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Currency Trading Strategy. Earn 50% to 75% Return Monthly.

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Currency Trading Strategy. Earn 50% to 75% Return Monthly. Hey friends My youtube Channel Name is Easy Trading - Technical Skill not Required. In this video you will come to know how we can earn 50% to 75% return on monthly basis. This is very Easy strategy anyone can apply it.Please watch till end
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Umesh Kene (2 days ago)
You have not deducted brokerage from your profit to arrive at net profits
i am using discount broker so it will not affect much if u want u can calculate
Deepak Korgaonkar (1 month ago)
Supertrend change hoto tevha postion reverse karaychi
Video fast forward karu nako purna bagha mag samzhel
Gaurav Jain (1 month ago)
but how will we come to know about the 3 highs or 3 lows without sitting in front of the screen through the month?
you can use algo trading Gaurav
Jai Narayan (1 month ago)
फोरेक्स ट्रेडिंग एकाउंट में से पैसा कैसे निकालते है । मेरे एकाउंट में अभी 5000 डॉलर है मैं कितना पैसे निकाल सकता हूँ और कैसे प्लीज बताये ।
Main Forex Trading Nahi Karta sir
Amazing Vehicles (1 month ago)
Which broker site do you use??
Deepak Korgaonkar (1 month ago)
Amazing Vehicles Zerodha
SANJEEV KUMAR (3 months ago)
हेलो सर मैं आपकी YouTube वीडियो नियमित रूप से देखता हूं मुझे आपकी वीडियो बहुत अच्छी लगती है www.mcxcomex.blogspot.in एक Unique वेबसाइट है इस वेबसाइट पर फ्री में MCX & NSE Stock Furure के Automatic Buy-Sell Signal Software / Live Calls एव Techinical Charts उपलब्ध है यदि आप इस वेबसाइट पर एक अच्छी सी वीडियो बनाकर के अपने YouTube पर डालें तो कमोडिटी एवं स्टॉक ट्रेडर्स को बहुत सहायता मिलेगी I
Thanxxx Sanjeev ji Jarur main try karta hu
Ashish Roy (4 months ago)
sir, I am a new trader of Currency, I have sell 22 lot @ 65.26 on 28th march, now in which range I will buy pl, suggest me , thank you, ashish roy, and pl, give me your phone number, Did not see your phone number in android phone
Ashish Roy (4 months ago)
sir, I don't know how to see the technical chart ? my ph no 9733751434, 9563820123
Contact number 8976981807 If u have any query call me or msg me on whats app
Centipedes (5 months ago)
This is simple gambling on curve....better to learn the news economy about country and keep patient and distribute your fund to buy on low whenever it falls and then sell
pablo cheran (5 months ago)
I have back tested. Doesn’t work at all. Especially when the market is choppy. Entry after three higher highs and three lower lows is too high and too low.
If this strategy not working then please dont use it ok
Rahul Sane (7 months ago)
Sir can we trade in multiple lots of 10 or 20?
NADEEM KHAN (7 months ago)
TDY 63.81 (01:15)PM, 63.78 (01:30)PM, 63.77 (02:45)PM bro three lower lows had been made tdy in USDINR BT MY QUERY IS DIFFERENCE BETwEEN 63.78 AN 63.77 IS ONLY 1 PAISA SO wHILE TAKING 3 LOwERE LOwS THIS 1 PAISA HAS TO BE CONSIDER SINCE AFTER 02:45 USDINR HAD A GOOD FALL
i already given reply We will take position
NADEEM KHAN (7 months ago)
means the first low as per yesterday 63.81 (01:15)PM, 63.78 (01:30)PM, 63.77 (02:45)PM so in such case we have to take position an we have to take 1 paisa also into consideration AM I RIGHT BRO
Yes we will Consider it. Because we need 3 lows so if one paisa or 2 paisa dosent matter
Jashpalsingh Dhunna (7 months ago)
Brother can we talk on phn please share ur number...9601902344..
Contact Number 8976981807
NADEEM KHAN (7 months ago)
Do rply an also if yu can made any other strategy on currency also like yu ha e made on crude oil Thanks
NADEEM KHAN (7 months ago)
Easy Trading - Technical Skill Not Required Will be waiting Thanks
Sure Will do
NADEEM KHAN (7 months ago)
owesome strategy bt Bro the time frame is only 15minutes if we can use any other time frame in the above strategy of currency so it will be very much good enough
i have not tried any other time frame if u think then please try other timeframe & let me know
Naadhan Kandasamy (7 months ago)
Wonderful... Thanks a lot for sharing.
ur welcome naadhan ji
Dinesh Khanchandani (7 months ago)
Nice sir intraday me brokrage kitna lagega.????
Dinesh Khanchandani (7 months ago)
ok sir so short term hai.??
ye strategy intraday nahi hai
Sagar Mahant (8 months ago)
Thank u sir sharing such valuable information
Suhas Lomate (8 months ago)
superb Sirji...
Thanxx Suhas ji
Injeel Ahmed (8 months ago)
sundarvel pillai (9 months ago)
Nice strategy..any more strategy in currency ? Also make some strategy in bank nifty also..Thankyou
Thanxxx. Will share as soon as possible.
Ankur Gokhale (9 months ago)
Very good strategy
ONLINE Chamatkar CM (9 months ago)
Pls send your contact number
Contact Number 8976981807
ADAAR TROLLS (9 months ago)
Please bro make video on intraday equity please
if you are interested in equity intraday strategy then whats app me 8976981807
Agasti Deore (9 months ago)
sirji gr8 strategy!!! "Big Thanks" fr sharing strategy for free! If possible Kindly share Silver/Crudeoil/Banknifty common Positional Strategy for 'monthly income.' God Bless You! Tx again!
ur welcome
Agasti Deore (9 months ago)
tx 4 reply!
Already Shared Strategy on Silver & Crudeoil
Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra (9 months ago)
Butifuullll Video Boss... But Copper please
Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra (9 months ago)
yes very soon
sir, if there is huge gap up or gap down then there re huge losses...it is difficult to recover gap up or gap down?
There is always gap up or gap down situation. You cant make money if you concentrate on these factors.
Sanjeev Nandy (9 months ago)
kisme trading karne se Jada profit hoga usd/inr ,euro/inr,GBP/inr aur jpy/inr mujhe answer dijiey sir please.
Sanjeev Nandy (9 months ago)
thanx sir itna raat main vi mera answer dene ke liye.
Euro Main Kijiye Accha profit Mil Jaayega.
Mithil Kadam (9 months ago)
Boss amey curruncy me agar mai position leke rakta hu to every day ka loss mera every day chala jata hai our dusre din meri position average value mai open hoti hai .. For example mai usd 64.0250 pe buy karta hu or agr voh 64.000 me loss mai close hota hai ho mera us din ka loss agar mai squareoff bhi nahi karta to chala jata hai. Our next day meri trade ki prize buy 64.0350 dikhati hai . ye kya hota hai
Muze kuch smaza nahi Kadam ji. Aap muze call karlo main aapka doubt clear kar dunga. Contact number 8976981807
umapathy j (9 months ago)
Banknifty intraday stratergy.......?
Upload Karunga Bohot Jaldi.
SANDEEP MISHRA (9 months ago)
very very useful strategy thanks
abhay shrivastav (9 months ago)
Very,Very Nice.Thanks.
welcome Abhay ji
Kunal Ghogare (9 months ago)
superb strategy sir ji..... thank you educating us....
Your Welcome kunal ji if you need any help then what app me 8976981807
ramesh sharma FB (9 months ago)
SUN (9 months ago)
Sir, what about brokarage sir
Use discount brokrage like zerodha samco etc.
Rakesh Lahkar (9 months ago)
Strategy is nice.... but i m still waiting for the aluminium strategy brother...
Thanxxx Rakesh ji. Will upload it very soon
nishant kumar (9 months ago)
Very good bhai
Samir pandya (9 months ago)
Nice video sirji
Samir pandya (9 months ago)
1 st

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