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How to delete an email account in Outlook 2010

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How to delete an email account in Outlook 2010
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Strange Boy (21 days ago)
This doesn't work. My outlook refuses to remove those accounts.
NicholasPOGM (3 months ago)
Microsoft! What a mess! It only removes the email account from the list, it does NOT remove it from the folder list. In fact there is no way to do that as far as I can see.
No U (11 months ago)
I have followed your steps but email account still showing
INVIDIA (11 months ago)
Hi, thanks for your comment. If you are an INVIDIA customer then please contact Support and they will happily help you with your individual settings. Regards INVIDIA Customer Service
NON Ramadan (1 year ago)
thanks ❤❤❤
PianoPooh (4 years ago)
Thank you for these vidio. its has worked well for my. but has not made me typer skills very faster. i just wich they are better then my Englich wishe are second to one. well i sappose you can of everythink, cant you! Thank's to you're skills at talking I'm am perfact at Outlooked soon. Your are the bast. Keep up it x

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