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The MOST profitable Forex strategy? *BONUS: SPECIAL GIVEAWAY*

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Is there such a thing as 'the most profitable Forex strategy'? There are two different types of Forex traders. You can be a fundamental based trader or what's known as a technical trader. But which trading approach has the most profitable forex strategy within? Andrew covers this question in a greater depth to help you understand about each path and what a typical trading day looks like for him. BONUS GIVEAWAY DETAILS: 3 annual passes are being given away to our Forex trading community at https://www.forexsignals.com/ To enter all you have to do is: 1) thumbs up / thumbs down 2) subscribe 3) comment with #forex 4) share The 3 winners will be announced on the 16th of November in my next video here on the channel! Best of luck and happy forex trading! You can learn more about Andrew and how to trade Forex professionally on http://bit.ly/StartMakingMoneyForex
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James Walker (2 days ago)
Forex trading have proven over the years to be a profitable platform which has helped different individuals to achieve their financial goals. Hurley has the right strategy to earn you perfect returns
Elizabeth Seaton (2 days ago)
Can boldly say Mr Hurley Jordan gave me the breakthrough I needed in trading
Gregory Holbrook (2 days ago)
If you need help to a great account management strategy feel free to contact Hurley with his unique strategy and process and I assure you that you won't be dissapointed
Mary Brown (2 days ago)
I loved my last trade with hurley I'm gonna reinvest double
Blanche Ivey (2 days ago)
Mr Hurley does not promise miracles but always delivers on a high success rate. Just got a gain of 36,650GBP
Betty Ruley (2 days ago)
Then get in touch with him with this email address [email protected],com
kayla cindy (3 days ago)
I wouldn’t be this happy if it wasn’t for Sir Nicolas Scott who has literally changed my life by keeping me away from all the financial issues that used to haunt me, he didn't just solved my financial issues but also rescued me out from my predicament by working tirelessly in making sure he collected what have invested on past bad brokers, with his strategy i was able to recover all my lost funds. contact him on his business email address [email protected] com
Thomas McPhee (3 days ago)
Thanks for the #forex tip video Andrew.
Akinbobola Ajayi (8 days ago)
This is indeed very educative for a beginner like myself. i really do enjoy and learned so much. Thank you for giving so much to the community. Both the fundamentals and the technical analysis are essential to trading.
Anthony Mukundi (14 days ago)
#Forex trading very intriguing. You just mentioned a mistake I made and lost all my money i.e. placing a trade when news about to be published, the bullet got me right on the head. Am now keen on that and I apply both #Technical and #Fundamental analysis. Thank you
Ali J (14 days ago)
Jayvie Silvestre (15 days ago)
John Paul (16 days ago)
Andrew comes across as a genuine guy - his videos are interesting on youtube and at forexsignals.com - however the only test of whether someone is a successful trader or not is whether they are brave enough to publish signals that translate their strategies into action and that produce positive pips each week/month - I have been following his signals for 6 months inside forexsignals.com and sadly the majority hit their stop losses...
Swag Designer Bright (24 days ago)
#forexstrategy Very good training for those who are starting
Fritz C (25 days ago)
Kamal Gill (26 days ago)
Great videos. Very genuine. Just wondered if you offer any trading courses / mentorship programs.
Hektor Valdes (30 days ago)
Winner of a video, I have been researching "forex what is it" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried - Harperzon Forexify Equalizer - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got amazing success with it.
Stella Maris (1 month ago)
Fabulous, thank you for the lesson!
Yael Dea (1 month ago)
Honestly everything else is a joke! I get my forex signals free on here! and they have proven to be extremely profitable! https://go.onelink.me/app/1acc828a
Ridhaan Rasheed (1 month ago)
#forex Hope I win. Just started trading. 🙂
Shen Shy (1 month ago)
thanks for all,ur amazing,uploader.im trading binary mainly via iqoptions and i count on luck,worked for me better,i traded both demo and real for years,i dont know an inch of anything u know,but my account is getting fatter,both of them.
Telal Mudawi (1 month ago)
Sound advice
William Soneka (1 month ago)
Alex Graham (1 month ago)
Tudor Renegade (1 month ago)
I remember the apple watch frenzy that turned out to be a bust. People were thinking apple would grow and it went lower. How's that for fundamental analysis ?
bheki Mkhwanazi (1 month ago)
Jonathan Nelson (1 month ago)
Jp Mynhardt (1 month ago)
I want to trade on forex threw MC Trading is this wise
gravour111 (1 month ago)
Yea, I think you are on point
Yudah nyo (1 month ago)
i think i love your teaching on fundamental and technical tools
micheal patterson (1 month ago)
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OG KuN (1 month ago)
Sinabijinyi Titus (1 month ago)
Nice strategy you got there
Marc (1 month ago)
May I know what is that box indicator that you used to display different Symbols with their trend color on each different time periods? Thanks in advance and good work! 😁
Brian (1 month ago)
wonderful video..just seen it..thanks mate for the education and information..stay blessed always
nilbert pacheco (1 month ago)
# still trying to learn forex trading. Thanks for making this video. I hope you could extend help to me.
I love this video #forex
hakeem moore (1 month ago)
Great tutorial #forexsignals
Luciano Ramos (1 month ago)
Very neat and straight forward content! thank you
Gilbert Cockworthy (1 month ago)
"Pacific strategies" What a dick
Asim Qureshi (1 month ago)
Good stuff #Forex
David Gueniche (1 month ago)
#forex I read a lot of books in technical analysis and made some back testing, I participate to a seminar in Paris and buy a method of trading 16 years ago. I made a lot of paper trading but the problem is to find a strategy that you can apply in the long term. you're right I think without the fundamental analysis it's difficult, we can get stuck inside great volatility and lose money very swiftly. I read that book twenty years ago Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders" it doesn't make you folks a profitable trader but I've learned a lot from it and I suggest you to read it because it's a very good book the problem with a technical analysis is we have too much indicators it's difficult to take a decision swiftly so I hope I can find a strategy where I can remove the indicators I don't need to keep those that works for me. do you use renko charts there are a lot of noise with candlestick sometimes we think we get a trend and we're stuck inside a range and the share or the pair doesn't move or move in the wrong direction enough to lose money. do you know a website where I can use renko charts ? your pug is so cute I had one a few years ago it's a very kind dog very clever and loyal to his master even if he's kind with others member of the family, it's the dog of one master. thank you very much of all your videos it helps :)) and hello from the south-east of France. sorry for the long-winded message but I couldn't make it shorter
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Retreat Bookings (2 months ago)
I'm too late for the giveaway so I'll just #XXXX....;-)
Nnamani ogechi (2 months ago)
Fly Thekwane (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video.It's clear and simple.Looking forward to learn more from you.
Asiyanbola Andrew (2 months ago)
Thanks for the enlightenment #forex #forexsignals
Jumadi Sinichi (2 months ago)
Mohd Asyraf (2 months ago)
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yenski2012 (2 months ago)
Rizky Pane (2 months ago)
thanks for the lesson #forex
Connor Olsen (2 months ago)
Very insightful ! #forex
Ummati Mohammed (2 months ago)
Loud and clear! Im a beginner and I totally understood this #forex
Adolfo Casabal (2 months ago)
Great video, keep these going please! #forex
Manoj Yadav (2 months ago)
There's lot of things learn from you. I want to see your live trading. May I ?
MR SR20 (2 months ago)
Anyone heard of a Harry Lakewood. Do not get this man to trade for you pure scam
Ugo Into (2 months ago)
Michael Weaver (2 months ago)
Very knowledgeable mentor here#forex
Ricardo M (2 months ago)
kinda contradicting I must say, I just saw a video where you started off by saying very clear ,"YOU WOULD NEVER MAKE MONEY TRADING FOREX" but yet you traded for over 30 yrs..I'm confused now, lol anyways good luck with your video motives man !!!
Attila Hun (2 months ago)
Genny Lesetedi (2 months ago)
Well explained ..would like to follow you and guide me with daily signals or to subscribe for signals.
Tom Taylor (2 months ago)
Love your videos and agree with all that said
tranc0 (2 months ago)
The 20SMA on Daily and Weekly chart is enought for all fundamentals. If there is a long term direction you will know that. If there are no directions you will know that too.
Taddi Mason (2 months ago)
I absolutely enjoyed your video and appreciate your advice! Also, please include your pug in every video I love pugs!
Hayden Harris (2 months ago)
You seem a really nice guy and I love your dog and please could you show some live trades so we can see you in action so to speak . The main problem with all you Forex trader teachers is the lack of demonstrations, you know, the proof is in the pudding. regards Hayden
workFx Media (2 months ago)
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Well explained #forex
Deborah Sbeghen (2 months ago)
#forex. i've taken courses and traded stocks in Brazil. now forex is a whole new thing. thanks for your help.
Henry Chen (2 months ago)
Sir thank you for your site this give me not to be too rash I am new in this I certainly follow your way, thanks
manithan manitham (2 months ago)
Rajib Banerjee (2 months ago)
really a great video, helped a lot , for complete knowledge visit *https://bit. ly/2GHVj7u*
Daan Kouwen (2 months ago)
bill whitehead (2 months ago)
What is your opinion on the Fib in most platforms
Moeccah Wilson (2 months ago)
#forex...I'm a beginner..I love your videos
Donald M (2 months ago)
A very good explanation, and a very good trading room as well.
Ali Maleki (3 months ago)
zany175 (3 months ago)
#crypto is the future
Matt Gregory (3 months ago)
Paul Baumann (3 months ago)
What are those fundamentals so i can learn to bring them in
Cycas Rifky Kurniawan (3 months ago)
#FOREX this video is helpful.. great!
mohammad itani (3 months ago)
#forex thanks
tsui dom (3 months ago)
Kaone Botiloeng (3 months ago)
kingsley okposin (3 months ago)
SierraLeones12 (3 months ago)
I am a new trader, Stumbled upon your channel and am pretty much obsessed! Great, useful content! Quick question for you: You mention fundamental trading, which is something I thought made sense long before knowing the proper name for the technique. What are you referencing when looking up those specifics for each country, such as retail prices, employment, inflation, etc? Is there a site? Articles? Or just looking at current events? Thank you in advance for your response!!
Akmal Jayin (3 months ago)
Great information. Thank you so much
JCTphotography (3 months ago)
Ressi Ardhana (3 months ago)
Thank you for share your knowledge sir #forex
Riaan Kruger (3 months ago)
#forex Thank you for a no frill's to the point comments!! Refreshing to see that in this Forex publishing world of BS promises, reality still exists.
Aman Kodms (3 months ago)
The best way for beginners is using indicators, especially good one like this: 100hoursmastery.online/EasyForexMastery idk why youtube is keep blocking this so, *If you used it, and it was fine like this comment for others please :)*
Lesly Ratshilidzi (3 months ago)
Anish Varghese (3 months ago)
Thanks... Really simple but useful
Jamar Gopie (3 months ago)
Very informative. Thank you! #Forex
Jhon Kenedy (3 months ago)
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Selim Reza (3 months ago)
Nice Dialog
Eric Kinyanjui (3 months ago)
Hello Andrew, thank you so much for the Momentum meter and all that you are sharing with the viewers. I am determined to become better and better as I practice what I am learning. Thank you once again.
Benjamin Allen (3 months ago)
i will advice you to contact mrs casey if you want to be successful trading binary options i am a living example she has really impacted my life with her strategy skills and knowledge i do not fear when i am trading with her strategy because of the consistent profit i make contact her now via [email protected] and be a successful trader
Emily Harris (3 months ago)
i believe you have to pay for quality, if you deserve a good result. i'm only sure when it's not free, by the way the best things in life are not for free.
Jack West (3 months ago)
BINARY TRADE GENIUS does she sell a software? Or is her help is for free?
Mark Donald (3 months ago)
Mrs Casey has said it all. Last month was a huge game changer for me. I made £35000 in a month. Honestly I have been scammed by a lot of brokers till I met Mrs Casey who changed it all for me.
Amanda Clinton (3 months ago)
When I thought everything was over, I contacted Mrs Casey and told her I had only £7000 to invest and to my surprise she accepted to trade for me with it and after a week, I received £85000 profits
Mark Donald (3 months ago)
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Ross W (3 months ago)
What a cock
Robin Blomqvist (3 months ago)
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Jeremiah Roopchan1 (3 months ago)
Hi there I saw your video and its safe to saw that you are a practical person ,so yes I honestly think people watching this should give you an honest chance to make an impact on their trading life .Thankyou
Phiwokuhle Mtsenga (3 months ago)
When it sounds like effort, it's most probably for real. Great explanation 😊
joe donzi (3 months ago)
Did anybody ever hear the the argument that many or most pet owners "resemble their dogs", does this guy prove that argument is true, or is it just me? Please vote thumbs up if yes or thumbs down if no, lol.
Barrie Strong (3 months ago)
absolutely agree..although i am more a technical trader one must be aware of economic data especially surrounding interest rates. Seems. from my experience, the markets are more likely to price in potential hikes in interest rates as opposed to a reduction in interest rates. As i write this, for example, the poor U.K. GDP results have made an interest rate hike in May less likely and, as a result, the bears are now in control.
Kia N (3 months ago)
Great video #Forex

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