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Limassol is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus. It’s known for the centuries-old Limassol Castle, home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum and its collection of pottery and tombstones. On the seafront is the Prokymea (Molos) Sculpture Park, with sculptures by Cypriot, Greek and international artists. To the northeast is the Limassol Archaeological Museum, exhibiting artifacts from the Neolithic to the Roman periods.
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Antony Antoniou (1 day ago)
They have taken a beautiful island, broken one of the most important laws that was designed to PROTECT the environment (no building within 100m of the beach) they are flooding the place with concrete, selling it off to foreign nationals who are more often than not, parking their ill gotten gains in property, in exchange for a visa and then taking credit for it. Shame!
محمد نور (5 days ago)
كس اختها رجعونا يولوو
Jy Jym (8 days ago)
If it's anything like paphos. .it's ugly..sorry..uncivilized ...theiving...and full of fat tourists walking around with no top on..really quite disgusting.
Konstantinos Tzionis (9 days ago)
Konstantinos Tzionis (9 days ago)
Ronald Read (12 days ago)
looked at all the comments. Please its just a town on a island its got its own character,ive been here 12 years ,life here ok anywhere in the world has its downs and ups but overall its nice, so come on everybody your city has also its ups and downs, relax come here and have a look millions of people dont stop coming back. cheers
James Nickel (14 days ago)
Beautiful place....nice job!
je kani ateolan (8 days ago)
Λεμεσος η πιο ομορφη πολη της κυπρου αλλα δυστηχως και η πιο ακριβη...τα σπιτια πολυ ακριβα.
Julie Finkelstein (29 days ago)
Just want to be there! Have had issues with the heat, I know I would pull through as I have many other things. This is gorgeous and clean, thank you!
Ddd Fff (1 month ago)
FC appel Nicosia Cyprus Greece.
Gogogeegee Aloupos (1 month ago)
Limassol is as ugly is f×××. They have messed up their city pretty badly beyond recognition. Try Paris if you are after a 'beautiful' city.
Amtulhabib Malik (1 month ago)
Syprus no good job and everything very costly my son 16 year there and no setald allah nose beater
Angelika Le Gran (1 month ago)
Ха, ха, ха!!! Грязь повсюду,помойная яма! Полно отсталых,неблаговоспитанных и озабоченных иммигрантов! Кто восхищается Кипром,тот вовек за пределы острова означает не выезжал! Мне вас жалко!
wildfiregun 1 (1 month ago)
清水エウリナ (1 month ago)
Sofistisbet (2 months ago)
Στη Λεμεσο οπου παεις θελεις €4 για parking...την ειδαν λιγο Miami μου φαινεται...
Ahmet Yildiz (2 months ago)
Ahmet Yildiz (2 months ago)
xristina tzwrtzh. yes baby, Cyprus its TÜRKEY........ fuck fuck fuck greek land.
Xristina Tzwrtzh (2 months ago)
you know no one really cares.
Alexandros Tzouvanis (2 months ago)
αγαπούν Λεμεσό είναι όμορφη πόλη
KAYAHAN KARABULUT (2 months ago)
adrian angamarca (3 months ago)
Wauww Es hermoso!!!!!!!!
dracumelenios (3 months ago)
this guitar is out of tune its annoying
beautiful city!
Vlad S (3 months ago)
Όλη η Κύπρος πολύ ωραία αλλά πολύ ζέστη το καλοκαίρι βρε παιδί μου
Vlad S (2 months ago)
Elena Ch. 32 αλλά έχει ένα ήλιο πολύ δυνατό. Χτες ήταν χειρότερα.
Elena Ch. (2 months ago)
Vlad s posi bathmi einai sti sparti?
Vlad S (2 months ago)
Elena Ch. Φυσικά και όχι , εδώ κατοικούμε στην Μεσόγειο και θα την φάμε την ζέστη εγώ είμαι από Σπάρτη και αυτή την στιγμή έξω είναι σαν το Ασουάν από την ζέστη, σαν διαπίστωση πιο πολύ το είπα. Εκτός βέβαια την κλιματική αλλαγή αλλά εκεί δεν μπορούμε να κάνουμε σπουδαία πράγματα.
Elena Ch. (2 months ago)
Vlad s mporoume na kamoume kati gia touto?
Earn Free Bitcoin 2018 (3 months ago)
nick 18 (3 months ago)
I love Cyprus, what a lovely island.
Мики Рурк (3 months ago)
Я люблю Кипр!!!!
Turkey korkmaz (3 months ago)
Pislikten gecilmiyor gittim gordum insanlarida boktan gitmeyin deymez😷😷😷
Dalal Ibrahim (3 months ago)
أنا مصري مقيمة بقبرص بلد جميله شعبها هادي الطبع ولكن لارنكا اجمل
moon sun (18 days ago)
في اي مدينة انتي؟
Angelos Angeli (4 months ago)
I love Cyprus. A beautiful country.
Stezia Papa (4 months ago)
Far from beautiful!! Beauty is found in nature not concrete!!
tarny11 (4 months ago)
YoNansHairline (4 months ago)
The first scene it shows isn’t Limassol , I live on Limassol all my life and it looks nothing like it
YoNansHairline (2 months ago)
Royal Subliminals sorry bro m
Xristina Tzwrtzh (2 months ago)
OK :) Se euxaristw polu gia ton xrono pou afierwses ;)
Royal Subliminals (2 months ago)
Xristina Tzwrtzh E vevea se katalavenoume ellines imaste.... Einai les kai rotas an milane ellinika stin kriti..
Xristina Tzwrtzh (2 months ago)
Exm, arage dld 8a me katalabete ok :P
Xristina Tzwrtzh (2 months ago)
Ex oxi :P Aplws rwtao
narasimha rao perla (4 months ago)
Vegetarian food in limassol
Seby of rebels (4 months ago)
i live there :D
alexandre dudayev (4 months ago)
I love Cyprus !!!
nick 18 (3 months ago)
Yep & i to love Cyprus & i cant wait until i'm back there again in september.
Anees Chughtai (4 months ago)
Europe cyprus ma student ko job mila jati easy sa maxmium earn
Red Comrade (4 months ago)
I can trigger Greek Cypriot's with one word. " *North* "
Nicos Nicolaou (1 month ago)
+Red Comrade - OK, you triggered me. Now F-off and die
Red Comrade (2 months ago)
I am not a Turk lol I didn't meant it political
Xristina Tzwrtzh (2 months ago)
Nope you cant
dervit1 (2 months ago)
I can trigger you with one official name. Republic of Cyprus. :)
RealOrbit - Australia (2 months ago)
Dimitri Smirnov says the one with a Greek derived name...
JosefStalin1812 (4 months ago)
Famagusta or Kyrenia is better (TRNC)
Nicos Nicolaou (1 month ago)
They are beautiful, but full of turk dogs. Pity...
Royal Subliminals (3 months ago)
samanora nope they are shit compared to this
Johnny Doe (4 months ago)
Longlive Macedonia (4 months ago)
Achilleas Stavropoulos (19 days ago)
*Longlive Monkeydonia* That's why Turkey sucks Merkel's pussy to join EU Cyprus is already a member of UN and EU. *Longlive FYR Bulgaria wannabe Northmacedonia* *MACEDONIA IS GREEK*
jorham1 (1 month ago)
and skopia is shkup albania...give it back and go to siberia gypsy
FroggyDogg (1 month ago)
ULTRA ADAM I don’t understand or read Kurdish. Either respond in English, or shut the fuck up.
ULTRA ADAM (2 months ago)
FroggyDogg hepiniz salaksınız atatürke laf mi söylüyorsun aptal mal herif asıl sikikler sizlersiniz sizin seviyenize düşmek istemiyorum yada şöylemi soykırımcı pislikler
FroggyDogg (2 months ago)
Günalp Bey Really? I’d rather be gay than a filthy, donkey Fucking Turk. Your race is a disgrace to humanity.
Stelioss esc (4 months ago)
Ekamamou 5gramoues mestin thalasa je pente6 ktiria opos ta kavlia je eginiken orea poli mishimou..palio xorko
Elena Ch (9 days ago)
Konstantinos Tzionis πκιος ρε ;
Konstantinos Tzionis (9 days ago)
εν εσιης υποθεση
Elena Ch (1 month ago)
Stelioss esc HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA ti lalis re perki ise lefkosiatis Espasate p tin azoulasas ree
Anton Prest (2 months ago)
Stelioss esc Εσύ πρέπει είτε νασαι Λευκωσιάτης ή Κοτσσινοχωρκατης.Πναστε ρε
Shahin Mia (4 months ago)
Give me Canada work visa
Surinder Singh (4 months ago)
Limassol is beatiful..but cypriot people are so fuckin racist
Royal Subliminals (3 months ago)
Surinder Singh no they are not
Sticki (4 months ago)
SA Asraf (4 months ago)
I love him Cyprus.... I going to Cyprus, please help now...my phone numbar 0096895050597
volkan oz (4 months ago)
Kyrenia is the best in Cypress
Royal Subliminals (3 months ago)
No is not
Bebebx Dj Bw (4 months ago)
volkan oz cyprus ilithie
stamatina tami (4 months ago)
εχω περπατησει στο σημειο αυτο στο μωλο. στο old port marina γενικα μαγευτηκα δεν τα ειδα ολα αλλα καλοκαιρι θα τα γυρισω ολα
Petar Nikolic (4 months ago)
Lepi Pzdrav Cyprsu i Ziteljima Limassola,Bog Vas Blagoslovio !!! Ljubica 🐦👠👗👗👠🐦
wins win (4 months ago)
This is stupid place to visit, no protocol and full of racism. And too much dust amd hot over there
FroggyDogg (4 months ago)
Listen to what this camel fucker is saying! Dirty Muslim pig.
Bebebx Dj Bw (4 months ago)
gusto lemesos (4 months ago)
RIZWAN SHEKH Shekh you are not welcome
SonGöktürk Yabgu (4 months ago)
lol not beautifull
Royal Subliminals (3 months ago)
DJ Esqaliže this is not turkey this is Cyprus and Cyprus is not in economic crisis is actually the opposite my friend u confuse greece with Cyprus
DJ Esqaliže (3 months ago)
Ahahahah at least turkey is not in a edonomic crisis. (Sorry for my English if i wrote this wrong)
Royal Subliminals (3 months ago)
Ahahha have you ever been to North its like 40 years behind
DJ Esqaliže (4 months ago)
Bebebx Dj Bw yea whatever
Bebebx Dj Bw (4 months ago)
DJ Esqaliže fuck turkey
Royal Subliminals (3 months ago)
پارسی عاشق ایران cyprus
Deep Mandeep Dhillon (4 months ago)
So beautiful city 👌👌👌
Lee Robert (4 months ago)
I love Cyprus and been all over, currently living in Pafos, while limmasol has it's good points I couldn't wait to leave it, to much city living for me, but again has many good points but far from the best place to live in Cyprus, like many comments have said very Russian, don't really get the mentality maybe they just don't like English.
Hawa Hadji (23 days ago)
Anton Prest (2 months ago)
Lee Robert We love the English.We simply don't like the whinging English..
Tomasz Zaleski (4 months ago)
markos824 (5 months ago)
nai i lemesos i poli tou far west mpompes kathe mera***
killer M-G-T vlogs (5 months ago)
Mono h rwsia to ekane auto h kupros den tha mporouse na lataferoi tetoio pagma
Huong Nguyen (5 months ago)
Very nice limasoll
Dimitrios Tsiakas (6 months ago)
Ομορφιά μου.δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω αυτοί που έβαλαν αρνητική τι δεν τούς άρεσε χαχαχα ρεζίλη έγιναν γιατί όλη η Κύπρος είναι πανέμορφη
Greece Salonika GR (7 months ago)
fomikan (7 months ago)
пляжи лишь говно!
Anastasiadh nasoupo re gaidourokiptie pos kaneis etsei dqse sthn tourkia afto pou thelh more malaka thes na dosoume to onomamas stous skopianous pote malaka emeis omos eimaste mazisou alla me afthn thn malakia pou eipes zita mia signomh kai telos na ksereis omos emeis tha eimaste ma thn kypro opia kai na einai h apantish ton gamiolo tourkon
Woah (3 months ago)
Όνομα Χρήστη: Λατρεύω τον Χριστό Αλλά το "μαλάκα" το παίζεις στα χέρια. Και ξέρεις ε, μετά τις βρισιές και τις κακίες άναψε και κανά κεράκι αύριο στην Εκκλησία. Επίσης, ο Αναστασιάδης δεν είπε να δώσουμε το όνομα στην Μακεδονία. Είπε πως το θέμα είναι μεγαλύτερο από απλά ένα όνομα. Πως το όνομα είναι το τελευταίο πράγμα που θα πρεπε να μας απασχολεί αφού στην ουσία τα Σκόπια έχουν πρώτα απ' όλα πρόβλημα ταυτότητας. Ότι σκατά σαν ταίζουν τα media ρε πούστη μου, αμάσητα τα καταπίνεται. Δες την συνέντευξη πρώτα.
Mircea Costiniuc (7 months ago)
Nice video !
rockabye baby (7 months ago)
thanks for this well made video of my home town...proud of Limassol...proud of Cyprus...
Best 37 (14 days ago)
Please want to come to Cyprus look for a job and 🌟 a new life will it be good??
swizen katende (4 months ago)
rockabye baby wow
Bosko Jaksic (6 months ago)
rockabye baby Thanks for answer. Regards from Serbia.
rockabye baby (6 months ago)
today its wet and windy, but in may there is a small chance of rain, but its generally warm and sunny with the temperature in the 30 s range...
Bosko Jaksic (7 months ago)
rockabye baby How is weather in may?
This isn't a video of any use regarding Cyprus, this is an aerial shot of modern hotel complex's and man made beaches.... shows nothing of the island its self other than the commercial side.
Achilleas Stavropoulos (19 days ago)
+Алексей Рубан Your comment is not aligned with the huge majority of Russians in Lemesos. My brother lives there and works with them. You are the exception
Achilleas Stavropoulos (19 days ago)
jaysyrum That goes for every touristic video for every country including your country wherever you are from. Means nothing. But the seaside at least looks fantastic
uducful (19 days ago)
So what. Man made or not its all good.
BangB!tch (2 months ago)
Алексей Рубан Cyprus’ HDI isn’t up for debate, it’s a fact. Poverty simply isn’t the right word for Cyprus, I know so because I am a Cypriot and I’ve (unfortunately) lived here for most of my life. Prin na 3itimaseis tin xwra m, koitaze ta xalia tis dikhs sou!
BangB!tch, I lived in Cyprus. Accordng to your words, you've never been to Cyprus.
Ahmed Mubin (8 months ago)
Love from Bangladesh❤
Günalp Bey (2 months ago)
Ahmed Mubin cyprus is turkey
takis takis (7 months ago)
Ahmed Mubin ...😂😂😂😂 Bangladesh
Vidmantas Babiliauskas (8 months ago)
Nice countr...
AllAreHere (9 months ago)
Beautiful !! :D
Kwstas Askotis (10 months ago)
limassol will be defenetely a very beautiful city in 5 years time . for now nicosia is the best :)
Elena Ch. (2 months ago)
Kwstas Askotis pou pothen osta pothen I lefkosia en I kaliteri? 😂
Hriscu Doru (4 months ago)
The best for what??😂
Iridanos (10 months ago)
Την ομορφιά στα σκουπίθκια και τις παράγκες που την είδετε???
Asad Mazanov (5 days ago)
Elena Ch (1 month ago)
Elena Ch (1 month ago)
Iridanos men mas perigrafis to spiti sou jai kani na zoulefkis
It's a dull Russian city full of cold unpleasant Russians
RealOrbit - Australia (2 months ago)
Closed Chanel are you 7?
Stefanos r (2 months ago)
Charles Kerry slavs are different from russians...
Charles Kerry (2 months ago)
I met some nice Russians here in Florida .I remember a Slavic couple riding bicycles had a flat in front of my property ,and I helped them out and they brought me back Slavic beer and cheese as a gesture of gratitude .People are people, you can not stereotype a whole ethnic group based on a few bad apples. There is good and bad in every ethnic groups.
Stand your ground (3 months ago)
Πε το χωρις να κλαιεις ρε βουτηρε
killer M-G-T vlogs (5 months ago)
Lymassol is boring Nicosia is more fun
Klitos Erimos (1 month ago)
Yes in nicosia we have the best beaches!!! Xaxaxa
Bebebx Dj Bw (4 months ago)
Simon Ivanof (4 months ago)
That's got to be one of the best jokes I have heard in a long time. 😂
Mary Antoniou (5 months ago)
LIONS VS MEN that is really rude my family live there and I live in Australia and it is beautiful there
Andria CY (5 months ago)
Κανεί ρε κομπλεξικέ Λευκωσίατη! Επήες να πείς τζαι είπες!
Mia W (10 months ago)
Indeed a very beautiful city ! <3
Sujeet Kumar (1 year ago)
harmeet singh (1 year ago)
Any body need any information about Cyprus contact mno +35796544320
NXDPRO Solutions (1 year ago)
Olivia Landis (1 year ago)
Wooow!!! It be come very tight in Limassol!
George Cy (1 year ago)
Olivia Landis .. what do you mean?
imanasou (1 year ago)
Meno edo :D
JULIA. Angelova (1 year ago)
υποκλίνομαι στην ομορφιά της Λεμεσού και στον εικονολήπτη στα ωραία πλάνα και στις ωραίες λήψεις της τοποθεσίας!!!!

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