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Black Wednesday (BBC 1997)

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Allen Lichner (1 day ago)
calling this black is racist. black people had nothing to do with this and are still being blamed for everything
Fiachra Byrne (2 days ago)
rektnarok (9 days ago)
Fuck soros 0:27.
Rustyjeff (24 days ago)
No-one can force the market
kathryn kathryn (30 days ago)
kenneth clarke is an idiot
malthus101 (1 month ago)
The title of this video is quite distracting - looks like its saying Black Wednesday occurred in 1997. For the record, Black Wednesday occurred in the United Kingdom on 16 September 1992.
White Baron (1 month ago)
This is what you get when you denationalize your finances and engineer a service economy of cheap imports and punish exports. People play god with your resources, small wonder that it blew up in their faces. The Germans, even the Italians understood this more, had rules in place that helped prevent or restrain such things more than Britain.
PatchesRips (1 month ago)
I imagine there are a lot of Germans now who wish they'd dug in. It would have bolted the pound onto the euro and put that much more of a dent into the childish, overblown British exceptionalism that's finally led to the current shit show of Britain leaving the EU without any idea of leaving the EU actually means, either in the practical terms of actually accomplishing it, and the future-crippling consequences of doing so that have just recently begun to become clear. A loss for everyone... but far and away mostly for the pompous British who've voted for the whole world to finally, finally take them down five or six pegs.
Azazel Zel (1 month ago)
Rather biased, typical lefty BBC Bullshit, interesting period, the UK economy was actually very strong and we had some of the fastest growth in our history, it was the crash on wall street that started this downside, check this one out, far more in depth, than this BBC trash. https://youtu.be/jLfjEMDJubg?t=5
Andrew Lankford (1 month ago)
Is there a day of the week that hasn't been labelled "black" at one point?
newvillefan (1 month ago)
John Major is one of the most incompetent leaders of 20th century Britain. Not only did he cause us to enter the ERM, he caused us to crash out of it, then entrenched us even deeper into the EU against our will by signing the Maastricht Treaty. And he had the gall, both during and after the EU referendum, to lecture the British public that we were stupid and didn't know what we were voting for when it came to leaving. The EU is the most damaging, federalistic, self-serving, limiting, anachronistic institution of modern times, which has held Great Britain back from pursuing global trade deals. Long may we prosper outside of it and away from this man's folly.
LuAnn's Newspapers (1 month ago)
our fearless leader's words of brimstone and fire, last only till the oceans of reality leave them steaming as piles of shit, a laughing stock for all to see in the dustbin of history. we are not done with this bullshit by a long shot. . . brexit, endless wars, austerity....
Mathew Bateman (1 month ago)
The 'erm... Its called that because when you hear the policy invovled, you can only reply "eeeerrrrrmmmm... really?"
MsJinkerson (1 month ago)
I think it was payback for W.W.2 from the Germans
MsJinkerson (1 month ago)
So what they lost money everybody does don't cry about it
Matthew D (1 month ago)
Shows the stupidity of a country giving up soverign control of its own money.
m (1 month ago)
Soros has fucked great britain and queen elizabeth on that great day
Russkiy Smiffy (1 month ago)
Germans still bitter about war
jellyfishattack (2 months ago)
Hilarious, this video was prefaced by an ad for an unknown crypto currency - complete with a grammatical error.
Absolutely brilliant piece of work by the BBC. Does anyone happen to recognize Beethoven's play starting from 34:03?
joe caterman (2 months ago)
this is stupidity and madness.
John Brighton (2 months ago)
over valued the £ upon joining, then tried and failed to prop it up.
P Bowry (2 months ago)
And in 1998 a near global market crash by LTCM
Clonmore (2 months ago)
And now you know why people like me will never ever again vote Conservative.
Clonmore (2 months ago)
And now you know why a certain generation all voted to LEAVE the EU.
Clonmore (2 months ago)
I know a man, still alive, who bought his pension annuity at 15%....he is a very rich man indeed.
Clonmore (2 months ago)
Lost my home after this. Couldn't afford the interest rate on my mortgage....
Ivan Guderian (3 months ago)
Fuck soros scum
doughtymqan (3 months ago)
Governments are populated by morons. Everyone just use gold. All this vanishes.
Jim Garnett (3 months ago)
FrenZie (3 months ago)
The Jewish Banking System: Fractional-Reserve Banks, interest, interest rates, usury.
John Ehmer (3 months ago)
The same thing happened in the Canadian housing market, many people sold at below purchase price. This phenom was not in Britain only. Most central banks raised rates and caused massive unemployment.
yomamma1893 (3 months ago)
The interest rates are going up and down like a whores drawers. Holy. Shit
icemule (3 months ago)
Fucking Soros, the nazi loving piece of shit, should have been charged with war crimes and executed.
phill2010uk (3 months ago)
Ken Clarke completley cocked it up, then blames Euroscepticism! What an idiot.
Mark J (4 months ago)
Well Mr Prime Minister i have here a great big bucket of shit, and tommorow i intent to poor it all over you. Pricelessssssss
0tispunkm3y3r (4 months ago)
Love it. The line "unaware of all this" and the following anecdote about the driver knowing all about it because he simply listened to the radio... gold. Sums up our politicians nicely. So wrapped up in their own world that they don't even think to put an ear to the ground and see what the real world is doing.
Stephen Glasskeys (4 months ago)
Thatcher should've followed her own advice, stay out of the EU, and save 4 billion quid.
Michael McNulty (4 months ago)
John Major reminds me of Neville Chamberlain!
Michael McNulty (4 months ago)
Britain is far better off without foreign parasites!!
Jake De Crem (5 months ago)
that 1 man had more money then a country gets you thinking right somthings wrong here. he also basicly said that he will test the waters with 5Billion such a snake such a set up.
Jake De Crem (5 months ago)
sounds to me like a set up in order to take the money from england the sneaky way. got to love them jews. who need war when you can callaps an econemy with a country you dont like.
Simon Swain (5 months ago)
44:05 One of the best John Major impressions ever.
mike A (5 months ago)
Well done to the speculators that made a fortune. Shame about all the homeless people and unemplyment they created so they could have an extra billion in the bank. They should be ashamed
gavin miller (5 months ago)
11:38 guy with white hair morphs into julian assange. Lol
Two Magadan (5 months ago)
What's the significance of the pink paper with holes in it around 9:57?
STEPHAN FEIBISH (5 months ago)
In the U.S., this would be another episode of the Public Broadcasting Service/System (PBS) series, American Experience. Which I like to label "Disaster Theater". At least Britons weren't eating each other (i.e., Donner Party)
Spiritv (5 months ago)
Events like this will ALWAYS keep repeating, because we as humans are greedy pieces of shit. It's as simple as that really.
silkywizard (5 months ago)
I am clad now the the Bank Of England has a panel of decision makers taking control of the interest rates in the UK instead of the chancellor on his own without much expertise. If you think about it, what a silly set up it was before with a none experienced person (called the chancellor) making such very important interest rate decisions. Had the new set been put in place before 1990 then maybe we would not have wasted £15 billion of public money.
Bro ski (5 months ago)
This is nothing more than fake reality BS. That was executed plan how our popetiers can grab some public funds. That editor snake is a direct employee of our masters. All media and this stupid film is there to plant false reality in us. That we blame 1 or 2 escape goats. This event was controlled, just like all other events. Wake up .....sheeple.
Matthew Lee (5 months ago)
The world will be a better place once George Soros is DEAD
Feline Queen (5 months ago)
In retrospect, Thatcher was right in never joining the EU where everything is pegged to that of the country with the strongest economy against everything else. Can't believe Britain was the Greece back then. I guess Brexit is just the first step of righting this wrong, going back to everything before.
Mark Whitethorn (5 months ago)
Interesting! ERM rules obliged the German Central Bank to help the other currecies to stay into a certain currency rate and they just decided to break the rules because it wasn't convinient for them. Today they are the strongest guardians of Mastrct parameters and appeals for the respect of the rules. I am pro Europe but I think we have started to build our European common house from the roof instead of from the basement, in other words instead of creating European citizens.
Andrew Parish (5 months ago)
What a bunch of burks!
solar clapson (5 months ago)
kingmike40 (5 months ago)
How can the "Leaders" make policy and than set in a room totally removed from the real world, no radio, tv or internet and think that they have a slightest clue of what to do. Governments often isolate themselves from the real world because they think they are special but in reality their totally useless. Leaders cannot be detached from the real world.
ungratefulmetalpansy (5 months ago)
Tony Hope (5 months ago)
Most politicians are dreadfully bad at math and delusional to the predicable damage caused by their policies.
Mr. White (5 months ago)
19:09 My god those screens are tiny. Must have been torture on the eyes.
Gee Willickers (6 months ago)
When prices are faked and fixed, violent price discovery events are unavoidable. Government trying to control the economy ensures these events are bigger and more drawn out than necessary. Money printing and QE only hide the true value. Price discovery happens eventually. Central banks don't know better than the market.
bigbuttmcgraw (6 months ago)
Seem like the press knew more than these fucking morons. Oh, I had to find a transistor radio to find out what was going on!
Eric H (6 months ago)
It just goes to show that money can certainly put you above the law. Soros should be rotting in a jail cell.
Mahi Hussain (6 months ago)
Best Documentary everrr!
Tintin Hickey (6 months ago)
Never trust the Germans.
Jade (6 months ago)
Bad day at the office ?
O_Myst (6 months ago)
ANYONE NOTICE ANY PARALLELISMS WITH BREXIT?? Scaremongering that all hell will break loose if the UK left the ERM back then and the EU now, long story short the UK economy flourished when they left the ERM. The only difference is 3-4 bill UK taxpayer money went in the pockets of Soros et al. Incredible story. John Major, what a fiasco.
Humberto Valdivieso (6 months ago)
so soros didn't break the bank of england after all.....criminally incompetent "democraticly elected" politicians did.
Cosmo Ray (6 months ago)
0:25 look. It is Creepy george soros.
Rohit V (6 months ago)
Highly insightful documentary
Cosimo Kramarawicz (6 months ago)
Hissy fits of the rich hurt u s all, bastards!
Dang hoang (6 months ago)
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Dang hoang (6 months ago)
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Pete de pad (6 months ago)
13:01 I think this is why the brexit negotiations are going so well, but now it's the other way around.
Jeremy Thirlby (6 months ago)
LOL! Useless Tory twits! Drinking tea and knowing sweet F.A. what an admission. You couldn't trust them with a Christmas fund and it's still the same today.
Hans Schönig (6 months ago)
If they worked has hard as the Germans, there was no need to constantly devalue
Hans Schönig (6 months ago)
If they worked has hard as the Germans, there was no need to constantly devalue
james moylan (6 months ago)
Had the Bretton woods treaty for stable currencies for avoiding another world war been obeyed. there would have been no erm or euro or 2008 crash. Had Churchill been followed into the gold standard,by all nations in 1925,no wall street crash 1929,no great depression 1929-1933,no need for the treaty of London 1933,stable currencies,no take over of Germany with a minority,by gangsters,no ww2,funded by the world recovery of stable currencies treaty of London 1933.no ww2,no Bretton woods,no European union,no black Monday no 2008 crash no loss of 20% of £ following brexit,but, eco tech...no nuclear power. no old fashioned diesel and petrol. cures for arthritis,all sorts ogf genetic disease,the regrowth of bone,massive reductions in levels of world debt and poverty,a need for immigrants as in the 1950 s etc etc. with a little cake thins seem grim with a big cake good. 1215 magna carta."no chance,things ll never change!???
judy valencia (6 months ago)
Wow, I didn't know that England was as screwed up as us. But I guess politicians are the same the world over.
Adam S (6 months ago)
Can anyone explain what the ERM is? a dumbed down answer would be much appreciated.
Nicholas Woolfenden (6 months ago)
London is the Centre of crooked banks and kiddie fiddlers.
Zero Hour (6 months ago)
The money changers. This is literally what is going on with the US Dollar and the interest rates, trying to save the dollar while the rest of the world is starting to dump it, avoiding buying treasuries and moving away from the petrodollar.
RobertMOdell (6 months ago)
Obviously the problem is the ERM itself for not maintaining fluidity.
Bujor Silvia Silvia (6 months ago)
Bujor Silvia Bancher global industri Banci .
BLUEGENE13 (7 months ago)
so funny someone named helmut (((SCHLESINGER))) made george soros so much money
David C (7 months ago)
Greedy, evil, pigs.
Marge onthat (7 months ago)
John Major dick-thrashing Edwina Currie from behind (in her lacy-topped stockings) over that Parliamentary desk (what an image !) Ooh stop it John ! She the leading critic of Food-bank spongers everywhere !
Simon Zonenblick (7 months ago)
Why did Britain have to follow the German rates, as opposed to other states within the ERM?
Simon Zonenblick (7 months ago)
Was the parity with German rates purely a UK decision, or were the other ERM states bound to folow the German rates also?
Frankfurt 13 (7 months ago)
John Major's thought process; the UK was sliding into recession so lets take away the ability to devalue the currency by tying it to the DM. Genius!
The King in the North (7 months ago)
15%... What? ... WOT??!!
Eka Iakobishvili (7 months ago)
It is fascinating to see how conservative party has sought to scapegoat everyone but actually take the responsibilities for their most ridiculous policies that plummeted the country's economy. How similar to today's debates in relation to the EU... The home secretary said it himself, the government did not have an economic policy and did not understand much of its own doing....  What a bizzare way to waste the public money
David Azinger (8 months ago)
Maggie and Major - dumb and dumber of the 20th century. The iron lady had a head of clay.
pix046 (8 months ago)
Major, Lamont, Heseltine, Clarke, Hurd - A suave cunt, a flippant cunt, an arrogant cunt, a cool cunt and a thick cunt. Reverse the order for the answers.
theunholysoul (8 months ago)
Kids, please understand that you cannot bind your nation's economy to another. It will be a complete folly if you do. Hence, when John Fucking Major says that we should be part of the eu, simply shout back Fuck Off!
David Brewer (9 months ago)
If anyone really needs a good reason for BREXIT this story is it. Germany was content to sit back refusing to devalue their currency & watch as first Italy & then Britain were flushed down the economic sewer. Germany constantly forgets that it's economy is as strong as it is because the rest of the world, led by Britain & America simply wrote off their debts in 1945 & even more, we fed their starving people, rebuilt their factories & even printed them a brand new German money system...all so they could bring Europe to this today...dominated by Germany. No Thanks!
Dennis Szymanski (9 months ago)
Stupid Britts!!
Condravic иван (9 months ago)
Condravic иван (9 months ago)
Asterix the gaul (9 months ago)
"up & down like a whores drawers"; fucking awesome,lol!!
RealDeal441 (10 months ago)
Wow - the Germans in this documentary can hardly contain their happiness on Black Wednesday. Can't really blame them - given the last 100 years of German-UK relations.
magpiedaft (10 months ago)
never trust zee germans

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