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Cyprus Crisis Reveals Shadowy World of Tax and Money Laundering Haven

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James Henry: Bailout deal includes capital controls and punishing big Russian depositors to pay off European banks -- leaves Cyprus looking for a "new way to make a living"
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rotpeter (1 year ago)
My family are Cypriots who have been here for hundreds of years. We are not Russian oligarchs. We worked bloody hard, employed people and contributed to the economy. You fucking bastards gambled and then STOLE our hard earned money.
George Papa (5 years ago)
They all just play with Cyprus..from EU to Germany....just wait and see that they will do the same thing to other countries of EU and in general. They all new it will happen few years back but they keep on giving loans to the Popular bank to support it for what reason to close it down and give all the debts to bank of Cyprus and to simple people?
grease714 (6 years ago)
Government is the medium the ruling classes use to communicate with the masses.For example if the ruling classes want you to produce more they will call it austerity and youll be working in Chinese conditions getting Chinese wages in no time. Your masters will reap the benefits and you'll die at your service sector job and get a peasant burial. Now get back to work James A.K.A 123-45-2134
Noone (6 years ago)
I love Jim Henry's work, both at McKinsey and TJN. I was hoping after Cyprus was in the news that he would come on The Real News Network and sure enough he did! Wonderful talk. The way money is flowing around the world essentially unaccounted for (in real terms) is scary. Boggles the mind to try and really picture and understand this system.
Oliver Neves (6 years ago)
You people you better wake up, if a government can control your account in Cyprus, just look where you are, here in Canada they now all your bank records, and they are preparing to git ready of cash, so that means they will tell you how match money you can use per day, and every deal you make, so you become a slave of your government.
Dennis Davis (6 years ago)
Is this is a dry run for things to come in other countries? .... i wonder
William W Haywood (6 years ago)
The banking industry is really stupid, and they should look at where they are doing their damage. It seems they are addicted to shooting themselves in the foot.
William W Haywood (6 years ago)
Someone needs to explain to sane folks why they should put their hard earned money in one of these banks if your money is not safe. It makes absolutely no sense from the point of view of the banking public. The banks are basically taking the wheels off of their car, and then trying to sell it to folks as a running, working, car. This banking crisis was created by the banker's themselves; and it is all about gaining control of more of other people's money to play their stupid games with.
Peter Knopfler (6 years ago)
No surprises HERE, dirty money Everywhere, Wells Fargo launders Mex.drug cartel money after they buy fast&furious Weapons from ATF, Warren Buffet major stock holder Wells Fargo, Mormon Church Hides $ Cayman ISLANDS, it is everywhere.
Russell Shute (6 years ago)
There will be some swimming with the fishes?
max klein (6 years ago)
Berezovsky's death timing is interesting
MrNodumping (6 years ago)
Bitcoin? digital.........I dont think so......
grease714 (6 years ago)
The dumb poor will stay poor and ask for more governmetXD
Joseph Pinto (6 years ago)
The dumb poor will move their money to Bitcoin
apagoogoo (6 years ago)
the smart rich will move their money to bermuda.
Joe Hoe (6 years ago)
Why is Real News blocking comments on so many of it's videos? In my opinion, the discussion by viewers is just as important as the video itself. For instance, I can't imagine why The Real News would block comments in regard to a video about Obama's speeches when he visited Israel/Palestine.
GodlessXVIII (6 years ago)
Tax havens are one of the main instruments used by Capital to escape national boundaries and impose their views on weakened governments. Now a apriori untaxable, corporations based in confetti states like Cyprus, Barbados, Caiman, Luxembourg, etc. are free to use their money as carrots and sticks in political fights (lobbying, PACs, think tanks, NGOs).
TorontoClips (6 years ago)
TRNN.com PLEASE help James Henry with his video link. He has a wide angle web cam sitting on top of a monitor. His face is out of proportion and he's looking down into the camera. He needs a proper non-wide angle lens camera mounted at eye level. Thank you. His analysis is brilliant and deserves a lorifessional presentation.
Mike Hunt (6 years ago)
Joining the EU was a big mistake for any country

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