring taxes and insurance. Finally, they discuss the role of the broker responsibilities in a private lending transaction. DOWNLOAD FREE TRUST DEED INVESTMENT EBOOK: http://bit.ly/trustdeedinvesting CONNECT WITH US! The Norris Group -- https://www.facebook.com/tngtrustdeeds -- http://twitter.com/tngtrustdeeds -- http://www.thenorrisgroup.com -- http://www.tngtrustdeeds.com Call 951-780-5856 for questions.
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