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Daily Thetha - Episode 85: Forex Trading

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Catch Daily Thetha Mondays to Fridays at 11:00 on SABC 1! https://www.facebook.com/dailythethaS... https://www.instagram.com/dailythetha... https://twitter.com/Daily_thetha Catch Daily Thetha, Mondays to Thursdays at 11:00 on SABC 1. Daily Thetha is an exciting audience driven, live educational television talk show that inspires the youth of Mzansi by engaging them in various issues that affects their lives, through an open studio dialogue, case study discussions, studio debates and experts’ opinions. The show, presented by Tumelo Mothotoane and Kini Shandu, brings fresh and innovative elements that speak directly to youth.
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Prod. Cinco (5 days ago)
18:00 Supply And Demand Of Currencies - You Study The Market, Watch The News and Basically Predict Which Currency Will Be Stronger Than Which Currency(EG: USDZAR - If You Feel Like Due To Events That Too Place Over The Past Weekend, How Will The Rand Perform Against The Rand) If You're Not Good In The Commerce Field (Especially Economics) Try To Learn And Understand This First Then Go On And Learn About Forex, Because You Can Go On And On With The Jargon Of Forex But If You Don't Understand The Basics Of Economics You Will Never Make Desired Profits. Thank You
MOEKETSI TYRONE (7 days ago)
People mst watch out Fr coinhashlimited uk there scamming people n their on Facebook too n guy their working with a lady called olivia Hayden
sinethemba ngqula (12 days ago)
Ref Wayne 😂
Reddy Adel (14 days ago)
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Ajkow fk54 (16 days ago)
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Mendy Mlimi (20 days ago)
These presenter, especially the guy, is stupid. Read a book buddy
JOAS MOLOBELA (20 days ago)
This is all bullshit... Black people will forever be broke... Keep saying Forex is a scam while we drive AMGs ...
Ricardo Thomas (24 days ago)
Guys check out this broker. Their spreads are amazing. Make a demo and see! https://hugosway.com?ref=ywpg0fg4
forex is not gambling, people are just ignorant .
TZVIRAL (1 month ago)
5:34 she is so cute ❤
Kevin Manager (1 month ago)
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Hampton Sandra (1 month ago)
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ahsdc sdfb (1 month ago)
that Ref wayne guy is not mentally okay trust me
ahsdc sdfb (1 month ago)
what type of media platform that plan to talk about a subject and invites no one whose qualified to explain things to them? someone from "South African Institute of Financial Markets" Rather invites a group of bunch with little information which is 80% WRONG! and some that claim to be traders let alone to be educators which is by the way is illegal to teach someone about trading if you not a registered within the laws of this country. Even those who says they educate they say, "forex is the new thing in the world" who says such stupid thing about the market that is old since from the gold-standard? and you relay on like that guy with shades? lol you are a joke platform really.
Nocipho Khumalo (1 month ago)
😂😂😂Ref Wayne is too much, can't trust this guy
cyril nkokha (1 month ago)
forex is not for everyone and thats why many people loose momey. forex is the way to the future
Mthokozisi Khumalo (2 months ago)
No truly speaking Ref Wayne is a scam. They aski him about Pipcoin he talks about Bitcoin as if it's the same thing. 😂😂😂😂, ayi the guy.
The Xxx Girls mopouka (2 months ago)
my brother is a millionaire because of rorex
Michael Aidoo (2 months ago)
who said forex trading is fake? The problem is people do not seek knowledge. Why should someones lifestyle make you think Forx is fake. People may be fake but seek Knowledge. Africans seek knowledge. People loose because they do not seek knowledge. take your time , build your emotions in trading and you will succeed.
Athi Mabhaci (2 months ago)
Well it's nice to understand most language ayepyep
Steven Rogers (2 months ago)
Come on only idiots don't know Forex is a huge scam.
Phesta FX (2 months ago)
Hayden Harris (2 months ago)
win or loose forex is guessing! Strategies signals mentoring training cannot change the following statement so here we go. The graph is random because of the millions of individual decisions that become randomness when they accumulatively move the graph. regards Hayden
Mandla Zide (2 months ago)
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Hayden Harris (2 months ago)
The woman in the blue dress on the couch is a financial adviser, ffs 😁 she says you have to understand interest rates to trade 😁
Hayden Harris (1 month ago)
If you are calculating those interest rate hikes into all the other underline factors which are beyond comprehension, then yes it would be useful but, as you or any retail traders only see the average movement which is the forex graph, then interest rate hikes are pointless to know. What is it that you and others do not quite understand. You cannot make any calculation because you have zero information and the graph is zero useable information because its all a done deals waiting for all the other ongoing done deals. The graph tells you what everything and everyone has done in accumulation but does not tell you what everyone is going to do in future accumulation and as the graph movement is made up of done deals sealed, then there is no way of using skill to calculate future movement on the forex graph. Ask your self a simple question, when the graph changes direction, do you know the individual contributing factors because if you do not then I am correct only because its simple logic. best wishes Hayden
candyKane117i (1 month ago)
You're so clueless it's not funny. If you trade using fundamental analysis then yes, you do need to know about things like interest rate hikes.
Hayden Harris (2 months ago)
The two forex trainers on the couch are total dim wits.
Hayden Harris (2 months ago)
This is a great programme
Hayden Harris (2 months ago)
Ann Cook I take what people say there making, light hearted with all due respect. Forex does not provide regular profit. I meant the TV programme is great. Regards Hayden
Cristine Anderson (2 months ago)
Traded Binary Options for about 4 years now I have come across alot of negative press, but the simple thing is that people think that strategy works and using robot systems,you trade binary purely on fundamentals the news that comes out and having a proper risk management system in place, as the entry point is key,if you would like to know how,and proofs of how it works send me an email [email protected] and get my strategy for free...It's always interesting to learn something new about forex.
MrDjJstar (3 months ago)
Wtf.. are they talking about forex trading is the easiest shit on this earth buy low sell high 4hr chart & daily chart enter on the breakouts and ride the wave to the bank... patients is the key to the money. Educate yourself search on youtube it's a video called everything you need to know about forex. Thank me later Link>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/GljAqJhN3Yg
Crosby Shadung (3 months ago)
Black peoples minds are closed down to opportunities looking them in the eyes
ZAR REALITIES (3 months ago)
Seems like most of the people in this crowd are misinformed and dont know much about forex.
Magari Mahonko (3 months ago)
Forex is all about risk management and patience... once you master these 2... hmmmm! you are in
Sarah Jennifer (2 months ago)
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Anointed Terah (3 months ago)
yhooo that girl behind that guy...
MAD-ZIA MHT (3 months ago)
Lol Ref Wayne's energy 👌
MAD-ZIA MHT (3 months ago)
A million in 20days from R1 investment that's bullshit, forex is real bt if you hear someone telling you that he's a scammer don't be fooled you can't get rich overnight
Ronny Global (3 months ago)
Yah neh most people they asked dont even no what they talking about
HipHop music (3 months ago)
Don't say it is scam if you never tried it
Loaded L.V.X (3 months ago)
The ignorance on this PROGRAM is deafening, ouch. "Black man, you are on your own"
ryan dhliwayo (3 months ago)
Don't confuse risk taking and gambling. The amount of knowledge you have on any endeavour is the key. When you gain more confidence in the knowledge you acquired about what you want to invest & not use feelings to make a decision you must never do this forex thing without atleast 60% knowledge of how this trading game is working especially currently. You going to make loses but you must know how stop making loses.
Derek Odhiambo (3 months ago)
Dear South Africans Forex is real.. But please do your shows in English you're getting us mixed up.. From Kenya with love
Lucas Author (2 months ago)
Sarah You are right because i started earning after understanding the secret of forex trading.
Sarah Jennifer (2 months ago)
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Abongile Buwa (3 months ago)
lol black people have been scammed so much that they dunno a legitimate business when they see one.. I thank God for my open mindedness, because without it, I wouldn't be killing the FX market
Juhász Fujisawa (3 months ago)
It's my pleasure to leave trading currency with different brokers, and having more knowledge about the meaning of trading these currencies. i learn how trading works with an expert teacher . Actually, I came across Dmitry Vladislav training, it make sure that is providing top-level Trading services and people write about this daily on the blog.
Juhász Fujisawa (3 months ago)
Always indeed Jessica.
Jessica Koyn (3 months ago)
Excellent Trader for me in 2016, very easy to deal with the right amount of security to ensure safety in a low risk with his strategy,. He's very professionals
Koketso Letebele (3 months ago)
Saying forex trading is a scam, is like saying the stock market is a scam. It's very ignorant, saying that. Wow, so my black people jus disregard something highly lucrative because it wasn't the easy money they thought it was, not even doing their own research before they throw their money in 😔💔
Simphiwe Fondo (3 months ago)
Ref we love you keep up the good work
Bandzile Nxumalo (3 months ago)
there are many commodities a person can trade, currency trading is just one of them
Paul Mbulawa (3 months ago)
1)You guys look so dumb right now talking about Forex. 2)Your guys lack of understanding for Forex make you talk trash. 3)Forex takes lots of patience and practice for you to start seeing profits. 4)The funny thing is that no one ever questions Lotto when you gambling for million rand but don't win then do it again and again and again but you still never win the Lotto, but you all Forex haters. 5)Stock market has been around for years understand what you talking about before broadcasting your dumb asses on national tv.
KellEastCoast (3 months ago)
I like how they asked all the right questions, like questions someone starting from square one would want to know.
16M VIEWS (3 months ago)
This guy is a joker ayi maan😂😂😂
BD PIPS (3 months ago)
Nkululeko Magwaza (3 months ago)
The truth though about MMM is that....the government closed that blockchain to most users but trust me it still does exist because i do see it on coin market cap...Blacks stay informed niyeke lento yokuba okhanda qinile
Nkululeko Magwaza (3 months ago)
To all those who dont believe in cryptocurrency...watch the space as we will be making money via digital currency..
Nipho Nguse (3 months ago)
There's so much misinformation here. The most difficult dynamic in trading is knowledge and lack of of yourself, but that only comes after the attainment technology knowledge of trading.
Shyne 1337 (3 months ago)
Forex has never crashed but the stock market has.
ryan dhliwayo (3 months ago)
They said the same thing in America about housing stocks. ..stable blah blah. Currency is volatile trust me i know...I m Zimbabwean
Shyne 1337 (3 months ago)
Another thing, Would you blindly jump into a pool with no water, even if a stranger swore on their life thatthe empty 10 ft deep pool was full of invincible water???? If no, then why would you blindly give your hard earned money to a stranger based on a promise. A promise holds no merit until you've earned my trust, even so, I'm still skeptical of a man's word.
Hloni Molapo (3 months ago)
I think we, South Africans, should start educating ourselves, pick up a book and read - inform yourself about forex and stop speculating. It's a different market entirely, ofcourse it's not text book knowledge from what they teach you at school. People are just afraid to try something out of their comfort zone, south Africans are born and bred employees, wake up people this the information age not the industrial age.
David Ricardo (4 months ago)
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Warren Hannon (4 months ago)
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Louis Darnell (4 months ago)
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Sinothi Phoswa (4 months ago)
thank you daily thetha, its not often SABC talks about forex
anopa silver (4 months ago)
ref is a scam
6ixoul (4 months ago)
All you need to learn to trade forex. period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GljAqJhN3Yg&t=7s
Travis Flex McCandy (4 months ago)
Watatazela kanje manje lo Ref Wayne
Ayanda Mthethwa (24 days ago)
Usuke eqamba amanga maketatazela
Xola X The Xilaman (4 months ago)
This guy is no different to a bushiri.
Mbali yamaSwazi (2 months ago)
Xola X The Xilaman Hahah Xola🤣🤣😅
Xola X The Xilaman (4 months ago)
Forex = For-Ex = Foreign Exchange It is simply buying and selling currencies. E.g. buying the Rand when it's low and selling it when it's high. Simple.
Jeanette Anita (2 months ago)
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Celiwe Celly (3 months ago)
Wow thanks for that explanation.
madlala sandile (3 months ago)
pradip kumar (4 months ago)
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baziekz mons (4 months ago)
Asking all the right questions to the wrong people
isoe jnr (4 months ago)
Lol dey ask fak traders while dis raf guy is sitting next to them... he ddnt say anythng just braging . I lykd the first guy
Simphiwe Duma (4 months ago)
"Making money is hard" is such a bad, poverty mindset.
tefo Habana (3 months ago)
Simphiwe Duma very true!!
thabo mjiyako (4 months ago)
The people on the insert don't understand what trading entails
Flo Ride Her (4 months ago)
Black folks are so dumb..that's why they never move forward..Knowledge is power ignorance is bad luck.
monde hlatshwayo (4 months ago)
Ref wayne is a scammer im living proof he robbed me too
Refiloe Phuthi (3 months ago)
Power & Glory Cars Sorry.
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Lebohang Matine (4 months ago)
kays Davis (4 months ago)
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Smith Deanna (4 months ago)
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Artem Новиков (4 months ago)
So many new information and trading tips on ExpertOption, thx guys
Smeyaka X (4 months ago)
So many new information and trading tips on ExpertOption, thx guys
Sean HD (4 months ago)
Dear SABC, we appreciate the 1080p
Nzuzo Sboniso (4 months ago)
Sanibona uNzuzo Gumede lo wase Vryheid ngenza umshini wabantu abangaboni ukuthi uma befuna ukhuthela amanzi eglassin noma enkomishini bese ekwazi ukuwezwa uma esegcwele omunye umshini ibell yasendlini yabantu abangezwa ngenza namaphilisi alapha ama ulcer akhiphe acid emzimbeni womuntu amanye alapha izifo zonke hiv diabetics tb and cancer ziyadamba okwamanye ngenza umuthi ozophuzwa ngesipuni uzolapha HIV diabetics and cancer ngisaphezu kwawo lomuthi izinto engenza ngazo ama herbs engiwathenga ezitolo ngiyafisa ukuvela Ku daily thetha nezinto zami ngaziwe
China Manunu (4 months ago)
Ref Wayne is probably the only rich and wealthy one in that room... my people lets just listen kancane nje.. let's give people who has the most knowledge the chance to teach us.. never bash people for posting their cars because you are a failing trader.. I will learn to trade and follow the footsteps of Ref Wayne, Sandile Innocent Shezi, Andile Worldwide because they are making it... asiyekeni umona and learn to build our own financial infrastructures that would change our lives for good!!! mona phansi maan hau
The Trade Desk (4 months ago)
At 40:31 the lady in the blue dress: "*unamanga, unamanga*",....hahaha, lol!! She is right! Really there are some people who shouldn't be on our national tv talking about trading.
Nkazimulo Buthelezi (4 months ago)
"Anton Kreil annhilates retail brokers and traders" watch that vid if you have the time
Nkazimulo Buthelezi (4 months ago)
Well I think Thamsanqa Mdlalose is legit
francis madisa (4 months ago)
From what i have heard here on this episode, it clearly shows that a lot of blacks are uneducated about forex trading because people jumped into forex without learning that in forex you need to learn how the market works, you need to learn the economics of countries, and you need to analyse the market in order to profit from the market. Forex trading is a vehicle for people who are willing to learn and practice trading until they able to make money for themselves
Sihle Mthembu (4 months ago)
They are paid.
Bafana Khumalo (4 months ago)
While watching this, what I mostly picked up is people lack knowledge, which then results in confusion.
Samuel Sokosi (4 months ago)
Thank you to the lady ho said about emotion control,Risk reward and plp are becoming gredy plp want quick money,I love trading
dineo mabotja (4 months ago)
why was ref wayne invited vele ? mmmmmh
Khotso Lepota (4 months ago)
Forex trading is very good guys. its working but not overnight. it needs intense training. and you must use a DEMO account before you deposit your CASH
Tholithemba Ntsele (4 months ago)
Ref doesn't answer questions, he just hypes people lol
Tholithemba Ntsele (4 months ago)
Aluncedo Salayi (4 months ago)
At 5:44 The lady behind that guy. Flames!!!
Philasande Zide (12 days ago)
i thought I was the only one who saw her
Kofi Appiah (3 months ago)
Samkelo Samzo (4 months ago)
yerrrrr yababa
The Dark Knight (4 months ago)
BRUH!! too much sauce!!
Jasmir Rasit (4 months ago)
Trading with Mr Frank Robert and his strategy is awesome, he has helped me to recover some capital i lost in the hands of incompetent Brokers/Account Managers and some of them are scammers that dealt away with my money, but thanks to Almighty GOD that at last i came in contact with Frank Robert via his email that was shared on the net by some good traders, his strategy work with different software that maximize and guarantees winning. I can't trade with any other again accept him and his strategy.
Jasmir Rasit (4 months ago)
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AREND MOLL (4 months ago)
Lesang Ngidi (4 months ago)
Woooo sisi... Screen munch in this day and age??😹
S'khumbuzo Makhosonke (4 months ago)
LOL Ref Wyne ayi... People are funny. But good words from the traders there. Forex is not a Scam guys its people scamming people.
Hayden Harris (4 months ago)
When looking at the forex graph, where is the tangible useable data that will tell you when, where and for how long the graph will change direction, especially when you do not know the underline reasons for the graph movement in the first place.
Adolph Nkosi (4 months ago)
Treat Forex Trading just like you would to a business! Forex is 80 % physiological and 20% technical Try to get as much information on your own before seeking for mentor ship. “Meet the teacher half way” Have a trading plan which entails strategy… When to take trades? What informs you to trade? Are you in a good state to trade? Plan which charts you willing to use 5 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hour or daily? What’s your lot size? Identify the measure of risk you willing to take
Tsholofelo Mosheleba (4 months ago)
If Ref Wayne says his classes are for free,then why is he asking for payment on Insta for his course?
Wow, that was rich. Calm down, learn the skill before you actually invest your money.
Lebogang Mokou (4 months ago)
Thank you for saying that.

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