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Betting on the Market (1997)

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George McGovern (14 days ago)
SEC Brings Settled Fraud Action Against Mutual Fund Adviser Van Wagoner Capital Management, Inc., and Garrett Van WagonerWashington, D.C., Aug. 26, 2004 - The Securities and Exchange Commission today filed settled fraud charges against Van Wagoner Capital Management, Inc. (VWCM), the investment adviser to the Van Wagoner Funds, Inc. (the Funds), and Garrett Van Wagoner, the president of VWCM, relating to their misstatement of the valuations of certain securities held by the Funds.  At the time of the misconduct by Van Wagoner and VWCM, the Funds included five publicly-sold mutual funds which invested primarily in technology stocks. The settlement includes an $800,000 penalty from Van Wagoner and VWCM, a seven-year prohibition on Van Wagoner serving as an officer or director of a mutual fund, and a seven-year restriction on certain of Van Wagoner's activities with the investment adviser. Under the settlement, Van Wagoner has agreed to resign from his position as president of the Funds, and not to serve as an officer or director of any mutual fund for a period of seven years. During the same seven year period, Van Wagoner also will not be making decisions regarding the Funds' liquidity or the valuation of private equity securities.
don dappa (28 days ago)
Watched this in 2018 and it reminds me of the crypto bubble we just experienced
Trae Baldwin (1 month ago)
Please educate yourself about stocks before investing your "entire Life savings" like many of these people did.
fritzki1 (3 months ago)
Jim Grant!! absolute legend 2:20
GaroMax777 (4 months ago)
They are most people in the market.
Samuel Westall (4 months ago)
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marco mac (4 months ago)
Diversification what the fuck is that all to the stock market what can go wrong , right.
Samuel Westall (5 months ago)
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Capa Crypto (6 months ago)
Wish they would do a follow-up
thepianoplayer416 (7 months ago)
Leaving your money in the bank you are making less than 1% a year and a secure GIC 3%-5% at most for locking your money for 5-7 yrs. Buffet invest in companies that have good management teams for long-term profit. Many people trade companies stocks like numbers. The common man investing in the market is not new. Back in 1928-1929 Americans invested in the market. Watching the ticket tape was something people used to do in the 1920s. Today some people have self-managed accounts trading online without an advisor.
LaLa Johnson (7 months ago)
The bank only pays 3% hahahah. Sometimes I wonder if the world is designed to keep the poor, poor.
Fingermanant1234 (4 months ago)
+LaLaJohnson that's a risk level debate.....the rich have the liquidity to take on risky stock positions. 3% is good if that's all the money you have to work with...... chasing 15% is how the poor get poorer
LaLa Johnson (7 months ago)
I mean the USA seems to be set up to allow the rich get richer and the poor get poorer
许喆 (7 months ago)
This is a documentary in 1997, so It took 3 more years for the market to calm down?
Scott Leong (4 months ago)
yea all the bears were wrong. They were 3 years too early.
George McGovern (7 months ago)
AMLN: In 1987, Amylin Pharmaceuticals was co-founded by Howard E. Greene Jr., former CEO of San Diego biotech pioneer Hybridtech, to develop a treatment for diabetes from a synthetic analog of amylin. In July 2012, Bristol-Myers Squibb announced it would acquire Amylin Pharmaceuticals for $5.3 billion.  In April 2013, Bristol-Myers Squibb announced it would close Amylin's San Diego operations by the end of 2014 and merge the Amylin manufacutring facility in West Chester, Ohio and all field-based sales personnel into Bristol-Myers Squibb operations.
George McGovern (7 months ago)
LenovoEMC (formerly iOmega), sometimes styled lenovo EMC², is a producer of external, portable, and networked storage products. Established in the 1980s in Roy, Utah, as Iomega, LenovoEMC has sold more than 410 million digital storage drives and disks. It was formerly a public company.The Zip drive was Iomega's most notable product. Iomega's stock price, which was over $100 at its high in the '90s, dipped to around $2 in the mid-2000s. Trying to find a niche for itself, Iomega released devices such as the HipZip MP3 player, the FotoShow Digital Image Center, and numerous external hard drives, optical drives, and NAS products. None of these products were successful.
Wallace Rose (3 months ago)
George McGovern: Didn't the writable CD kill iomega?
George McGovern (7 months ago)
Van Wagoner Emerging Growth Fund gained 291% in 1999. Assets ballooned to almost $1.5 billion from $189 million a year earlier. An investment of $10,000 in Emerging Growth at the beginning of 1997, would have been more than $45,000 by March of 2000.Emerging Growth lost 21% in 2000, dropped almost 60% in 2001 and fell 65% in 2002, when assets slipped below $100 million. That $45,000 amassed by early 2000 would have dwindled to $3,300 by the end of September 2002. Today, Emerging Growth is called Embarcadero Absolute Return Fund (trading symbol EFARX), and any loyal shareholder who invested $10,000 13 years ago would have about $1,900 to show for it.
Josh Spencer (8 months ago)
B is for Bitcoin
Position Trader (8 months ago)
We're seeing a parallel today, but on a global scale with bitcoin.
Burninmyleather (9 months ago)
lol it's happening again
sweetpapajazz (11 months ago)
Same thing as a person addicted to gambling. Maybe the person is slightly more educated. Maybe the bets are a little more thought out. Just go to a casino, play some Bacarrat.
Frank Hernandez (1 year ago)
Should off kept Microsoft
Cramer was a young annoying dude!
g13flat (5 days ago)
Driven The Rockstar Kid And the reporter is a total fanboy of his.
Jon Braun (4 months ago)
buy buy buy! sell sell sell! Booyah!
TheInvisibleOne (7 months ago)
Now he's an old annoying dude!
I love stocks more than people! Stocks made me rich! Most people try to minus from my net worth/livelihood... Stocks do the opposite... Much love to the markets!
Remembering 1992 (8 months ago)
The stock market "made you rich" yet you can't type five complete sentences without the need to (edit)? Keep dreaming, kid.  I'd doubt you could even explain how a PEG ratio is computed or how to position fork and knife after finishing a meal in polite company.
Dominic Scutaro (1 year ago)
And yet the mistakes keep on happening no one ever learns
Nicholas C (1 year ago)
Gambling is fun
Bye Felicia!
sid B (1 year ago)
I believe we've finally learnt from our mistakes!! DOW just broke its highest record ever...we are finally reaping the rewards of our hard lessons . The bull ERA is here to stay! Nothing can go wrong now. Trump is in, stocks are soaring!. BUY BUY BUY ! :)
Nicholas C (1 year ago)
We'll see budy
James S (1 year ago)
This market can never, will never fall .... olden times people were just idiots. We're much smarter and sophistimicated now
Russell Lee (1 year ago)
So sharron basically lost everything in the next couple years : /
don dappa (28 days ago)
Should have put the $ in fx
WonderProfessor (3 months ago)
Well, we really don't know what happened to Sharon and her family because we don't know when and if she sold. However, AMLN was Amylin Pharmaceuticals, a small biotech firm based in San Diego that was eventually bought by Bristol Myers Squibb. The company survived a near-death experience in 1997 but the stock was absolutely hammered, losing over 95% of its peak value. The company managed to survive and the stock price did recover after many years. However, it is doubtful that the family held the stock until 2012 when the company was bought for $31 per share.
Jon Braun (4 months ago)
Unless they held it through the days when it went less than a dollar. Doubt it. AMLN that is.
Sharon should've stayed with $MSFT ...They'd be rich by now.
sonam Epics (1 year ago)
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5 bill for a nothing company today is peanuts
32:38 rich from the wall st warriors show
paris hilton
Position Trader (2 years ago)
Great video. in 2016, the NASDAQ is making all time new highs. It could be blue sky from here on in. IPOs are flying too.
Fingermanant1234 (4 months ago)
Yeah, the cyclical nature of fiat economics will support that hypothesis for sure
Coach Gumby (2 years ago)
These people are all saying there up, but its easy to be up in a bubble.
don dappa (28 days ago)
Coach Gumby and it's also easy to be up in a down market. Not as easy but it's possible.

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