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Here's why you'll NEVER make money in Forex. The Forex Cycle of Doom...

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Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2ShPRPx Here' why you'll never make money in Forex. It's all because of the Forex cycle of doom. Many aspiring traders who are trying to make money in Forex don't know they're falling victim to it. The Forex cycle of doom is all about how you find a strategy, trade it, experience some losses, dump it and then find it a new strategy. It's the main reason why you'll never make money in Forex.
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Text Comments (1990)
Ren Ian Olalo (1 hour ago)
Then why are you still doing trading?lol
رضا متین (9 hours ago)
remy deen (16 hours ago)
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Suzanne Brooks (1 day ago)
I've been doing this for 2 months, so complete novice and hitting a 82% expectancy, its all in mastering the risk strategy, sticking to a 1 to 2 % risk on your trades and consistency in sticking with a strategy, not over leveraging. So the claim that you will never make money is a load of [email protected]*ocks! Also keep the indicators and charts simple, a lot of folk over complicate their charts.
Paul Kaz (1 day ago)
Hi, thanks for sharing. Do you mind giving us the bare bones of your strategy?
CALORIE WARS (3 days ago)
Love the video. I myself payed someone to train me. But he gave me the system in tiny bits. I'll take lose. Then he will say don't do that. Then repeat over and over. I could get a hand of the system. So over some time I learn off my own back that fractals are strong on the daily and to use direct with the 4H. Also IV added alligator plus ema. It's a slow system. But I like the was it work. Almost like bill chaos but my indecators are different colours and I apply alligator to 5 candle fractals. Inna higher time frame like daily. Failing that I'll use on 4H bur use signals from the daily.
Adam richardson (2 days ago)
Joseph Josiah (3 days ago)
Hi there, please I'm looking to learn forex as i heard it is quite effective for financial freedom in the long run as i am looking for a way out of the rat race
James HSU (2 days ago)
+Arthur Ebuka Lol. all 3 accounts are the same people. your scam sucks.
Tracy Anne (3 days ago)
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Arthur Kunta (3 days ago)
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oge lucky (3 days ago)
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Charles Bryan (4 days ago)
i have XAU n they wont let me trade it
Ice Cold (5 days ago)
lol wrong i started with 200 euros and in two years i had 1200 euros
Mo Adsm (6 days ago)
how much forex is paying for this ?
Paul McKeown (6 days ago)
I'll just go and slit my wrists now then! What is the point of this rant??
Qaisar Lance fx (6 days ago)
Awesomely informative..
Hanifah Garba (7 days ago)
this video is rubbish.
Dania James (8 days ago)
What about margin loans and interest. Margin accounts and cash accounts
Payo T Gbnsmuzik (8 days ago)
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Isagenix Health (8 days ago)
I thought this was going to be an authentic video with the facts being presented: "You will never make money in Forex because you trade against your Broker on their internal servers and not on any regulated exchange"
Rayn George (9 days ago)
This videos are not real, msg brian on 267578 4862, I got 23,000 bucks from him
descbs (9 days ago)
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Tazmaster (11 days ago)
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collins BM (11 days ago)
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James Weish (12 days ago)
Most traders lose because they carry out trades on there own having little or no experience. I was once in such kind of situation till i came into the light by investing with an expert at this point i began to see how profitable trading was
James Weish (8 days ago)
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Cloid Cloid (9 days ago)
Hi, can you recommend somebody?
89 Apparel (12 days ago)
I totally agree with you on that To become an expert you have to be mentored by a professional.
audu nurudeen (13 days ago)
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audu nurudeen (13 days ago)
100% true, he has been at this for years now and hasn’t let anyone down.
Paul Brown (13 days ago)
Mr Hafeez trades with so much experience.
Paul Brown (13 days ago)
With Mr Hafeez as my trader I have made no less than $10,000. He had cold feet and i started small but invested more as i gain maximum profit with his unique strategy which is actually the best. There's sincerely no end to the amount of funds Mr Hafeez can generate, i will advice anyone that want to trade binary option should all give him a try.
anita miller (13 days ago)
Such an awesome and a prolific trader he is.
anita miller (13 days ago)
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Luc Hof (14 days ago)
automated trader
Ate (15 days ago)
Can someone explain this to me? I'm a beginner i don't know how to start or what to do? Do i have to deposit money or what? Thanks
Ignatius Constant (15 days ago)
Lying only because presently I am making money in forex
TipCrafter (14 days ago)
Ignatius Constant which broker you use And are you profitable overall?
Nathaniel Duke (16 days ago)
they make it look easy but to be more honest with you it's more easier when you trade with experts like Mr Allen Brookes, he's really an expert in trading.
muttaqina sanzida (16 days ago)
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shady mostafa (17 days ago)
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David Johnson (16 days ago)
Guys word of warning, only trade with legitmate registered brokers, if something goes wrong with your account, you have a chance at writing to the governing body to help you sort out any issues. Example for the UK FCA registered. Also do not seek help from anyone who proclaims to be a professional. It is actually illegal for unprofessional people to anyway shape or form to take your money. And do not be suckered by those claiming to help, start asking for money or too much of your personal details. All professional traders will be registered with a country's governing body, for example UK....FCA, before handing over any money, you can find their name and brokers license number with them too!
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sharron bags (18 days ago)
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Rajitha Namal de Silva (18 days ago)
Hi.Can a novice earn $30 per day with $200 trading account as a start?
Bernardo Mejia (18 days ago)
You CAN make money in the FX market
steven grows (19 days ago)
and again, knowing that someone engages, in various ways that you don't know how to solve, a way must be found to free yourself from impostors. To not bring them in another country. Obviously, security apart, if you can set it aside for a moment, an investor goes to put money on markets that interest him. Not on oil if you don't want the price to fall and find it polluting, etc.
steven grows (19 days ago)
exactly, not with 500 dollars or pounds, but to date, considering the damage suffered (physical injury, theft, physical injury, dishonor, fraud, intrusion threats against bank accounts, and personal data, etc.), I should have NOT 500 to deposit on an account, but - generally 10000 however, as a rule - many millions, many millions! Since I was blackmailed here by those who would like a signature on the contract, not to pay compensation for serious damages. Many milions dear friend !! Brain first, money after that.
CMkarma 555 (20 days ago)
My sister just join the fxtradingcorp.com and she's so eager for me to join I don't understand why!? And the profit send to good to be true is like you never lose money and you can start with 100$ have you seen this? And what's your take on it?
Great Video! I like the way you explain forex, you can also check this profitable forex counter trade live strategy out here https://youtu.be/bmYuRl0Q0ms
Tomas Obligar Jr (21 days ago)
I would like to ask good indicator on Forex.
ϟ letoubib ϟ (21 days ago)
Definitevely.. Thumbs UP Andrew..!!  as I ever said.. You are one the most clear and concise analyzer of market.. good explanations.. clear language.. perfect spelling.. so easy to understand..!!!  Bravooo..!!!!
Micheal Wambold (22 days ago)
After numerous losses ,i keep making profit with the amazing trading strategy of Mr Patrick Brown
ALEX B (22 days ago)
You better say " why i never made money in the forex " , this is your exepreince 40 years of losing , totally ridiculous . " I can not make so its impossible " hahahha
David Johnson (22 days ago)
85% profits on the EURUSD this week alone, and I started out the sell run with mircolots, and just slowly added more trades to the run every so often when profit was increasing. I did not use stop losses, and no over leveraging at all. Each sell added was only 0.07 lots.
David Johnson (20 days ago)
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Sir (20 days ago)
What country you from?
David Johnson (21 days ago)
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Sir (21 days ago)
David Johnson what broker you use ?
charles alen (22 days ago)
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ϟ letoubib ϟ (21 days ago)
@Charles :: good ad.!!
Christopher Addotey (23 days ago)
Very new to Online Forex trading. very interested to trade, too many scums out there. any recommendation please..............
New Jersey (23 days ago)
thats strange, i made 650k last year.
Kendal K (23 days ago)
Mentor me
Four Owls (23 days ago)
No you didn't...lol...
hsg 123 (24 days ago)
Strategy has nothing to do with success. What most traders don't realize is that you need discipline, patience and proper risk management. Once you master these 3, any strategy would work. The reason why newbies jump from one strategy to another is because they lack patience and they want to become rich overnight. They need to realize that fx trading is like any business - it takes a lot of hard work to build it over time
ϟ letoubib ϟ (17 days ago)
@Alex. ::  I mean to catch trend from top to top,.. uptrends or downtrends.. no matters.  Not just to catch trends train in the middle... to ensure profits. As per I see, many times traders uses to catch train after reverse stages are already running. Its possible to build a strategy to detect (long terms positions... long T.F) when a revesal stage is ready to come.. so.. you can take advantage pulling up the trends as soon its begins... and according such strategy.. to know how to detect on time a false trend reversal... (sometimes happens..).. is such situations.. I mostly use CCI + ADX working together to detect the point when to reverse entries... to keep always on the trend.. (pls mind for long terms positions, Non-Swaps accounts are a must.) For further details, if neccessary, feel free to let me know here your email to contact you... will be pleased to reach you also this way.  Thx.   🙏  🙏  🙏
Alex McVicar-Payling (18 days ago)
ϟ letoubib ϟ thanks 🙏 what do you mean from top to bottom? The trend I look for is when it’s at the tail end and I’m looking for it rising ? So bottom to top?
ϟ letoubib ϟ (18 days ago)
@Alex ::   Advicing.. ::  Dont use SL.  this is a fake no necessary if you trade ALWAYS on the trend. Open "short or long" position ONLY exclusivelly on long TF... tgis will let you recover from a pullback.. lastly.. try better with NonSwap account (islamic) are the best to trade long term position. Conclusions:  just need to review and check trends going back and forward different TF.  Never set any ST, need not.  Long term position always.  Always on the trend. Evidences I agreed:  -->  then it bounced back! Hurrah!  -->  I tried using a stop loss on another and it lost £10.  --> I don’t like the stop loss.  --> you can do very short currency trades of long term.  Epilog:  you can always trade successfully opening both short or long positions.. but always on the trends.. from top to bottom.. long TF are the best. Avoid to set SL. Some simple indicators are enough to detect trends.  Never complicate the screen qith plenty of crossing lines.  Islamic account. Be loyal to ur strategy always and keep on the track. No other secrets to success.!!!
Alex McVicar-Payling (18 days ago)
Please advise! So I tried it for the first time last week on a dummy account with £5000. Was excited as I made £1400 in the first day after a few hours , overbought on a couple and it bottomed out . But.... looking at the short,medium and long term it looked like it would go up (and at a currency exchange rate forecast) the forecast was too high but I waited for a few days...negative £2000, then negative £3200...gulp... but then it bounced back! Hurrah! I tried using a stop loss on another and it lost £10 . I don’t like the stop loss... it seems to me that you can do very short currency trades of long term. So I set my buy limit to buy automatically at historic lows so I don’t have to watch it . So I think my strategy is stick with it if you have enough reserve to not bottom out the account, and now not to buy excitedly as the price drops while looking at the M1 chart and thinking that’s the month( duh learning curve 🙄). Nope it’s the minute . Otherwise I’m happy with making £10-£20 per trade. I think this is reasonable but even on very short trades I guess it would work out well. Ie 100 short £1 profits is still £100 in the day and better than stacking shelves !
ϟ letoubib ϟ (21 days ago)
@HSH ::  Sureee.... TOTALLY AGREE..!!  "Discipline, patience and proper risk management"  also let me add "just a philosophy of being".. Success is a full complex blend of different elements.. as you told before.. a good strategy ISNT enough.!!  A really excelent comment HSG... must be said... coz this is what really happens with most of lossers traders.. "they jump from one strategy to another .... "  "coz they lack patience and they want to become rich overnight" Finally, once again to say.. "just a philosophy of being"
TheKingz Kingdom (25 days ago)
Paschal Okonkwo (25 days ago)
Confident and determination is how things are done
oulghazi abdelwahab (25 days ago)
I trust you...
NicoTrico (25 days ago)
How much do you reckon would be a good initial investment?
Ayye ayye (25 days ago)
NicoTrico 500$ or 2.5k or 5k
John Clinton (26 days ago)
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John Clinton (26 days ago)
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Willet Simons (26 days ago)
I just sent him an email. I hope there ain't no issues with profit payment.
Willet Simons (26 days ago)
Please how do I contact him!
dahlia's universe (26 days ago)
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Xayan Music (27 days ago)
ilie futui mortii lui
DynoTrading (28 days ago)
Great Video
Emiliano La Rocca (29 days ago)
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qyahb (29 days ago)
What you are saying you didnt have a bullet proof advantage, what you perceive as an advantage isn't really an advantage at all, more like a guessing game
Anunaki Atlantis (29 days ago)
Just simple question. If Forex is scam Why goveent and other goverment in world wide let forex keep run???
Anunaki Atlantis (29 days ago)
Forex is not just. use strategy . I noticed that you just use strategy for 13 years. That is why you get fail.
EchoSmyth (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who finds the intro to be so comical? Mr. ForexSignals is trying to convey wealth (success) but is really just showing off what my elementary school teacher is able to afford.
Jhon Forex (1 month ago)
He says the truth for most 99% of traders who are new to forex trading
Qaisar Lance fx (6 days ago)
The video is Awesomely informative.. as for me i use IQD momentum strategy that i find on my google research since 2016 owned by Lukasz Wilhelm and it has been working for me perfectly on resistance level.
righteous2012 (1 month ago)
He is speaking truth for 99% of new traders.
feyron (1 month ago)
he speaks a bunch of bs never mentioning what you can actually do to grow your account, he pointed out how you will never get rich with a 500$ account while that's true for people with no knowledge is also possible to grow that account over time if you have done your risk management right. There's plenty of people who's turned couple thousands into millions and they are even verified traders do your research before even making this bs.
brassic5 (1 month ago)
"You're never going to make any money trading the forex market" WRONG!
GOT'3M 150 (1 month ago)
This Guy Is A HATER 😂
Rodrigo Herrera (1 month ago)
Las pelotas, yo soy rentable.
Fisher Theo (1 month ago)
Way to start the video on a depressing Note.
David Haruto (1 month ago)
This is all untrue. In everyday life we go through this challenges not only in trading. Hard work makes it all work. We do need a strategy though.
Allj Domenic Jacobs (1 month ago)
Master of negativity
Jurgen Dhima (1 month ago)
reverse psychology this guys wants you to try the market and fail
Leandra Benjamin (9 days ago)
Why must there always be people like you, keep your negativity to yourself
Mr Pepino (22 days ago)
+ForexSignals TV folks never seem to realize there is a never ending frontier in every department in wealth, I'm guessing the mates in the comments not listening are dooming the first words you said not giving the whole video a chance with an open mind.
ForexSignals TV (23 days ago)
Jurgen Dhima no i don’t. Were you able to listen. I give solid advice so you don’t fail. Listen up.
Pokrovski Novel (1 month ago)
How can i get a good forex trading strategy ? can anyone help me
Pokrovski Novel (1 month ago)
I made small profits from my account managers trading signals today after my account verification process. thank you for the recommendation.
Pokrovski Novel (1 month ago)
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Allan Abad (1 month ago)
Koko Krunch Tan (1 month ago)
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Untrue you can actually make lots of money in forex, don't listen to this stuff, he does not know what he is doing, you can make lots of money and it is not that difficult
Ken Shiro (1 month ago)
Says the guy who lives under a rock
Emanuel Ector (1 month ago)
A cautionary tale! Adapt it to your reality........
Raby Pich (1 month ago)
Can we deposit $100 and withdraw that $100
Pokrovski Novel (1 month ago)
For consistent profits making ,register a forex trading account now on fxemarkets.bid broker to enable you copy 99% trades from your broker account managers after your account verification process.
Pokrovski Novel (1 month ago)
You can only withdraw when you make profits.
Christian for Christ (1 month ago)
No because your broker is going to take his commission for a 100$ it will take 3$ if my math is right
manuel francisco (1 month ago)
Whats the best strategy? Could anyone share one or two of it.
Pokrovski Novel (1 month ago)
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Keesjan Beukertsting (1 month ago)
Short the bottom, long the top
Iggy 4 (1 month ago)
Is he talking about stocks or bad relationships? Lol
L SCOTT (1 month ago)
JudeMag (1 month ago)
Nice catchy title..
Merit (1 month ago)
Wow this guy is really up. Himself I made 700 in a week and I'm proud of it
Omar Millz (1 month ago)
Merit starting with how much ?
kiddo sote (1 month ago)
thgis guy is a hater he should be burned
Steven Miller (1 month ago)
Get rid of all those monitors and just trade from your iPhone...
jizzyjames111 (1 month ago)
Someone shut this guy up
Remco laken (1 month ago)
I just made a 2k profit in seconds on xrp with a 5k order and a 20x multiplyer , so what the fuck is he talking about , you just need to be able to read charts in a professinal way , watch and follow lots of video's on youtube of professional traders that almost always make the right cals, thats how i made this profit taking that risk with my money😅👍🤑
Lawrence L. (1 month ago)
98% of these comments and viewers will still lose money trading. That's just fact. Only the absolute top killer 1 or 2% of traders will truly thrive.
Lawrence L. (1 month ago)
+Muhammed Mujeebuddin Trading is just like gambling or entrepreneurship and business development and jobs and careers....and sports....only the absolute top 1 or 2% will seize all the glory and profits...while everyone else merely makes a salary.
Muhammed Mujeebuddin (1 month ago)
He is absolutely right
Talelani Randobi (1 month ago)
You thought 100%(people) will make money...you got it wrong from the beginning..only 30% will...unfortunately you are the bunch of 70%...self fulfilled prophecy...
StrongerNow (1 month ago)
You're one of those very rare people who get dislikes from me. I never dislike a video unless it is bull-shit.
Kpop idol (1 month ago)
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Trade Wise (1 month ago)
Great video, although I agree that the title is a bit misleading! This training program on whole is genuine and valuable insights provided.
ForexSignals TV (1 month ago)
thanks,, well you wont make money if you follow what most do , was my intention to say
Cay Man (1 month ago)
At some points hes right but still 30 years are enough to build a spaceship pal yet you didnt make profits in forex!
SpaZe J (10 days ago)
Cay Man lmaooo
Cay Man (1 month ago)
+Carly Smith dont scam people pal
Carly Smith (1 month ago)
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You read too much statistics, Bill Gates create statistics, that is the difference.
This Izit (1 month ago)
You will not maie a ton of money with 500$ account? And what if you will after a few years? If you learn and you are not just jump into the ocean you have some chance to make a good living amount in 1-2 years
Pokrovski Novel (1 month ago)
You can become a profitable forex trader using fxemarkets.bid trading platform personal account managers strategy and signals daily after your account verification process.
Crush Andrea (1 month ago)
your video is meaningful~ help me a lot
William Saunders (1 month ago)
Hey, I trade too so glad to connect.
Ahmet Ayaz (1 month ago)
William Saunders if you are looking for account manager i can help :) mail me [email protected]
ramon zagers (1 month ago)
Stratɪdʒi..how is it that someone claims to know something about a thing they cannot even pronounce properly.."stlatgy"..wtf
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MyNegativeCreep (1 month ago)
I make money and you can't ok. That's fine if I get your money.
Sidharth Dash (1 month ago)
I have only one simple enquiry : Please can you give few trading companies who are honest and not riggers ? Who don't kill you on extremely variable spreads and commissions ? Can you give just 4 5 names ?
AchVlogs (1 month ago)
Арам Есаян (1 month ago)
Absolutely agree with every word!!!
DaYLe Tv (1 month ago)
perfect ( see also in dayle tv)

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