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Turkish Lira: A guide and brief history of the Turkish Lira currency

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The Turkish Lira is the official currency of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It carries the International Standard Currency Code: TRY. Monetary policy is managed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey who are responsible for regulating Turkey's currency market and protecting the value of the Turkish Lira along with the central government. The Lira is the official currency of Turkey. The Lira is divided into 100 Kurus. The Lira has it’s roots in the ancient roman unit of weight called the Libra which referred to Troy pound of silver. For more travel tips: https://www.compareholidaymoney.com Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CompareHolidayMoneyUK Twitter: https://twitter.com/cholidaymoney LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/uk-compare-network-64865b38/ Blog: https://www.compareholidaymoney.com/blog/ About Compare Holiday Money Compare Holiday Money is a free travel money comparison site helping you find the best currency exchange rates available online today.
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