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Understanding the yield curve

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You read about it a lot in the business pages, and it sounds super complicated. But the yield curve is dead easy to read. Especially if you've every played chutes and ladders (snakes and ladders in the UK)
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Ryan Liew (17 days ago)
Good traders trade, good teachers teach
Yaris Saputra (1 month ago)
thanks..paddy are u ok? hehe
Zes (1 month ago)
wrr, not like or mean or think that, nonerx, mean, think any nmw, the economy is not necessarily like that, not the ivory tower thinking
Chris Garafola (1 month ago)
How are you writing on the screen... Mind blown.
EmmMacken (2 months ago)
can i please suggest that you do not use markers or anything that squeaks when you write - i find it very difficult to watch your videos which are very good - thank you
yunet lushen (6 months ago)
Jitendra sharma (7 months ago)
Great work
Elle Liam (7 months ago)
I love you! you managed in two minute videos to simply explain things that are taking me months to understand.
Pankaj Manohare (7 months ago)
Best explanation of yield curve ...
krishna (7 months ago)
you are matthew mcconaughey of finance
Nour Malaki (7 months ago)
CarmenDelCrec (8 months ago)
The curve is about to invert! Next big crash, here we come. Buy gold, silver and bitcoin.
Himanshu Agarwal (8 months ago)
Explain rolldown return
Mike Mace (8 months ago)
This is a description, not an explanation.
Thomas Headley (1 month ago)
Complex explanations do not fit well in the YT format. This is the history of the world in two minutes. Get thee to a library.
evadesc (4 months ago)
Mike Mace excellent point. Superficial description doesn’t tell viewer why inverted yc happens
Nouer Uz-Zaman (10 months ago)
'shot and ladders'...... and i always knew it as snake and ladders or was it just me.
frankgrimms (11 months ago)
this is awesome! probably the best yet easiest explanation ive found to finally understand it!
xiuling huang (1 year ago)
very clear!! thank you!!
Commando303X (1 year ago)
Ugh, the screeching of that marker...
Aman Lal Shrestha (1 year ago)
short- on point video ! keep it up ! :)
Nathan Self (1 year ago)
Easy and simple explanation. Thank you!
jerry danstan (1 year ago)
wow you are great
Gayatri Sarkar (1 year ago)
Best explanation of yield curve ..loved it
Ryan Kalem (1 year ago)
James: I think he is actually right handed (mirrored video :)
Kevin Miller (1 year ago)
or he's wearing a girl's shirt - buttons on left. ;)
James OhNo (1 year ago)
how is he writing backwards?
BallsworthBallsbury (8 months ago)
Look where his wedding ring is....
Jones Dawg (1 year ago)
He probably writes normally and they mirror the image in editing.
Thomas Evans (2 years ago)
Amazing, cheers !
Austin Page (2 years ago)
What about a steep yield curve
Ta Serrão (2 years ago)
Great video! Thank you!
Supernova (2 years ago)
Great explanation and visual! I just watched a much fancier graph at Bloomberg and I had no clue what they were talking about. They made it way too complex. Thank you!
Enrico Salilo (2 years ago)
I can't wait to see another educate movie from you Mr. Where are you? Anybody knows?
Kyle (2 years ago)
the noise that marker makes is what i imagine hell to sound like
Frances Lee (2 years ago)
Mishal SF (3 years ago)
In the beginning, I appreciate you for this video, and i wish you could cover most of the financial lessons.
Sealyyy (3 years ago)
We call it "snakes and ladders" in the Uk
Magnus McCloud (3 years ago)
I hope Paddy was ok.
Yan Xu (3 years ago)
+Magnus McCloud what happens to him, just watch several videos of him, his a great teacher

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