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When Archaeologists Unearthed This Aztec Temple, They Discovered Something Truly Horrifying

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Please do not forget to visit the site http://scribol.com Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/Z4nZcg ************************************************************** Built by Spanish colonialists, Mexico City was actually constructed right on the ruins of the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. The whole city, including the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan, was destroyed by the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes during his conquest of the Aztec empire. As a result, beneath the modern city lies a rich treasure trove of archaeological remains. Various excavations have subsequently been conducted under the modern city, and an especially exciting find was announced in June 2017. The discovery was located in a side alley near the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, which was built by the Spanish and dates back to the 16th century. ---------------------------------------------------------- ►Article link: https://goo.gl/vd1x6A ---------------------------------------------------------- The site, just off Mexico City’s main square, the Zocalo, is actually under what was formerly a 1940s hotel. That building was destroyed in the devastating earthquake of 1985, which killed at least 5,000 people. And after the destruction of the hotel, the owners spotted ancient remains and alerted the authorities. What archaeologists had discovered were, in fact, the remains of an Aztec temple and ball court. The locations would have been used for both religious ceremonies and sporting events, and the temple itself still retains its semi-circular form. Originally some 110 feet across and 13 feet high, the impressive religious structure was built from around 1485 to 1580 during the pre-colonial era. ************************************************************** ►You can support the channel: PATREON https://goo.gl/KtaKrp ►Image credits: https://goo.gl/vd1x6A ►web: http://watchjojo.com ► SUBSCRIBE US: https://goo.gl/Z4nZcg ► Follow Us On Google Plus: https://goo.gl/JYf9Rr ► Like us Our Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/C5Rv92 ► Follow On Twitter: https://goo.gl/PZ2U1R ►For more articles visit: http://scribol.com #watchjojo
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Text Comments (340)
B Brunson (2 days ago)
I haven’t watched it yet. Let me guess? The archeologists found human sacrifices to the devil. I’ll watch it and the let you know. 10 bucks human sacrifices, with most likely small children. I’ll be back. Surprise! Surprise! Maybe Hernando de Cortez was not so evil after all? What would any normal person do after witnessing such horror? What if the Aztecs where descendants of the Canaanites and got off by sacrificing human life? I believe that every human race, color, creed has been infected with evil. What if the Aztecs moved North into the United States and changed their name? In my county, there lived the truly peaceful Bedias, Yehua, Wichita, Keechi, and Kickapoo tribes, but they were constantly invaded by evil. I know. I know. However, not all of the evil was White. In fact many times most of the compassion, mercy and peace came from Whites. Whites make up 7.5% of the total population of the planet. It appears that evil is an equal opportunity employer.
Talking Head (8 days ago)
What arrogance....What utter arrogance! We haven't a clue, but we are gonna talk as if we do.
Castor Red (1 month ago)
Well never Mexico you really are so terrible. And here I thought you knew you built Mexico City with the knowledge of Tenochtitlan. Hah no, like all of your screw ups you slapped paste over it and said poor it was never there 👈🏻😀👈🏻
James Jacobsen (2 months ago)
Don't you think it's odd, when christiandom conquered the Aztecs. They built Church's, on top of the Aztecs religious centers. To express dominance over conquered domain. Now christiandom is in an uproar about Islam doing the same thing. In fact the holy Roman empire, now called the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican has been intact from then till now. Here's the kicker, the Vatican itself is the founders of Islam. They, schooled and trained Mohammed to be a prophet of the new religion. In exchange, Muhammad was tasked with keeping trade route's open. Then later, axed the deal in favor of conquest. Any way a bit off track there. Was wanting to talk about the purpose of the Ball Court. There were many provenances to the Aztec kingdom. City States if you will. What they call sacrifice rituals was merely an honorable form of population control. I feel compelled to explain. All war fare, at least in the past. Was the sole proprietor of population control. 🐻 with me, simple economics of supply and demand. When faced with food shortage the only option is to take from the neighbors by force. This method causing massive casualty to both provincial States. Weakened both sides to bare survival. With defense weakened, this invites a hostile take over from surrounding enemy tribes which were not part of the kingdom. So a ceremonial sporting event was devised. True, it was considered a sacrifice. It however was not a sacrifice to deity's. Instead it was considered a personal sacrifice, to ensure that the kingdom lived with in it's means. To the loosing sides, it was considered to be the highest honor to forfeit your own life. For the security for the one's you loved. In this way, it allotted for over all prosperity, while maintaining a strong defensive capacity to maintain the society. I apologise to those who are offended from my remarks.
Michael Brownlee (2 months ago)
Sunny, thank you for everything from a to z. AZ....tec
Dadson worldwide (3 months ago)
I hate that everything is classified as a religous thing when they dont know why or what. Hmm a thousand years from now they did up a 1940s TV what is this? Because family's gathered around it then its religous.haha Just like today things were built just because .cosmetics or comfort more than religous.
David Bohon (4 months ago)
I thought sports was religion for some believers
Illy (4 months ago)
could u pls tell me how this song is called?
J R (5 months ago)
Greeks sacrificed people too.... Ancient Brits also did ritual sacrifices.
Atilio Chacon (5 months ago)
The Aztec human sacrificing practice was not unique. Would the inquisition be considered a human sacrifice practice ?
Sunny Lunasoul (6 months ago)
Europeans are the ones with the terrifying history, the Aztecs did good for the world..and Europeans are jealous and did nothing but harm to humanity
Deanna Tepe (6 months ago)
opens. Gems
Sebastian Danckert (6 months ago)
What is this background music? O.o
Arthur Hau (6 months ago)
God of the "wind"! Sounds familiar? In almost all New and Old Testament scripts, "wind" has always been present. However, it is always translated as "soul", "spirit", etc etc. In Genesis, if translated literally without any distortion by any translators, it says "the wind of elohim fluttering on the surfaces of waters."
Evan Dotterer (7 months ago)
It’s honestly all speculation, they have so many artifacts there just guessing smh..
unrealone1 (7 months ago)
Build a wall!
John Edward Gallagher (7 months ago)
to compare the witch hunts to the human scrifice is just overboard. There is so much effort put out to denigrate European civilization. It is racism pure and simply whether it is self inflicted or not. But it is something to note that people can not talk about these peoples without comparing them to the Europeans, show what culture dominates. Also, in the video they make a great deal out of how the Hotel owners have to pay for the dig. That is unfair to some one who employs people. If it is the cultural heritage of all Mexicans should not all Mexicans pay for it. It will do not economic good for a business that happens to be on a site to pay for it. If I were a hotel owner and someone found artifacts on my property and I knew it would harm my business the artifacts would get destroyed. That they make the business pay for it sets a bad example. But then look at the history of that nations economics. Dreaming of the past should not impend the business of the future. Those barbaric sacrifices are still damaging people (the hotel owners and workers) except for the socialist/archeologists.
Wesley Busbin (7 months ago)
Why do you just keep showing the same pics. Where is the oval shaped well
Hefizba Beula (7 months ago)
I bet non of you kno somebody with last name Moctezuma!!!!! I did he must be direct descendant!
No Hebrew Israelites, Moors, Negro Indians?
Heru- deshet (7 months ago)
Damn Spaniards destroyed everything they discovered because of their greed. A most evil culture that killed many people and cultures in the Caribbean, North and South America.
Mark Bennett (8 months ago)
Love the subject matters, but the voiceover guy.....paleeese relax
ColoradoHermit (8 months ago)
The annoying music was so loud it made it hard to understand what was being said. Why do so many of the video clips on here have such annoying music playing​ on endless repeat drowning out what is being said about the video clips? When that music starts I don't finish watching them anymore.
forestsoceansmusic (8 months ago)
Yes, Native American empires in Mexico and further South were just as bad as murderous European empires. Am I right in thinking that North American natives did not practice human sacrifice?
Michael Fard (8 months ago)
Human beings are being sacrificed in American prisons every day
Michael Fard (8 months ago)
If European people want to start trading stories OF death AND killing I don't think the meso Americans would win. We don't know what the real situation was for those deaths. AND the way this is communicated is a white supremacist manner. So native American cultures can feel lucky that Spanish conquers murdered millions
Scarlett Terry (8 months ago)
Why do the owners have to pay for the excavation shouldn't that be the country's or state's job or the museum that wants the house to artifacts It's not my Temple I don't own it so it's not my financial responsibility to have the temple excavated
Christine Still (8 months ago)
Can't you QUIET that awful music?
BunzeeBear (8 months ago)
This give you an incentive to Win the game or it is Off with your Head. Hockey learned from it.
Ray (8 months ago)
No place on earth is Spanish or white they just took it over and the story he telling is seit and amen ra black African
Mike DeBell (8 months ago)
I hear that it was the winners that were sacrificed.
Mathias Rousseau (8 months ago)
Nice documentary thank you. What's the end credits celtic music please?
David (9 months ago)
The losers of a ball game were sacrificed
Ms Sunshine (9 months ago)
In my pursuit of Mexican-American history, human and animal sacrifices were part of their culture. Their spirituality was much different then ours today. So, you are not presenting anything new or unknown.
Christo TreCe (9 months ago)
Ustedes los gringos no saben nada
martini carbine577/450 (9 months ago)
The poofters here coming to the defence of the Aztec empire ...you cowardly scum its like a kick in the teeth to all who were scarified including the infants !
Adam Bailey (9 months ago)
Yrsaltydogs got a point....
Westy W (9 months ago)
what is this song please
Losttoanyreason (9 months ago)
The Amer-Indians civilizations were the most bloody of all ancient civilizations when it came to religious worship. Almost all ancient civilizations would occasionally perform human sacrifices in extreme situations as a last resort or as in the sacred kings of Europe but no cultures worshiped death and made murder as common as dirt like the Americas. Not even the Romans in their funeral games that morphed into the gladiatorial games came even close to the brutality of the slaughter of innocent life as happened in the Americas.
White Tara (9 months ago)
The imperial Spanish were the most violent and ruthless monsters of the old world. They raped, murdered and while propagated jesus.
WSKILLERBEE (9 months ago)
Montezuma was not the last Aztec emperor, Cuauhtemoc was he was montezuma nephew
Sanjuana Gasca (9 months ago)
Hernan Cortez Tortured and held captive Montezuma Burned his feet all because of greed of Gold . why isn't that fact ever stated in videos like this one.
Alex Delashmit (5 months ago)
+Sanjuana Gasca No
Sanjuana Gasca (6 months ago)
Moctezuma was the last Emperor of The Aztecas
Señor Verdad (6 months ago)
It wasnt Moctezuma that got his feet burned. It was Cuauhtemoc.
Jd KingDavid (9 months ago)
Learn how to pronounce words and names before you do another video and do your homework on what you are goin to talk about ... Fool...
Bo McGillacutty (9 months ago)
Level all the churches and see what's underneath, nothing to be lost do that.
Ochoa Tv (9 months ago)
fuck spain
bass sic lee cantouchdis (9 months ago)
They dicovered a supermarket trolly and a coke can
Veronika I (9 months ago)
This makes me think that at own point the earth was much smaller than it was. And as time goes by the earth grows in size. And because of this is probably why the moon moves away from earth but that would make the moon Ms placement a smart design and unnatural
Will Key (9 months ago)
Fucked up Mexicans thinking human sacrifice was going to bless thier city so stupid
J. Josue (9 months ago)
Of course, but when Anglos and Europeans killed Native Americans in acts of genocide in the name of European expansion and slavery it was somehow so humane and civilized. right? of course not. Human sacrifice in Mexico was vile, wicked and Satanic, but what Europeans did to Native Americans across the continent was also vile, wicked, and Satanic, but in some ways worse, because Europeans had the Bible, and the example of Jesus Christ but Europeans were just as godless, if not more godless, then the pagan Natives because the Europeans should have known better, but instead they were often worse then the Indians. I am a Christian by the way, and I know Jesus as my Savior and Lord, but Unfortunately too many people have misused His name for evil. Take Care, God bless.
Kevin Hixson (9 months ago)
Pronounced Te oh tee wa con
Andrew Hicks (9 months ago)
Thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children were human sacrificed. To the many different "gods" of the Aztecs.Our Lady of Guadalupe ended this horrible act! Within 3 years of Her appearance, Mexico became Catholic! Instead of pagan!
the last cowboy song 48 (9 months ago)
To all U indian loving FREAKS...They would have made Human Sacrifices here...Cutting the Heart of the Victim...Yet another KUM Ba Ya moment in time...Believed that the wind brought the rain, so they had a wind GOD...another advanced civilization for U indian loving Freaks...Do U know what a messican proves...It proves that the Spanish F'd Bison when they came to the New World...Oh yes indians were so KUMBAYA
Mack69 (9 months ago)
neck bones for lunch maybe thats we need today we have a lot of bad people it may change them maybe not lunch but beheading
tacotony24 (9 months ago)
The Aztecs love their mass blood sacrifice
ARD RÍ (9 months ago)
What is the song in the backround anyone??
Jason Coleman (9 months ago)
Thats why I have zero respect for Catholic Church !! HOrrifying what the Catholic church did to the Aztecs !!
ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! (1 month ago)
the aztecs were savage animals that ate people, sacrificed people to their gods, and worshiped demonic gods. pure savages.
victor soto (9 months ago)
@ Jason Coleman...bet you're ISIS.
Chad Grant (9 months ago)
Maybe death was the penalty for an intentional foul. How basketball would change if that was the rules.
adrian flores (9 months ago)
I know is hard to pronounce the word MOCTEZUMA but all translations seem to be attached to the word MONTEZUMA Which is wrong with the time this mistake wil change the real name of the Aztec emperor MOCTEZUMA
Saul Estrada (9 months ago)
Tu lo has dicho!!!!!!! Mexico es el verdadero,,,, HOME Of the brave!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha Hahahahaha
Dennis Bradshaw (10 months ago)
Mmm this is in English so probably not true....they say about 100-200 men conquered the Azteca when in Reality it was the Neighboring Cities who were tired of Civil War, so there is that like I said this is in English not trustworthy. 😑
james turner (10 months ago)
Our American civilization is basically 250 years old and we have already reached UFC level brutality... Just give us time around 300 years it will be True Blood Sport just like the Romans I am afraid
goheat77 (8 months ago)
those human remains could have been there for many reasons than the one proposed. Archaeologist Brien Foerster says that the teachings of these people being a cruel, head sacrificing people is complete bs..
sparkseer (8 months ago)
james turner as brutal as things are, they were more brutal back then. Still true we have along way to go though
juan hernandez (10 months ago)
It's "moctezuma" stop saying montezuma.
Lorenzo Tapia (10 months ago)
The Spaniards brought disease to Mesoamerica that killed millions of people they couldn't win if they were a million Aztecs.
The Joker (10 months ago)
Background music totally sucks.
bill davis (10 months ago)
Every culture over time has made sacrifice of people.even today in war the innocent are sacrificed due to conflict.why are people so shocked by this vidio,their sacrifice is no different to the multi millions of people who lost their lives during wars.
LOUD VOICE (10 months ago)
SACRIFICES CHILDREN, BEHEADING..NOTHING CHANGED SINCE THEN..IT IS TIME TO BE OUTRAGE ON THIS AND DO NOT BELIEVE WHEN THEY SAYING "Oh it was just part of the game, or culture" ,because it is never was.At least, not for human culture..I remember, when we learned this in school, I always was wondering how they pass this issue so easily, like it was normal human behaving???
Michael Stone (10 months ago)
Montezuma died in 1520. He couldn't have been with Cortez in 1528.
K. Day (10 months ago)
"32" neck bones.
K. Day (10 months ago)
How does this stuff end up under so much dirt?
Drnkn Priest (10 months ago)
so, what is so horrorfying when other ppls did the same?
thats the time when religion begun murdering humans thougout the world.
David Burton (3 months ago)
Well not really, the crusades were 400 years earlier
aztec and mayan civs probably 20thousand years old or older.
Ray (8 months ago)
Margaret Edwards (10 months ago)
Spanish were cruel inhumane and wicked people!! Not much better now with bull fighting and horse and dog mutilation!! Inhumane bunch of uncivilised barbarians!!
victor soto (7 months ago)
mojican...there's good & bad in every society.
moekhn (7 months ago)
+victor soto no one is innocent and no one is guilty . but everyone
victor soto (8 months ago)
moekhn, maybe you, but not me.
moekhn (8 months ago)
haha you know whos worse then that . YOU and I
victor soto (9 months ago)
@ Margaret Edwards...the real barbarians were your English ancestors: founding fathers were slave owners, slavery, genocide, Jim Crow AND the US invading 70 third-world countries just for profit.
Alan Land (10 months ago)
Romans put slaves in the arena, and western invaders slaughtered native Americans like animals. Allegedly, Yahweh asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Jacob on an alter. Why is everyone else's past so "horrifying" when our own is so full of genocide "for the glory of some god?"
ReeEEE! NORMIEGETOUT!! (1 month ago)
you look jewish to me. stop running your filthy k!ke mouth about white people.
TRONK C (1 month ago)
+Larry Tischler you missing the point. You get your right and wrong from popular opinion, which in this case white historian/Europeans, which they deemed the rituals of the Aztec unholy, giving them an excuse to rape and pillage under the banner of these ppl nred jesus/saving, and the mass rocked with it. Like what your doing now.
Larry Tischler (1 month ago)
+TRONK C Read "The Rivers Ran East" By Leonard Clark. See how much human sacrifice, cannibalism, snake god worshiping, and slavery all were practiced in the lands of the headwaters of the Amazon in the 1940's. The Aztecs were not bad because of what the Bible says of Satan, They tore the hearts out of their captives and their priests ate them, much like the ISIS fiends did this decade. Clark's Ashkaninka aka Campa indian captor's brujo (witch doctor) was going to do the same with him if he had not escaped.
TRONK C (1 month ago)
+Larry Tischler ''Aztecs worshiped was the Feathered Serpent, non other than Satan'. because your holy book told you serpents are bad. kkkk lol.
Antonio lac (10 months ago)
It was covered for a reason maybe
El Mestizo gObLiNo (10 months ago)
White peoples acting like their ancestors never tortured or sacrificed people during their pagan and crusade eras, y'all some self righteous mofos smh
Symon Sheppard (10 months ago)
I was just pointing out some facts that people seemed to either overlook or forget, I didn't expect to hear how horrific things were done by them and they did this and that book says, whatever . The biggest point that has been raised is, the human race is naturally self destructive and if human life on this planet becomes extinct it will be mans doing.
Jord Flor (10 months ago)
Damn serpent. I’ve smoked plenty oh dmt, eventually the cobra told Me to let go of Christ. I challenged it by calling on Jesus Christ. Only one way to the most hIgh God. Thank You King Yeshua. Luke 10:17-19
Lucas Cruz (10 months ago)
Those weren't religious sacrifices. Those 32 men were all related and successors to the throne. They were murdered by Cortez. It's obvious that was the case.
TRONK C (1 month ago)
kids too, further proves this..
Dodgen Francis (10 months ago)
Spirits attach to you if you get near. Too late! Now there will be murder.
kenneth hurst (10 months ago)
well ursaltydog does that make it right or are you just pointing out human short comings.
Charles Bronson (10 months ago)
A lot of smart people on the comments which is rare on utube
Cy Jenkins (22 days ago)
Castor Red I think he just means it has a semblance of a civil conversation without ad hominem insults & name calling & in that sense it is definitely above average for yt.
Castor Red (1 month ago)
Not really most of these people are not historians or do not know a thing about engineering or linguists or anything related to the topic at hand
RoAcH812 (10 months ago)
if only I had a time machine. I'd go back and destroy Cortez before he wiped out the area, peoples, structures, knowledge & culture
JuanLuv (10 months ago)
And if anyone wondered why these people were conquered.
victor soto (10 months ago)
What "horrifying" thing? Even today, the US has invaded 70 third-world countries, for the "sport" of conquering, stealing & murdering millions of innocent civilians...just to further enrich America's elite.
alberto portillo (10 months ago)
The bilding of churches and temples everywhere in mex was design to by white men to domesticate the Indians.. The purpose is served
wiz ofozz (10 months ago)
Stucco...??? 1:32 Those rocks were placed into a geopolymer like substance, much like we do today..
Jim Ellison (10 months ago)
GREAT VIDEO...............
Silvia Baheza (10 months ago)
Jim Ellison. D4
Cuauhtli Xochitl (10 months ago)
The col ized believe any bull they read or see in these mindless drone videos .
Antiecm (10 months ago)
So they sacrificed children? They were Democrats?
John Ferguson (8 months ago)
+Pronator Tendon Your truly an idiot! Not worth the energy to debate!
Pronator Tendon (8 months ago)
John Ferguson I haven't said a word about Trump, so you're clearly delusional. Abortion literally cannot be murder because the fetus depends on the pregnant woman's body to survive. That would be like if you hooked yourself up to my kidneys because you'd die without it, and then me choosing to disconnect you from my body. A fetus has precisely the same right to use the body of a woman as you do to use my kidneys. You can't force me to allow you to use my kidneys, and you can't force a woman to remain pregnant against her will. Please, sir, get an education. Logic does not have a liberal bias. Reality does, but logic is 100% free from political bias.
John Ferguson (8 months ago)
+Pronator Tendon You are one screwed up Radical Progressive Liberal Democratic! Just eaten up with Trump Derangment Syndrome! Abortion is murder, plain and simple!
Pronator Tendon (9 months ago)
Also, you people should learn something about bodily autonomy. If you oppose the right of abortion, you must logically support me cutting out a piece of your liver to save the life of a child.
Pronator Tendon (9 months ago)
No, since they let most of them starve to death they were clearly republicans
Symon Sheppard (10 months ago)
The Spanish were responsible for many crimes against humanity back in the times of the conquistador and armada, all In the search for gold. Slavery! that was a middle eastern thing from way before this, they traded in all races but were fond of blonde women in particular. The founding fathers who went to America were not the first Europeans to make contact with the indigenous American Indians, several tribes of Indians had old pieces of Spanish armour from way before the colonial Europeans landed.
Angelous 777 (7 months ago)
Indeed! Also is in the Aztecs relics found a representation of the Aztec Emperor to be like the color of the Sun meaning he was taller, stronger muscle built and blonde with blue eyes for this reason they used to believe he was a god because of his golden appearance so I believe they were visitor before Cortez.
Sitsaba Ngodwane (10 months ago)
The records are by the Spanish, they must be undoubtedly true!!
Jorge O. (10 months ago)
Leave the past in the past. The future is all that matters.
George (10 months ago)
I wonder if the game was played for the right to execute enemy captives? It certainly seems that way.
Alex Mapula (10 months ago)
Cuhautemoc was the last Aztec emperor not Moctesuma.
Lucas Cruz (10 months ago)
Guatemoc guey! Montezuma's brother.
dEvOUr mE (10 months ago)
Damned Spain and Cortez !!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 and those Spanish murders !!!!! MFKRS !!!!!
Doug Wallen (10 months ago)
all the construction dates are wrong. history is skewed. It's ALL conjecture. Pointless. We will never know what happened. Face it.
Anthony olvera (9 months ago)
History is wonderful if only it was true it's his story the story of the winning side
John Guanciale (10 months ago)
Good point
Lucy Erda (10 months ago)
Read up on the Aztec culture. The winners were offered as a perfect sacrifice to the Gods.
victor soto (10 months ago)
@ Lucy Hanquille...Read up on the US culture. In every war started by America the dead were offered up as a sacrifice to the elite.
ZaheedaNaheedya (10 months ago)
Where's the horrifying part that drew me in? Nah, not subscribing.
joe k (10 months ago)
funny how everything they dig up they call a tomb or temple. talk about thinking in a box, never a new idea as to what a structure is. the truth is they have no idea what they dug up.
Diana Mack (7 months ago)
Well sure, because a bakery or candle shop would make more sense...
victor soto (9 months ago)
@ joe k...that's what your dentist said about your gums.
The Joker (10 months ago)
joe k. yup.
Gill Glubberton (10 months ago)
Guy says we I was never there.

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