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#9 Sun, Moon, Swastikas and Deer - Eternal Symbols - Swastika

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Pamela Kapp (21 days ago)
Rubicon (2 months ago)
Interesting comment on other vid. Everytime I tried to reply it launched me to the wrong video. So I'm responding here. I'll check out the two links you provided. Talbot's book on Saturn is expensive!! Benjamin Liber in the user illusion speaks of an electric universe. Maybe there is something here...maybe not but Mar's surface does look like it was blasted by plasma...
Rubicon (2 months ago)
Ninth Heretic I agree these books walk to the line but don't cross. I agree the higher "one" goes the colder it gets. But humans like the warmth. We never, or hardly ever, break that bond upon death. Tolstoy speaks of napoleon's retreat after the sack of Moscow as a snowball that is under extreme heat. The physics he describes is that of immense heat being applied to this retreating force that only shields the core of it...like a meteor...and napoleon escapes. An ark as it were. I find it particularly interesting that a mother will die for her child...but none other. This is not an altruistic love...this is a self serving love...it's easy to love one's own children...not others. I agree that we may be the 3rd or 300th repopulation of earth. How much suffering needs to occur before it's understood that chance cannot be replicated? That in the natural world an individual flower achieves phi through the fruit it gives...by chance and chance alone...but for the self aware...the last digit cannot ever be known. That thought has a code of never ending self perpetuation. That the flower never ignites through mass dogmatic belief...that the individual only has the ability to ignite...an averaging of belief is not good enough. Except of course to build an ark...and try again with the law of history...hoping all will come into alignment...to yet build another ark upon failure to ignite. I would think explaining this to a 7 year old locked in a cell...raped continually...would be very difficult. To survive as the motive. I would think the model could not be reconciled through the eyes of this child...no matter now "noble" the pursuit may be.
Ninth Heretic (2 months ago)
@Rubicon the duality is fact in the world of humans, but not in the natural world. A hurricane destroying life in an area is one of the most impressive beautiful things, volcanic erruptions, beautiful, but deadly... black mambas, widows and scorpions, same.. that is what i mean. Sounds like the manicheans say what the real Thora jews say, man has broken his oath to g-d and suffers the consequences since then. Until kingdom come. Some bibles still mention RE-population of the world, not just population, as if we are the first ones to do so.. There was never but one bottleneck. i do not doubt that the classical writers of the romantic era were at least masons, maybe hermeticists.. But i have learned to doubt their absolutisms, or at least be weary of their messages as they are represented for us. Hugo never explains what Ananke stands for, on the contrary, he hides it, only visible for those already in the know.. The commons get les Misèrables. The sacrifices you speak of are not preserved for end-times, they happen every day and this since a very long time. except we regard them as the collateral of progress.. Earth will become uninhabitable, yes. Not necessisarily because of Sun. The complete solar sysem is moving towards a place in our galaxy where all will turn into a deep freeze, humans will have to move away eventually, IF it wants so survive as a species. But we are not there yet, anything can happen until then.. As for love, if we fail to wonder about the marvel which is life, about that which brings it forth, then we will never be able to transcend the horrors of it, just like a mother who holds her child forgets the immense pains she had to go through during labor..
Rubicon (2 months ago)
Ninth Heretic I think annihilation is what the objective is at CERN. I do make a distinction between the natural world that does not have self awareness as humans do...and humans that I believe...as do the ancient manicheans...that we have been counterfeited by infusion of self awareness. Melville in Moby Dick says explicitly that if "matter could be annihilated it would be done with the fluke of a sperm whale ". I believe Melville was a hermetic as I believe most classic literary masters were. The hunchback of notre dame by Hugo is wholly a hermetic story. And he speaks of the new Jerusalem as does dostoyevsky and others. The building of an ark to shield the exceptional ones from annihilation. The sun will annihilate the earth at some point. A black hole will annihilate a solar system. Annihilation is in fact a code of the natural world. There are scores of suicides that speak to this being the pathway to "salvation". The Egyptian book of the dead law 25 specifically forbides the looking into the "nothingness". Nietzsche speaks of suicide being the lowest level in hell. So we have not only been indoctrinated to believe annihilation is bad but at the same time following dogmatic beliefs about uncontrolled population growth on a finite sphere. The two don't reconcile. And won't. The equation will be balanced likely in under 10 years time. I do not agree that malevolence and benevolence are just fancy words for an energy "doing its thing". I wholly believe malevolence is as real as matter and that the human is caught in the middle. I wholly believe "love" is bait at best that is leveraged to increase population and to yoke the power of hate in the name of love to die for a flag color in war. I also believe hermetic knowledge is no more then natural processes being usurped by those building an ark to save their own skins when population exceeds the carrying capacity of earth. That as I mentioned early is at the door step. Basically the common man is worse then a slave...we are sacrifices.
Ninth Heretic (2 months ago)
@Rubicon i am not sure about 'annihilation is the goal'. Maybe it is a necessity, a consequence of unbridled proliferation at worst, but not a goal on it's own. Is there any life form that came into existence solely to annihilate itself? Not that i am convinced that love is the goal, but the love for life and the beauty of it, reflecting in all, even in destruction of it, is what gives value to life and makes it worth living. Matter is only a temporary expression, it is the power expressing itself which is, at least 'god-like'. Whether it causes the destruction of indiviual or collective existance or not is not really the issue.. Malevolence or benevolence.. those are just fancy words describing a dualism that has nothing to do with that energy or power expressing itself. The Expression on its own tries to maintain itself or the boundaries by which it is expressed. And also that is not good or bad, unless it fails to accept the 're-arragement' of the matter, the boundaries that allow its existance. To surpass dogma is merely temporary liberation from those material boundaries. It would not be possible without them though. Just like they are a condition for freedom. To 'proudly jump into the abyss' is nothing more than to accept death as a necessary boundary of life's expression, in anticipation of the re-arrangement of matter.
Rubicon (2 months ago)
Ninth Heretic Tolstoy in Anna Karenina states that "man was given rationale to distract him from the titanic amount of evil in the word". Manicheans believe that the "benevolent" powers do not rule...rather the dark energy allows the "good" power to exist in an effort to fool the masses. I believe "hope" and "love" is at best an ephemeral truth at worst bait for the human. Like the worm on the end of a hook. It is a very dangerous thing for the human to break from dogma. To believe God or gods are malevolent. To believe love is a tool of trickery leveraged by these malevolent forces. To believe to "care" or have empathy is a weakness. The prerequisites are too great for the common human to grasp this truth. That may not, in fact, be a bad thing. For, like you, once the bite is taken from the apple...one cannot go back. And there in lies our own personal doom. Unless...one realizes that the hammer of Thor is to be crafted and that annihilation is the goal. Very tough place for a human to be in. The line is very thin between sanity and madness. The question the individual needs to ask in this position..."Can the weight of the millstone of history annihilate matter?" and if that answer is yes...can the individual, who knows, accept this fate and "proudly jump into the abyss?".
Sun and Moon
Rubicon (3 months ago)
Excellent work!! Interesting stag connection. Thanks

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