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TheAntiTerrorist on Corporate Revenue Collection

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Who are the 'investors'...? http://www.dnb.co.uk/ http://www.dnb.com/us/ These entities are very elusive and are invariably 'trading' under some other name. Try (company 'trading as') in your searches. https://smallbusiness.dnb.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/IballValidationCmd?storeId=10001&catalogId=70001&busName=Members%20of%20House%20of%20Lords&state=undefined&country=GB&cm_mmc=dnb*home*gws*lookup#goTop https://smallbusiness.dnb.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/IballValidationCmd?storeId=10001&catalogId=70001&busName=Members%20of%20House%20of%20Lords&state=undefined&country=GB&cm_mmc=dnb*home*gws*lookup#goTop A heads-up: The AntiTerrorist Hand book is available worldwide on all Amazon sites UK: http://tinyurl.com/mwgmjo US: http://tinyurl.com/mpauum At least there's no problem with the audio levels. :-) Visit the AT store on CafePress.No profits are taken from the sale of cafepress products http://www.cafepress.com/THEANTIT TheAntiTerrorist Handbook on Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/mwgmjo US: http://tinyurl.com/mpauum CA: http://tinyurl.com/y9c5qdk Standing Under Freedom on Amazon UK: http://tinyurl.com/39kp88k US: http://tinyurl.com/37pexft CA: http://tinyurl.com/367ooef For the past few years I've been inundated with questions about how people can contribute to my finances, often in the hope that it might empower me to produce more videos, but I have declined because the frequency of my broadcasts is not related to how much i have, rather to my available time and inspiration to do so. That aside, receiving donations in the usual fashion would compromise my privacy, as I would have to give someone somewhere an 'ID' to receive AT related funds and that would not work for many, very obvious reasons. However, I've recently schooled myself on the benefits of Bitcoin and thought I'd give it a whirl. I have no idea how useful they are or will be in the future but if you feel you have received any value from my ramblings over the years, and you have so many bitcoins that they're becoming a burden you just cant bear any more, then fire a few this way and I'll buy a pizza or a pair of socks with them. 1Ax1wvma7cnd2Jiyii7uXPGtZvjJmT2R3b Be well.
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Text Comments (155)
Warrior Of Truth (8 months ago)
Haha that ending was fantastic..."don't take my word for it, im just a guy wearing a Black balaclava and sunglasses after sundown"
Firk Koff (3 years ago)
oh yeah im loving it !
rickihicky (5 years ago)
Mmmm, seems you are putting fear into peoples heads, and why the balaclava???
HUTCHvONE (2 years ago)
I agree with every word you said buster! I'm his biggest fan, I've been his most punctual student from the beginning! I know the truth when I hear it! and this Man is the closest thing to an Oracle I've ever come across in my 40 years on Earth!, he's been like a big brother/mentor to me for almost 10 years! Much Love from Canada AT, Wake em uP mate!~ Talented Speakers in the "Alternative Research Movement/Truth Movement" hit targets no one can hit!,.. but The Anti-terrorist?... he hits targets no one can see!~ Believe!!!
rickihicky (4 years ago)
+buster81365 ihat is a fair point
buster81365 (4 years ago)
@rick hickey do you not know the power of anonymity to be anonymous is a tool against those who would silence  or harm him.. if they can not identify him they can not silence, harm or control him I support his effort and respect his desire to be left alone to say as he wishes. I have in the 6 years I have listened to him ever say a word against another soul. I believe him to be a peaceable man and he only wants to remain so.
bahar barasto (5 years ago)
did D&B's Ministry of justice report show assets, funds etc, ? I was curious to know, AT. :~)
codensdad1 (5 years ago)
Can i opt out of the system ALL TOGETHER?
Shine Ha (6 years ago)
Great stuff.....WAKE UP PEOPLE!!
cavemansecretary (6 years ago)
Gizziiusa (6 years ago)
Ft. Lee NJ just passed a ordinance/law making it illegal to text message and walk on the sidewalk. if caught, its a $85 fine. nuts !
Christopher Ball (7 years ago)
wow, this is some good info. im on the D&B website now, ive signed up and now im tracking businesses, but where do i get the detailed info u showed? will that be sent to me? thanks buddy.
kevin coker (7 years ago)
Thanks For The wake Up Call Bro!
tazzym1 (7 years ago)
@sammybarnet Hi sammybarnet - the trick comes at the end of the sentence - You have the right to remain silence...blah blah blah...Do you UNDERSTAND? If you says YES - thats it - you have agreed to enter into the CONtract with them. Learn what it means to STANDUNDER someones authority...You simply say - NO I DO NOT STAND UNDER YOU - you are not CONtracting today - Learn that ACTS have NO AUTHORITY - thats why they required your CONsent...to make their CONtracts valid. Peace :)
Wobbly Pod (7 years ago)
@Cinemaguy2007 I believe this is the podcast show you are seeking ;) Regards.
kiwirobin (7 years ago)
Great post !!! Nuff said... Kia kaha...Aroha...
sam barnett (7 years ago)
@TheAntiTerrorist Second comment: could you please inform me about that side of the right to remain silent, im very interested what should happen if you say nothing and are taken to court for a crime you are not guilty of. can you still remain silent in court? Thank you so much if you have replied for this, if not, well your videos are very very very very very very informative to me and i feel privelleged to be a viewer.
sam barnett (7 years ago)
@TheAntiTerrorist i really hope you read this. i have been wondering, and you may've mentioned it in another video, but i really am quite busy and cannot go through every single one of your videos looking for the answer. im a new viewer, soon to be subscriber. The first i've seen of you is dealing with the police. Now when i was listening i noticed that when you were talking about your right to remain silent, you didnt mention that anything you fail to mention may harm your defence. next comment
BakaraK (8 years ago)
the last statement from policeman at 2:30 is excellent...i hope he quits as a revenue collection officer.
TheDirector17 (8 years ago)
Surely it's necessary for the police to be registered on such a website The Constabularies are not "the government", but agencies appointed to operate in the interests of the crown. This website is just a credit rating site, not a trading site. They can appoint contractors, and they have to pay their own bills. If for whatever reason a Police Force chooses not to pay a bill, then surely its right they get a CCJ and its right that the public can see this?
Ted calvin (8 years ago)
I'd like to say. I'm so glad to finnally hear someone speak in plain english that average joe can understand.
03studios (9 years ago)
Great video
XhosStyleX (9 years ago)
Back to topic...great vids man...informative...and the voice is badass. I want one.
XhosStyleX (9 years ago)
Hide My IP 09...simple solution, but not the best. Theres tons of reasons to stay anonymous online. I for one can find most IP address's in a matter on minutes.. hence I can locate you. Alot of people dont realize that thier online activities can knock on thier front doors.
RALF7253 (9 years ago)
Would u like fries with that, LMAO! But seriously, this is sum scary shit, I'm just starting 2 learn about all this & i KNOW that this is all true!!!
bart simpson (9 years ago)
Many thanks!
Sarah Martin (9 years ago)
Brilliant wisdom! We are growing our own veg and stockpiling now!
mateous11 (9 years ago)
You are the MAN......°° :-)
TheLivingDeadOne (9 years ago)
The next thing is this fake stock market manipulation,. not so bad news,. not so many thousands of jobs lost this month, thats always good news,..
Simon Cookson (9 years ago)
Hi Tintube123 You could call him a sheep but at the moment that would be unfair as he has had no insight into any of this alternative info. I showed him the info from D&B but he could Justify it as it wasn't giving every detail (probably the important bits). He has no argument he just hasn't had a conclusive piece of information. His main points were if they are companies then they will have Auditors, so who are they? along with company numbers and shareholder. Do you know of this info? Cheers
Simon Cookson (9 years ago)
I have thanks, but unfortunately like many others I am not knowledgeable of the way the system actually works. I have provided the person I mentioned a report from Dun and Bradstreet and he could justify (info way beyond me) every point in the report. So my initial information taken from this video (right or wrong) has been challenged convincingly. I am now having to dig deeper for more info. Just trying not to be a sheep and believing any old bit of info. Should I not ask, is that wrong?
Simon Cookson (9 years ago)
Thanks for your great info, I am trying to get someone quite influential to believe what you are saying in this vid but he has a few things that need clearing up before he can truly believe 1. He would like the company numbers 2. He would like the shareholders names 3. Who are the auditors? It would also be great if you had a clearer film of the D&B web pages so we could read them. Thanks for your great work and I hope you can provide this information.
VKVDM (9 years ago)
Thank you AT. Fantastic work!!! Cant wait for the next Videos, I was watching video after video of yours last night till 4am....worth the missed sleep. Keep em coming!
Namaste1001 (9 years ago)
Great post, thanks. I write messages on bank notes with a link to a website to try and spread the word. Use their own form of control against them.
Agent .Smith (9 years ago)
You should have a podcast show Mr. Antiterrorist, I'd listen!
CV (9 years ago)
You're the best man. Thanks from Canada.
bogesk (9 years ago)
Yep, it's true. Checked out the sight in Australia, RBA, town councils, state govt's....all there!
Raw420Films (9 years ago)
You are fricken incredible... Fantastic. How do we claim our status during a stop by the police? and how do we let them know we do not recognize their authority? I'm willing to be kidnapped and thrown in a jail cell against my will? what do we do?
very nosey (9 years ago)
wow great stuff man, thanks and will be subscibing and checking the rest of this, keep up the good work!
hstone39 (9 years ago)
Youtube is funny as hell. lol
DVincentW (9 years ago)
One of your videos arent available in the Un-United States... I have a playlist of your invaluable views. Thank you
Jeorney (9 years ago)
Don't forget Gaudy Brown selling off over half of the UK gold reserves at the lowest return rate. I guess it acts as a catalyst to force us into the Euro.
Vin Seneb (10 years ago)
No Loughreymonster I think AT is a policeman,or was at some point,he mentions them alot. He's too forward for an accountant. I have to admit that I like his style aswell and he is spot on with his speeches. The storing of dried food and digging in against the NWO is a bit of a fantasy though It's a bit of a bunker mentality.I'd rather band together with my friends and family to stand and fight the bastards.The worst scenario is Death,and that wouldn't be a bad thing if the NWO get their evil way
Chris Lock (10 years ago)
this guys obviously an accountant. I realised a few minutes into this if I took away the "VENOM" outfit, this is just a man reading me finiancial records - with interesting implication though. Gotta say like his style and respect his goals. And hey if you see Spiderman tell him spiderman 3 sucked balls!
xxXCALIBURxx (10 years ago)
It goes further than that I'm afraid. All they're doing now is nothing new, during the Roman Empire they used military power to support their trade interests, the people knew nothing of this and were told they were being attacked, the state administered various wars and used its people as a power source for their financial profit. Same thing with the US empire, only this time US's economical interests are over-seas, meaning they had to invade countries halfway across the world to kill people.
Danster82 (10 years ago)
The government are obviously just a tool and not looking to make profit which would be obvious by the fact that they have no need to sell revenue to investors as they could make more profit by keeping it for themselves so its not good business sense to sell this revenue its also not good business to borrow money from private banks when they have the power to create the money themselves therefore we can conclude they are not running themselves as a business for profit but are a tool for business.
WTU208 (10 years ago)
I checked the info on the Dun and Bradstreet website - The man speaks the truth folks.
WTU208 (10 years ago)
I didn't realise the stink goes all the way. Even the government is a corporation...
tonyacehawk (10 years ago)
I have been trying to get ready for things to come...and I want to study...but there is so much going on...where is a good place to start?
TheGreatestTeamOfAll (10 years ago)
This is the first guy I've seen talking about this stuff with his head screwed on right.
JonBoy147 (10 years ago)
I think when you get to the level your talking about it is almost impossible to know who is really behind it, but you are correct in that the both financial systems are controlled by the same people, and originate from britain but many of those people originated from main land europe i.e. Rothschilds. Now though there are nemerous people from nemerous countrys all over the world working together controlling this empire so to say it is under british control is an overstatement
JonBoy147 (10 years ago)
Does anyone what percentage in the form of tax of the BOE interest is payed back to the chancellor of the exchequer. I have been reserching this and I have not come close to finding it.
Zen0xious (10 years ago)
Whilst I agree with some of what you said I think it's stupid that you think the British government is somehow at the center of this. In the current financial climate the UK is directly linked to the dollar which means we are in essence subservient to your financial system. I mean look at the current financial mess in Europe which is all directly linked to Fannie Mae etc.
xxXCALIBURxx (10 years ago)
It's not too shocking, all states had their little ways of getting their revenue around. But the global system today is very amazing. Britain's financial district has so many secrets it's almost unbelievable. The UN, EU, and Rockefeller. It's all connected to the US. The US is just an agent collecting revenue for the British government.
David Stanley (10 years ago)
You will find that the day they took your guns was the day that the govt began socking it to you. So it will be in America.
jasonmhc (10 years ago)
google "gerald celente and the revolution". celente is a well respected analyst and trend forecaster. when he says revoultion in the states and world wide is imminent people sit up and listen...hes and incredibly clever man. dont live in the dark. go listen folk
jasonmhc (10 years ago)
i agree!! with last comment.. thank god people like you are out there sharing your knowledge and passion. you are the man A.T my friend is a police officer and he is very dissolusioned with his job, hes a good man though.. all power to the good officers, we know youre out there.
basszack (10 years ago)
well same from mn.
FeverIAm (10 years ago)
Fantastic video - hopefully enough people will see this and wonder... is he right? Peace
Joe Serrano (10 years ago)
Thanx very much for the valuable info' Antiterrorist, rate ya 5 stars!
formless777 (10 years ago)
That is an interesting claim and far from improbably. I will indeed investigate this. Any "names" in particular which you think are relevant ?
Ef You See Kay jewtube (10 years ago)
investigate Talmudists. The eugenics movements stem from them.
Ef You See Kay jewtube (10 years ago)
Have you come up with any ideas as to how this influences your interactions with these corporations?
Ef You See Kay jewtube (10 years ago)
That vid recommends 85% of people get vaccinated. The globalists want a population reduction of 80%. Hmm. I can't wait for people to start hanging these SOB's.
InfoWarlord (10 years ago)
Great video sir.
EDK ReefMeister (10 years ago)
I thought the same thing. If he's not, they must know each other...
pdxeddie1111 (10 years ago)
words mean stuff. Think about this. Why did the position of Peace Officer be renamed to Law Enforcement Officer? Are we just sheep to be sheared with officers as our fences and handlers? I believe that if most people could glimpse at the shear magnitude of this agenda they would certainly come to udder despair and horror. Anti it's good your trying but in the end I don't think people will want to come to terms with this reality. I hope I'm wrong.
fight the future (10 years ago)
i love the sense of humor - thanks for the valuable information yet again AntiTerrorist
jedaaa (10 years ago)
i was totally unaware of any of this , seems our life's were bought and sold a long time ago, the goverment/s certanly were. by the way. be carefull to keep your vids under ten min, shame if thay get pulled coz youtube want £$ if thay over run.
duh420duh (10 years ago)
very nice!
The Houndog (10 years ago)
Re It`s voluntary, no pressure.. tried to play this video in Canada but it`s being blocked
Eddiepsp (10 years ago)
blocking the truth from people of America.
Eddiepsp (10 years ago)
Your New video on your channel doesn't work on the USA. They block it........
KamikazeKoscki (10 years ago)
The Judges has well, are not implementing the laws of the land, people being injuried are ignore and getting zero compensation, leaving them starved our for the elites. The laws are set up against the American people, all because of evil congress members and judges, going along with the corruption. ex. 5 million deductibles for truck accidents, the companies just declare bankrutpcy and leave one out.
KamikazeKoscki (10 years ago)
Rothchild Dynasty are enpowered by the alien Goddesses they say.Many know that something is very wrong and believe that there is a conspiracy to enslave the population, but few suspect or dare to discuss that the conspiracy is an Anunnaki one. Aliens are behind the wars on the planet
Tinfoil Hat Lady (10 years ago)
thanks again xo tfhl
DrEugenics (10 years ago)
welcome to 1982, what can we do to sort this? Nothing, if "companies" like this have been operating since the 1600's then we are royally screwed. I'm no anti government protester or anything but this truely scares me, we are powerless and have to place our trust in companies hoping that the hammer doesn't fall on us damn....
theylive23 (10 years ago)
Great to see you back TAT- please keep the information coming. However I don't know how the City of London Police score 'well above average' when they're not arresting the real crooks in the Square Mile. Maybe their trade is in 'turning a blind eye' ?
Danster82 (10 years ago)
im not putting a message up though Am I. If I did I wouldnt be hiding my face, I dont have details or favorite videos because I haven't ever used youtube for putting up videos and whats important about a favorite video. Anything I know is truth I will say without covering my face. Thats why I speak it to people I meet. If you fear them enough to cover your identity then you have lost already regardless of what your saying.
OJAKA JAKAROUKLA (10 years ago)
message received proceeding to plan 623##42 beuusk 877%55$22. In 888 days, results.
formless777 (10 years ago)
Interesting though isn't it, how when people believe they are somehow more "evolved" than the rest of us they always seem to come unstuck and wind up venting their innards. Simple rule, if you can breed with it and produce live young, you're the same species. Race Theorists think that trivialities like skin color are important. The real telling point between humans is the validity of their reality picture, i.e. Science and Culture.
Dekion Plexis (10 years ago)
Someone has just linked me to this video, your stuff is amazing, I just subscribed.
wanabyastick (10 years ago)
It is not a valid law even though it is enforced it contradicts the bill of rights the only way to enact it legally would be to ammend the constitution doing it the way they did is an act of treason and they need to be put on trial!!!!!! dont worry about repealing it I think a firing squad would send a clear message DONT THINK YOU CAN FUCK WITH OUR RIGHTS AND NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE
wanabyastick (10 years ago)
I think your theory is dead on but with every swing of the pendulum we the people get screwed we need a third party or more that are viable.
When I have parked at Asda they have private security that will issue you a fine that you have to pay if you park overtime there. How is this legal or binding? It has always been a given in the usa that small town cops catch speeders for the fines not for protection of society....which is wrong. By the way ASDA is owned by WALMART! Dont go there. Walmart closes towns with cheap slave labour prices. The English people will have to fight to keep any freedom they have left.
formless777 (10 years ago)
re: Mein Kampf and Islam, they are both essentially militarist philosophies which appeal to the lowest common denominator ape-like desire to have a single Alpha doing all the thinking. Feudalism is much the same. If Islam is actually the New World Order as you say, then the NWO is a flailing, poverty stricken,corrupt and incompetent mess atm. I feel pity for the muslims, they're just getting worse at doing everything.
formless777 (10 years ago)
Then it's time to start rallies to repeal the Patriot Act.
formless777 (10 years ago)
You are right about Hitler being quotable about evolution, but he didn't actually understand the theory, in fact, if you know much about biology and want to laugh at people's ignorance, you can't go past the NAZIs for getting it wrong in the most consistently stupid fashion. Similarly there were plenty of Social Darwinists who missed the boat in other countries too. You see, they didn't understand that if you can breed with someone and produce viable offspring, you're the same species.
gazzzzzz123 (10 years ago)
Really glad to see your back AT, been waiting for your return - seems ages since your last video. Keep the info coming. PPL WE NEED EVERYONE WE KNOW TO SEE THIS In this instance knowledge is power.
Psy0pAgent (10 years ago)
i think the same thing happened with the last 18 civs, this crap was tried, worked up until everyone woke up, got fed up, hung the f&kers and moved away and started to farm. they lived good for a while, got lazy, wagon shows up with ass selling snake oil and the whole thing started again. problem is, this time, its a global village. only place left for pioneers is offworld.
Ragnar Danneskjöld (10 years ago)
the manner in which u format ur videos... looks like ur trying to scare people to do certain things for a cause aka terrorism
MrPragmatism (10 years ago)
Forget religion there are far more pressing issues as explained by the AT in this video, did you miss that part?
Manckie Manc (10 years ago)
well many believe the universe was created when nothing exploded. they believe that all life evolved from ROCKS. Bible says in the last days a great many people will come to believe a lie. there will be mockers. That a false religion will be forced upon people. Famine, disease, war...our economies are about to collapse, yet on the tv we are still being offered loans at competitive rates. Evolution is a faith. Islam is the Anti-Christ religion.
xxXCALIBURxx (10 years ago)
It's funny how the Bible has called out so many things, but people still believe we evolved from nothing.
Manckie Manc (10 years ago)
Bible prophesy is coming into fruition. No amount of food will help you. The UK will most likely be a pile of soldering dust within a few years. Think you evolved from a rock?
Paul horneto (10 years ago)
True mate, but you know what they say about cornered animals...
KKKn50cal (10 years ago)
If Barrack Osama gets elected, you won't have to wait any longer.
Paul horneto (10 years ago)
I don't know if I'm more scared of vindication than being proved right.
Danster82 (10 years ago)
Good intentions behind your messages but hiding your face and voice only feeds into the system, you must do your work in the light of day.
Warkarma (10 years ago)
:) now you give the freedom to all the criminals. They now know about police doing nothingness only giving tickets to normal people and crime will begin to act. WELL DONE DUDE with sunglasses.
kend626 (10 years ago)
Welcome back AT. I read an article today where an Ohio Cop was reprimanded by the local Police chief for arresting too many criminals and not concentrating on writing Tickets. (Columbus Dispatch (OH), 10/13/2008) After all arrests don't generate revenue for the share holders, tickets do.
Montagraph (10 years ago)
Very very interesting!

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