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Take Your Cash Out Of E.U Banks ??? The Cyprus Banking Crisis Explained

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The cash-grabbing measures in Cyprus is the first to happen in the history of banking, with limited cash withdrawals made mandatory. Cypriots cannot take more than a thousand Euros out of the country. This report explains who pays the most by the cash-grab, and if the problem will spread to the rest of Europe and possibly the rest of the World.
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Liz Muk (10 months ago)
Stay away from Cyprus SCAM! No investor ever recovered their investments here. Better watch out!
brian carno (10 months ago)
its not really tax payers money its yet more debt
YaBoiElmas (1 year ago)
My uncle works for that bank
AlmightyBen (5 years ago)
Balaban send me here
MsVictoriangirl (5 years ago)
Seeing as most of our governments are main bond holders I am guessing the public will continue to pay for the banks mistakes. Take all you savings out of banks and buy some silver and gold.put it in a safe under your bed its a much safer place to keep your savings!

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