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Archaeologists On Remote Canadian Island Make Earth-Shattering Breakthrough About Human History

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Text Comments (67)
Mario Kolski (3 months ago)
I do know that lots of history is probably fake I don't believe what people say it's all bullshit
错鞘 (6 months ago)
just show the fucking video
JoJeff Vlogs (6 months ago)
Wanna hear a joke? Well if so look at my face it’s a big joke.
David Roberts (6 months ago)
Time to dump Trump
Patrick Aswad (6 months ago)
SlideRulePirate (6 months ago)
I missed the bit on how they established that the population in the area today has any significant connection to the inhabitants of 14,500 years ago. They wouldn't simply assume now, would they?
#Anti-Federalists#USA (6 months ago)
Alicia has quite a billboard on her chest. I wonder what he’s advertising?
Kittycat Gaming (6 months ago)
Kittycat Gaming (6 months ago)
Cool I Never new
P.K. Hathorn (6 months ago)
Having been skeptical of any "accepted history" as truth by academic "experts", it's totally plausible that there is pre-clovis settlements that far north. Just for arguments sake, what else crossed that narrow straight?
Hagios Lukas M. Sianipar (6 months ago)
Best part of the video 4:27
AerynSun1961 (6 months ago)
Very interesting, but nothing found could be proven to have belonged to the tribe trying to claim the island. Considering how old the find is, it is a mystery as to who lived there 14,000 years ago.
Lorraine (6 months ago)
The aboriginal people of Australia have been here for 60.000 years, That has been proven.
Jacob steez O (6 months ago)
This video is fake the world is 5000 years old
Sam Variety Films (6 months ago)
Its Just Berry (6 months ago)
i love facts verse
Joplin Steele (6 months ago)
How does anyone know it wasn’t a different group of people who were there before the howlshok ?
Josue Vicente (6 months ago)
Hi i am Elecktro (6 months ago)
I love your voice idk why Best voice 10/10 would voice again -ign
frankenzion0001 (6 months ago)
Why did they not consider the possibility, that the volcanic glass could have come from some of the volcanoes from the Pacific Northwest region?
Sav Atl (6 months ago)
But I thought Hebrew Israelites were already here in North America first?
Root Beer Guy (6 months ago)
Shouldn't you ask for some 1 to like after the video, why would I like a video before watching!
chat noir (6 months ago)
168th like! 🤣
Princess Lupi (6 months ago)
The tool they showed is made of obsidian. Which is a black glass formed from volcanoes.
Katherine Robar (6 months ago)
Glass is made from sand heated to 1000°f
Kimberly Duarte (6 months ago)
😑😑😑this is so long for no reason
Hype Bert (6 months ago)
Kimberly Duarte hi
Ricez (6 months ago)
When you underestimate others
ShoutLatios (6 months ago)
Tools and charcoal. And?
Mobile Gamer (6 months ago)
Medicated Squirrel (6 months ago)
Amazing love discoveries like this
Jessica Marie (6 months ago)
It is Wednesday my dudes eughhhhhh
Katherine Robar (6 months ago)
Its sunday-monday
Monica Carrera (6 months ago)
Lottie Slark (6 months ago)
22 comment
Kim's Texting Stories (6 months ago)
Well I guess it's only 800 veiws
Basketball Fanatic (6 months ago)
What if Oxygen is poisonous but it just takes 75-100 years to kill you?
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiii Iiiiiiiii Iiiiii Iiiii Ooo
ASMRamen (6 months ago)
nishga Indians in prince Rupert have oral history of 12000 years with the legend of the flud 12000 years ago
Victor Buz (6 months ago)
Why does the guy talking literally start by saying the title of the video its odd>_<
Lauri Graves (6 months ago)
To each his own. We are all different😊
Lem 1217 (6 months ago)
Great chanale
Lem 1217 (6 months ago)
suga glider ;-; (6 months ago)
I didn't even need to start the vid to know what that item is XD We've been learning about all of this btw It's ancient tools used by cavemen and they would chisel them this way ( tear drop shape ) as they thought is was beautiful This is a great example of EARLY generations even seeing beauty Okay I'll shut up now
Princess Lupi (6 months ago)
The method is called napping. Not chiseled. And the tool is an arrow or spear point. Made from obsidian which is volcanic glass.
Monica Carrera (6 months ago)
TELL ME MORE!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!
armybtsdaniela bts (6 months ago)
ASMRamen (6 months ago)
Oh wow tell us more
Gogo GT (6 months ago)
holy shit charcoal!? jejdjcjekksksnc who could believe charcoal exists!!?!?
Yareli Betancourt (6 months ago)
Yes I'm the 50 one to watch is
Donut 1234567890 (6 months ago)
AHH my butthole is On fIrE
Olivia Cochrane (6 months ago)
Im 9th bc im a big fan and ihave notifacations on
Olivia Cochrane (6 months ago)
Brothers Carranza (6 months ago)
They found tools and charcoal your welcome
C.I. amo i gatti (6 months ago)
Brothers Carranza thanks! I didn’t want to see the hole video 😅👌🏼👍🏼
AerynSun1961 (6 months ago)
+Dave Smith It's not boring, take a look for yourself.
Dave Smith (6 months ago)
Thank sounds boring peace
Jex134 (6 months ago)
da real mvp
MARLO (6 months ago)
Matthew Simeom (6 months ago)
Gogo GT (6 months ago)
Wow that’s insane
Angel Escoto (6 months ago)
I love this video
rov1e (6 months ago)
Earrape (6 months ago)
Do you wanna hear a joke? Yes me too..
Jam (6 months ago)
Do you wanna see an overused comment? Yes, me too.
_____ (6 months ago)

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