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The truth about Forex trading

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https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome I understand that people get excited about trading Forex, making money, living their dreams, etc... But the reality is that, in my opinion, it takes really hard work to become a successful trader. Are you willing to put in the time and effort?
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gabyellobo (1 day ago)
A well consistent and experienced trader knows that a volatile market is an advantage for trading opportunities. If you don't have proper experience, no strategy, no plan and no knowledge of risk management, Forex is not the place for you. If you come to Forex to gamble, Forex will beat you, but if you study and apply everything with discipline, Forex will reward you.
Timothy Mario (3 days ago)
Trading almost made me run out of savings, until i stumbled across a referral concerning Grant Cardone, he gave me another chance to believe options/forex trading again after introducing me to his masterclass strategic system of trading with a win rate of 97%. i strongly advice anyone still struggling to contact him for help.([email protected] com)
Mehmet Bata (3 days ago)
Please How much would i get with an investment of $2000 ?
Burak Barka (3 days ago)
I'm referring you to all my friends .....thank you for supporting me in this business.
Elif Aslan (3 days ago)
I thought i was all a scam Until Grant Cardone help me recover my losses and made $8000 richer with my investment of $1500.... i couldn't believe it, my mom weeped for joy..thanks man. you are the best
Merve Aga (3 days ago)
he charges a 10% commission on each of my fortnightly payouts
Angelika Hertzog (12 days ago)
Sometime ago I saw a comment on a video about Mrs bertha kent who has been helping lots of people to make good money through binary option trading, I had doubt at first but I took the risk and invested 5000 usd to her forex trade platform I must say now I’m make good profits trading with her. You can mail him on [email protected] com . She’s the bomb anyone experiencing difficulties trade for them self should seriously consider contacting bertha emily kent
Diego Frank (13 days ago)
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سینا شکری (17 days ago)
Very nice
Kim Shiung Tjiong (19 days ago)
Hi John I am so grateful to watch your channel. I am software engineer and very interested in investing. I am a stock trader and wondering to have an automatic trading robot just like in forex. I wonder if that's really exist or if not, whether you have been thinking about it too?
Jack O'Brien (19 days ago)
do you need bots or can you do it without them?
Esther Philips (10 days ago)
Reach out to Mr Martin on WhatsApp +15187490462
Said Belkacem (20 days ago)
Nobody makes money in the forex market. The reason is simple. It's just impossible. No matter how how hard you work. Sooner or later will be washed out. Maybe I should point out I saw well educated professional bank traders fail badly. I never ever saw a person who was successful in the long run. This is just a total illusion. You can stay a while for sure. But the day will come and you will make a mistake. Everybody does. Superman does not exist.
David Bedoya (26 days ago)
How the f is this the truth about forex trading.
Noah Macleod (1 month ago)
It has been made very obvious that without the right trading system and guidance, you will encounter continuous losses
Shana Hovens (19 days ago)
Kim Shiung Tjiong contach Hurley and he will guide you on how to make such huge trading profits [email protected] .com
Kim Shiung Tjiong (19 days ago)
+Shana Hovens wow are you using robot in achieving that amount? How much fund that you deposit to be able to make that?
Healthy living with me (28 days ago)
+Betty Ruley please how can i contact him?
Kirk Green (1 month ago)
One thing Mr Hurley’s system guarantees is steady trading success
isabella Hernandez (1 month ago)
stumbled on an account manager on the comment section a while back, Mr Elton Jonathan ,I messaged him, we discussed and i started trading with him, i still cant believe the amount of profits he is getting me, with scammers being so rampant now, thank goodness that there are still reliable ones like Mr Elton around
Jay Khatibu (10 days ago)
gina price May the Almighty punish you for this BS you're spreading!...Dont listen to this guys
Ali Illu (21 days ago)
+Lindsey Lowe this is a fake conversatiin by the way. Youll find many similar in the comment sections to do with trading, its all for promotion. Not saying the traders mentioned are not legit, however be skeptical with most of these
gina price (29 days ago)
i don't need all that , he has already proven himself severally , he has cleared my doubts with several profit withdrawals
Lindsey Lowe (29 days ago)
+gina price I have to inquire did you do any research on this gentleman Elton John? I mean where his credentials cross referenced with the BBB or anything like that before you decided to allot him ex amount of access to your captial? I'm considering this Forex trading just haven't decided yet.
David Marek60 (1 month ago)
With a $300 investment I can assure you a return profit of $700 by the end of the week however if you'll be patient enough to allow me trade up to two weeks then I can give you a profit of $3000 or more. Dm @+17402415032 if interested.
AussieMoneyMan (1 month ago)
This is a reality that applies to every method of making money. People continue to fall into the fantasy that they'll get rich from dropshipping, stocks, business, crypto, forex... Without any real effort. It all takes an emmensse about of effort because if it didn't we'd all be rich.
Use your heads people. You don't need to get involved in something you know NOTHING about to make residual passive income. Much respect to people like you that provide valuable information to traders. Hopefully those jewels will help everyone achieve a prosperous lifestyle.
Domanic Ong (1 month ago)
Thank you for your video. Too Much Rubbish people out there. We need Real people coming together.
addi shukri (1 month ago)
learn number 0 to 9,, forex = 0 to 9
Gary Velasquez (1 month ago)
This video was not useful but good luck to you and your business
_KozZzaK _ (1 month ago)
an interesting video because in our time it's difficult to earn money and it is necessary to live for some money, and only on the Internet on this site we can normally make money.
Sante Giovanni (1 month ago)
The forex market is a great place to be for experienced traders but a tough place for careless traders. Regardless of your level of skill, the volatile market will force you to adjust as you go along the way...this why you need a professional to keep your head up and focused
Trader Man (1 month ago)
GUYS, knowledge is the number 1 key to success, you want to learn more about knowledge in FOREX trading?
Palacio Jane (1 month ago)
+Freya Ethan sure...just contact him via WhatsApp +14806757904 or [email protected] . Com
Vivaan Reyansh (1 month ago)
Didn't Know pro traders like him could still trade in forex and still b loyal and honest .... because have had difficult experiences so many times .... almost lost hope trading...till I went to vladislav.....not sure am ever letting him off my side
upfront (1 month ago)
no time spent no money made.. years of practice and learning and applying ,,,and you will never stop learning if yur hungry to win
We Trade Waves (2 months ago)
In "FOREX TRADING", If YOU put in the right "WORK", the "RESULTS" will come, nothing is impossible!
Farhad Hosain (2 months ago)
I am trading in Forex market since 3 years with Forex4you trading broker’s proper support. They are very good with their customer service. They always gives first priority to their client’s satisfaction which is very good. Their withdraw and money transferring system is very fluent and smooth which I am used to. Here without any technical problem it is possible to work comfortably and complete orders on just time for every time.
abramchuk elizoveta (2 months ago)
It is hard INDEED. But I don't plan on stopping. I have been trading for 3 years with FreshForex. It's been good and not so good, but mostly good. Great video by the way. Just subscribed to your channel!
Jose Garcia (2 months ago)
There is no money to be made in FOREX.....
Andrew Baccola (2 months ago)
So true man, i have 1000 hours invested and only after that is when i started to be profitable. Somthing in my heart didn't let me quit. Hard work
Scott William (2 months ago)
Hit me up on instagram @bitcoin_trader_and_investor
Harold Hughes (2 months ago)
Forex can be a bit volatile at times, but somehow Hugo Hollander has been able to make more profits for me.
England is my city (3 days ago)
+Harold Hughes LMAO FUCKING CRINGY BITCH sending messages to himself to convince retards to message him.
char ss (8 days ago)
I agree hugo hollander is the best sucker ever
Sam Miles (1 month ago)
All Videos (1 month ago)
Harold Hughes l
Timur Kaağan (2 months ago)
Forex zionist evangelist criminal and gun of imeryalism.
rajesh janeda (2 months ago)
simple way just need to say you all you guys that forex market is just shit things and all strategy and signal are just useless where 99.9 % of traders loosing money ...its just like gamble were 0.1% people making money while other are just loosing there hard earn money .
Mr Big (2 months ago)
Retail forex trading is a giant scam that sucks in newbs and chews them up. ALL forex brokers are thieving criminals.
Rimanio Suvalio (2 months ago)
This was great, been searching for "forex pips optimizer" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Menabeth Pips Parapraxis - (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.
Dasan (2 months ago)
Thanks! I definitely took an extended break from writing scripts to do some manual trading, but I'd like to get back into it. My process looks like this: manual testing>Trading View Automated testing>SMS Alerts>Expert Advisor.
Hannah Ferrari (2 months ago)
Is common sense a key to have a successful career in forex trading?
E.C BROWN (1 month ago)
Dickie Richards How can I find Dr. E.?
Dickie Richards (1 month ago)
Dr. James E. gave me a step by step guide to grow my trading knowledge and start making serious cash. It was the one to one support that really made the difference, to have a mentor whenever i needed it.
Daddy Raj (2 months ago)
I found my experience with Dr. James Ethan and his team to be excellent, it has allowed me to produce a secondary income as well as the independence to trade myself without the need for others. Their trading strategies are consistent and have been working well.
Laura Vahahyppa (2 months ago)
I really want to appreciate Dr James Ethan he's is a Forex trader, coach and a Father, I received my first earnings today! Huge thanks!
steeelo (2 months ago)
Just a pyramid scheme.
Robin Jackson (3 months ago)
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Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
Robin Jackson Am glad... You are making good profits...
Grant Lacopo (3 months ago)
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Adb Infish (3 months ago)
Useless video
We Trade Waves (3 months ago)
𝗙𝗢𝗥𝗘𝗫 𝗧𝗥𝗔𝗗𝗜𝗡𝗚 is a tough business, but when you master it, you will never search for work again! 𝘄𝗲 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗲 𝘄𝗮𝘃𝗲𝘀
proffxtrader (3 months ago)
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Tis Tis (3 months ago)
You're doing fine!
Johanna Schulz (3 months ago)
I bought Google shares and I have a profit of +4060 euros
best studio (3 months ago)
best studio (3 months ago)
your system is profitable
Farhad Hosain (3 months ago)
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Vedran Novak (3 months ago)
Hi, I just want to thank you for your effort to put all your work and thoughts into the videos and to share them with us. I am going through all of your videos from beginning to the end and am watching every single one of them. It helps me alot to kind off build the right mindset before starting with robotic trading. Thank you one more time! Keep on going with great work! :)
Zenz gree (3 months ago)
Trader is a job. Not easy to make money. If it is easy everyone who trade forex shuold be rich.
Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
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Sasha Evdakov (3 months ago)
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Farhad Hosain (3 months ago)
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TRADE WaVeS (3 months ago)
No matter how good you are at analysis, you can never know 100% if that single trade you took based on a specific analysis will be a winning trade or a loosing trade. always remember you are working with probabilities.
Ash Cooke (3 months ago)
but statistics doesnt lie. Ive made thousands from casino offers which the odds are in my favour to win.
Bonacci Invest (3 months ago)
Well done😂 Where is the way to profit?
Joan Bonilla (3 months ago)
Cheers for this, been searching for "successful trading strategies forex" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Manylan Ranackenzie Breakthrough - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.
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Forex Trading Easy Money (3 months ago)
Hey there robot house! I have to say i've been watching your vids since day one. I absolutely love your content. Very informative stuff! I've been working on my own projects building some decent forex robots. You can see my progress over at the youtube channel i'm hosting. I've done very well and it's like 60% due to your training and support. Robot house is absolutely awesome and i think you guys will have a strong place in the forex community for many years to come. Thanks again.
Dave Matias (3 months ago)
...patience and effort...throw proper knowledge into the mix, and you're golden!
Michelle Guzman (3 months ago)
what a waste of two minutes
Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
Michelle Guzman message me On WhatsApp +447520673098 if you are searching for a personal profitable strategy
Trader Man (4 months ago)
GUYS, knowledge is the number 1 key to success, you want to learn more about knowledge in FOREX trading?
Paretozen (4 months ago)
One of the biggest challenges with trading is establishing a proven strategy. Once you establish a sigma2 confidence in your profitability, the chance is high that the market has already changed and your confidence is invalidated. How can you ever be sure your profit is due to skill and not a random streak of luck?
Tiffany Johnson (4 months ago)
I don't know hiw you came about the "Zero loss" but i have traded with Alasdair Leonardo and his winning rate is between 89-96%. I think Zero loss is still possible only if all factors will be considered.
Allan Huang (2 days ago)
+M L yeah, its funny the dudes talking to himself through accs.
M L (17 days ago)
every forex video has these fake scammy comments and conversations with unbelievably unrealistic profit figures on them, its almost creepy...........
Flip2 Futures (4 months ago)
Forget Forex. Futures trading is where it's at! We offer a FREE trading room. We make enough money trading why try to rape your consumer base?
M.I.A. (4 months ago)
That is such a cool freaking beard!!! I kept looking at it this whole video.
Nicholas W (4 months ago)
When I saw you I expected true bollox, and lord saviour behold, that was exactly what I got. Not sure why I even cliked on this video.
BlackPyramidGaming (4 months ago)
$100 dollar account... Bahahahaha
Top MasterClass (4 months ago)
great video
Smarty (4 months ago)
Learning is Essential Robot House of Forex, equipped with proper knowldege is all we need to trade, Forex is not a "get rich scheme" or "gambling" corner - you are correct , hi to everybody there though i know you're busy with charts but don't forget to shave
Enoch Powell (5 months ago)
Made a small fortune this year on forex...Brexit was fantastic...
Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
If you are searching for a profitable trading strategy add me on WhatsApp +44 7520673098 to start winning all trades....
TexasMade817 (3 months ago)
Enoch Powell how much did you make ? And was it worth it ?
Gary James Davis (5 months ago)
Yes 100% I struggled for a year failing miserably but put in the hard work and ignored everyone that said it doesnt work and kept at it day in day out from early hours til midnight and I am now successful. If you are new keep going you will get there but put in the work to understand it and its ok to fail in the beginning. I blew my account more times than I can remember but I kept going lol. Not to say you have need to blow your account like me, but point is I kept it up until success.
Josh (1 month ago)
Gary James Davis Jesus loves you.
Natasha Davis (1 month ago)
+Cypress Willow how to trade
Adrian Salut (2 months ago)
+Cypress Willow In Forex, you won't go less than 0. Few cents will remain and that's what happened to me yesterday. Your trades will automatically close when your account couldn't handle (all) the losses anymore. Regardless, I totally agree with Gary Davis. I'm still in a learning period and I've got a lot to learn. Just don't give up + hard work and you'll arrive at your destination. Good luck to us!
Cypress Willow (3 months ago)
What do you mean by blowing you account? Say I have 100 and I put it all on a single currency and the next day it's -900 does that mean I'm in actual debt or do you just lose all your money
Ben Higgins (5 months ago)
Thanks for the encouragement
Robot House of Forex (4 months ago)
You're welcome.
Gabriel Watson (5 months ago)
Don't waste your money on fake websites Here am making $4000 in just 48hours
Сергей (5 months ago)
good man good
Ruth •passion (5 months ago)
Kayafx scammed me. It's fake
Arsen Bazarbek (5 months ago)
I can not say anything bad about it all I'm writing forex traiding and we're going to call a bell and do not forget to like it I want to make a lot of money every day, watching such videos I move to my goal and inspire me to inspire I aim to move forward with the goal you set for me, and it is worth mentioning how it can be earned $ 1 per day
Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
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Jorge Martinez (6 months ago)
Bro i wrote about patience on my instagram @lyricalprotein
Robson Filho (6 months ago)
150h its nothing in comparison with my 1000h learning basics of an online game
God Of destruction (6 months ago)
Misleading title !!
"trading with robots is not that complicated"... Really? It's a lot more complicated than manual trading, which is pretty hard already! Here's a few reasons: - Bonini's Paradox - The fact that rule based systems don't really work in nonlinear dymanics (price action) - The fact that AI is really hard to implement in MQL4 The list goes on and on...
KursClub Finance Expert (6 months ago)
I agree! Forex market has no winners. That's why I am trading Bitcoin now 🅱️😎
Amir Stewart (5 months ago)
I don't know...
Meek Elect (6 months ago)
The real world sense on trading, wish it was around when I started
Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
Meek Elect contact me on WhatsApp +44 7520673098 for some trading strategy
Драган Тејић (6 months ago)
I understand that people get excited about trading Forex, making money, living their dreams, etc... But the reality is that, in my opinion, it takes really hard work to become a successful trader. Are you willing to put in the time and effort?
Ted B (5 months ago)
Драган Тејић you need to get a software/algo and automate your time trades. That's the only way it works. I depend on one and helps me alot. I make a living off it actually
gotzn0name (6 months ago)
Thank you.
Pedro Pacheco (6 months ago)
I only trade with robots, they work day and night and people can't.
Eric V. Noriega (3 months ago)
Hola Pedro con que robot haces trading? saludos
Ted B (5 months ago)
Pedro Pacheco true i also work with one. I make a living off it actually
ForexO (6 months ago)
Hay Day (6 months ago)
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SuperCortes10 (6 months ago)
Just teach yourself price action & you'll never have a proplem when it comes to trading forex, and not working hard and not wanting to learn is not an excuse in the forex market cause its like trying to receive a pay check every week from a job you never show upto, Just put in the work and reap the benefits!
Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
SuperCortes10 you are right .... Contact me on WhatsApp +447520673098 to copy my millionaire trading strategy and signal for free....
Pip Bandits (6 months ago)
Very true - great video. Some people want success TOMORROW, and it doesn't work like that. Take it step by step and keep it moving forward.
Brian Smith (7 months ago)
Great video
M One (7 months ago)
Eric C (7 months ago)
Wow, 2-3 hours a week is ALOT of work over the course of a year. You need a vacation.
Play Music (7 months ago)
Is this Ross? 😅
Alex Voxel (7 months ago)
The amount of spam in this comment section is amazing...
Luis Earl Jones Jr (7 months ago)
Much respect to people like you that provide valuable information to traders. Hopefully those jewels will help everyone achieve a prosperous lifestyle. "Knowledge is power" Thanks
Back Nforth (7 months ago)
Also the truth is that almost everyone in FOREX or any financial market is trying to sell you the world for everything you have.
Greg Adams (7 months ago)
Great video! I agree , patience and effort is the key. You need to learn. Go to seminars, read books, watch videos. There are tools that actually work, but you need time and money testing things out.
Robot House of Forex (7 months ago)
I trade on MetaTrader and I write robotic systems in MQL4. :)
Christine Chen (7 months ago)
True. I've put in a lot of effort in learning. I always attend seminars whenever I have the time. Can you share the tool that you're using?
Ryan Patterson (7 months ago)
Its because people are over leveraging there accounts to get big pay days, start small and set your goals small at first. That's what I am doing not trying to replace my career just trying to make a little extra like a $100 a day then go from there. I am using a bigger account and its been working no when to quit set a goal for the day and if you hit it or over achieve it shut it down then wait for the next set up.
Elvin Gregg (2 months ago)
Ryan Patterson Add me on WhatsApp +44 7520 673098 to copy my 100% trading signals to grow your account daily ....
Joshua M (7 months ago)
You didn't take into consideration the spread.
Khalid Hakimi (8 months ago)
The problem is they are involved in forex for the money, you have to love the game. Thats what bill lipschuz says. He is the greatest trader ever, ranked above george soros. You have to have passion for the game and not play for the money.
Doug McGaghie (8 months ago)
Your videos are informative. I appreciate that. But why are you wearing a hat indoors?
studleyst henkel (8 months ago)
Without a doubt the utimate software to succeed forex trading is Forex Profiter. You can just google "Forex Profiter V3.1" and grab it.
maestasst mcnair (8 months ago)
really worked.
Jack Reynolds (8 months ago)
it takes approximately 10 years of dedicated face time trading, to become an overnight success. This guy cant trade, because he makes videos about patience and working hard. Neither of which matter. What matters is time in the market, every day, losing and winning.Suddenly, new ideas come and "never give up" is your mantra. But seriously, did you expect to watch a few videos and already find your omega?? it takes YEARS
Pedro Santos Lima (8 months ago)
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Nastua- Play (8 months ago)
I use ExpertOption as my number one trading platform
Andra Karsten (7 months ago)
Nastua- Play Really? Are you really going to sell the binary dream to people who can't even trade simple forex? Greedy.
I use ExpertOption as my number one trading platform
MD 8 (8 months ago)
The Floogiel Trading Co. (8 months ago)
Great video. I love trading the Forex market. My favorite pair to trade is the EUR/USD!
The Floogiel Trading Co. (5 months ago)
Absolutely Zack....
Zack Franks (7 months ago)
The Floogiel Trading Co. i feel that lol been good to me
Derick Robinson (8 months ago)
What exactly is the “hard” work is what I was looking for?

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