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How to sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Outlook PC (Also Galaxy S6 and other Androids - akruto.com)

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Are you looking for a way to automatically, wirelessly, and privately sync Outlook Contacts and Calendar with Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Salaxy S6 or any other Android device? AkrutoSync does it all for you. It’s Windows software that does two-way Outlook sync between PC and unlimited compatible devices. Just add, update, or delete any information on your computer or device, and the change will appear on the others and vice versa. AkrutoSync is a better alternative to Samsung Kies and Samsung Smart Switch. Be more productive and sync Outlook calendar with Android using AkrutoSync. It can also sync Outlook calendar with iPhone and Windows Phone. Here’s why you want Akruto: * Reliable: Syncs EVERYTHING completely. Nothing cutoff or missing. * Private: Does not sync with the cloud. * Secure: Uses encryption. * Seamless: Syncs with device’s built-in Calendar and Contacts. No apps added to your device. * Automatic: No cables. No cloud. Choose Wi-Fi or Internet. VISIT OUR WEBSITE http://www.akruto.com LET'S CONNECT Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/akruto LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/akruto-inc Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AkrutoSync Tags: Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 Calendar with Outlook, Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Outlook, Sync Outlook with Galaxy, sync Outlook calendar with Galaxy, sync Galaxy with Outlook wirelessly, kies alternative, sync Outlook contacts with Galaxy S6, Outlook for Galaxy S5, Outlook on Android, sync Outlook tasks with Android, sync Outlook tasks with Galaxy S5, sync Galaxy S6 with Outlook, samsung kies alternative, Outlook Calendar on Samsung Galaxy, Sync Outlook with Samsung Galaxy S6, Outlook on Samsung Galaxy
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Text Comments (35)
Alan Mau (7 months ago)
Hi Howz it. I have saved my info. in another .pst file (not the main one). Did AkrutoSync could sync with another .PST file which is not the main one ? thanks.
Chris Blackmore (2 years ago)
Last time I tried this it installed a ton of crapware on my PC.
AkrutoSync (2 years ago)
+Chris Blackmore (The Walrus) Please download from official akruto.com website. Third-party websites may bundle unwanted software. This goes not just for AkrutoSync, but for any software you buy.
Mark Smith (2 years ago)
What about the emails themselves?
AkrutoSync (2 years ago)
+Mark Smith AkrutoSync does not sync email. In most cases, all you need to do is add your email accoutn to your phone, so that your phone can send and receive email - no third-party program is needed. If you can't (for example, if your email is POP3) you may need a third-party program for this, but it would not be Akrutosync.
Leah L (3 years ago)
I want to sync Samsung Galaxy S6 with Outlook, but I also use Notes and Tasks. Saw a brief mention of Notes and Tasks, but not clear on how it works and what it'd sync with.
AkrutoSync (3 years ago)
+Leah Lazzo Yes, it will sync with Outlook Galaxy S6 as well as the new Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+. As for Notes and Tasks, please refer to this page for information: http://www.akruto.com/synchronize-outlook-apps/.
Louis Scheu (3 years ago)
Great Video. Will AkrutoSync work with my Galaxy S3 edge?
AkrutoSync (2 years ago)
+Louis Scheu Akruto works with all Android (and other) phones. thanks
Louis Scheu (3 years ago)
Stupid auto correct! I meant S6 edge.
Eddie James (4 years ago)
I recently upgraded to a Galaxy Note 4 phone and downloaded Akruto to sync outlook contacts and my outlook calendar to my phone. It works perfectly and was very easy to do using the Akruto software. I highly recommend it.
Brian Day (4 years ago)
Will the app sync text messages?
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
+Brian Day At this time, AkrutoSync does not sync SMS text messages. There may be Android apps that may work for you. What are you trying to accomplish? Just backup your text messages? Use your computer keyboard to type your messages? Something else?
Sailing Hols Ltd (4 years ago)
Hi we can not get our Samsung Galaxy S3 to synchronize to our PC with Outlook Calendar.  It works from PC to S3 only.  
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
When you are adding a new event on your phone, tap the words "my calendar". You will see a list of all calendars on your phone. Select the calendar that synchronizes with AkrutoSync. It will be easy to recognize. If you need help contact our support through our website.
karsten kehlet (4 years ago)
It's impossible to sync contacts who is placed in groups, or have I done something wrong?
karsten kehlet (4 years ago)
+AkrutoSync Ok...thanks
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
Android contact groups are mapped to Outlook categories. If you need help, we'll be happy to help. Please use the contact form on our website (in the main menu under support) and we'll make sure AkrutoSync works perfectly for you.
Khalid S. (4 years ago)
it's the notes that i need to sync with outlook. unfortunately, There's no app doing that. it's the only thing that's annoying and making me think to go back to iphone
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
You can sync Android with Outlook notes. Details: http://www.akruto.com/synchronize-outlook-apps/
Charla Bauman (4 years ago)
does this work with  Galaxy S4?
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
+Charla Bauman Were you able to get it set up? We have a sale going on through Aug 15, so it'd be good for you to have a chance to try it before then.
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
+Charla Bauman You need to download and install AkrutoSync onto your Windows PC that has Outlook. When you start AkrutoSync it will guide you through setting up sync with your phone. You do not need to install anything on your phone. If you need help, let our support know at through our contact form at http://www.akruto.com/contact-us/. They are always eager to help and they are the most qualified people to help. They'll make sure it is a smooth and painless process.
Charla Bauman (4 years ago)
+AkrutoSync That's great... One more question as I am not clear on it. Do I need to download an app onto my phone as well as download the software onto my pc? (running Windows 7) Thanks. Sure hope this is relatively painless!
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
Yes, it works with Galaxy S4. AkrutoSync works with all Android smartphones and tablets, the Windows Phone and (unofficially) with iOS devices.
rsh0561 (4 years ago)
I’ve been using Google Calendar Sync, but that’s going away soon. How can I use Akruto to sync Outlook AND Google Calendar?
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
AkrutoSync can keep your devices in sync with Outlook (note that unlike Google Calendar, AkrutoSync will not keep your calendar on the web). To replace Google calendar with AkrutoSync, download AkrutoSync from http://www.akruto.com/get-akruto-sync/ and install on your PC. The program will guide you step by step through setting up sync with your first device. You can add all your other devices as described in the FAQ section on our website.
Ernesto Dominguez (4 years ago)
I used the trial version. Now I have 2 calendars in the phone (akruto and windows live). I don´t know how i can sync with hotmail calendar. Similar problem with contacts. I can´t sync windows phone contacts with hotmail contacts.  Thanks for your support.
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
People use AkrutoSync because it provides a much more complete Outlook sync than you would get otherwise. But another reason is to avoid storing your calendar in Hotmail or similar cloud accounts. If you need help migrating your calendar or other data away from the cloud, check out this page about saving your cloud data into a file which you then import into Outlook http://www.akruto.com/backup-phone-contacts-calendar/
Jamie Hanna (4 years ago)
Is there a one time application fee after the free trial?  How much is it?  If you work remotely for a period of time with your laptop, will it still synchronize your information while you are on location? 
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
To continue using AkrutoSync after the seven-day trial, you need to buy a registration code. It is a one-time payment; there are no monthly or other charges. We're running a special through August 15, 2014. It's only $24.95. After August 15, it'll return to its regular price of $29.95. There is no need to re-install or set up sync again. There is no subscription.
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
Thank you, Jamie. Very good questions. If you choose to synchronize over your home network, you can still make changes while you are away from the network. As soon as you come back and let your phone and your laptop connect to your home network, the sync will happen automatically and all the changes you made on your phone and on your laptop will sync.
Olga Livshin (4 years ago)
Love it!
George Tatar (4 years ago)
Thank you, Olga.
AkrutoSync (4 years ago)
Hello Doug. Thank you for your question. Yes, AkrutoSync allows you to select which Outlook calendar you want to sync with your phone. Note, that the best way to contact Akruto support is through our contact form at http://www.akruto.com/contact-us/

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