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Basics of Islamic Finance & Banking(full) HD

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Islamic Finance (4 years ago)
i agree with you 100%.Fiat Money has no base in islam.Gold dinar and silver dirham is the true standard....But we have to start from somewhere.Educating the masses is step 1.People will demand change when they are convinced that it is the right way forward...Soon In sha Allah i will upload a video highlighting the advantages of the Gold and silver standard over fiat currency
quetzalamaru (4 years ago)
This system has some steam, and chugging on a course...
Hamad Mbesi (5 years ago)
Assalam alaikum ,I am new here,I want to know more about islamic banking
devsun2 (5 years ago)
Do you think that Islamic Banking and fiat money are mutually exclusive concepts? I see fiat money as going against key Islamic Finance principles. I think that in order to have true Islamic Banking we need to go back to real money. ie. a gold and silver standard.
Shayan mustafa (5 years ago)
very useful thank you
Imagineth (5 years ago)
I would rather pay an agreed upon profit than to pay some sort of fucked up interest where you buy a house for $500,000 and end up paying over a million in interest.
Aftab Farooq (5 years ago)
must watch this presentaton and start practicing this system
devsun2 (5 years ago)
Informative presentation. I have a question though....ideally under Islamic economic theory, how should banks determine what the appropriate rate of mudharabah for a loan should be?
Leopold (5 years ago)
What do you mean by tangible assets?
Islamic Finance (5 years ago)
There are no downsizes.Anybody can actually avail the benefits.Just a more practical approach to finance.Safe because its backed by tangible assets.
Leopold (5 years ago)
So what are the downsizes to non-muslims? How is Islamic banking applicable to them?
Nawwar (6 years ago)
Very nice thank u so much !!
anoud mahmoud (6 years ago)
Thank you ,,,
Islamic Finance (6 years ago)
walaykum as salam wa rahamatu allahi wa barakatuh.Brother kindly download free version of real player and you can download this video from youtube itself or else copy paste the url/link in real player browser to download.This video is absolutely free.JazakAllah Khair.
DANISH KHAN (6 years ago)
MrAhmedtisco (6 years ago)
marshaAllah tanks...
I hope that someday that this system will be implemented in the West as it is the current system that is hurting so many

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