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7 Mysterious Discoveries Scientists Can't Explain

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There are amazing discoveries that made the smartest scientists scratch their heads for years. These experts spend their whole lives searching for answers to some of the world’s biggest mysteries. Yet some of their findings defy logic and are still waiting to be solved. TIMESTAMPS: The Maine Penny 1:20 Gold Spirals 2:49 Alaska Artifact 3:59 Rujm el-Hiri 5:14 Mohenjo-Daro 5:56 Longyou Caves 8:51 Swimming Reindeer 1:23 #mysteriousdiscoveries #amazingdiscoveries Music by Epidemic Sound  https://www.epidemicsound.com/ SUMMARY: - The coin was made between 1605 and 1093 during the reign of King Olaf III. But how did a silver Norse coin, the only Norse artifact discovered at the site, travel all the way to Maine? - Flemming and other researchers assumed that these gold spirals were part of a priest-king’s costume or headwear, which would have been worn during ritual sun ceremonies. - The buckle-like object had been cast in a mold with a small leather ring attached to the bar, and it was about 2” by 1”. Thanks to its leather material, the researchers were able to estimate how old the object is through radiocarbon analysis: it’s 1,500 years old. - Rujim el-Hiri is another remnant of the Bronze Age, and it dates back to an estimated 3000 to 2700 BCE. The megalithic structure is located in Golan Heights and is made from approximately 44,000 tons of basalt stones. - Mohenjo-Daro can rival the greatness of ancient Rome, though it didn’t have a “central seat of government or evidence of a king or queen” according to a National Geographic article. - The Longyou Caves in Zhejiang province, China, aren’t your ordinary caves with cavernous passages, stalagmites, and stalactites. The 2,000-year-old man-made caves consist of 36 grottoes covering approximately 32,000 sq ft. - The Swimming Reindeer is made from the tip of a mammoth tusk that is 8” long. The sculptor possessed extraordinary creativity and skill: it was beautifully crafted with great detail using only stone tools. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (469)
BRIGHT SIDE (4 months ago)
Hey guys! What do you think these spirals 2:49 were for? 🤔
Will Sterben (1 month ago)
blah T (2 months ago)
i think this channel is one of the worst scams on youtube
AdroitWaterBear (2 months ago)
The spirals are shavings from a much larger project-they had intended to melt the shavings down.
mike smith (2 months ago)
jewelry making. they look like shavings from a lathe.
Kingsgambit (2 months ago)
Tbh... The spirals are probably the excess from shaving or carving gold. They were saved because... Well it's gold. Once enough was gathered they just melt it back down and make another ornament or hat. Could possibly be the first step in a melting process or making coins. The smaller amount would let the gold melt a bit faster than if it was just a big lump. ... Just my opinion though
Venerable Wyrm (2 months ago)
Jesus guys the spirals are leavings from a gold engraving. The spirals are result of running a hard sharp chisel through soft gold to make beautiful engravings. These spirals may have been kept due to the sheer size of the leavings, seeing that such cuts were removing such impressive amounts of gold it may have been novel to the engraver.
tantaluss68 (2 months ago)
Don't the gold coils look like lathe turnings?
Michael Lauzon (2 months ago)
You do know the vikings were in North america in the very early 1000s....
Mike Beglin (2 months ago)
Why would you give away most of your list before it even begins? That doesn't make sense. It was still interesting though.
Stephen Macleod (2 months ago)
Half pound for tiny thin gold coils? Goodbye.
GM Web (2 months ago)
Pause video at 3:09 shows a pointer in the Mediterranean Sea with a note "Boeslunde, Denmark". Sorry, but now I don't believe a word you are telling me!!
John McLaughlin (2 months ago)
Today I (2 months ago)
3:08 That's not Denmark.
Mark Garin (2 months ago)
You need to know where Denmark is....and the king of Norway probably doesn't have a 800 year span.
Flambo One (2 months ago)
I think the current scientists suffer from “modern man” bias with which I essentially mean they all think that previous craftsmanship had inferior tools and methods then today available
Eric Hettich (2 months ago)
The gold looks like shavings from making something else like out of a machine
S Bee (2 months ago)
Science Can't Explain 99.9% of things!
James Vaught (2 months ago)
The Longyou caves are the most impressive since there is no sign of any way to have illuminated the caves while they did the carving.
Dale Belseth (2 months ago)
The caves were Bully good
Barryowen N/Ireland (2 months ago)
Sssssssssssssssssssss all I hear
James Gillis (2 months ago)
Bad title for your video. Should be '7 discoveries historians cant explain'.
Sudi Maharaj (2 months ago)
7 Stories that are complete BS. Gold spirals are 1 inch long and weigh 1 pound.
Nick Johnson (2 months ago)
So is BCE the PC way to say BC?
Trevor p (2 months ago)
2:24 how did it get all the way to maine as they point at Massachusetts...lol
bronxpr1269 (3 months ago)
King Olaf III ruled from 1065 to 1093. Come on Bright side proof read your content please........
3, was the equivalent of a laser disk, it appeared too soon to be accepted by society.
Joseph Benn (3 months ago)
Wow. It's amazing.
D Isaac Faddis (3 months ago)
How do we know the swimming reindeer was carved with only stone tools? They could have had metal tools or possibly it isn't as old as they think. QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!
Richard Mcginnis (3 months ago)
what amazed me was that stone henge is still mentioned as if it were built the way it is today thousands of years ago when old drawings and even a picture show it to be a square. how about telling the people who watch your videos the truth about it? show them the images from the 1920's of the "rebuild" you know when they reformed it and cemented the stones into the ground
Mark Pedrick (3 months ago)
At 4:17 a reference to climate change occurring between 800 AD and 1400 AD. With no SUVs? No fossil fuels? Could it be climate change is natural? Sacrilege!
Abscess (3 months ago)
The so called "Spirals" are shavings off material spun on a "Lathe". And by the look/color/texture was at a optimal rpm. They new what they were doing.. mathematics was required to get The surface footage per minute ratio.
Swimming whatever lol that's a explanation of a small flying machine. I've solved the riddle all the pieces fit now. Those spiral gold is part of the flying hats.
Ima Farmer (3 months ago)
You won’t believe this but the cave in China was not built with hammer ,chisel . They were cut with the same type of tools that cut obelisks and pyramids .A tool that vaporizes solid rock! See told you ,you wouldn’t believe me
larry land (3 months ago)
Radio corbon analisis has been proven to be faulty.
John HUNTER (3 months ago)
Two thousand gold spirals at one half pound each ... suggest a thousand pounds of gold. At today's values that would be roughly ... oodles lots. But I guess gold was much cheaper back then? Or could they have had some manner of practical purpose—weighing down a lady's hemline, perhaps?
John HUNTER (3 months ago)
Most amazing? The Chinese artificial caves. Often we're told "No trace of artificial lighting" ... yeah, right ...
Shawman Null (3 months ago)
Is that 1605 bc 1093 bc and king olif most had been 600 years old right?????????????
ArLo W (3 months ago)
These days sculptures are made for no particular reason just because the sculpter enjoys doing it.. could that not be the same 12.000 years ago?
mick4361 (3 months ago)
I would think that the spirals of gold were shavings from a foot pedal Laith that were put to one side to be remelted
mick4361 (2 months ago)
It doesn't hurt to make a human error but it seems to bother you
Anthony Morgan (2 months ago)
+mick4361 not really, but it doesn't hurt to spell correctly😳
mick4361 (2 months ago)
Yes, Do you mean you are the spelling fairy?+Anthony Morgan
Anthony Morgan (2 months ago)
Do you mean "lathe"?
mick4361 (3 months ago)
+joseph hagood hey are too soft to be useful and that is why I think they are just a bi-product, kept for melting only.
WhatOkay (3 months ago)
It sounds like they’re trying to hit a word requirement
John Whittamore (3 months ago)
Reign of King Olaf III of Norway was from 1066-1093
Steve20127 (3 months ago)
Please stop the annoying, gimmicky camera "work"!!!!!
david garner (3 months ago)
can all the irritating text just go away!!!
Simon Evans (3 months ago)
Between 1605 and 1093 ?????
David Migas (3 months ago)
The long cave was most curious
John Munro (3 months ago)
Well there were giants there before God chased them out to give the land to Israelites 450 years after joseph brought them to Egypt
John Munro (3 months ago)
how did it end up there? look next to the Pyramids were found disassembled boat..so with in a few hundred years after the flood Non Christians could easily believe there could be another flood... make sense? how do people in America find roman coins etc..?
Filip Knezovic (3 months ago)
Why in the gods name is the pin that should mark denmark on 3:09 in the middle of the Mediterranean sea?
Manfred Kok (3 months ago)
the title is wrong it shut be: 7 Mysterious Discoveries Scientist will not Explain to you because you can not handle the truth
David Roberts (3 months ago)
bob anderson (3 months ago)
change BC to BCE what a joke , before Christ will out live your video
Wylted 1 (2 months ago)
Ad also doesn't stand for "after death" just retards thinking bc and ad are religious terms so they want to change the terminology.
Mike Beglin (2 months ago)
The term BCE is used in order to take the superstition out of our calendar, as it should be.
Cibo (3 months ago)
3:08 / Nice location for Denmark in Mediterranean Sea! American geography.
Tyler Myers (3 months ago)
The Maine penny was found on oak island between Maine and Canada
Bobbi Cat (3 months ago)
Had to take back my subscription, There is so much better information on each of these topics out there. It's like the truth is being withheld here. DO your own research and see for yourself. Try Disclose Truth TV.
Paul Kinley (3 months ago)
The carved out caves fascinated me ,the work done in ancient times is astounding on a number of levels .Planning and organisation just 2 area's we know so little about from those times.Artifacts can be collected and lost or traded, by whom and when the real mystery.
Jared Quinney (3 months ago)
This is really interesting
zen spirit (3 months ago)
I think the gold spirals are shavings from someone carving a sculpture or something from gold.
vishal temkar (3 months ago)
Calling India as Pakistan is like calling United States as Canada
Fearless Disaster (3 months ago)
Discoveries Scientist Can`t Explain, you know what that tells me. That not everything can be tied in a pretty little bow
Anders Shitpost (3 months ago)
ive got a picture of a dog on a zipwire can scientists explain that???
This channel confuses me too much.
Robert Courtemarche (4 months ago)
Someone seriously needs to proof read the transcripts before this dude reads them. He ends up looking like a schmuck.
J T (4 months ago)
2 reindeers pulling Santa sled
Corea Hellwig (4 months ago)
All what amazie me, is ,the notorious way , your channel is trying to fool the people !
Corea Hellwig (4 months ago)
The exact date by the way was 5740 BC, and it was 21 of July that year, And it was really a devastating event !
Corea Hellwig (4 months ago)
If you go further to declare your measurements, I just can't tell you, don't you went to the grocery job you've been paid less, Euphoric
Corea Hellwig (4 months ago)
Sorry to say but you missed mathematics is your measurements
Corea Hellwig (4 months ago)
Blah blah blah blah blah
Corea Hellwig (4 months ago)
You idiots, that will mean all in all about 450 kg of gold ! Plus you are telling that in the thin filament of 2 1/2 cm there's about a quarter of a kilogram contain. You're just crazy and try to fool us, you nerd !
abqwizard (4 months ago)
Too many wrong facts to continue watching this video... seems to be a thing with this channel.....
Erik Da'Raven (4 months ago)
If you take a somewhat clear animal bladder or such as and fill it with fireflies and, allow your eyes to adjust to the dark (20min eyes closed). You will have enough light to paint in the dark if you hold the light near the wall as you work; old tech.
B Forman (4 months ago)
The Maine penny is interesting but no big mystery. There's plenty of legitimate evidence of Norse settlements in Greenland and the New World from the time of that penny.
janice wright (4 months ago)
Had to go back to the start of the video to check. Your megalithic structure looks suspiciously like the basalt columns of the giants causeway on the Antrim coast in n.I. the columns I believe where formed by a volcanic eruption.
Jeffrey Gray (4 months ago)
Brandyn Henry (4 months ago)
So many baffling mistakes in this video lol
Elliott Perfetti (4 months ago)
Grey Jedi (4 months ago)
I reckon the swimming dears are a Adelaide spear throwing tool
Kileki Nara (4 months ago)
I know it's small and one little thing, but inupiaq natives didn't have igloos... Or if they did (I'm from SEAK) they didn't live in them like hinted to in the picture... I've recently started learning from a lady not native but raised in the area and definitely considered an Alaskan and a local
oskari lepisto (4 months ago)
lol i have hairy legs
Ann Maria Binu (4 months ago)
Who else started singing ' Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ' when the video ended??? No one? Just Me? Okay.
Lisa Wilson (4 months ago)
Thank you for making an American video. It was nice to see the items measurements in inches. Etc. it just makes the video and its content more relatable.
singsing (4 months ago)
Keep it up.. good to see videos that doesn't rehash same old rubbish like "baghdad battery" blah blah blah that everyone already knows about...
Siobhan Mcleish (4 months ago)
Just get to it
Quin Reilly (4 months ago)
3:14 pie
Mysterious Girl (4 months ago)
Number 4 is just paddocks for sheep # 6 is just shavings from black smiths 2# is just a mine #1 was just made by a bored caveman
Simon Grant-Riach (4 months ago)
The FACTS don't seem to add up. Gold coil, 1 inch long weighing half a pound...I don't think so, and the Maine penny, how can it be dated between 1605 - 1093.... doesn't make sense
Merrick J. Stemen (2 months ago)
It looks like you are also right on the Maine penny: Wikipedia states this about the Maine penny: "The Maine penny, also referred to as the Goddard coin, is a Norwegian silver coin dating to the reign of Olaf Kyrre King of Norway (1067–1093 AD)." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maine_penny )(accessed 01/01/2019) Edit: The Wikipedia article does mention something about the date 1065, so it may have been a typographical error in the video/script the narrator read from.
Merrick J. Stemen (2 months ago)
It looks like you are right on the gold spirals; it seems they weigh 1/2 lb all together, rather than 1/2 lb each: "Thousands of tightly-wound gold wires, each about one inch long, that together made up more than half a pound of solid gold," (https://gizmodo.com/archaeologists-baffled-by-2-000-tiny-gold-spirals-disco-1717507894 )(accessed 01/01/2019)
Stuey FX (4 months ago)
So many errors in grammar, pronunciation and geography. And you call yourself 'bright side'
Breezy Baby (2 months ago)
+David Roberts you can say that but geography isn't punctuation. Enjoy what you enjoy, but FX isn't wrong in pointing out the errors. I'd rather no information to misinformation. The details matter when we're talking about knowledge.
Ethan Reynolds (2 months ago)
ouch I feel alot Of anger here
David Roberts (3 months ago)
#2 oil lamps #1 reindeer get high on shrooms
Anas Abdullah (4 months ago)
I can’t believe no one watched the movie “Mohenjo Daro”!
Could.it be Aliens
john paolo mañalac (4 months ago)
Its kinda funny and exiciting, Bright Side kept us on the hook, love you guys!! thanks for info digest! <3
Sherr Ianne (4 months ago)
Mohenjo daro was one of the topics in History (subject) Im in 7th grade LIKE if ur 7th grade
Normal Life (4 months ago)
Spiral emas dipakai untuk mengikat jalinan rambut utk para wanita.
Willy Martinez (4 months ago)
The Gold Spirals look like they came off of a metal Lathe. it wouldn't surprise me if there were tools like that then.
Junior Farias (4 months ago)
They can they know everything ;)
Alan Zum (4 months ago)
That is certainly not Boeslunde, Denmark. Any fool can see that the mark on the map you show as Boeslunde, Denmark is actually off the coast of Spain located at least 1000 miles from Denmark.
Farrier (4 months ago)
I was going to watch this vid' but when I saw "MEGALITHIC STRUCTURE" plastered across an image of the Devil's Causeway (0:45): a purely natural basalt rock formation: I thought this is going to be a load of American BS. Bye!!!
Matthew Willard (4 months ago)
I think these gold spiral were to trick people into thinking it was just string but to hid their riches
Ever Hernandez (4 months ago)
thanks for this great video 😁
OMNISLASHER1000 (4 months ago)
How can a one inch piece of gold weigh half a pound, you must have made a mistake there surely?
Farrier (4 months ago)
No mistake! Omni'. Gold weighs nearly 0.7lb/cu inch. Heavy! Init?
OMNISLASHER1000 (4 months ago)
Bit of a coincidence how the Goddard coin was found in Goddard, with the name God in it, and has a christian cross on it, how old is goddard town? I'm guessing at least as old as the coin.
Patrick Gage (4 months ago)
Mark Jackson (4 months ago)
Zorgo defuse1201
Drusilla Ugolini (4 months ago)
Pretty cool, keep going what you do "Bright Side" this is really helpful. Love this channel always entertains me.

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