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Samsung Galaxy S2| Top 3 tips and Tricks

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Text Comments (253)
ShockzIV Gaming (3 years ago)
What part is the tips and tricks??
fahad zats (4 years ago)
Good for a baby
Exe Xee (4 years ago)
yeah right we all know that BOOOOOOORING
mountassir mounta (4 years ago)
ppppffff we now aall this tips not its not a new thing ! --'
Janner Espinosa (4 years ago)
Thats not what mah sansung galaxy s2 look like
Jasmine Gardiner (4 years ago)
is ur samsung galaxy s2 a i9100 ???  mine is
Sandeep Thapa (4 years ago)
I love Samsung
Nidal Abrar (4 years ago)
I turned on the subtitles accidently ... now i'm rolling on the ground laughing :D
Joel Amaya (5 years ago)
I knew that. i thought it was something different.
it works on 4.0.3
Filip Dujam (5 years ago)
not only on that one it works on galaxy 3 and apollo
SiiMPLYNOTORiiOUS (5 years ago)
the first trick when u swap no, click the person ur messaging and put the phone to ur ear, it will call them
Mansur Z (5 years ago)
kevin kuka (5 years ago)
Good video
kevin kuka (5 years ago)
PADILLA Padilla (5 years ago)
Tabka Mohamed (5 years ago)
Please what is your wallpaper and if u can upload it please
Lukas Nolte (5 years ago)
Das mit dem anrufen kann jedes Samsung handy
XDJC123 (5 years ago)
same here how do u update it to jelly bean i keep on searching for updates but it says there are none
Randy Ram (5 years ago)
I got ICS as well and it's caused more problems than good. My phone randomly drops service and won't connect to network without a restart.
mnash3 (5 years ago)
Hey!!!! That's pretty cool... I just learned tip 1 the other day and I knew about tip 3.... But that tip 2 screenshot is pretty cool.... Thanks for sharing.....
dzgeek11 (5 years ago)
So cool . Thanks a lot
ADLITUBE (5 years ago)
You Are A Muslim...I Can See the " iQuran " Apps @BangingTechReviews
isabel86ful (5 years ago)
hi there i downloaded a font from the apps but how do i use it in my text messaging? :/ plz help thanks :)
Irimia Gabriel (5 years ago)
Please, tell me the name of your widget.
Roy mackay (5 years ago)
LOve these tips specially as i didnt get a manual with mine phone. how do you get the time zones up like you have dhaka and louisville. thanks for the tips
stuntastic86 (5 years ago)
Crappy basic stuff
randomawesome94 (5 years ago)
can i ask u maybe its not relating to this video. but why certain mp3 files that i transfered from my laptop to my samsung s2 via usb did not appear in 'mymusic' ? the mp3 files are the converted files by YTD(youtube downloader). when i go to 'myfile', the files appeared in 'music' folder. but when i wanna play it on 'mymusic'. the files are not there. please help me. thank you.
Raffaele Barbato (5 years ago)
This tips are Very faumous.. -.-
Vanessa (5 years ago)
Embarrasing video -_-
8volt (5 years ago)
World most obvious tips. Thx
Nick Pearce (5 years ago)
works fine on ICS
sirneo77 (5 years ago)
where did you get that case? I need to buy one exactly like yours. Thanks
TechNutz (5 years ago)
Don't work on ICS I'm afraid :(
TechNutz (5 years ago)
Hi. They are widgets
Harry Garman (5 years ago)
this video is an embaresment
flawmore (5 years ago)
I don't get it the print screen to work :/
PippinPotter11 (5 years ago)
Although it is now, October.20,"2012", I am purchasing the Galaxy S II today. ***The Galaxy "3" is already out as well, but WHAT ELSE could I possibly want in a phone anyway that this model doesn't do?!!!... I am currently using my iPhone 4, and can now save $100.00 a month on my phone bill by leaving Verizon (they're way too exspensive for me now ) and I'm moving to Straight Talk Unlimited for only $50.00 a month. ~ A HUGE ASS SAVINGS!😉 Anyway, thank you for taking your time to both record &
Jacob Todd (5 years ago)
Ive got the 4.04 software, it wont let me change my brightness via the scroll bar.
Jacob Todd (5 years ago)
Hey dude, great vid! How do you get your background like it was, I.e the clocks and apps above?
Justin Kaczmarek (5 years ago)
Good for you. Funny story, I don't need to be a hacker to have fun with a droid OS. :D
TechNutz (5 years ago)
Thanks for the great comment. :D
TechNutz (5 years ago)
Yes :D
TechNutz (5 years ago)
Wicked!! Are you enjoying your phone?
TechNutz (5 years ago)
The Holy Quran condemns violence my friend.
Luong TIEN SANG (5 years ago)
are u a hacker??? u guys hate ip beacause u don't know how to use it we are hacker part of iphone fans, when ip on ur guys hand it's suck , when it's on my hand it's different from all of ur suck ass ip
Luong TIEN SANG (5 years ago)
samsung is falling ip5 is gotta kick all of samsung ass
Justin Kaczmarek (5 years ago)
Are you on drugs?
Ape Dinky (5 years ago)
knew after a week of use, using for 2 months so far
PRELUDE2002 (5 years ago)
nice video ,,its working also on samsung galaxy S2-T989 which only has a soft home button not a hard one like S2 internatonal,,thanx alot dude :)
Jonathan Thienes (5 years ago)
Screen shot doesn't work anymore after the update...
keneatsyou (5 years ago)
that's not called a lockscreen button.. its the power button..
ishantha soysa (5 years ago)
i also having the same prob
DarkenedSnow (5 years ago)
I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace.. I knew that stuff already, with a month of use, nice Vid though, I see people havn't noticed. 0.0 Only thing I didn't know (I don't think it's capable on an ACE) is the pinch and move your phone back and forth I knew the double tap text though.. Interesting.
momokorobo (5 years ago)
same here, mine does not blink and it cant be turned off... HELP!!
ishantha soysa (5 years ago)
in my SII, proximity sensor light always blinks in red, why is that?
The91lover (5 years ago)
may i know how to copy contact from sim card to galaxy s2...i still have problem with this
SpruceDread4578 (5 years ago)
What background is that?
YUPYUP5able (5 years ago)
S2 gf has a 4s snd is just blahh... I have the s2 and she plays with it more than her iphone....longer battery too..
Shir Brass (5 years ago)
if you upgraded the rom to ICS the snapshot work with lower volume button and power button. all tricks are known and awesome :)
walid Rabhi (6 years ago)
you forget something : iOS was the inspiration
stevewilson1349 (6 years ago)
Good tips well explained
farmhouzred (6 years ago)
What u have to do is press the home key first and then quickly press the power key,this is one way and the other way is press the volume down button and power button simutaneously
RoflMao (6 years ago)
the screenshot thing dont work
SilverTele (6 years ago)
is there away to change the colour of the slide text message thing from the lock screen?
Younes Regragui (6 years ago)
cinema 4d Hh
gehirn (6 years ago)
what version of this samsung galaxy g or non g?
Schaneequah (6 years ago)
Just a tip too: if your s2 already has ICS, you take screenshots by pressing the lock and volume down button at the same time. Hth.
XoxoNattieBabie (6 years ago)
thats the international version
gil palacios (6 years ago)
id like to have one soon...
Reece Martin (6 years ago)
Not 202!
Marshall Henry (6 years ago)
That's not what my Galaxy S II looks like
Torben Wallenstein (6 years ago)
Where is 3:29? :D
Bruno Lucusi (6 years ago)
Iphone is a shit. Steve Jobs struggling in the coffin.
jay soal (6 years ago)
Arthur Woodpecker LOL
idontwanna saymyname (6 years ago)
my screen capture never seems to work. it either goes to task manager or the screen locks
saintNsinnerrr (6 years ago)
U fucking Bong!!!
The_Eminem_Guy (6 years ago)
R.I.P Battery Life
Karim elQady (6 years ago)
Cool ! I knew the second and third one but the first is new to me . I need some help with my mobile so PM me brother .
hisham gabar (6 years ago)
its damegrg eyes
JuanJoséVEVO (6 years ago)
price of the phone?
Dane Duly Music (6 years ago)
ty smith (6 years ago)
hey @bangingtechreviews are you from louisville
Darren Smiths (6 years ago)
Hey bro , u muslim?
Good video, but I already knew about these tricks! And I know a lot more!
denzlepob (6 years ago)
Cheers, I found the slide call shortcut very handy!
Fernando Chung (6 years ago)
awwww I didnt discover those tricks tks a lot!
shy sad (6 years ago)
can u tell me how to lock d screen while watching video on youtube. bkoz if accidntly touch d screen it pause n some time presd d bck button really irritating n it ruin al d fun.
Awsome video, - But you should seriously check our apps like Android Defrag Pro - that thing saved my life - bout time someone made a defrag for android - increases speed like crazy
Javier Castro (6 years ago)
MyAsdfghjkl101 (6 years ago)
You could have zoomed into that cute guy :D
MyAsdfghjkl101 (6 years ago)
Thank god you I can understand you. All the other videos are all Indians. No offense.
Enina M. von Kazi (6 years ago)
are you from bangladesch? :D haha i'm from there (:
ahmedmhAli (6 years ago)
muslim and proud too ..
TechNutz (6 years ago)
Glad I could help :D
harlowskorner (6 years ago)
Awesome. I've had my s2 for a couple of months now but never knew about that. Thank you
TechNutz (6 years ago)
Hi Yes I am of Bangladeshi origin born in the U.K :D Thanks
TechNutz (6 years ago)
samir iqbal (6 years ago)
bro are u from bangladesh?
Henry McFly (6 years ago)
nice video yes.. :) good tips. i have the samsung s2..its awesome:)
Spliffstar26 (6 years ago)
Your first Smartphone and you get an S2 :) You won't be disappointing. Great phones..

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