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Countries Where Pakistani become Rich

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#visaguide Countries Where Pakistani feel rich. This video is about that countries, where the value of Pakistani currency i.e Rupee is very high. It acrosses the value of dollar in some countries.visit our site for more: https://visaguideurdu.com Friends::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: instal "Visa Guide app" and read Visa Guide Book free. link for play store to download app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.visaguide&hl=en
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haris khan (4 days ago)
shahin Shah (7 days ago)
ایران خود بھوک سے مر رہا ہے اور کرنسی تو افغانی کی برابر ہے
abdullah gm (15 days ago)
Infomative video we should like ur video
Raja Noman (20 days ago)
Tahir mana (26 days ago)
Rananaeem Rananaeem (1 month ago)
Qazi Ahmed (1 month ago)
Sir video achi hai but voice bhot low arahe hai hai is ki
Zubair Jona (1 month ago)
Please bro add me on WhatsApp if u don't mind cause I need to ask you something..... 0027764034949
Ali Bhai (1 month ago)
Sir apna whats up num sand kro.
Atif Bhatti (1 month ago)
Muhammad Ayaz (2 months ago)
Bai Brunei Darussalm k works Visa k bare may video banaye k waha kam karna acha hy k nahi
babawasim 786 (2 months ago)
Rao Khursheed ahmad (2 months ago)
rehan ajmal (2 months ago)
hello dear sir m working in saudia i want to go vacation in pakistan and want to go on vizit viza in Brazil for 10 days only can i apply during this vacation because in Saudia our compny has no policy to give NOC its my right to go there plz inform me thanks a lot
GB sach news (3 months ago)
Sir wahan koi be kam mila GI kia
Gulraiz Abbasi (3 months ago)
Thanks bro for info
MUSH! Melancholy (3 months ago)
I need Indonesian visa really urgent and apply two times but rejected how you can say that get easy. Please need your response at +923028878767
Nisar Ahmed (3 months ago)
Ihsan Ullah Ihsan Ullah (3 months ago)
vvvv nice
Abdul Kareem Shah (3 months ago)
Lyrics World (4 months ago)
335 nahi 365 hai
Dewan Naseer (4 months ago)
Bahi awaz apni clear kro or tora slow bolo pata nahi kya bol jate ho smaj he bahi atii
PAK Studio (4 months ago)
Waseem Akhter (2 months ago)
PAK Studio s
Sualeh Muhammad (4 months ago)
I tried download User Guide on my laptop using Google Playstore and the link you have provided here, it failed saying not possible for this device. kindly send me a link to download your user guide on my laptop using Windows 10... I am an enginieer working Oil and Gas project in Qatar as Project HSE manager. Thanks and kind regards, Sualeh Muhammad
Visa Guide (4 months ago)
Nomi Khan (4 months ago)
Hi bro i going
saeed anwar (4 months ago)
Luxembourg visa guide ???
Azmat Waqas (4 months ago)
My whatsapp numbers you call me 0097338362199
AAMIR HANIF (5 months ago)
Thanks brother
Raja2017 Zohaib (5 months ago)
I m Brasil ok
Sam Naqvi (5 months ago)
Nice bro ap ka Anzac-e-guftagu bohat acha hai
Muhammed mushtaque (7 months ago)
Very nice 00923343682377whatsApp SMS
Seydshahbaz Ali Shah (7 months ago)
Assalamu Alaikum Main Jana Chahta Hoon Kahan
ch BiLAL (7 months ago)
Sabir Jan (7 months ago)
Nice bhai mujhe ap ka number chaheye plz kya ap mujhe imo ya what's app call kr saktay ho . My number 03482396472
King Abbasi (7 months ago)
sab bakwas mulk hen
Abdul Manan Jatoi (7 months ago)
South korea
Shah Faisal (6 months ago)
Mujy b paiso ki zaraort hai plz
Suhaan Saeed (8 months ago)
Nice iran❤
Visa Guide (8 months ago)
install "Visa Guide app" and read Visa Guide Book free. link for play store to download app : http://bit.ly/2AD9etD
Khurram Shahzad (8 months ago)
canda ka btao ap visit visa kise mily ga
Visa Guide (8 months ago)
install "Visa Guide app" and read Visa Guide Book free. link for play store to download app : http://bit.ly/2AD9etD
Ali gill (8 months ago)
Haroon Khokher (28 days ago)
sam ali (8 months ago)
My dick
Mustafa Mumtaz (8 months ago)
O mara bahi plz tora volime baraho
peter williamson (8 months ago)
bhai vitman ka linving cost katey hai video bana.
husnain ali (8 months ago)
Masha Allah
jabır khan (9 months ago)
Uzbakstan be hi
Dancers Room (9 months ago)
Vietnam 🇻🇳 k visa ka guide kr dain please
Visa Guide (9 months ago)
ok, I will try
hamza malik (9 months ago)
sir can u give me ur whatsapp number
Visa Guide (9 months ago)
sorry yar, no time

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