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How to Make Money on YouTube - Advertisements

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Text Comments (473)
Dun Mealder (1 year ago)
Pyramid scheme
Dean Mülder incorrect. You make money based off views on YouTube.
Dun Mealder (1 year ago)
Brandon Campbell Diamond your partnership....you make money....the more people u get the money you get right? I stopped listening halfway through
No, you should probably learn what that means lol.
Haider Alfadhli (1 year ago)
Nice one
F3ARM3 (1 year ago)
I Don't get it
sak sezo (2 years ago)
KVX (2 years ago)
I have added many videos and some of them are monetized but i dont get any earning. Even after views. Please help
KVX (2 years ago)
How can i earn through add? And how much
Doesn't look like you have many views, I make roughly $0.002 per view, so it would take 1,000 views just to make $2. It also depends on the content, length, country, etc....
ADAM WAHEED (2 years ago)
I've just signed up now what do I do???
ADAM WAHEED (2 years ago)
Brandon Campbell how do I know
You have to get approved.
Hi, Is there a way to see which type of ads are generating revenue on my channel? Meaning "in stream" ads vs "in display ads"?
ike ikii (2 years ago)
Yes I am already earning 50 dollars per day online. just google *"chriseo online money machine"* to see how.. NO JOKES
I don't think we have access to that kind of granularity.
Salitis (2 years ago)
is full screen a lock in contract company
almost all MCNs require some sort of contract, the length is typically negotiable.
sgteamx (2 years ago)
How does it work? You mention you have to give 30% of your earnings to fullscreen. Is it part of the $10-50 per 1k views? Or is that from your youtube analytics that amount?
It's from your total overall earnings for the month, which is based off total views.
The Cafaros (2 years ago)
Might seem like a silly question but do you need an AdSense account to set up ads on your YouTube account? Because I've set up Monetisation but can't enable AdSense and link it because I don't have 1000 subscribers.
The Cafaros (2 years ago)
Thanks for the reply - I realized the mistake I was making and managed to apply for an AdSense account properly :).
WarfledSigns (2 years ago)
My question is, how do you transfer it to your bank account?
WarfledSigns (2 years ago)
What im trying to mean is, how do you put your bank account details on youtube so that the fullscreen money can transfer it automatically.
+WarfledSigns most places do it automatically once you accrue a certain amount .
Drew Morgan (2 years ago)
I liked it when u cursed!
+Drew Morgan Hah thanks!
Elijah Ken (2 years ago)
how much u get paid for one ad? btw new sub
+TheEmeraldGun/ AndyGamer The ad was paid based of views within a certain time period (30 days), so a few hundred bucks.
Mavilon (2 years ago)
thanks for this video! hmm..... what if someone is watching a youtube video with ads on it, and watches it over and over again, or repeatedly for the purpose of helping the creator to earn, will that help??? thanks for the reply
Mavilon (2 years ago)
so only the views will count?? not the times of ad displays? thanks for your quick response BTW!
+Mavilon I believe it only counts unique views.
RealestRealist (2 years ago)
Do they still show the ads after the budget runs out? Because, if so, I'd like to buy ads through them ... hahaha
+Adam Maxwell depends on the integration
BrenSki (2 years ago)
Very helpful. Thanks for the info!
+BrenSki sure thing
Cricket Gaming Channel (3 years ago)
How Will I Get Ads On YouTube Videos
Cowland (2 years ago)
+ANC GAMING enable them in your dashboard
LEADZODerZar (3 years ago)
The irony of the ad before talking about ads xD
LEADZODerZar (3 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell Oh no it's fine. I have no problem with that but I just thought it was funny :D Great video though :)
+LEADZODerZar need that money ;)
Keefrica (3 years ago)
thank you for this my man!! Im applying for that right meow!
Maytane Winner (2 years ago)
+Woo Fit Had to!
Keefrica (2 years ago)
+Maytane Winner that's pretty cool bro, I honestly like that you did that! Nice video!
Maytane Winner (2 years ago)
+Woo Fit Hey man, I featured your comment in one of my videos lol .. It's called "Talk religion and pooping with me" .. hope you don't mind, just letting you know.
Marko Balaban (2 years ago)
Does every youtuber get money?BTW great vid!😃😃😃
Marko Balaban (2 years ago)
Does every youtuber get money?BTW great vid!😃😃😃
Oqrui (3 years ago)
you look like a cartoon
Oqrui (3 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell lol
+Evans Thanks
HooliganScene (3 years ago)
How money win with 1,000 views?!
AM (3 years ago)
+DARDANIA WarriorALB nope every 1000 views you get 2.50 dollars search it up
HooliganScene (3 years ago)
2$ for 1,000 views? is very low man :/ i think 100views=1$ 
+DARDANIA WarriorALB like $2.
Liam Johansson (3 years ago)
Egger (2 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell k
+Titanic r.i.p k
scott mullins (3 years ago)
could you help me get my youtube channel going i really need some help ive got 72 vidioes on youtube no views what so ever could you help me how much would you charge me
scott mullins (3 years ago)
i cant my videos to edit and put music thems nothing im not sure how to could you help me 
+scott mullins just focus on putting out good videos.
Michael Giggie (3 years ago)
its cool i guess
+Michael Giggie Fair enough
Rahsaan Boone (3 years ago)
what camera are you using to record this bud?
Rahsaan Boone (3 years ago)
thanks bud
+Rahsaan Boone This was a canon 70d
SnakeASaur (3 years ago)
Quick question: I use non monetized gaming videos on my channel. If I partnered with fullscreen when I grow a bit more, would that get my butt sued off? xD
SnakeASaur (3 years ago)
Ok thanks :)
Frostythecanadian (3 years ago)
You should be okay if you if you use your own original content.
SnakeASaur (3 years ago)
Ok I'll check on that
+TheGameCommentator (ExperimentalTnt) depends, i think gaming footage has to meet certain criteria
sqidink RC (3 years ago)
I monitized my vids with Adsense and an ad only shows like 1/20 of the time?? Help!!!
+sqidink RC There are a lot of factors that go into it. However you also won't get paid for watching your own ads.
Bouy Nhakhvieng (3 years ago)
wow dont understand
Bouy Nhakhvieng (3 years ago)
+Bouy Nhakhvieng you should
牛老 (3 years ago)
I Already have youtube partner,so can i still apply fullscreen partnership?
+Edwin Wong not until your agreement is up more than likely. read your contract.
Atonement 2018-2028 (3 years ago)
Tony Romo, wth....you're a youtuber? Great info man, much appreciated.
+Atonement 2018-2028 Thanks for watching
RandomVideos4U (3 years ago)
how will you know how many sponsorship opportunities you will have if you join?
RandomVideos4U (3 years ago)
okay thanks.
+RandomVideos4U You won't. They come and go.
punjabi troll (3 years ago)
i have 1000+ views on my videos can i earn money from the video?
+Preet M You can't earn on past views, only new ones.
Youtube Jarred 333 (3 years ago)
f*** chris jones mane!! Get fat chash!!
Linda Hurd (3 years ago)
I'm personally using *ONLINENETJOB S. COM* and it makes me around $100 per day. You can actually Sign Up for there. Thank me later. All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.
Fancy Beauty (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips.
+Fancy Beauty Welcome!
Tarik Deeb (3 years ago)
I have a question I have 1000 subscribers can YouTube send me money through the mail if yes how please help
S_Rz (3 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell What's a adsense account?
+Tarik Deeb You get paid off views, not subs. You need to monetize videos and have and adsense account.
Babyy J (3 years ago)
How do you put adds on your videos?!!!😊
+sparkle katt Usually through reaching out to companies or through a partnership program.
Gamefighter (3 years ago)
Thanks for the info Brandon. What video editing do you use?
TheRaccoonGamer (3 years ago)
Also socialblade does not show your channel or my channel!?!? WHY!
Carson Leonard (3 years ago)
ikr +TheRacoonGamer 
TheRaccoonGamer (3 years ago)
+skeleton god1563 And what may those be because he does not show up for me either.
Carson Leonard (3 years ago)
ITS bcuz u might not have all requirements
TheRaccoonGamer (3 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell Idk I cant find it can you look my channel up please?
donna rasberry (3 years ago)
Thanks. This will help.
+donna rasberry Glad to hear!
Syllavr (3 years ago)
So... You don't NEED to get a partnership?? But it's better to??
Syllavr (3 years ago)
Ok, cool, thanks for replying!
+Syllavr yes
Syllavr (3 years ago)
Oh... So you have to join adsense??
+Syllavr adsense and youtube are the same thing.
Syllavr (3 years ago)
I read that after you monetize vids, to get the money you have to join the ad sense thing, and you have to "partner with youtube". Is this true, or does youtube just count as another group to partner with, like Fullscreen??
xpurplevvpandax (3 years ago)
How do I start a YouTube channel and make money
+xpurplevvpandax sign up for an account and start making videos.
HAMED KHAN (3 years ago)
Totally wanna blow you !
+HAMED KHAN join the club!
Vicki Ransbottom (3 years ago)
I have enjoyed watching many of your videos. Your marketing skills impress me. Is that your "corporate gig?"
Vicki Ransbottom (3 years ago)
Doesn' surprise me. Great presentation.
+Vicki Ransbottom I do sales training/enablement.
mohe bibito (3 years ago)
yés it's gooD :D
right on
LUPE GARZA (3 years ago)
honest to the 100%...
thanks for taking a look
CHECK MY NEW CHANNEL (3 years ago)
i have 33 views but on video i have 400+ views why i dont have 400+ views on the profile :/ ?? PLs tell im new here :P btw i sub back and check my channel.
MOB SQUAD (3 years ago)
Thank you for some STRAIGHTFORWARD answers. I am new in the whole youtube community and finding a video that even shows me HOW to monetize my account was difficult. Eventually I just did it by plunking buttons until I got an email. Maybe I should watch the rest of the video before I ask this question but how can I get a partnership? Is it specific for one person, or can anyone do the same thing to make it happen for them? Does the company approach you? I will watch the rest in hopes of learning more. 
JOIX JOIN (3 years ago)
If you guys really want to make money try *OnlineGetCash  .info* this is the same website that helped me getting started. You can find many ways to make money online there. You can easily make around $60 per day. Hope this helps..
In most cases you apply first, however if you have a fairly popular channel you'll get approached as well. 
BodyForward (3 years ago)
This a helpful video, especially for sometime in the future. Thanks for the info
no problem
JoJo Aloysius (3 years ago)
Ok that's cool hell- I can dig it- I gotta question bro- what's the minimum amount of Views u must generate daily or how ever they calculate for someone like FULLVIEW to want to do business w/u? Or how does that work? Thanks bro!!
They evaluate channels on a case by case basis. 
I fast forwarded through his ad ha ha
 its all good man I like your attitude ha ha :) I was in a sarcastic mood
still counts ;)
godsangel47 (3 years ago)
Thanks for the honesty. Appreciate it!
sure thing. 
SKY PRANKSTER TV (3 years ago)
how much u get plss tell
Action now (3 years ago)
hey guys i understand feeling and questions of all the new users becoz im a new user and i have many questions in mind samewill be with you.  to increase the the no. of views 1st need more subscribers .so i offer you guys subscribe on my channel i will subscribe to urs
watch my earnings video
SledgyGames (3 years ago)
Sub to me, and comment "done" on this comment, and I SOLEMNLY SWEAR that I will give you 2 subs
no thanks
Commander Cal (4 years ago)
Could you subscribe to me?
Commander Cal (3 years ago)
ohh ok thanks for the reply <3
Not really interested in snowboarding, sorry. 
Michael Million (4 years ago)
Thanks for the update.
sure thing
The Milne Life (4 years ago)
I learn a lot from this stuff! Thank you for sharing! =)
no problem!
News Gotcha (4 years ago)
i subscribe take a look at my page to bro
Beast Mode (4 years ago)
Do you have anymore tips?
Beast Mode (4 years ago)
Really just comes down to content. 
Fitness Motivation (4 years ago)
Thanks for the honesty and transparency!
Jason Steel (4 years ago)
do i have to pay fees 
Jason Steel (4 years ago)
i don't see it 
+Jason stephen Go to the Adsense site and read the FAQ
Jason Steel (4 years ago)
what do you means tax purposes do i pay the taxes or they do you need  explained more info because we are new at this stuff 
+Jason stephen For tax purposes. 
Jason Steel (4 years ago)
why they need my ssn when they can send me a paychack I don't feel safe give my ssn to them
K-Bear Elite (4 years ago)
What is your opinion on the sony action cam as a camera to use in the gym? Or the camera in general
K-Bear Elite (4 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell Thank you for the response
I think it's better suited for well lit out door shooting
PinHeadplayz (4 years ago)
Do you have to have ads to make money or can it just be views?
You must have some form of advertisement, whether it be pre-roll or in video. Otherwise why would someone pay you?
Gabe Perry (4 years ago)
So you get paid by youtube and have a second set of income from full screen that dont affect eachother?
Breanna Johnson (4 years ago)
Do you have any advice for getting more subscribers.
TYtanium Training (4 years ago)
Nice vid bro. Keep up the good work.
TYtanium Training (4 years ago)
Thanks man. Super fun being up there. I recommend you do at least one show sometime in your life whether it be BB or MP just to feel that feeling.
Thanks Ty, nice work on your guys latest comp
Herbie Sherman (4 years ago)
i aint got any kind of love from anyone lol...
Herbie Sherman (4 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell loving you straight back big sexy
I love ya :)
Jayce Amumu (4 years ago)
have you heard of the Freedom network? if so what u think about them
Haven't heard of them TBH
unlockyourjourney (4 years ago)
Good Info thanks.
Warren Jolly (4 years ago)
I don't know what THE FUCK HE'S TALKING ABOUT HE'S TALKING ABOUT ADS AND CAM ACTION ALL THAT SHIT and he's fast and annoy at talking and he doesn't even do a good tutorial and good explanation BE more pacific then that ANNOY! GAY! FAST! TALKING! STUPID! FUCK!!!!!
You're so right. Good thing for me my 85,000 subscribers must really like how I am so ANNOY! GAY! FAST! TALKING! STUPID! FUCK!!!!!
LankyProgressTV (4 years ago)
Good honest vid mate 
Thanks my man
Severe Distortion (4 years ago)
Anyone else already seen that actioncam commercial by other youtubers? I saw it on theamazingatheist's video
Yeah anyone who is a member of FullScreen can do it. 
Jill Kews (4 years ago)
Nice. :-)
Thanks for watching
Thomas Marriotti (4 years ago)
So no squats or deads in this video? :( haha
James Rick (4 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell hahaha... you were holding your Balls the entire time? :P  
I was actually doing static holds of 500lbs the entire time!
Matt Griego (4 years ago)
Hey Brandon can you help me find a good cheaper pocket camera for vlogging? It would help a ton thank you!
Best off using your cell phone if it has a decent camera IMO! 
Matt Griego (4 years ago)
Around 100 bucks if that is even possible haha thanks!
SCS Powerlifting (4 years ago)
Great advice, thanks for the share B!
You got it Mr. Bonder
Edwin Ochoa (4 years ago)
can you make a video on hernias? I am afraid of doing 3-5 rep lifts because I might get a hernia. As far as I know, a hernia is some type of bump on your stomach or groin but I am not really totally sure about what it is, what might cause one, or how to prevent getting one. 
James Rick (4 years ago)
Hernia's are when your intestines find a way or "hole" in your abdominal wall or through your groin area. If you have family history of being prone to Hernias consult your doctor. Hernias can be caused from something as simple as a sneeze... Abdominal work will help strengthen the wall and reduce the risk... but they can happen anyway or at all....
Maybe at some point, but lifting heavy in general (when done in a smart fashion) won't give you one. 
Yazmin Lopez (4 years ago)
Trying to make fat cash ..honest and keep it 100 that's why we love your channel
Thanks Yaz!
ASX2 (4 years ago)
i made a video about a guy who does this..i telling you as i think you may be the only person that may "get the troll" check it out if you can please and thank you. and this video was quite eye opening least for me
Will take a look
Alan Watts (4 years ago)
I've made you some more money Campbell, ordered your t-shirt from forgediron I usually cringe at Yoootoob T's  (I saw a kid wearing "no cuts no sluts" and hurled a lil) but you and chelsealifts have wearable designs.  As for the $'s going to your claves gains fund forget about it that's a hopeless cause, spend it on your Mrs. I know how expensive they can be...
I was thinking I'd go the implant route.... for me, not her of course lol. Thanks for the support, real cool of you. 
Kandyman736 (4 years ago)
I misread the title, I though it was "How to Make 'MONKEY' on YouTube".  After watching it, I'm profoundly disappointed.  Better luck next time bro.
Exactly what I talk about lol. 
MrMuffCabage (4 years ago)
New subscriber. Saw you reply to almost every comment and thought that was really cool. Also was scrolling through videos and they seem pretty informative
Thanks, appreciate it. Just figure it's the least I can do to reply. 
edwin aguirre (4 years ago)
talk about advertisements, dude i just saw you as one of the main characters on the new transformers movie go watch it and you know right away who am talking about.
Lol will have to give it a look
Rj Yee (4 years ago)
go go go!
Thanks for watching!
Matt Major (4 years ago)
Hook yeti up to camera....Brilliant!
Jayce Amumu (4 years ago)
do you think my channel is good for a partnership program Brandon? i mostly get views when my videos do good on reddit does that affect anything? 
Views are views! It's more about if you think you can benefit from some of the things the programs offer!
RR31892 (4 years ago)
I watched your other video you provided in the link. You look pretty lean then, Nov 13. What's the difference in your weight?
The Hidden (4 years ago)
The key to make money on Youtube is easy. Name drop the bigger channels, rant or ride on other people's dicks, make lies, tell the subscribers you're natural, and...wait for it....sell supplements and apparel! If I'm missing something please reply. Thanks! BTW- great video Brandon!  
I think it depends a bit, while doing some of that stuff might get a spike in views, if you don't have the content to back it up it won't last!
StevenTocher (4 years ago)
Thanks for the clear explanation.
Sure thing!
Michael Akins (4 years ago)
good content
Thanks Michael!
goldn26 (4 years ago)
while I typically cant stand the in-video or pre video ads on youtube channels I watch. You explaining why you do it. Makes it bearable. One of the other reasons I enjoy your channel. You very honest with why you do certain things... Thanks B.
Thanks for understanding!
Love Rule (4 years ago)
Nice to see you getting money man!
Thanks boss!
Richard Holley (4 years ago)
"if you happen to give a fuck"... legend!
+Richard Holley Not a problem!
Richard Holley (4 years ago)
Indeed! really enjoy the channel so thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving me something to watch on the treadmill.
Got to keep it real!
Cowboys Fandom (4 years ago)
you've inspired me to start a youtube channel and actually post content. great, honest vid. 
awesome man!
elmin2323 (4 years ago)
How much do you make give us a number?
I did a video detailing it already, link's in the description. 
It's My Midlife Crisis (4 years ago)
Always enjoy these behind the scenes of youtube vids. Fellow fullscreener obviously no views for gorilla.
You'll get there!
Jesse Yates (4 years ago)
Im not mad at you guys gotta pay bills somehow plus it dont cost me shit i just had to make a gmail account so get your money play boy
Right on man
Adam Evans (4 years ago)
Hear they'll be allowing viewers to 'Tip' content creators?
Adam Evans (4 years ago)
Read the article afterwards.. sounds like it's making creators more like cam whores hahah
+Adam Evans Interesting. Did you go to this? Or did you just listen on a podcast/read an article?
Adam Evans (4 years ago)
@ VidCon - YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Announced Creator Tip Jar... apparently
News to me. 
DanielJon (4 years ago)
Lmao that intro about the bedroom haha
Surprised they didn't have a problem with me saying that. 
FatGuySkinnyWallet (4 years ago)
Thanks so much for the information. It's hard to know how to judge a partnership program from the outside. What are some things you would suggest to be in my checklist when evaluating them...especially since I have a small channel?
FatGuySkinnyWallet (4 years ago)
+Brandon Campbell Thanks...I will.
Hit me up on my personal FB Khaleef and I can give you some more specific answers. 
Deathwish (4 years ago)
Lookin chunky

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