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2. California Trust Deed Investing: Trust Deed Investment Basics

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In the video, Bruce Norris and Craig Hill discuss the basics of trust deed investing including the players involved in private money placement. Bruce and Craig talk about the two documents in a trust deed investment including the trust deed and the promissory note. Craig then describes the beneficiary (the lender), the trustor (the borrower), and the broker as the players in private money placement. California is a trust deed state instead of a mortgage state and Bruce talks about the benefits of California being a trust deed state. Bruce and Craig discuss why trust deeds are popular including the security and the passive nature of the investment. The Norris Group's hard money loan program loans millions every month to professional California real estate investors and our network of trust deed investors leverage our relationships to create stable, high returns. Find all the links to the stories covered at http://www.thenorrisgroup.com/blog FREE INVESTOR RESOURCES: http://thenorrisgroup.com/learning/freemiuminfo.php HARD MONEY LOANS: http://thenorrisgroup.com/hardmoney We have fix and flip, buy and hold, and new construction loans. CONNECT WITH US! The Norris Group -- https://www.facebook.com/norrisgroup -- http://twitter.com/thenorrisgroup -- http://www.thenorrisgroup.com -- http://www.tngtrustdeeds.com
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