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FLOOR CARE Training Video for Professional Cleaners

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A Guide to Floor Care dvd . For more information see http://garyfage.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/a-guide-to-floorcrae/
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Jack Shanks (2 months ago)
I'm a school cleaning supervisor and theres no way we would have tome to mop and buff in a shift. It's one or the other.
I'm Ravi from Qatar (7 months ago)
diver dave (1 year ago)
wow... she doesn't know how to use a dust mop or wet mop - thats a crappy ass dust mop and wet mop head !
Oscar T (1 year ago)
Just to clean a floor like this all this Process $225 Min
Nirmala Frantz (1 year ago)
EgaHj. Bhjinojjj
Robert Hoople (1 year ago)
So much dead-ending of the sealer and wet mops in this video!! Too Painful to watch.
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hairburger62 (2 years ago)
Crappy video!
See La (2 years ago)
That shit is easy I can do without training.
Hilton Worme (2 years ago)
how to get a scuff mark off of new title floor
mycleaningbid.com (2 years ago)
Nothing Like A CLEAN FLOOR!!!!
Hilton Worme (2 years ago)
ABC ABC (2 years ago)
Obviously not
bushra khan (2 years ago)
Really It's a helpful piece of info. I am glad to watch this full videos. I also find a Videos like this which is also cleaning services videos, if you want you can watch this videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8pQzcpmImY
E R.A. (2 years ago)
in an area of 6 hours work and you must clean it in 3 hours there's no time to do all in this way..........get a mop and do what you can.
Praveen Hatti (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. Very informative. I run a home cleaning startup out of Bangalore, India called Unplan ( www.unplan.in )
Cadence Lowell (2 years ago)
oddly satisfying
Anmacey court in coco county
Euro-mop.pl (3 years ago)
all the machines of Numatic, but mop not, where is the mop Numatic?:)
Frank From Upstate NY (3 years ago)
This job would take 2 days as demonstrated...and need to cost $1200...not doable in the real world....mop the floors at one end.....it begins to dry.....cut the old....mop on the new.....1/3 the cost.
Frank From Upstate NY (3 years ago)
I bet you two things.....the CEO probably has NO F*cking idea how do this work...like most "CEO's" who know Jack Squat....do YOU know Jack Squat? And secondly...this girl is doing the work that 1:100 floor cleaner/strippers do...and she's probably making $10 an hour.....ridiculous
lost rebul (2 years ago)
Frank From Upstate NY (3 years ago)
I have a small 3-4 account "cleaning service" for little professional businesses.....I clean the bathrooms...they aren't skanks that pee and poop on the seats...so cleaning is a breeze...I push a vaccuum and clean the windows...$40 an hour minimum...one needs to work for one's self.
ShadowDeistGaming (3 years ago)
$10 is better than most minimum wage jobs some pays 7:50 or 7:75. I rarely see $10. thats lucky if you ask me.
Thank You !!
jerrick adams (2 years ago)
OK I'll go on
amber charlton (3 years ago)
Great presentation. Very professional and thorough. Regards, http://nottingham-cleaners.co.uk/floor-sanding-nottingham.html
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Vladimir Fevralev (4 years ago)
Professional Cleaning Library Online Cleaning library of the International Institute of Care to Buildings – it’s an electronic repository of various information materials for the cleaning industry. http://youtu.be/TDGBM0ZKcwo?list=UU87Z8FXFBLFD6EZchtuu8lw
ABC ABC (4 years ago)
Vinegar is best used on salad not to mop a floor professionally Disenfectant is most appropriate to mop a floor professionally
GhostSpectre (3 years ago)
+ABC ABC Shows what you know.
purple sassy (4 years ago)
So much to remember 
Info Enema (4 years ago)
There's a guy I work with that says he can use undiluted stripper on vinyl floors and finish jobs 4x's faster than anyone else. Is it possible to use undiluted stripper and do the job correctly? If not, what would be some of the reasons one could not use undiluted stripper to strip vinyl floors?
Colton Meyers (8 months ago)
Info Enema Water activates it
ushang achu (4 years ago)
is this only for Parquet flooring or parquet floor and tiles?
Júnior Faxineiro (5 years ago)
Cleaning the floor is myself!

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