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How the Stock Market Works

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http://www.incomeinvesthome.com/free/ Go there now for free report on 7 Reasons to Invest for Income -- Now More Than Ever. Put your money to work. This old but funny video explains basics of how companies go public and sell stock to investors. A basic primer of the capitalist system and how it is making our lives better. When we remember the basic purpose of the stock market, we can better understand why income investments are the best. Good companies use our initial capital to create goods that are in demand. Buying and selling feverishly is inefficient and not effective.
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Simona Ivancic (6 days ago)
the president cartoon is sooo cute....and.kind looking...if only real life wouls have more like that
Marco Meijer (14 days ago)
I love old propaganda videos. There is just something interesting about this history.
jay23cr (22 days ago)
Is this cartoon from after the Great Depression?
Media Matters (1 month ago)
I love the animation of the good old days. The animation and their movements are cute
Media Matters (1 month ago)
So, Robert Kiyosaki got the idea of put your money to work from this video? :)
derper derp (1 month ago)
Isn't it better to just put your money in a savings account making .03% interest?
Lou (1 month ago)
animation makes me understand a lot !!
Rocket Man (1 month ago)
Ohhh Warren Buffett
Talk ID (2 months ago)
The best business process is in the very first round of inv. Banker
Edgar Allan Poe (2 months ago)
synthartist69 (2 months ago)
This is a tad bit slower than high frequency trading...
Frankie Carmona (2 months ago)
this seems really easy, of course I'll look more into it, but still, this seems like something to get into.
Dante 888 (2 months ago)
This is how the Jew gets to own your business and your life, and you wonder why the world is so fucked up.
Nusrat Unnisa (3 months ago)
the first place Motu Patlu and Shiva
Abell379 (3 months ago)
It’s weird seeing only white people in the cartoon lol
RiorXD (4 months ago)
Stock market tips for buisinesses. Dont offer dividend only list 49% at most. Only sell. Never go bankrupt.
Speed Weed (4 months ago)
1:12 Pinky swear!
drekson23 (4 months ago)
This stock lessons looks interesting but they always dont include the bad side and commission paid. My stock costs almost half of it for commision and not all investors who sells means you earn money.
Norlyn Manabat (4 months ago)
This is more entertaining than sitting in class listening to the professor. 😂
Jonathan Woo (4 months ago)
lol, when you buy shares of a company you aren't investing in shit, the company never received the balance for the shares you bought, another trader did, therefore, the share price is just soeculation between all the traders and the money is never used for growth or operations by the company. Only the ipo injects money into the company's books, this is the primary market.
Ana Kleto (4 months ago)
The project is waiting for a bright future
Can someone explain to me what is a Corporation? I read that it’s a legal entity but how is that.
Into the Unknown (2 months ago)
Corporation is a business entity, its role is to produce or provide goods and service and ear profit, its a legal entity means that shareholders are not liable for law suits and liability, the corporations have to pay all penalties through its assets. Decisions of a corporations are made by board of directors, which are chosen by share holders.
I suck at business and economics,I’m very scientific and medically minded,not at all economic.
pedro lopes (4 months ago)
This is not how the stock markets work anymore. There is no limit for stocks bids for buying or selling, unless the regulator freezes the trades of a company listed.
xertris (4 months ago)
8:03 classy guys. Very classy.
inpatro (4 months ago)
spéciàle merçi!
The Blockchain Gamer (5 months ago)
I get this fallout vibe from watching this.
00rphb (5 months ago)
this is the idealistic version. In reality people only list a stock in an exchange once they have pumped its price enough to dump their own shares at a tremendous profit. It is not good for the company as the new listing goes to the original owners not the business.
George McGovern (5 months ago)
Stock Market: "What Makes Us Tick" 1952 New York Stock Exchange.
Johnny K (6 months ago)
rubbish... investment bankers never go to the "Clink"
I'm gonna do that one day I'm gonna get 3 million dollars
wowzer (7 months ago)
I hate my teacher
Patriots (7 months ago)
I was waiting for Daffy Duck to pop out and say “aaahhh shuuut up! You are despicable, here is how it works pal”
mitch stuve (7 months ago)
remember the days when stock prices were whole dollars and fractions instead of decimal? i do.
mitch stuve (7 months ago)
i think tsla bypassed almost all of these steps. its a different world.
Stk Media (7 months ago)
now $50M per year 4:44
rwdplz1 (7 months ago)
How the stock market worked until what, 1980?
Shanthakumar (7 months ago)
Hawala Explained In 9mins
Glass Elevator (7 months ago)
8:04 A joke about how women are wearing less and less cloths. So you can tell this film was made <1965. Funny how we think the same thing about today. Its like times have never changed?
DrSwirl (7 months ago)
Is there anything that can't be taught in a fun cartoon?
Jovan Janevski (7 months ago)
This video made me socialist.
Emerson Salmeron (8 months ago)
Miss 1965 😂😂😂
Michael Rivadavia (8 months ago)
Good times when "FUNDAMENTALS" were the core of a company and consequently of the Stock market!
Dan Buchner (8 months ago)
Great and simple explanation!
Nacht Aktiv (8 months ago)
fuck the stock market
rene diaz (8 months ago)
how isnt this shown in schools
Ozzyorcborne1 (8 months ago)
Is this still accurate now in 2018 or is it outdated?
Steve Carras (8 months ago)
Paul Frees seems to be all ov r the soundtrack 😎
rgd963 (8 months ago)
YOU DIDN"T BUILD THAT! someone built that for you,. quoted by Marxist O' Bama who was told by Merkel Go home and learn some economics
fl333r (8 months ago)
What happens when you sell the majority of your shares for funding? Who would own your company then?
binixx (8 months ago)
i love cartoons!
umesh - (8 months ago)
there is a catch here.... people who are at authority judge based on number of people who hold share rather than history of the people... in that case a single person could hold his stake in multiple comapnies... similar to him they might be others doing same.... so, whole corporation is joke and shit wrapped in scented box
Haglar (8 months ago)
The Colorado stock broker knows how to get shit done
Jim Brown (8 months ago)
I love these old propaganda cartoons, the irony is just so over the top !! Does anybody get the fact that this is the way it USED TO BE ?? Things most definitely, DO NOT work this way today. The Stock Market is a 70,000% rigged gambling casino, and "the House" NEVER looses. As long as you DO understand how it is rigged, it is possible that you could make some money, even a lot of money. But why would you want to support Organized Crime, when you could help make the world a better place, and get rich at the same time, by investing in Crypto Currencies ?? Don't get me wrong, the most prominent Cryptos have the Banksters working extremely hard at manipulating them, but there is no stopping the Crypto take-over now. The learning curve can be steep at times, but if you don't pursue them you WILL loose everything you now have that is dependent upon Fiat Currencies and Centralized Banking. The Clock is ticking.
787898 (8 months ago)
So basically now im the wolf of wall street
choozu (8 months ago)
Countless Youtube videos promising to explain what stocks are... Rely on an old timey cartoon to do it best when so many modern day idiots continually fail...
Sriram R (8 months ago)
you forgot about bribes
F4c2a (8 months ago)
I've never understood how a company can increase the amount of stocks, doesn't that decrease the value of previous stocks?
Nagy Andras (8 months ago)
man, if this was honest at any level...
Fredo Corleone (8 months ago)
It resembles how cryptocurrencies are behaving
Xid RK (8 months ago)
8:00 OTHER INDUSTRIES? You forget to mention weapons, bombs, war, illegal fisheries, etc
superluminal89 (8 months ago)
Ahh, the good ol' days. When people could be easily suckered by a cartoon and before high frequency trading wrecked the market.
SouthCalifas619 (8 months ago)
If only it were this simple now days, i feel like current corperations pay off the government and the fed res families to ensure no new competition arises.
Jackeljefe (8 months ago)
That IS how we buy stocks in Colorado
TheFinnishSocialist (8 months ago)
I love it how this video tries it's best to not talk about the wage laborers actually doing the work and instead makes this video seem as if the business were a socially owned enterprise. This is all just free market rhetoric this video does and it doesn't take any stance on private ownership except on the part where stockholders get dividends: 2:36
Dan Banks (8 months ago)
Im pouring money into mcdonalds.. they be the first food joint on the moon
Alpine Maximus (8 months ago)
scams on scams... like any tool, it’s only as good as the men wielding it. we’ve been had and sold out.
imp3r1alx (8 months ago)
well i understand the basic of stocks... but why would people buy stocks on the first place ?? if they want some investment... i'm pretty sure there a lot more chance and lower risk ex: property or gold or other stuff..
moncorp1 Inc (8 months ago)
Q. Nibs
obiwanfisher537 (8 months ago)
Its propaganda but atleast I know how it works.
daveheel (8 months ago)
Everyone has a computer now. Is there any need for a floor partner?
niku jomiru (8 months ago)
A little bit of old Murican propaganda, but the video is nice
Michael Morrison (8 months ago)
So the business can't just use its profit to expand? It pieces of its company instead? WTF why?
Jered Hersh (8 months ago)
I still don't understand the stock market xd
יוחנן דוד (8 months ago)
I wish we were taught this stuff instead of being indoctrinated constantly
mack cummy (8 months ago)
Glad I'm Canadian.
whiteknightcat (8 months ago)
Then one day the owner of ODM retired and the company was sold to an investment consortium that determined profits could be significantly increased by relocating manufacturing to China ...
KoolKatBeatz (8 months ago)
we need one of these explaining the review of financial reports
Robert MacLennan (8 months ago)
The good old days, punishing those who broke securities laws.
Jose Ruiz (8 months ago)
Didn't talk about speculative bubbles and corruption of the Banks
Matt Schwartz (8 months ago)
What exactly is there to talk about?
Youglemyvideos1 (9 months ago)
*Capitalism is a hella of a drug*
OCTOOZZY (9 months ago)
Now study P/E ratios....then study the effects of a surplus of money when it's injected into a market. Now develop a true understanding of the term Capital Gains. Compare and contrast with Speculation. At that point you are ready to make an informed investment decision.
Boris Sitnikoff (9 months ago)
5:29 - "Ticker Tape"
imvalentine (9 months ago)
Thank-you Ma-ster🙏👍👌🦇🤡🦇😎🤣🦉🐣🕊️🍻🥂🕺💃😘😍🕊️🕊️🕊️
Medic83 (9 months ago)
Another lesson here probably lost on most viewers: 8:30ish this is why we need factories in case of a war, kids. That's how we won WW2. We out-produced our enemies. We couldn't do that today if.... Well, our lives will someday depend on it. So I guess there's that.
thelinedrive (9 months ago)
If only there was a way to cut out the middleman. The broker system in the age of the internet makes no sense and the consumer should be able to invest without a middle man or middle program taking out fees of service for providing access to something that should be completely online now.
thelinedrive (8 months ago)
Matt Schwartz what I want is a market place in which anyone can buy stock through an app or online without a damn middle man acting on my behalf. I don’t understand why this is a hard concept for you to understand? It’s literally the model in which we consume everyday through platforms like Amazon. Companies can list there stock on the market, the consumer can then engage with the market place without a third party and buy any stock they were interested in. The stock exchange isn’t any different from a store front with a products from other companies being offered structurally.
Matt Schwartz (8 months ago)
+thelinedrive Do you really want to buy each company's stock on its own separate platform? Robinhood makes it easy to compare hundreds of different stocks from hundreds of different companies. Someone else said Robinhood access is limited; not me. I have zero complaints.
thelinedrive (8 months ago)
Matt Schwartz access in the 21st century technological environment. The ability to go directly to the source without a middle-man. I can buy a Tesla directly from Elon Musk’s company and have it delivered to my residence. I can’t do that with other vehicles because of an archaic middle man system that mandates going through a dealership. It’s a redundancy that serves no purpose other than to maintain the current outdated broker system. As you said yourself Robin Hood access is limited and by proxy the average American’s access to the market is limited.
Matt Schwartz (8 months ago)
+thelinedrive Robinhood is free. What is there to complain about?
thelinedrive (8 months ago)
Swavvy116Xrs I don’t believe the broker system is necessary in today’s day and age. It made sense when we weren’t all connected through the internet, but now it just seems like an unnecessary third party that blocks access for the everyday investor from handling their portfolio personally.
ashwadhwani (9 months ago)
You missed the con - 'punishment will be according to the law' if you fully understand the words 'punishment' and 'law' as mentioned in this context, I'd say you are qualified to invest. The rest is absolute bs.
Matt Schwartz (8 months ago)
Please elaborate.
doo do (9 months ago)
Bisola Olasehinde (9 months ago)
I understand now
Fay Ryuujin (9 months ago)
and this video went OBSOLETE about 40 years ago. Today, stocks are MOSTLY a pyramid scam - they DO NOT issue stocks because they need money to make more products. But, if you don't want to make 1 or 2% in bonds, then just hope your not the last one in the stock market when the bubble pops
Swavvy116Xrs (9 months ago)
It's not a pyramid scheme.. I know what you're thinking because I used to think the same thing as you... Basically people need to be cautious when buying a stock from a company.. sure the stock has to fall down at some point, but the stock holders are safe because if a company goes bankrupt they need to sell there assets & pay the stock holders at whatever pirce the stock has fallen to.. sure you won't get back your original investment, but you'll get something at least.
Kimokeo Keahi (9 months ago)
"Its a great, big beautiful tomorrow!"
Mr. Skytime (9 months ago)
Why would a company buy its own or buy back its shares of stocks???
Matt Schwartz (8 months ago)
If it wants to increase its ownership so as to have greater control.
Aamir Chhapra (9 months ago)
8:05 video was made before 1965
Jaybee Bartolome (9 months ago)
Cuphead animated short: Capitalism
Timothy Liang (9 months ago)
This is a nice fantasy. It doesn't work like this anymore because of greed in finance.
Matt Schwartz (8 months ago)
In what way does it not work like this anymore because of greed in finance?
Natraj Jayaraman (9 months ago)
Old timey capitalism
bmadden85 (9 months ago)
Beware the Second Great Depression 2018-2032.
Vijay Surya (9 months ago)
Awesome !!! Wonderful message by cartoon
Samuel Bergman (9 months ago)
Wow! Now I know where ponzi schemes started!
MrPSaun (9 months ago)
If only it were this easy...
Matt Schwartz (8 months ago)
In what way is it not this easy?

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