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Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks

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A video walkthough of some of the must know tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S2. Details and screenshots at http://thehandheldblog.com/2011/06/14/galaxy-s2-tips-tricks/ Find me on Twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/v4ibhav
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Text Comments (1554)
Roborav (8 months ago)
This guy's lighting is fucked it keeps going up and down so annoying. Get a proper light bulb idiot and stop playing around in the dark.
Kyo Bobier (1 year ago)
how to hide apps?
slimsqueak (1 year ago)
My Samsung S2 seems to be slightly different (probably a country difference) but thanks for some great tips
Lol Gameplay (1 year ago)
u suck
kent sujede (1 year ago)
How to open data connection with this phone? Theres no switch or button there
James Williams (1 year ago)
i want to play music and make a video same time wohile the music is playing and i am self recording how am i able to do so
Kirann Kandel (1 year ago)
2016 oct 22
Dave Taylor (2 years ago)
Poor Vaibhab, probably getting a lot of unsolicited phone calls by now. :)
Thanks a lot
Roya Rostamian (2 years ago)
This guy is awesome!
ClynthSync (2 years ago)
sheldon andrew (2 years ago)
I can't access my camera it says camera fail I have tried every thing
Trista Mccool (2 years ago)
I have the galaxy SII and it doesnt get notifications. I dont know why.
Amir Ali (2 years ago)
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Galas Gala (8 months ago)
Gala xy s26980890490
Galas Gala (8 months ago)
Galas Gala (8 months ago)
+Amir Ali
Abdulrehman Warraich (3 years ago)
Nice Dude.. i dont know that Brightness Shortcut (Y)
thxz soooooo much I did not know how to make screenshots and I was not able to make coc screenshots:)
Galas Gala (8 months ago)
+Amir Ali
Amir Ali (2 years ago)
YO BOYS!!! GO HERE--> https://www.facebook.com/207457326253418/photos/a.207458286253322.1073741828.207457326253418/207458182919999/?type=3&pidid=ffdbce51-1876-420c-840c-1a5f0b156eb0 FOR THE Galaxy Online 3 CHEAT THAT WORKS! IM USING IT :) Samsung Galaxy S2 Tips & Tricks
Richard Parker (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips Vaibhav
kim smile (3 years ago)
do samsung galaxy s2 have led light for notification????
Tom Softy (3 years ago)
Demi Newell (3 years ago)
This video is so irrelevant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Roborav (8 months ago)
I know shit video the the the lights keep going on and off.
Goran Pavlović (2 years ago)
More like your comment is completely irrelevant.
Tom W (3 years ago)
+Demi Newell Seeing as people who watch it have or are going to get an S2, it's highly relevant. I don't want to sound rude but given your video upload, it's a bit harsh to laugh at this useful video.
bophan bun (3 years ago)
how much?
Sahil Ahmed (3 years ago)
it helped me to click the screen snap shot. thanks a lot :)
Rizwan Mukhtar (3 years ago)
Rizwan Mukhtar (3 years ago)
Leighanna Dinich (3 years ago)
I have the same phone
Stella Okubanjo (3 years ago)
2000 Comment :P
Caspar Mathake (3 years ago)
still cant afford it, but really likes it
Millinesto (3 years ago)
Nancy Me to I am islam
Xx Monstercat xX (4 years ago)
Some of these dobt work on my s2. Is yours a jellybean 4.1.2?
Dylan Jaxson (4 years ago)
hi, when i play i video my brightness goes down.....any help for this issue
Dylan Jaxson (4 years ago)
ok thanks
XtianLei (4 years ago)
the setting for the phone's brightness and brightness while playing the video is different. When you're playing the video, touch the icon (on the left side of the middle button). You can adjust video brightness.
Muhd Ilyas (4 years ago)
helps a lot mate, thanks..
Johny1341 (4 years ago)
Hej thks for ur inputs, do you know how to display 2 functional apps, like google map and a running video at the same time? thks
Dominik Matusiak (4 years ago)
I just got this phone its great
kelly kerbcrawler (4 years ago)
does anyone no how i can get back my app icon ive accidently removed it.? galaxy s2?
Strahinja Vujović (4 years ago)
I hate fking indians making fking tutorials -.- Cant understand shit.
Eman Egnarts (3 years ago)
Fuck you man. This guy helped me a lot.
No Name (3 years ago)
Beacus your stupid as shit -.-
Funkytacos123 (4 years ago)
I tried the screen shot and it doesn't work on my galaxy s2
Kris g (4 years ago)
hi i have a voice letting me know whom i received text from i would like it to stop!
nancy madan (4 years ago)
Hi guys. first of all I would like to great a freasnt To Islam asslamualaykum...how's today's. ..😚😚😚
nancy madan (4 years ago)
Hi guys. first of all I would like to great a freasnt To Islam asslamualaykum...how's today's. ..😚😚😚
kalai arasan (4 years ago)
ya its cool
Muzammil Bin Noor (4 years ago)
Is it possible to update Samsung galaxy 2 to kitkat 4.4 ,????
jess sophxx (4 years ago)
+burningchicken99 yes I have that it makes the phone alott easier to use
burningchicken99 (4 years ago)
You could install cyanogenmod.
puff (4 years ago)
Sherry Cofield (4 years ago)
Yes I have a Samsung galaxy s2 epic I was wondering can you change your pictures in your gallery into separate group folders like all my pictures out into one folder and all my kids pictures into there own folders please let me no thanks
Camilo Vera (4 years ago)
Gaius Coleman (4 years ago)
Great show, thanks. I have a question and wonder if you'd be good enough to talk me through it.  I have created a sound file using the featured phone's Voice Recorder.  How can I now use it to make it into a ring tone and then assign it to a certain caller, so that I know it's them calling me please? Thanks. Gaius
Pagalele (4 years ago)
thanks, these tips are very useful, does samsung galaxy s2 can be updated to android v4.0? I want to hide my diary and which is the best launcher for this phone? I dont wanna use GOLauncher, it makes device lags.
singhking1993 (4 years ago)
just root it and install the rom
krash_landerz (4 years ago)
I want to hear this guys rap cd
orlando orozco (1 year ago)
krash_landerz ok tank you!
April Jo (4 years ago)
Thank you for your trouble. To the disgruntled, unimpressed, lack of respect slackers, go jump in the nearest lake!
Mystic (4 years ago)
About 2 weeks ago my phone stopped being able to receive mms messages..I don't know what's wrong. Each time I get a mms message it has a box there with the word DOWNLOAD...once I click it, it then makes like it's going to download then gives me an error message saying failure to download from whoever sent it to me. This even happens when I send a pic to myself from my own phone also. Do you know what could be causing this??? I have rebooted my phone, cleared caches, freed up memory and evrything and still nothing. Any suggestions. Its a straight talk Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-S959G phone
Minecrafter2016LP (4 years ago)
Japanese You are Japanese  !
April Gambrell (4 years ago)
Hi, great video. I wanted to know if you could do a video on how to post a picture in comments on FB. From Samsung galaxy 2 thank you!
millz1327 (4 years ago)
Can you make a video on how to copy and paste on a s2....thank you
millz1327 (4 years ago)
Can you make a video on how to copy and paste on a s2....thank you
Apple Ater (4 years ago)
i knew almost all of them
mizie tirmidzi (4 years ago)
Samsang teruhh
Andrei Dimean (4 years ago)
Nice wallpaper, could you post it please?
zahidscorp (4 years ago)
Hey thanks for tips. could you tell me how to access sd card data. I want to install an app from my sd card. can not find the way to reach sd card files.
April Badger (4 years ago)
How do I do the background in the browser? I couldn't understand.
Diamond Symone (4 years ago)
Can you please tell me something about how you can see and use emojis on Twitter & Instagram!
Krug von Őpfschell (4 years ago)
Thanks for replying to my message. Very helpful comments. Thank you so much. Happy holidays!!
blueicehaller (4 years ago)
What a pity that camera related apps (camera itself or skype) doesn't work with TV out (Micro USB to HDMI Adapter)
SZIA Ziauddin (4 years ago)
Thank you very much
Krug von Őpfschell (4 years ago)
Hello. Please could you tell me how to use the clipboard function on the s2 and note 3? (Samsung phones). Thank you very much.
blueicehaller (4 years ago)
You hold the finger on a word and two symbols are shown. Now you can select start and target of the text and copy it with the symbol (two pages displaced). Or you hold finger on a picture and the context menu is shown where you can save or copy the picture. Hope this is what you mean.
JHNS REBORN (4 years ago)
samsam... sir, well played
Outdoors Victoria (4 years ago)
Is it just me or is his indian accent really hard to understand?
May (4 years ago)
Outdoors Victoria (4 years ago)
Ok ;) I guess Ill go get a course on how to understand Indian acents...
May (4 years ago)
Its just you. I understood every word he said
Alan John Evans (4 years ago)
Do you ever replie 2 anyone??
WCBguy1 (4 years ago)
still not sure what to get, this or the Nokia Lumia 521? Can someone help me decide?
Marie surace (4 years ago)
How do I add ringtones
MzLashawn1 (4 years ago)
I need help with restoring my pics in my photo Gallery to thumbnails. I hit something and now they're all huge!! HELP!
Anish Gyawali (4 years ago)
why cant i send a long messages from my samsung galaxy s2? only i am able to send a messages of 2 or 3 words... so what should i do please reply...
Olga Garcia (4 years ago)
hi. im switching from a gs2 to gs3 'grand' how can i transfer via bluetooth
Allie Zemtseff (4 years ago)
Can't find my clipboard on galaxy s2. Tried holding in text messaging button, that doesn't work.
Lois1593 (4 years ago)
question or two, how can i tell what size format the video is,if i want to upload videos to utube, i can not seem to upload videos to utube
IndianHoney (4 years ago)
: )
Genesis Quinteros (4 years ago)
Haha :D adamukrop
Te Li (4 years ago)
39 Celsius holy shit, how are you alive
Al Sofwan (4 years ago)
samsung galaxy s2 and galaxy grand duos , which is better?
Moon Bunty (4 years ago)
thanks really appreciate .nice video ,u explained very well ,i was thinking to sale my device but know i will keep and enjoy my S2
Renee Maggard (4 years ago)
How do you delete videos?
Dan Gabriel Morte (4 years ago)
sarah buran (4 years ago)
My mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 is broken!!:((( that's really so sad!!:'( but i will get new iPhone 5s on friday!! Can't wait!!!!
Anthony Rayvon Wylder (4 years ago)
That was very cool. Far more than I could ever absorb in one session but great just the same. Thankyou
s27945 (4 years ago)
Akash Kavinda (4 years ago)
bluetooth mouse is not working with my mobile.bcoz there is no such place to install the slot just like computer. please guide.
TheXavierxfactor (4 years ago)
thats what google is for...
anthony baker (4 years ago)
I would like to find out about adding voice labels in the galary
catalin mazarache (4 years ago)
It good
adamukrop (4 years ago)
0:36 Lets everybody call Vaibhav Sharma +919872170870, and see how he's doing XD
HELLA_NATION (4 years ago)
lol in ebay is like 100 or 80 or 90s lol cheap
blahblah (4 years ago)
How much galaxy s2 now?
Shivakumar Shegale (4 years ago)
nice... want some tips tricks.. about.. Samsung Omnia W
Jashandeep Singh (4 years ago)
really nice phone
xxSydneyFox (4 years ago)
I have the same problem. Mine is 2 years old as well. Unfortunately it's just time to either change it or buy a new phone :/
Lynn baker (5 years ago)
Hi how can I turn predicted text on my phone?
Ryan Hagge (5 years ago)
my battery runs out too quickly, my galaxy s2 has about 2 years. I must change de battery or there is anything else i must do?
tankgame (5 years ago)
Роман Кинаш (5 years ago)
podzakaz. biz оригинал Samsung S2 1699грн
Роман Кинаш (5 years ago)
podzakaz точка biz original Samsung S2 220$ shiping all country
Daniel Crane (5 years ago)
LOVE LACE (5 years ago)
The brightness in the notification bar doesn't work on S2

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