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MSI GeForce GTX 1060 - 3GB Gaming X - Review

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Buy 3GB card @ Amazon - http://amzn.to/2fAjbhh --- @ Newegg - http://bit.ly/2g0X72D Buy 6GB card @ Amazon - http://amzn.to/2eVVVJB --- @ Newegg - http://bit.ly/2fF5fmv Link to all GTX 1060 cards @ Amazon - http://amzn.to/2fF6IeF --- @ Newegg - http://bit.ly/2fER1lI This is, in my opinion, the new "value leader" at the $200 price point. For 1080p gaming for the next 3 years, this is the card to buy. That being said, as an alternate option, the AMD RX 480 is another great choice and as I explain in the video, is a perfectly fine option to consider as well. AMD RX 480 @ Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/2eFhrRP --- @ Newegg - http://bit.ly/2fgPF21 Links to my other GTX 1060 Videos: 3GB vs 6GB - Which GTX 1060 should you buy? - https://youtu.be/gNhvmP8yNE4 EVGA GTX 1060 3GB - https://youtu.be/fhzMHO8gMzI EVGA GTX 1060 6GB - https://youtu.be/mNvovtIpCQM Zotac GTX 1060 Amp! Edition - https://youtu.be/A3gs0DDuWBw ASUS GTX 1060 ROG Strix - https://youtu.be/qjHuSwtSWh8 Comparison of three cards - https://youtu.be/c1RGSsSv5L0 Link to my AMD RX 480 Video - https://youtu.be/Yqfl8KANQ4M If you need to replace your power supply: EVGA 400 Watt Power Supply (includes 6-pin + 8-pin PCI-E Power) Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/2b1o55Q --- Newegg.com - http://bit.ly/2baCEGM --------- --- Direct Support --- YouTube Sponsor (Loyalty Badge & Emoji) https://pcdeal.tv/YTMember Floatplane (Early Access & No Ads) https://pcdeal.tv/FloatPlane PayPal (One Time or Monthly Support) https://pcdeal.tv/PayPal Patreon (Monthly Support) https://pcdeal.tv/Patreon Tech Deals Merchandise https://pcdeal.tv/Merch --- Digital Software & Games --- Windows 10 Pro (Discount Code TD20) https://pcdeal.tv/Win10Pro MS Office 2019 Pro (Discount Code TD20) https://pcdeal.tv/MSOffice2019 Humble Bundle https://pcdeal.tv/HumbleBundle Fanatical https://pcdeal.tv/Fanatical GreenManGaming https://pcdeal.tv/GMG BackBlaze https://pcdeal.tv/BackBlaze Private Internet Access https://pcdeal.tv/PIA --- Affiliate Links in the US --- Amazon https://pcdeal.tv/Amazon Newegg https://pcdeal.tv/New-Egg EBay https://pcdeal.tv/E-Bay --- Amazon Affiliate Links outside of the US --- Canada http://amzn.to/2bdT6Gj UK http://amzn.to/2bdXRvC Germany http://amzn.to/2bdSK2k France http://amzn.to/2b4LMKy Spain http://amzn.to/2bdTt3v Newegg Canada http://bit.ly/2gEZkSM --- Follow Us on Twitter --- Tech Deals - https://twitter.com/TechDeals_16 Rogue Storm - https://twitter.com/roguestormtv Tech Deals Discord - https://discord.gg/7YzVNmE
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Text Comments (446)
STUNMAT 34 (1 month ago)
I'm coming from a gt 710 2Gb to a gtx 1060 gaming x 3gb
Im Dime (1 month ago)
60 FPS is ass
Tasnim Haider Chowdhury (9 months ago)
Awesome video..fantastically desceibed...
Tasnim Haider Chowdhury (9 months ago)
If I put another 1060 3gb later...will it perfome like 1070?
Wangel Tamang (9 months ago)
I got used Rx 580 for $190 bucks which have better performance, whereas new 3gb Gtx 1060 will cost me around the same price. Is it a tech deal?
Brendan! (10 months ago)
im sold!
Brendan! (10 months ago)
im sold even more
Ward Fitness (1 year ago)
Naveen Shiranga (1 year ago)
Your Videos are the best...if i want to know something about a hardwear I always type the name of the hardwear and type techdeal..you explain everything..you are the best🔥
ProblemChild (1 year ago)
Most and if not all good high end games require a recommended 6 gb graphics card.
Vincent Van Gogh (1 year ago)
June 2018 - card on Amazon is 349.99$. WTF
New Haven News (1 year ago)
How Much Power Does it take?
jessica vesper (1 year ago)
I would like to see a range of power supply's and Graphics cards that don't have silent gaming tech for enthusiasts that expect the best.......Looks like I'm still going to have to run GPU Tweak.
Landser (1 year ago)
Yeah, I changed my VGA from 9600GT to this one. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
James Patterson (1 year ago)
Outstanding review.
Blu (1 year ago)
200 dollars? more like 370 dollars.
Hony CZ (1 year ago)
That video look like game :D
Yassine Sadi (1 year ago)
how about coming from a GT210 1 gb
DerpyGaming (1 year ago)
A Driver CD! Which.... you should not use... XD
DerpyGaming (1 year ago)
This channel is so good! Well done sir! Thanks for the info!!!
Martin Bednár (1 year ago)
R.I.P msi gtx1060 2018 = 350+ :(
firedustflame (1 year ago)
Its jan 2018 and the card is over thise prices......thanks miners
Jiggy Fly (1 year ago)
When I look on amazon most 1060 cost 350-800
Greg Ashcraft (1 year ago)
Hello tech , with the recent price hike on the 1070s ,,,,(now $999.99 on new egg for the TI ) im going to buy the msi 1060 but at $640 for this card i think is crasy , im ready to chuck it in the dumpster and give up on this new build ,, im so agravated with these pric
David Bukumira (1 year ago)
hi im buying this card, and i have shit monitor, but i have hdmi to vga digital to analog converter. This converter works on rx 560, but will it work on this card?
Monzer Kalaji (1 year ago)
this guy is a legend . he answered all my question and said all I needed .
Tzz K (1 year ago)
Right now this card is 235 euro while the gigabyte is 220, the 6gb version is 320 euro for the msi and gyga 285, actually my badget is around 250 , should I buy the msi right now of wait for the 6 version , I really wanna the msi one .. P.s sorry for poor English
kas de jong (1 year ago)
who else watching this in end of 2017 and laughing at the sentence “the RX 480 is around 200 dollars”😂
patrik videc (1 year ago)
I have i7 3770, 16 gb ram, ssd 120 gb, hdd 1TB and 400W power supply. If I install 1060 3gb would 400W be ok? Please reply! Thanks!
Themast8rs DZN (1 year ago)
Im gonna buy 1060 3gb for egpu with my i5 7200u can it andle?
Gonzalo Oporto (1 year ago)
THX A LOT! u help me so much!! really helpfull
Biswajit Bhattacharya (1 year ago)
How much power it needs. Can i run it on a 500 watts smps
danny119501 (1 year ago)
Hi, 500 watts power supply is plenty for it.
Nano (1 year ago)
Can i put this grafficcard in my laptop?
Nano (1 year ago)
danny119501 can you send me a link of a graficcard for my laptop?
danny119501 (1 year ago)
Hi, this is probably old, but I think probably not, this is a graphics card for a desktop and I think for a laptop you might need to look for a graphics made for it, laptops are a lot smaller then the cases used for desktops.
Wojtek Czaderna (1 year ago)
After a whole year price is higher than at realase.
Insane Sounds (1 year ago)
This guy is really awesome. I'm not that guy who can watch stuff over 5 minutes in YouTube. But literally tech deals make me watch over more than half of its video length. 15 to 20 minutes. Really it's so acknowledging to listen to this man.
Gabry Uehara (1 year ago)
I was considering if buy this videocard or not, but man, you convinced me!
Roni Hietanen (1 year ago)
i subbed today and good video <33
Tech Deals (1 year ago)
+Roni Hietanen Thanks!
Majkiller11 (1 year ago)
Will I have a problem using this particular card on a mATX motherboard and a mini tower case? Judging by the weight comment, and knowing that the card weighs about 1kg, I'm really nervous of it bending an mATX pci-e slot for some reason, I might just be a total idiot. I know I can put it on my case as the dimensions are totally compatible, but if someone can inform me about the weight thing I would be grateful! Thanks!
Željko Kovačević (1 year ago)
And now this card is almost 300 Eur. GTX 1070 550-600 Eur. Fucking miners.
Fadezy (1 year ago)
does it fit in in a dell precision t3500??? plz tell me!!!
throwingpats (1 year ago)
How would it work on a 60" 1080p tv at a 120hz
Alo2videogaming (1 year ago)
Sadly nowadays the 3gb and 6 gb versions have 120$ difference at least in Italy, yep, you got a following from italy too!
Patrick Richmond (1 year ago)
I'm only watching because I'm waiting on my own 3gb 1060 to show up. That said, your videos are well done, very beginner friendly.
Can i use the afterburner and increase all the bars to top and dont burn the video card or do i will need some sort of cooling system?
Hassan Mehdi abbas (1 year ago)
I am willing to pay 300$ for white teeth like yours
Siempre Arriba (1 year ago)
I've bought this card for 270 euros, wish it were November 2016
LegionaryWithAGladius (1 year ago)
im still blitzkrieging with my 750 ti
CptAwais (1 year ago)
yeah shame on you any company who are watching this if your aren't packing your graphic cards like this hell yeah.......
Richard (1 year ago)
second you tube i have watched very good information and like the comment below i didn't get bored plus no music !
Ravs Ajay (1 year ago)
I like the way you explain, may I use this same card for rendering I wanna use for 3D Max and CAD on budget
Martino Blasted (2 years ago)
He said he wuld show the lights :(
Roostersnake (2 years ago)
i am still running two sli 660s. i got one of these on the way. hope this is still the way to go.
Orian (2 years ago)
thank u tech deals!, u helped me chooseing the right parts for my pc, i love ur chanel... thx
Thrilling Hazardous (2 years ago)
what is the difference between evga GTX 1060 6gb sc and SSC?
Thrilling Hazardous (2 years ago)
what should I get MSI GTX 1060 6gb or evga GTX 1060 6gb ssc?
Thrilling Hazardous (2 years ago)
what should I get MSI GTX 1060 6gb or evga GTX 1060 6gb sc?
Syed Atif (2 years ago)
Gigabyte should really watch this packaging. They literally put the gpu in a cheap cardboard box in a anti static bag. Good packaging is always good to see. oh and I own a gigabye gtx 1060. great card but I wish they improve their packaging
Gavin Breslin (2 years ago)
Would an intel i3-6100 be able to handle gaming with this card?
Jason Lim Chin Hoong (2 years ago)
on the box says vr ready yes it is vr ready but only have one HDMI port how to vr ready.....
Barry Washable (2 years ago)
" i like you Lloyd.. i've always liked ya"
Rafael Cruz (2 years ago)
Guys teeth is brighter than my future :D
Raachi Kamel (2 years ago)
zognarreg (2 years ago)
Around here anything 1060 is scarce and double this mythical "~$200" price point. Guess I'll just buy a new console :/
Michel Hanson (2 years ago)
LOL, I bet the GTX 970 video card made you so salty. I know how you feel though with going over to consoles though.
zognarreg (2 years ago)
*coming from a 20 year nVidia user
zognarreg (2 years ago)
Oh yeah, fuck nVidia
Paul Luna (2 years ago)
good job, Jim Carey
The Next world (2 years ago)
which motherboard, processor, power supply is required for msi gtx 1060 3gb
JE FB (2 years ago)
What if i have a 750W
Erik (1 year ago)
JE FB ur fucked
RZAJW (2 years ago)
Where is the comparison video on this card and the evga sc card ? ;)
Jaskaran Deol (2 years ago)
i am pretty much convinced to buy GTX 1060 3GB card over 6GB thanks for great review (3GB vs 6GB). Thanks to tech deals i am able to narrow down my choices. there is a 40$ CAD difference between MSI Gaming X and EVGA SC(Single Fan) both 3Gb. I am choosing EVGA SC 3GB Single Fan. Thank you for saving my money.
Son Goku (2 years ago)
If I'm buying a pcie express USB 3.0 connector which I can fit in my mobo will it fit?
Joseph Catterill (2 years ago)
Some games that needs more than 3gb. Black ops 3 Ark survival evolved Hitman
Michel Hanson (2 years ago)
True. I'm willing to reduce the settings though and keep it at 1600*900
Syuna (2 years ago)
Just got an MSI Z170A M5 mobo an a msi gtx 1060 6gb gaming x for my first build gunna look so sexy
simon rudge (2 years ago)
hi i have a gtx 970 thinking about getting a 1060 is there much difference is it worth upgrading??
Abdul Muqsit (2 years ago)
i have a 550watt dual 6pin psu... soo i am gonna use 8pin to dual 6pin converter! so is it ok?
Kayron (2 years ago)
i'm about to buy this msi card but was unsure if i should buy, thx for helping me out! Also subbed :D
Abdul Muqsit (2 years ago)
tech deals.. sir plz tell me i am super confused that what should i buy rx 480 4gb or gtx 1060 3gb i plan to play on 900p
Im Dime (1 month ago)
Abdul Muqsit GTX 1060 100%
Joker Fockers (2 years ago)
but msi graphicscard makes the heat trap in the backplate.
snappergrabber FAN (2 years ago)
this guy is cool, no lame intros or lame music, just straight to the point informative content, keep it up, you earned my sub
n0m4d o (2 years ago)
from now on i will only follow Tech Deals!
Max // Murmel155 (2 years ago)
Can You make a review from the MSI GTX 1060 Aero 3GB?
Corey Jones (2 years ago)
Your last comments about multiple monitors, but only one for gaming, is EXACTLY the information I have been looking for and just couldn't seem to find any reliable source to confirm the performance wouldnt drop much. thank you for the really in depth reviews! You're one of the few channels who doesn't just repeat all the information that I can already read on the side of the box. subbed recently and I've just been watching all your videos, amazing stuff!
Graeme Geldenhuys (2 years ago)
First time I see any of your reviews, and what a fantastic review it was. Very clear with plenty of information. You even answered my long last question of what is the difference between DVI-I and DVI-D. Awesome stuff, and thank you very much for sharing.
Nagykáldi Csanád (2 years ago)
Great video! :) Just a small question if I may: Now - February 2017 - which card is the deal for the same price (~200$) for 1080p gaming and some future proofing, and why? - GTX 1060 3GB - RX 480 4GB Today the Radeon driver got way better than it was 1st back in July 2016, and it is also better for DX12/Vulkan API (future) games, furthermore the only difference between the RX cards is the size of the VRAM, while the 3GB GTX1060 has 5% lower performance, than the 6GB BigBrother. From a 1080p performance PoV, is GTX1060 3GB < RX480 4GB < RX480 8GB ? GTX1060 6GB true? Maybe the answer should be separated to DX11/DX12 ...
6senses1 (2 years ago)
Excellent x 3 video. Subscribed!!!
Zoltan Benedek (2 years ago)
I got an i3 4170 CPU, GTX 950 OC GPU and 16 GB Ram DDR3 (Hyper X 1800 mhz). Does it worth to replace my current GPU with a 3 GB GTX1060? I'm a casual gamer wishing for more graphic performance so that's why I'm hesitating on this purchase.
Nice Human (2 years ago)
i have i3 4130 it runs well i got gta 5 on ultra at 60-55 fps overall but msaa only 4 instead of 8 because vram didnt enough i think if i use i5 it it can run maybe
SneakySnake (2 years ago)
it card work in games on 2000 mhz, its dangerous
prudiceflc (2 years ago)
keep up the good work, its satisfying to get great information in good amount of time =) ty! great speech
ANGELOFDEATH555666 (2 years ago)
Hey i'm planning on upgrading my GPU from a gtx 960 to a 1060 within the next couple of months, would you recommend the 3gb version or 6gb as value for money as there is currently a £60 ($75 usd) or so price difference between the two where i am.
Andrew W (2 years ago)
Really love how detailed your review videos are. I've actually been using this card for couple of months now and stumbled on this video, but I watched the whole thing anyway. It is hooked up to a 55" 4K Sony TV. Some games I actually get very acceptable performance running at full 4K, like Grid Autosport with V-sync on it'll do low-mid 50FPS. Rise of Tomb Raider at medium at 4K gets 30'ish FPS.
HybridOddy (2 years ago)
is it better than a 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series??
robert p (2 years ago)
Great review! What's the URL for the video that pits this card against the EVGA 1060? I would like to see them both installed.
Keicam (2 years ago)
Actually very good video :)
Enigmode (2 years ago)
What would be a smaller card alternative with similar performance capabilities? (length specifically)
believe me (2 years ago)
I wish I bought this back in November when it was $200.
blacksapphire (2 years ago)
i have a r5 250 should i get this card
Shreyas Sreedhar (2 years ago)
will core i3 bottleneck 1060?
Kiran kudpane (2 years ago)
can u make a video on gfx card for content creators. Software used will be 3dsmax ,Maya , Fumefx(mist of the time). After effects , Photoshop, Premier (Rarely). waiting for your reply. Love your video .Keep it up.
Gaurav Parida (2 years ago)
I am on a tight budget so is it a good idea to pair intel g4400 with this msi gtx 1060 3gb ??? . I intend to play most AAA titles at 720p ultra settings and will be upgrading my processor after 2 years. Will there be major stutters while playing ???? Plz reply and thanks in advance.
Tech Witch (2 years ago)
It's actually $267, so was there a price increase?
lady boy (2 years ago)
when will you pit the msi gtx 1060 vs the evga one I want to see which one has better fps
Forez (2 years ago)
I have 3 gb gtx 1060 and i have 80 FPS AT CS GO ... LOW SETINNGS
wenen132 (2 years ago)
quite a few people i know are also having problem with csgo fps. They have good graphic card but their fps were super bad
Kazi Ishmam (2 years ago)
sorry for the dislike i will give it a like when my mood is good
Chad Clarence (2 years ago)
lol so random

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