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GTX 1070 SLI: Is It Worth It? - Ft. MSI 1070 Gaming X

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GTX 1070 SLI: Is It Worth It? - Ft. MSI 1070 Gaming X MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X @ Amazon: http://amzn.to/28TgJgN My Store - SHIRTS/MUGS/GLASSES: http://store.paulshardware.net Thanks to Kyle for letting me borrow his GTX 1070! https://www.youtube.com/user/AwesomeSauceNews Twitter: @paulhardware http://www.twitter.com/paulhardware Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pauls-Hardware/195425877329550 Instagram: http://instagram.com/paulhardware Music by Kevin MacLeod Audio file(s) provided by AudioMicro www.audiomicro.com
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Text Comments (1565)
bojan mitrovic (4 months ago)
1070 msi gaming x is now 200 euro in serbia...man im seling everything i got to buy 2 of them.
Wolf c18 (5 months ago)
This video is 2 years old but I'm today using 1070Ti Asus SLI and it's really nice.
AlekMZ (18 days ago)
Wolf c18 how much does it boost FPS and performance
fkykas (5 months ago)
Results are weird. Maybe it is CPU bottleneck, but I have been researching gtx 970 sli and it seems that its performance is close to 1080 (about 10 fps less) so I expected more from 1070 sli.
cooldog42 (6 months ago)
Adam's Tricks (6 months ago)
it is a killer for 4k gaiming
Curtis Boynton (7 months ago)
But can it play the original crysis 1 for PC that nearly melted my rig back then?
Juul Blom (7 months ago)
What is better 2x gtx 1070ti for 500 euro's (about a us dollar or one 1080 ti for 750 euro
Victor Aravena Leal (9 months ago)
gtx 1070 offer $288 right now... really considering sli. since rtx 2080 sucks
Victor Aravena Leal (9 months ago)
they went up to 444 DAMN! as i was writing this comment
Kao Product Channel (10 months ago)
If it 700 dollar for gtx 1070ti Sli (secondhand) is it worth it? Now in my country the gpu cost really drop Gtx 1050ti = 90$ Gtx 1060 3gb = 120$ Gtx 1060 6gb = 160$ Gtx 1070 = 250$ -Gtx 1070ti = 350$ Gtx 1080 = 400$ Gtx 1080ti =450$ Which one is best for sli and for the money(all of this is cost of second hand and if it retail price just add 30 dollar)
Sickness2310 (10 months ago)
MSI 🤢 give me EVGA any day
《 snipe X 》 (10 months ago)
0:04 on the top left corner isn’t that one right there????🤔🤔🤔
Sergey Novikov (10 months ago)
NVIDIA SLI is a fucking marketing bullshit!
Michael Smith (1 year ago)
Is it possible to use 3 of these cards at same time
Jed Sanford (1 year ago)
I love your breakdowns- So its seems after watching this, if you had a single 1070 (I have a 1070sc from EVGA) you would be better off selling that card and buying a 1080ti than buying a second 1070 and SLI-ing it. Sound about right? I mean, I could sell mine for at least 300, a new 1070 would run me min 450-500, so we are looking at 800- Could probs find a 1080ti for that.
linkingisnonsense (1 year ago)
Suspiciously just over 10 minutes...Hmmm...
One question only One question , sli mode work Now in 2018 ? I have two 1070 And i want try sli for My HTC ...for You is a Good solution ?
Squid_Soup (1 year ago)
Doing the math, a 1070Ti SLI is better than a 1080Ti, and is like $50 more
Runar Schea (1 year ago)
can i make a sli bridge with 2 diffrend graphics card?
Derby Mods (1 year ago)
Max 480p frame rate on literally anything?
Brandon Lee (1 year ago)
Do you need 3 cards to run 3 screens? I'm into racing so I don't need 3 cards but I need the 3 screens
misha (7 months ago)
Rhaegar Targaryan if you are still wondering no...... absolutely not lol
Remy Dufresne (1 year ago)
2016: ...pricing seems high... 2018: BRUH
dvr1337 (4 months ago)
160€ only hahah
N75911 (7 months ago)
I got an EVGA 1070 FTW last year that cost $400, then it got fried, I RMA'd it and they sent me a new one for free, left it vaccuum sealed, and it sold for almost a $600 bid on eBay. Just bought a 1080 Ti refurbished for $600 yesterday... I'd say WIN!
Marx (10 months ago)
ryan day you mined crypto and contributed to paying higher for the gtx 1070, as capitalist scum you won, as a communist god you disappoint
ryan day (11 months ago)
Remy Dufresne Used the crypto currency I traded for to buy a 1070 gaming x... Do I win?
Tu Chenz (1 year ago)
CPU limitation with a 5930k and a 1080? wut
Alastair Archibald (1 year ago)
My desktop has 2 x Zotac AMP! Extreme GTX980ti SLI + 16GB DDR4 Kingston Hyper X Predator Quad 3000MHz OC as far as I dare. I'm not looking to upgrade any time soon.
tigerbalm (1 year ago)
Wasted 1/2 the total memory...duh!
Tiennos Migos (1 year ago)
Hey there, I finally managed to install my sli-system gtx 1070 amp with two kraken g10s and a NZXT Kraken X62 for my Processor. I wanted to try an sli system for at least one time in my life xD.. I got heatsinks for the graphics cards installed and everything is running supercool. I got one problem tho...When I play Witcher 3 in 4k for example my game freezes after some time and I got to restart. My PSU is a 850W and I don't think it's due a lack of Power. Sidenotes: GPU temperatures while playing are 30-50C GPU boosts up automatically at around 2000 Mhz I hope some1 who reads this got a solution. Maybe I do have to increase the power-usage of my gpu's? Have a great day!
nothing but something (1 year ago)
Lyfe Rekt (1 year ago)
Speaking from the future... prices now around 1000 usd
machinist1337 (1 year ago)
Sli doesnt work dont buy two graphics cards ever
Moibhin (1 year ago)
machinist1337 disgusting peasant
jim bob (1 year ago)
my EVGA 1060 SSC runs at 1985mhz sometimes reaching 2001mhz, amazing what they've done in the last two years for auto overclocking with nvidia, really happy with it for 1080p :)
Matthew Van Helden (1 year ago)
I was out ofof gaming for a few years and when I got my 1070 and saw the fans weren't spinning at idle it scared the shit out of me lol
Johny Action (1 year ago)
I have the MSI GTX 1070 gaming X and struggle to overclock even a very small amount, this was also the case with a GTX550ti and GTX750FTW!!. What is goin wrong as I have power covered with a Corsair CX750 PSU, what is goin wrong?.
JUKESTUBE (1 year ago)
What is the highest end graphics card?
SRAVAN S (1 year ago)
Conclusion : get a 1070 and do SLI if you find a 2nd one for cheap !
Toxa Gaming (9 months ago)
I got my gtx 1070 (same one as in the video) for $200 used
DeFaux (1 year ago)
Hi iw as just wondering which cpu and memory would pair best with the msi 1070 gaming X ?
Shon T. (1 year ago)
can my seasonic M12-II 620W EVO run 2 msi 1070 gaming x?
Damon Yeates (1 year ago)
Shaun Timbol no it can't
Jonathan Delapaz (1 year ago)
What’s the difference between OC Mode and Gaming Mode?
Jediael (1 year ago)
1070ti is here
SickLid (1 year ago)
"fencing" partner.
Ari Wolfe (1 year ago)
paul, you fence?
Afnan Studio (1 year ago)
“I got i got” rich people getting free things
Mrad Rayen (1 year ago)
i can't hear you gpu sound cause my pc is so fucking loud like an jet xd
Derby Mods (1 year ago)
I just realized I was unsubscribed from your channel... Wtf
Mike D (1 year ago)
The only down side of this card is is that it won't fit smaller cases
Copy&Paste (1 year ago)
so sli is a waste of time?
Scy master (1 year ago)
For Gamers SLI Doesnt Worth it, Most Games do not support SLI , even in some you get FPS Drops, Just Get 1080 Ti it has same performance as 2xGTX 1070
Zead (1 year ago)
gtx 1070 msi =500$ gtx 1080 g1=510$ WTF
Redstar (1 year ago)
I'm curious. Can you sli the MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6gb?
Redstar (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Conservatively Stupid (1 year ago)
GTX 1060 doesnt support sli
GTIP productions (1 year ago)
SLI doesn't do anything when the games you play don't support it
Marius Verbavicius (1 year ago)
700eur after year...... AFTER one year launched already....
The Suspect (1 year ago)
So which is better, the Nvidia gtx 1070 or the MSI gtx 1070 gaming x?
GTX 1070 GAMING (1 year ago)
no multi gpu is worth it
William Sexton (2 years ago)
a big waste of your cash
Joosh Booge (2 years ago)
not back then only now is the price extremely high because of the miner craze.
Loop Control (2 years ago)
Now there sky rocket'd in price, damn miners. :P
Dylan Sowden (2 years ago)
I was about to buy a msi 1070 but like you said they are out of stock so I don't know if I should get a different graphics card for my build or just wait for it to come back out
Joosh Booge (2 years ago)
wait until the miners start selling their cards on ebay to try to cut their losses to pick up some cheap gpus
BipolarToast (2 years ago)
when my computer fans are louder than the gpu fans lol
Gondola Gripes (2 years ago)
I was able to get one of these on eBay for around $350 used a month or so after it came out. works great and at that price it seemed better fit for everything.
Joosh Booge (2 years ago)
dude you shouldnt have bought right now you should have waited for the market to calm down or bought a 1080.
VNX Devil (2 years ago)
1000$ for 2 gpu's Xbox one x is better option right now
Joosh Booge (2 years ago)
wait a few months when the market calms down. miners are crazy right now once it calms down normally you could get 4 for 1k
Tim B (2 years ago)
Hey paul you have inspired me to build my own PC If I have problems is there a way to pm you for help
YoCyber (2 years ago)
Can't even get a gtx 1070 right now. It's the last thing I need for my build!!!
Joosh Booge (2 years ago)
heres a tip watch ebay in a few weeks. miners will be trying to cut their losses by selling their AMD gpus and you could get them really cheap
NOVA MIX (2 years ago)
Is it worth my upgrade? I have gtx 1060 and would like to have an upgrade to 1070.
Joosh Booge (2 years ago)
no i would save up to get a 1080 or even buy a rx 580 once the market calms down
Matt J (2 years ago)
Does the msi app work with the founders edition?
The Last Mohican (2 years ago)
I have a 1060 sli
Joosh Booge (2 years ago)
lol thats impossible silly
TRoJ4N (2 years ago)
What is the difference when using a 4k sli adapter vs the 5k adapter? on the dual msi x version 1070's, I'm not sure which to buy. I want the most out of performance and price doesn't matter to me
Leevi Litz (2 years ago)
nvidia led visualizer. it will sync up lighting in sli.
Nemerok Cid (2 years ago)
I'm actually impressed with how the 980 Ti perform with those new GPU. I mean damn you can buy one second hand still on a warranty for a year or 2 for like 250$. Freaking good deal. But seriously i call some benchmark bullshit since the 980 Ti is claimed and tested 3% faster (IN GAME NOT BENCHMARK) than a GTX 1070 without any thermal throttling of course. The 980 Ti handle lighting effect better also.
Raana Golz (2 years ago)
i Want the 1070 only for watch dogs 2 rocket League and gta 5
bobotron (2 years ago)
i currently have the 1070 gaming x and its beast !
Poe Lemic (2 years ago)
Thanks for making slides easier to read (2:58) ... I'm color-blind / color-deficient, so it helps to have colors very distinct. Thanks.
nerd Mike (2 years ago)
So are you telling me this card runs like a stock 1080? Lol, other test doesn't tell the same, expecially at 4k. Even at 2K a 1080 usually get some boost against 1070, why?
Nico101 (2 years ago)
Still sucks that multi gpu setups aren't worth it. Kinda makes me wish I spent the extra £200 on the 1080 in hind sight rather than buying the Zotac 1070
Random Guy (2 years ago)
So this video is old , and i am sure the Drivers for the SLI has been fixed. will you do the same video again?
Soumen Dutta (2 years ago)
Paul.. gift me a graphics card please
Valcor (2 years ago)
Do youtube benchmarkers make there graphs hard to read / look at on purpose. By the time I work out which color of the rainbow the 1070 is I then find out there's 10 yellows. And then after that it skips to the next 1
MoRB_HD (2 years ago)
does the MSI GTX 1070 GAMING X have 2 display ports?
Northwind (2 years ago)
Just get a gtx 1080Ti.
Rick Iltes (2 years ago)
No give-aways ?
nnnscorpionnn (2 years ago)
msi gaming app is torture for us
ScreaZ Gaming (2 years ago)
can you give me gpu..
ameer m (2 years ago)
i wish i had at least one of these cards
T .B (2 years ago)
Next year "Nividia stops SLI support for 70"
Chris Rodriguez (2 years ago)
did you OC yourself or did you tap the OC button in msi when you did the second benchmark with 18000 firestrike score?
RobinTKD1 (2 years ago)
you get a like for the colourblind thought when making the charts!
Ducky Duck (2 years ago)
I'm colorblind but I'm fully colorblind #R.I.P
Koeras (2 years ago)
If only i could afford that card. Sadly overpriced. Hope that 1070 will back down to around 390 to 360.
Ugh. This video makes me sad seeing the 1070 price. I paid 450 for my 1070 on release day, and you can get 1080's for about that price now. :(
Johnathan Fouche (2 years ago)
when doing the 1080 sli benchmarks please put it against a 1080 ti, and also include many many more games to get a better idea of value
Raymond Lopez (2 years ago)
great video Paul thanks for helping me save my money!
L. Torrence (2 years ago)
2 1070's is truly a waist of money
davidsirmons (2 years ago)
Will be getting a mboard capable of at least 2 such cards, and ultimately 3 for 3d rendering and high-end modeling with Redshift. Can't wait! :D
DarkLord PoChan (2 years ago)
You do fencing with kyle? Sweet! would love to see a video of that.
AL1EN (2 years ago)
MICROSTUTTER .. you non-hypersensitive human trash.
U308 (2 years ago)
Totally appreciate the colourblind friendly graphs! Usually, it's a turnoff for us when we see graphs as it can be very puzzling and difficult to see. When yours came up, I was - oh - cool - no problem! THANKS!
YameFZ09er Brian (2 years ago)
I have this set up with 2 Zotac GTX 1070 minis in SLI. I am able to play all my games in 4K at 60 FPS. Some perform better then others but for the most part I'm glad I went with 2 Zotac minis. For anyone wanting to save some money I highly recommend this set up as its nearly the same price as one 1080 and performance is better then the titan X. Cant beat that.
P3D Simulations CO-EU (2 years ago)
Hi, My question is? Can i do Sli between Gtx 1070 and gtx 1080 in asus strix?. Thank you.
Mostwanted (2 years ago)
KBSA YT (2 years ago)
I´m getting an i7 6700k, Maximus Viii HERO, Asus stris GTX 1080, 16 gb 3000mhz. It´s a right decision?
SavageHippie (2 years ago)
Yes definitely
Jan Erik (2 years ago)
its Worth, 100%
Chris A (2 years ago)
Did you get any coil whine? My MSI GTX 1080 X 8GB has it bad :(
Frosty 8415 (2 years ago)
No it is actually not worth it. I am unimpressed with the value per dollar. Sorry but the price point is prohibitive. Especially for large builds with multiple graphic cards.
Gabriel Varela (2 years ago)
In my country I can only buy a rx 480 8gb with $470
Krazy Vato (2 years ago)
WTF are you talking about all those numbers and words, we speak the same language yet I got no clue WTF your saying can I just play my games on ultra settings or not? LOL
Glomo (1 year ago)
You shouldn't be watching these videos if you don't understand

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