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Wisdom behind Prohibition of Riba (interest) - Case study GFC | Almir Colan

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One of the miracles of Islam are the rules of riba (interest, usury). Many students who for the first-time study these rules think they are a burden to the economy and question wisdom to why we exchange money for money in equal amounts and on the spot. Sometimes even ask if there is a place for such restrictions in a modern economy? In this clip, we analyze the power of Islamic economic principles regarding the ban on riba by looking at the root causes of the Global Financial Crisis. Please listen and share. Subscribe for more content like this. --- Connect with me @almircolan https://www.almircolan.com
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Almir Colan (1 month ago)
Thank you all for your comments. We will insha'Allah upload full discussion soon because that will give you better context and deeper appreciation of these rules.
Grzegorz Durda (5 days ago)
Listen this is a christian principle also Its called Usery. As in Don't use people. Its been exclusively practiced by the Jewery of the world. Hence socialism. Its simple. Give 2 guys a loan for 10 bucks and they agree to pay back $10.25 each. Soooooooo one will default as there is only 20 dollars in circulation.
shoaib ahamadmir (5 days ago)
Almir Colan Oh yeah its all Evil Traps of jews in which entire world is trapped. Jews zionists are the biggest devils and satan of the world. Its said whosoever takes or gives or indulges in ribbah usury.. Then almighty god will wage war against them.. and hence today entire world is war situation.
Ahmad Syah (15 days ago)
Assalamualaikum, thank you for the explanation. by the way, im 25 - year old. Im Indonesian. I want to marry. wanna help me out?
Almir Colan Thank you for this nice explanation😊🌹🌹🌹
Mohammad Saif (18 days ago)
Almir Colan, When you In Shaa Allah upload the full detailed lecture on this/riba, kindly inform..
1to1 evenly weighed scales.
I've seen this in America it should be illegal! The problem is the politicians do this with property., Also it would have explained all the direct energy weapons via satellite, burning down new homes on Target in the United States... Missing one section of homes and burning down another... Also the geoengineering of direct weather weapons creating hurricanes and steering them via low energy frequency antennas that are now flooding all of the homes along the US Coast., On all sides.. So they could benefit off of the insurance since they couldn't benefit as much off the derivatives... He's Rich f****** in America have ruined our country like a bunch of dumbasses!
igbow Games (1 day ago)
The key sentence of this whole explanation is " these people are very clever, they knew that this is going to happen" This have nothing to do with interest and reba, there is no rule is islam that prohibit 1:0.7 (selling cheaper or as you did put it, negative interest ) this is an elaborate scheme create with the intention of sealing. Let say we follow the islam rule of lending 1:1, the economy will collapse at the same scale if the borrowers are low quality and were not able to payback there is no way to get it fix. The truth is that the prohibition of interest (reba) was created in the time of mohammad just to counter the Jews of the time as they were (as they are now) merchants and businesspeople. mohammad needed to strip them from this advantage and engineered this rule to take away their advantage.
AJ NIAZI (1 day ago)
Very wisely explained. Thank you
Mama mia (1 day ago)
well explained... but how does one receive profit if the same amount of money always remains in the ecosystem? someone should explain that too....
ACRX SLS (2 days ago)
Islam is a corrupt version of the True Faith, Christianity, and of the False Faith, Judaism. It provides us with no new knowledge or revelations, only bastardizations of them.
its not new knowledge that is important. its true knowledge. You worship an Idol, a person, we respect the person, but worship god. Big difference.
arif ulla (2 days ago)
93 bankers dislike this video..😏
Nick John (1 day ago)
Ever heard of hyperinflation? You do realize that free interest rate would increase the money supply, thus driven out/eroded the value of money faster with compounding inflation due to higher CPI? This is basic economic 101. That's why the freest interest rate scheme is just a fancy dream. If it indeed truly successful, why would Islamic bank still push derivatives/innovation of interest rate? Yeah, they don't call it interest rate, but called it as "hiba" or profit rate. Same shit different days.
Gibson1961SG (3 days ago)
Is this before, or after the flying horse in your preferred collection of myths?
Warning Signs (3 days ago)
US Corporation would NEVER allow this wisdom taught in the indoctrination camps (schools) - Everyone should learn this!!!!! Thank you -I learned this on Seek Daily's channel
Chen Zian (4 days ago)
Very good video. Thank you brother.
lili shyta (5 days ago)
This guy is killing my patient, saying the same thing over and over.
did your patient die?
Jay Cherney (5 days ago)
Thanks so much for making this video I can see how a man borrows money to innovate and or earn more from his labour enabling him to pay back the principle and interest and meaning that he can move on with his work more efficiently to the benefit of him and the whole society is pure evil. God is truly great, now what did he say about war in the name of Islam and propagation of a backward mentality including taking slaves and taxing those who choose believe alternate beliefs? Clearly the current economic system needs changing not sure going backward to the 6 century is the answer though unless you are inbreed and have an IQ of less then 80. Peace brothers.
Ronnie Chowdhury (7 days ago)
So the sheikh here is saying that trading time for money is Riba, so the alternative is trading product for money. i.e the bank buys the house for cash (no riba) for $100K, then sells it to you, again for a $100K over 20 years (5K a year in capital repayment, $416/month), and then also for the bank's profit, rent it to you at market rates for your area, maybe another $500 a month. Total cost to you is $916/month. As you own more and more of the property, the share of the market rent reduces to 0. If you sell part way, then the bank takes a proportion of the profit. ie, if you are 10 years through the mortgage, then the bank owns 50% still. Thus if you sell the house for $200K, you get $100K and the bank gets the other $100K. Hmm so you lose out on the exit side. It doesn't actually solve problem, as you need rich individuals to fund the system which still concentrates wealth....?
igbow Games (1 day ago)
Really good point, the system either need rich individuals to fund the system or tax infidels or they will need to raid and conquer other countries and take their wealth and inject it into the system, thus the collapse of islam once they stopped expanding.
The interest was already abolished in babylon, 2500 before islam and you can find the same rule in jewish torah 2000 years before islam
dannyboywhaa (7 days ago)
It’s why it’s called ‘milking time’ or ‘the fishing trip’... we have become cattle! They have a vested interest in the houses foreclosing/collapsing because they’d get the interest now through insurance and not in the future... so it’s even more lucrative for them... it’s a ponzi scheme! However, if one allows the banks to fail and doesn’t promise to bail them out, “too big to fail” etc etc then I do think it’d kerb the speculative nature of more recent finance! I have no problem with fractional reserve banking, no problem with fiat currency and no problem with interest (money now is more valuable than future money) so long as the banks are allowed to fail and not in bed with government and NOT in the business of printing money/quantitative easing... that’s the problem - the banks took over, federal reserve etc... governments should print the money and banks should manage the money... governments should not bail out banks!
Patty Marie (7 days ago)
But doesn’t Islam make infidel pay taxes? That is not o.k! So I can’t believe in Islamic banking, from a religion who would tax me in another way.That is not honorable.Why say this is honest? Taxing non Muslim, because they are not Muslim, that negates my belief that Islam is fair concerning money..It undoes what you are trying to prove, that Islam is fair in money.You tax non Muslim, That is cruel and dishonorable.It is not a humane action towards others that is why you can’t be taking as honest.You want people to invest in your banking? So be honest and tell people you will tax them for not being Muslim and humiliate them, why would Holy people do such thing? No excuse, you hate non Muslim.You are told to harm other people.It cannot be justified only by belief in revenge.This is not mutual cooperation.This is forced taxes to hurt other people.Common sense wrong.
Habibi Illinois (8 days ago)
He explained what happened during the financial crisis but didn't explain how interest played a role. Banks are greedy. No question about it. But the fact is nobody is willing to lend money for nothing because of time value of money and associated opportunity cost. Without no interest, there'll be no capitalism. With no capitalism, companies won't be able to raise money and you won't have Youtube to post this video on.
Onder Guler (8 days ago)
So how will less fortunate people buy houses? Will they have to pay rent lifetime? By this system people pay less than the rent in most cases and live in their own houses which is a benefit for these people I believe. The problem in your example seems to be a scam done by the greedy first level bank to sell a high risk product with a rating of AAA. It is the corrupt banking system which causes problems. If precautions are taken against, this problem can be solved. Besides, the bigger problem here is actually the banks do not give the money of their own. The digital system and governments allow them to create these huge amounts of money out of thin air by only digital assignment. So basically, banks print money as they issue credits to customers. If only this was changed or practised in a much more secure way, Most of these risks will be resolved. When practised correctly, this system gives a chance to the low income earners a chance to buy their houses while probably they will never have that chance otherwise, even though they pay much more for the rent. Plus, allowing people to buy houses with the support of credits will create further motility in the construction economy which would be at a much lower rate otherwise. We are not at the old good times where you could simply pick an empty land and build the house of your own and surround it with a nice fence. And nowadays, we do not use gold and silver which are on their own merits ever valuable. There is a thing called inflation with the current monies we use. So there must be a cost of this service at least to cover this inflation loss even if the banks were no profit organisations.
saiful azhar Rosly (8 days ago)
CDOs are not derivatives ya. pls be careful
gengiz (8 days ago)
All man made creations have the possibility to be used for evil this is why we have been given clear signs and rules for every aspect of life. Islam is perfect if followed correctly and it's impossible to be a bad human if you follow it correctly but unfortunately many Muslims don't me included and we set a bad example. My wife and I refuse to use loans or credit cards as it's forbidden and is just another distraction from living a meaningful and righteous lifestyle. Our creator has provided everything we need and evil is doing its best to make this world full of distractions and things that appeal to our egos.
Pube83 (8 days ago)
Maybe Hitler was right. I think Walt Disney also hated Jews.
SnackyBear (8 days ago)
These people are not bankers! They're BONKERS!
goggle user (9 days ago)
Sir what is your suggestion for mlm or network marketing
Moe A. (9 days ago)
Many have thousands in debt, but homeless people, who are thought to be poor, owe nothing, so they aren't as poor as some people think.
Smudger (3 days ago)
They are truly free at least The fact that many are ex-services who after giving their reality to their country are dumped with no fucks given is beyond heartless Warms my heart to see such compassion from our dear leaders as they make it illegal to be homeless...
Alpha m Bah (9 days ago)
MashaAllah MashaAllah
Alpha m Bah (9 days ago)
Alhamdullah MashaAllah
Alpha m Bah (9 days ago)
MashaAllah Alhamdullah
NavaIMTutorial (9 days ago)
Named one Religion Who has WONDERFUL RULES about anything in Lifes. None, except Islam.
Irshad Hussain (4 days ago)
Travis Johnson you talk it as you have seen it. U liar
Faroah Pharms (4 days ago)
NavaIMTutorial the bible teaches and probibits the same financial codes
Grzegorz Durda (5 days ago)
Islam was written by the Vatican to coalesce the Arabs into a unified force. MOhammed was bred and raised by the Vaticanus agents. Ahead of time they sent out messengers to the arabs saying GOD is bringing them a Messiah. The rest fills itself in. Oh yeah the same bros did the bible and the Torrah and Talmund. Religion is banking of the ancient world.
lili shyta (5 days ago)
NavaIMTutorial that is why millions of Muslims are trying to live in countries build by Christianity.
Travis Johnson (5 days ago)
Islam is an evil lie. Satan wrote a book and called it the Koran
omar6299 (9 days ago)
Actually the banks don't need to have 1billion dollars to lend. In best case scenario they approx 5% of that. They make money out of nothing.
omar6299 (4 hours ago)
+Nick John you're so boring. Ok lets see...https://youtu.be/10AIaRNGIZs One among many who really understand the money supply and system.
Nick John (7 hours ago)
You are a persistent little bugger. I did give my sources, only you that use baseless accusation.
omar6299 (15 hours ago)
+Nick John by lying?
Nick John (19 hours ago)
There is no such thing as pathetic for trying to educate people.
omar6299 (19 hours ago)
+Nick John don't be so pathetic
Basmaaa (10 days ago)
Thank you Almir for this beautiful explanation
Faiz Sheikh (10 days ago)
Is health insurance and life insurance permissible? Because I always have this fear that if something goes wrong how can I afford the medical treatment and my family and other worries too, I live in a busy n fast paced city afterall. I mean certainly Allah give us strength and helps us in difficulties. But as Muslims we are also allowed to plan, apply rational thinking, protect and defend ourselves.
Hamza Waheed (10 days ago)
Really Opened my eyes!!!
Porcelain Throne (11 days ago)
And who are these people? Can you guess? Yup! I'm sure you can.
Dart Vader (11 days ago)
Humankind is actually in the middle of its own extinction process and the (((chosen people))) have been (((chosen))) exactly for this aim. (((They))) are doing their job and the cattle (goyim in Hebrew) are powerless to prevent (((them))) to fulfill (((their))) duty. I am a goy myself; I fight back; I agree with people like you who fight back: make it as difficult as possible for (((them))). When (((their))) cattle disappear, (((they))) will disappear as well. (((they))) are a (((cancer cell))) but I have never seen a (((cancer cell))) surviving the host when the host dies and becomes a rotting corpse.
Steve Giardini (12 days ago)
Sounds very similar to Lucky Larry Silverstein and the 3 buildings. Spend 14 million.....6 weeks later....make 7+ Billion.
mich Z (13 days ago)
Most Muslims don’t understand RIBA ! He’s only explaining the real estate crisis that started in the US...what a lame !
P B H (14 days ago)
Riba is prohibited in Quran, Riba is usuary...........Fa' eda is interest and is not prohibited......Please find out the difference https://translate.google.com/#auto/ar/interest https://www.submission.org/usury_Interest_Rate.html
KEVIN AMIN (14 days ago)
The comment that the amount of FALSE claims of sexual abuse/rape by women is small is supported by what non anechdotal evidence?
borborro (15 days ago)
What are you talking about the 1 billion they get. Is free from the central banks they just type in the number. They don't even have the money it's all borrowed from the central banks at no interest
Onder Guler (8 days ago)
They do pay the central bank interest rate. yeah, low interest rate in comparison.
SportsFanatics Nation (15 days ago)
This guy is a teacher at my school
Little Bali In Vienna (15 days ago)
subhanallah i like the way its explain, its more imaginable and understandable
Ayesha Jamil (16 days ago)
Eating fellow human beings flesh. What an age to live in!
Adelchi Di Palma (16 days ago)
The best part is that the banks have never lent one cent to anyone. Each time a banks approved the credit amount they. omit material facts which constitute about 20 Criminal Acts. To reiterate; there is no borrowing and lending, only an exchange of one from of money for another form of money which is acceptable in commerce. The customer offers the his asset backed promissory note to the bank provides currency or Computer Generated Electronic Digits which is acceptable in commerce. Banks cannot lend money of their depositors. Its the alleged borrower that created the new amount of money. The banks process the creation. Banks are the most criminal organization in history with the complicity of the so called criminal government and criminal judiciary. they are all professional crooks and the Christian church do not oppose this injustice. which means that the Christians are hypocrites.
Adelchi Di Palma (16 days ago)
Christianity, also forbids Riba.
Abdul Majeed Hamid (17 days ago)
Thanks brother . is a complex subject in the quran . May Allah Protect us all
Ahmed Khan (19 days ago)
Some misguided sects (Rashid Khalifa followers) say Ribaa means excessive rate of interest (usury) and not just interest...so how can we explain that riba means plain interest and u know quran doesnt say clearly that money for money is haraam?
Abdul khader Babillail (21 days ago)
Wisdom !!!!!!! The difference between the information and knowledge... Jazak Allah Khair
Ramadhaan Abdulrahmaan (21 days ago)
The beginning of the video is really needed, those dollar sign he is pointing at on top shows that there was something said about it
T I (21 days ago)
You can do forward trade. See Quran 2:282
Khumoyun Akhmedov (23 days ago)
Ma shaa Alloh
nehaal kadge (23 days ago)
I agree in the macro economic transaction of factoring loans of 2bn to 1.3 bn led to excessive fraudulent loans to people who were not creditworthy. But on a micro level answer this one question for me : 1. Is 100$ going to buy me same worth of goods today and a year after ? thats inflation compensation called interest. 2. How business will grow as they dont get any loans. do you expect everyone to have huge capital to start business? 3. How will GDP impove if there are no banks and savings will never be converted into investment?
al Rashid (24 days ago)
Ustaz, I learn convetional finance. I do mingle with Islamic Finance people. But the problem is, it is hard to differentiate Bond and Sukuk. Sometime I see, most of Islamic product are being made from conventional.
Socko960 (24 days ago)
Wow that system is unbelievably evil
Lewis72 (25 days ago)
Why doesn't islam prohibit first-cousin marriages ? There would be far fewer birth-defects then. I guess that 'miracle' was left out.
Anas Habeeb (25 days ago)
Bank don’t give the money rather buy the house for us, that’s why we can not use the money to buy anything else except house so it’s not a open loan so it’s not come under money for money Plz watch this video https://youtu.be/wtY-CeSHkSI
Anas Habeeb (25 days ago)
Brother respectfully, you said the give a MONEY LOAN, no you are mistaken, if that is the money loan then why we can not use that money to buy anything els other than house??? I will send you video plz watch and ponder it.
AnwarAM (25 days ago)
Assalamualaikum! Conclusion is good! Can make your point a bit quicker. Shukran!
Chandra Prakash Vijay (26 days ago)
Can rape,kill,loot,abuse,abduct nonmuslim.but interest is sin.🤔🤔can terrorise people,can sacrifice millions animals for feast in name of islam but interest is sirk.🤗😭😭😬😬😖funny islam borrowed /robed from torah & added agenda of mohammed.
Wisam Zaqoot (26 days ago)
There are many ways to handle banking transactions compliant with Islam. The most common one is buy-sell instead of loan or mortgage. As a customer you buy a house now from the bank (that has to buy it from the original owner first) and you pay back later with a predetermined price. The house is yours since day one, and if you cancelled before signing, the house is already owned by the bank, not the original owner anymore. Simply, it is real objects trading where the buyer have the choice to pay later.
Alfian Abdul Halin (27 days ago)
Now I understand better on how the loans are 'grabbed' by the big banks. To me, banks buying loans from another bank is alien. Since where I'm from (Malaysia), the loan is given directly by the big banks. But just to check my understanding.... I have a few questions: 1) In the USA, there are smaller banks/institutions/firms, that offer these loans. Then, the bigger banks (Duetche, Bear etc.) will buy from these smaller firms so that they will get 'easy' products that they didn't need to sell (since the smaller firms already did that for them).... Is this understanding correct? 2) In the case of the 2008 crisis, were the big banks considered the 'victims'? Since they ended up buying bad subprime loans. 3) How were the swap holders paid. When the loans defaulted, and the CDOs collapsed... they would get the insurance payout, right? But since AIG went bust (and they were among those who sold the swaps), how were the swap holders paid? (e.g. like Dr Michael Burry and the rest)? I am self learning all of this brother, and it all began from watching The Big Short. Tq brother. Excellent video! Assalaam aleykom!
man M B bawa (27 days ago)
All the religion are created to fool and control the idiots of the world. and it is very much easy to fool the 3rd world and Arab idiots. why can't haj income is used to make non-riba bank? any way islamic religious robots spend very heavely to get free from sins?
azharibomber black (28 days ago)
there is riba, trade, and zakat. riba= you give something here now, you want more back here now. trade=you give something here now, you want equal back here now. zakat= you give something to other people here now, you believe God will give you back, either here or hereafter. that "something" is not always money. it can be time, work, or knowledge. but the thing is, people not interest in things other than money. why? that is human nature, man is always want the immediate, instant. the don't want to work for hereafter, they want to do something that can benefit them now, in this life.
Mario De La Shoadat (28 days ago)
Muhammed Nouman (28 days ago)
So this is qamar yeah?
IFFI (28 days ago)
I recommend the movie the big short on the financial meltdown. Or documentary inside job.
Spider 01 (29 days ago)
Loved It.Thank You For Making Me Better Understand Islam. :)
Mohabat khan Malak (29 days ago)
I have done some research on these causes of the 2008 housing collapse and down turn but this is the best explanation. Often we hear recession or inflation in economies of the world, at the moment Argentina and Venezuela (with the worlds largest reserve of oil) are on a downturn. The root cause for all these ills is the ingrained system of interest.
EB Maerz (29 days ago)
Very well explained! Please keep up the good work ... Would love to see videos from your Channel about how people can break free from this system of FINANCIAL SLAVERY ... What are the viable alternatives left in today's world? Thank you
aibel99 (29 days ago)
Sheikh what does one do if one lives in a place where house prices are extravagantly high? Rent only? Move city/country?
ching pong (29 days ago)
Mudassar Saiyad (29 days ago)
Example is not proper brother. Give proper example
Bilal Sardar (29 days ago)
subhan Allah
Ahmad Wazir (29 days ago)
Now I get it.
Harley Hipwell (29 days ago)
Allah says in quran dont be misers so if the rich muslima in the world were helping the poor ones more they would be come rich too and.the rich ones would get in the reward in heaven for helping them inshaALLAH AS ALLAH ORDERED THEM TO DO.
Atif hussain (1 month ago)
Stupid people .... When will they understand finance. It saddens me more when i see or hear learned people talk like idiots. Insurance is the best thing that maths gave us. And i bet the Prophet would have allowed it were it to be prevalent in his time. Come to India or Bangladesh and you will notice that half the reason of poverty is lack insurance. Imagine what happens when the only earning member in the family falls sick or dies. The women and the kids are reduced to begging or worse. And all that because some ignorant scholar has been telling them that insurance is Haraam. Grow up O muslims.
Mahmoud Gouda (1 month ago)
Riba simply is two parties making contract to exchange money in different times AND/OR different amounts. Islam encourages give a loan to someone without interest as a concept of charity., or having a share in someone's property like an equity and share profit and risk. Bottom line Free "Zero" risk investment is not allowed in islam. There are other many rules in islamic financial system other than riba. riba is just one of them but at the heart.
Khalid Alnuaimi (1 month ago)
سبحان الله، Thanks for the clearly explanation
Rose Beena (1 month ago)
Paper money is Haram there should be gold or silver
Gentle Voice (1 month ago)
riba in the relationship of the sun and moon eclipse phenomenon in the major sign of the doomsday...a mountain of breads
Leto2ndAtreides (1 month ago)
It's because Islam lacks wisdom, and is better suited to the low life style expectations of its own time. Without the banking system, the progress of the world would've been nearly impossible. Humans would have required a level of brilliance they've never possessed.
Vegar Taza (1 month ago)
It's very sad to see not one Muslim billioners can't set a fund for muslims to buy house in Non Majority Muslim countries.
koolsamie (1 month ago)
1. Why would anybody lend you money to buy homes if you are not paying them a profit? 2. How does CDO come within the definition of riba? 3. Why would somebody pay the banks 1.3bn for a principle of 1bn? Within one year?
Henry Luke Ford (23 days ago)
Murmad Man how did all this money even come into existence?? You have no clue. Money in itself is a debt, no need to “LOAN” it out. We create it as we subsidize industry and should retire the currency from circulation as our debts are repaid.
Murmad Man (23 days ago)
1. variable interest or rates based on debt obligation 2. CDO isn't based on hard assets but liabilities of the banks/cashflows 3. You are buying debt there is a risk of default. But AAA/govt back made it seem safe
Henry Luke Ford (28 days ago)
koolsamie  huh? The alternative is no interest... is no more moneychanging... Banks contribute nothing to an economy, they can only take. They don't even "loan" the money, they simply publish our debts to the true creditor (the house builder in this case). The bank gives up nothing in the creation of the debt. Banks are wholly unjustifiable. Interest is Usury.
koolsamie (29 days ago)
+Muzammil Mohsin what is happening is thay we are pointing out that this or that is bad. But what we need to give is an alternate mode of finance to the world. But unfortunately that is not happening.
Muzammil Mohsin (29 days ago)
Your first question shows that you missed the whole point.. didn't you. Bottom line is if that makes you understand it, BANKING IS EVIL. I understand its difficult to understand because we are brought up in a world of banking and this thought of no Banks doesn't even cross ppl's mind. Business is allowed not banking. Understand this that EARNING Money is correct But MAKING money is EVIL. Making money on money or making profit on similar commodity is EVIL. What is valid is you make profit by buying a house at a rate and then sell it at a higher rate or similarly you buy some stuff at cheap rate and sell it at a higher rate. Making profit this way is business. Y is this allowed is because first of all you are buying a real thing that exists at time and second thing is that remains at your risk until you sell it to someone and he/she becomes its owner hence freeing you of the risk. So you have some risk involved there and its not all just simply easy money there. What if no one buys it?? Banks don't do anything other than making money out of money hence they always make profit irrespective of whether the person whom they loaned the money was able to get his work done with that money leave alone that he would pay interest as well. That is not business but Evil as Rich become Richer and Poor become poorer in this system when you see things in its complete context without being very short sighted
Cash Bonanza (1 month ago)
Islam=believing a pedophile/polygam for 1000s of years.
Vitya Loh (1 month ago)
جزاكم الله تعالى خيرا
Larry Scarr (1 month ago)
You can't start with magic is a thing.. then claim wisdom.. your all so stunted!
Rakesh Roy (1 month ago)
Jajak Allah khair...
Kama Kazi (1 month ago)
Some concepts need to be tackled too....in 20yrs time the minimum salary for bank workers would have increased and the value of money too changes.If u wanna make money thru lending of money then 1:1 ratio would suffice in future??a billion dollar now ain't same as a billion dollar 20yrs to come.Thats y Islamic banks put things they call admin fee to finally equate to almost same rate that conventional banks are charging...maybe the sheikh should include all this things in his explanation...bcoz the one he gave leaves alot of quiz than answers to a banker
stevan evans (1 month ago)
So good to hear from you.its good understand this
Aminul islam (1 month ago)
This is Jewish systems of interest based business.
Babatunde Ojomo (1 month ago)
Interest being prohibited is kinda obvious from the start, if a bank mints 1 million coins of any value and they are circulated and stored in another bank or loaned for interest then even if that interest is a penny more than the loan some will have to print their own money because their are not enough coins in circulation to pay off any amount of interest😹😹😹. And from the bank and loaners side they will wait to see which of your valuables they can walk into your home and take to pay off the debt and not to forget the original printed coins they have placed value on😹😹😹 ....that is if they do not take your home as well. The only question left is how can they ever afford to print more money in the first place?
Abdul Shafi G (1 month ago)
Greeting The proof that Islam has the best economic system during the melt down of the banking sector in the west, banks who applied Islamic Economics made 💰 while others lost billions yet Muslim countries don't use Islamic Economics 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Muhammad Syamil (10 days ago)
+Abdul Shafi G Check up Mughal Empire. It was one of the most successful era in the history of India in terms of economy i think you'll be interested in it.
Abdul Shafi G (22 days ago)
Murmad Man there are a lot of talent in the. Muslim world but the governments are corrupted, they don't teach that in school but when India was under the. Rule of Islam it was one the richest countries on plant earth, also when Spain was under Islamic rule it was one the most prosperous countries on the plant, the problem is the system not the people, remember East and West Germany same people same culture, totally different outcome, Islam respect private Enterprise but the same time does not leave the poor without help.
Abdul Shafi G (22 days ago)
Murmad Man if you haven't noticed I pointed out that Muslim countries don't use the best economic system the Islamic system that is why they are in the place they are in. Islamic based banks made money during the melt down of the banking industry, when a Muslim country becomes successful in economic development immediately the plots begin look at Turkey before it Egypt
Murmad Man (24 days ago)
plenty of muslim countries are in some debt or have little knowledge based economy or rentier eocnomies (ie oil). In fact look at Pakistan So your point is really really stupid
Md Talha Ansari (1 month ago)
Masha Allah, Jazakum Allah!. please, something similar on rules of Hijab and sexual destruction of society.
Chandra Prakash Vijay (25 days ago)
Hizab was adopted by arabs to save their girls from gang of mohammed.mohammed used to rob,kill,ambush many kabila,tribel region & rape their war captives. Terrorised people started burqa to use to keep away from eyes of fraud,rapist,fake prophet. See mohammed fucked 16 wives/100s war captives but allah killed his all of son.he was killed by jews lady safiya using poison.mohammed did not left his own daughter in low zanub,minor sister ayesha,his aunty khoula bint hakem. Mohammed was a satan robbed torah then edited it & added his own agenda.then quran come to exist.islam is based on evil,lie,hate,killing. Search a video "the original father of mohammed"by dr.samie samson. Pakistan is no.1in watching porn on internet.an islamic country itself.liar,hater,jealosy,violent muslim r jealosy about women keeping in burqa.
Trius (1 month ago)
He is just using the crash and unethical practises by the banks to promote a system that has ruined mulsim countries.
Trius (29 days ago)
Sex addict Qaddafi had palaces for himself and his sons some of them deranged, what a cliche, and everyone else was at his beck and call. You questioned Qaddafi, you went missing and/or tortured. He thought black Africans were idiots. He was in it for himself. But I agree with you, they should not have gone in and helped to break these place up. The Arabs are apt at doing that themselves. No, we don't want anything islamic in this world. Islam and its people have offered nothing to the world for 600 years because their Islamic mindset is in cloud cookoo land. Every so often, they go crazy and start killing people willy nilly in the hope that they will go to heaven and get their big breasted houris. They fear that if they don't believe the shit the mullahs tell them then allah will burn their skins in hell forever. Absolute ridiculous mind games and manipulation of people. Empires, to maintain their control, kill people and destroy societies. Islam was no different when it was at its peak. The Muslims under the banner of islam killed millions to get their way. Why do you complain now when your people played this game to the max?
ShitGotReal (1 month ago)
Trius The west ruined their country. Take Libya for example, Gaddafi wanted to unite Africa and establish a gold based currency and 1:1 transactions which wouldve destroyed petro dollar for good. So, the murderous genocidal maniacs in the west had other ideas, they destroyed Libya, because Islamic economic system would have destroyed their imperialism/exploitation. Same reason why the west attacked Iraq and now Syria.
test user (1 month ago)
grt....plz make more video related this issues
Thomas Klein (1 month ago)
Allah protect you...
Khaled Maruf (1 month ago)
J. Deen (1 month ago)
Best System.
Hamdi Bazian (1 month ago)
So more simply... ribs is one party taking advantage of another's situation to profit off of them. Basically making money off other people's money. The rich gets richer and the greedy makes the policies. Keeping power in the hands of those who seek more of it.
Nick John (2 days ago)
Wrong. Read more about monetary supply theory and inlfation-deflation. This guy clearly dont study economic nor finance.

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