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Cyprus - basking in the hot Mediterranean sun. For most its an idyllic holiday setting, but under the old world charm lies hostility. For years there had always been tensions between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and when this flared into fighting in 1963, a large force on UN troops were called in to assist the British forces already there. We join the combined force for a look at their vital peacekeeping role. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/b15062a3a80e4f0b9a599dc1f227ec44 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (37)
Zidaric Helena (1 day ago)
zelo navarnoiz slovenije
Pampos Pampou (2 months ago)
Filthy British betraying Cypriots to the Turks .
Pampos Pampou (7 days ago)
Re man μάθε να γράφεις σωστά . Δε στο λέω για κακό , κάθε άλλο . Καληνύκτα .
krialaison 01 (7 days ago)
to pio xirotero lao en touti i kokkinokoli anathema tous
I FLY TOO (6 months ago)
Putin will now bomb Akrotiri
mokeanos okeanos (6 months ago)
Bring Tony Blair to justice for crime against peace in Yugoslavia and for war crimes against civilians during ilegal bombing of Serbia 1999, all with cluster bombs, depleted uranium munition, destuction of chemical industry and ecological catastrofies etc etc. Evil Empire all around the world with bloody traces. Long live free and independant and united Cyprus !!!!
Mr Mark (1 month ago)
askannav2094 have you read the book “Cyprus conspiracy “? The invasion was orchestrated by the US
askannav2094 (2 months ago)
Not sure what year this film was made but there constant patrol along the north coast, during the Turkish Invasion must have been absent that day.. What happened to the constant coastal patrols that day ?
Chris Efthymiou (9 months ago)
Modern day British colonialism. Out of Cyprus. Instrumental in the downfall of the Cypriots using eoka and enosis as the pretext. Divide and rule. Cyprus is for the Cypriots not meddling powers who use it for their purposes en interests. Invaders and trespassers out.
askannav2094 (1 month ago)
con cyprus If this is happening this is disgracefully....As someone above comment it them leaves Cyprus open to attack, for something they have no control over...
con cyprus (6 months ago)
No doubt about that!! Now English jets from AKROTIRI are bombing Syria dragging Cyprus into a conflict not of it's own making WHY NO PROTESTS????
krialaison 01 (1 year ago)
They do and did fuc* all but helped the turks, What a waste of space get out
krialaison 01 (7 days ago)
why do you need UK in Cyprus what business do they have thousands miles away from England? They need to stay in their own country, no bases no UN,no turkey no nothing just visit for holiday and that's it. They have done nothing but sabbotage the Greek Cypriots letting the Turks in 1974. Sure Turks don't eat bacon but they don't mind working with Pigs.
101stbob (1 year ago)
We're was the Greek army?
(1 year ago)
alterdestiny (6 months ago)
Kami Hun it's Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band
alterdestiny (6 months ago)
Ok.... Brits are cool...I dig em'..
Kami Hun (1 year ago)
Fuck you scum! Where are you from? A shithole of a country! Britain gave her empire up so fuck off and go cry somewhere else! Also we British have given the world more than we have taken! We invented vaccines to save millions, we invented the internet your using! And millions more great things, god save our respected and honourable queen.👍🇬🇧🇺🇸😃 We rule the world bitch....
Stephen Hulme (1 year ago)
Can not help yourself can you must get the last word in.It is no fun anymore you REALLY ARE NOT TO BRIGHT you just carry on,And what about useing the word Faggot in a comment,come on you can do it just for ME.
chris 90 (2 years ago)
Yes,, tensions between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots ,,,that were heavily sustained and well fed by the British colonial forces since 1878 (divide and conquer).....and the best part ''for a look at their vital peacekeeping role'' ,well that is a joke hehe
MrSixiesRock (3 months ago)
Turks do not belong in Cyprus and neither do Muslims
chris 90 (1 year ago)
where are you from ?
Dee Horsburgh (1 year ago)
chris 90 very countries have a "clean" history, for so many countries, including the UK, it was about power. but talking to locals, the British army were perhaps the kindest occupying force!
Hillary Clinton (2 years ago)
Give us our country back
alterdestiny (6 months ago)
Hillary Clinton you can have it Hillary
Neriman Zerzavatci (7 months ago)
use your real name you cowardly greek
Neriman Zerzavatci (7 months ago)
why doesnt HE or SHE use real name instead of hiding behind one.....coward of course
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
Catherine H. (10 months ago)
Cyprus you dumbasses

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