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Dell Optiplex 745: How to Remove / Disable BIOS Password

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Learn how you can remove or disable BIOS password on the Dell Optiplex 745. Removing the BIOS battery will not reset the password, but instead you will need to remove the jumper. See the video for more information. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: http://bit.ly/10Glst1 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/ZKP4nU FOLLOW US ON G+: http://bit.ly/WfMmZN http://www.itjungles.com Visit Android Forum for Discussions: http://www.androidsnap.com
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Text Comments (29)
rafael freitas (1 month ago)
Obrigado pela dica amigo sou do Brasil
Owen Evans (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video, worked perfectly on the dell 755
clauserg (3 months ago)
Hello... Thanks so much for your video... It worked perfectly... although you didn't mention if I have to leave it without that jumper forever or should I have to install it again and I will be able to setup my own passwords???
sauerkraut14 (7 months ago)
Your video assistance is much appreciated!!
Jake Jodan (7 months ago)
But mine is already gone
Dillon Durga (9 months ago)
Bull poop. This didn't work. Thanks for nothing...
Abd Alazez (10 months ago)
Danke schön
Kabir Uddin (10 months ago)
what the fuck you show us..???
Ygor Dyonata (11 months ago)
Thank You Brother
Chris A (1 year ago)
Thanks very good help
Habibulla Al Kasem (1 year ago)
Thank you brother
DVAN (1 year ago)
Very thank you!
Rogerio Severo (1 year ago)
Very good, thanks!
Lilian Deschamps (1 year ago)
thank's you I love you ❤❤❤
Manuel Samora (1 year ago)
Dehar1 Elezi (1 year ago)
i dont have jumper in my motherboard
Nawal Memon (2 years ago)
thankss... u helped alott...
Jake Walton (2 years ago)
thanks very much !
Manuel Samora (2 years ago)
do you put that blue piece back in after?
Levente Pogány (2 years ago)
Can you telll me, how can i boost processor for this bios menu?
Bro Honest (2 years ago)
You save my ass
Jeremy Fought (2 years ago)
thank you so much
Rodolfo Rivero (3 years ago)
Lloyd Chambers (3 years ago)
I can not thank you enough!!:) :) :)
Duke Kenspocket Studio (3 years ago)
cool thx :)
Markus Salangli (3 years ago)
Newest bios version for this pc is 2.6.6 You should update
Ethan Simmonds (3 years ago)
Thank you SOOOOOOO much I was worried that my computer was dead!!!!
Lord Michael (3 years ago)
Will this reset the administration password
ITJungles (3 years ago)
It will only disable the password.

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