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Hidden Features of the ZTE Blade Z Max Pro You Don't Know About

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Text Comments (94)
Diagn0sed1 (2 months ago)
This fone sux ass
Diagn0sed1 (2 months ago)
I want to know how to send videos. All my other fones were able but this one don't let me. It's so annoying and I can't find help
Greg B (2 months ago)
Hey dumbass it's not a hidden feature if there's a description of it in the menus...wtf
cuando estas aburrido (5 months ago)
Is it water frof
Brodie Argumaniz (5 months ago)
how do I put it in split screen vr mode
NUZASTUDIO (8 months ago)
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Terrie Martinez (8 months ago)
Could you please help me? How can I adjust the brightness on my flashlight on my zte Metro PCS BLADE phone?
SurveyTest Money (10 months ago)
I would❤️to know why this stupid phone doesn't allow personal/custom voice recording voicemail. Only your name or number which is STUPID. I have never seen a phone that doesn't allow recorded voicemail!😠😡😠
Kathy Abel (11 months ago)
What is the Easter egg feature for? I don't understand.
Cullen Anderson (1 year ago)
How do I turn off split screen?
Clyde Cromey (1 year ago)
Not really a tech question but what's the name of the beat in the background? Thanks if anything
Edward Priore (1 year ago)
I have several Yahoo accounts I want to put on the ZTE blade zmax. what are the pros/cons to using the internal email program vs the actual yahoo app? Please answer :)
A Z (1 year ago)
Please don't recommend this phone ever as it's worse! I bought a ZTE Blade V7 in 2017 the silver coating on the ZTE logo came off after few months initially now the battery drops within a few hours of use, display has started to come off on both sides, phone and apps freezes often, red dot can be seen in dark backgrounds, sound increases decreases automatically, startup takes a long time says optimizing apps. I am completely unsatisfied!
miss tinky maria (1 year ago)
How did you get your notifications to appear on your lockscreen
Heather Animates (1 year ago)
The Zte Z max pro...Needs these type of upgrades!! 😕
Kelly Holmes (1 year ago)
None of these is hidden features 😑
Carolyn Mitchell (1 year ago)
Hi off topic I need help... My phone is about seven months old I have the ZTE Max blaze my fingerprint scanner was working great tell a month ago I went and looked in my security it's completely gone! Aperntly I'm not the only one who has had this issue how do I fix this my phone I snot under warranty do to it being super sucky through metro..... If I can't fix this on my own how much would it fix to cost? Thanks in advance
john argue (1 year ago)
4:38 split screen .Soo cool. 2 thumbs up on video
Detect IQsmarter (1 year ago)
anyone knows how to set how long my phone will ring before it goes to voicemail ?
Justikman (1 year ago)
There's a different between the Blade Z Max and the Z Max Pro. Since you don't even know that you don't deserve the time of day.
Beauty In You (1 year ago)
How can I turn off the beeping noise Durning every phone call
Lyns Hercule (1 year ago)
How do you get rid of the Google Bar? I've been trying to figure this out. Please answer.
Edie Smith (1 year ago)
My phone says I don't have that feature I can only do side by side
Danielle Streek (1 year ago)
How do u add phone numbers to favourites
Erika Hardy (1 year ago)
Can you tell me how to stop my do not disturb from coming on for every call...
Terrie Martinez (8 months ago)
It does it to me too...🙁
The Dank Dad (1 year ago)
I didn't know about the finger print or split screen feature! Very helpful and well produced video!
Typical Terry (1 year ago)
You can also open an app and then press and hold the recent apps button and then it'll also take you to split screen
d.rose (1 year ago)
If you go to smart Lock you can set up facial recognition to unlock your phone like that too and you can set up more than one for insist if you wear glasses like me do one wearing your glasses and one not wearing it so it can recognize you either way
How can I unlock my ZTE zmax blade pro
The Ban Hammer (1 year ago)
Yeah cheaply made poor quality sim tray and $25.00 to replace it which is ridiculous.
Monus Brewer (1 year ago)
We have 4 of these phones, all of them have the same issues. Constantly locks up, freezes up, lag and then randomly reboots. If it was 1 out of the 4 I could see it being a isolated event... But all 4? We I did a little research I can't across several issues that seem to be built in by ZTE. The biggest one is the ram is maxed out constantly. I have yet to find a way to free up any usable amount. It states it has 2 gig on the but shows 1.8 in the settings but has 1.7 in use all the time. I went in looked at the active program and and it has 24 processes running in the background all the time. I have tried a manual stop, force stop and tried uninstalling some apps. But ZTE has it built-in to blocked your access, even the force stop function. So no way to free up any RAM. Next is the uninstall process, it will "uninstall" a app but never deletes it from memory. So if your not paying attention it use up all the memory. But you do have the ability to manually go delete the files. The good news, screen size is great. Sound is so so, but using a headset will improve the sound like every other phone.
Jose Lopez (1 year ago)
love your vids keep it up
mr. P. (1 year ago)
you can hold the task manager button and it will split screen too
Jon D (1 year ago)
Anything I listen to YouTube Pandora Google music all keeps pausing for NO reason wtf!!! I'm at work getting pissed !!
MrDrakePrice (1 year ago)
the song in the background is 100% from an 90's porn
SurveyTest Money (10 months ago)
mario baylor (1 year ago)
This is the Zte blade Zmax not the blade Zmax pro
Renopwns Mobile Gaming (2 months ago)
Zmax Pro is the model year before the Blade came out. The Blade is newer, bigger, and badder. I know cause my wife has the Zmax pro.
mgbnb2 (1 year ago)
MY phone is doing nothing you are saying.
Denice Benton (1 year ago)
mgbnb2 mine is o we'll try again
Esteban Alvarado (1 year ago)
Please reply. Why when I try to use smart Lock - I press voice recognition right, then I put my password correctly..why doesn't it switch in?
jessie mcfarlane (1 year ago)
Good night I did find your information very informative
Richard Cleapor (1 year ago)
or press and hold the recent button
Richard Cleapor (1 year ago)
abd it sucks , it just opens that apt and most of the time you dont want it, i turned it off max has all those
Richard Cleapor (1 year ago)
the max has that now too
I AM DANNY EL (1 year ago)
Watching this video with a blade z max pro like "oh.. that's nice😀"... Is it water resistant tho🤔🤔?
MrDrakePrice (1 year ago)
The screen is hydrophobic tho, water beads on it and falls right off
H2TechVideos (1 year ago)
Alejandro Farias (1 year ago)
How do you fuking change the screen saver pic
Cell phone Pro (1 year ago)
I fuking don't like swearing words so I'm not not going to help!
Typical Terry (1 year ago)
alex lopez you go to settings then click display then click wallpaper and you can pick whichever wallpaper that you want
John Jay (1 year ago)
Ronnie Hunt LMAO!😂
KC Ronn (1 year ago)
alex lopez . Are you serious.
John Jay (1 year ago)
alex lopez This is a two person job. While standing next to your sister, extend your hand out to he in a fist bump motion. As you and your sister's fists touch, say the words: "Wonder Twin powers: Activate!!". This will allow you the ability to change your wallpaper, as well as the ability to morph into any water based object ie- bucket of ice water, icicles, etc.
Melissa Ford (1 year ago)
And the sound quality is it loud
apraise 247 (1 year ago)
Melissa Ford it is loud but to make it loud you have to go to Dolby audio go to custom pick manual then bring all lines up they will drop down but they are still up
Melissa Ford (1 year ago)
How's the camera quality on this phone need to know love taking a lot of pictures
Darren Johnson (1 year ago)
Great picture quality and I get good service where my old phones go in and out, more out. Great phone and you can zoom in pretty far with great picture quality
Gamingdude 5690 (1 year ago)
Melissa Ford omg can't get better it has a mono color spec a blur out spec and is better then most 100 dollar cams STRONGLY RECOMMEND
spark7620 (1 year ago)
ok so this phone is really great and convenient for me but the only issue I've had, is the play back audio on videos I record (especially in snapchat) is just completely horrible. I used to have the ZTE Zmax and the playback audio would be phenomenal on that. Is there something to fix this please help!
Kayla Jimenez (1 year ago)
where is Dolby EQ located?
MrDrakePrice (1 year ago)
spark7620 use the built in Dolby EQ
no mames (1 year ago)
Does anyone know how to take off the battery percentage sighn
no mames (1 year ago)
Jullian Placencia theirs nothing
Jullian Placencia (1 year ago)
Go to setting and in general scroll to baterry and there you should see a box to take it off.
no mames (1 year ago)
Jullian Placencia I checked and I don't see anything can u help me out
Jullian Placencia (1 year ago)
chingo bling go to display in settings
Jaime Brown (1 year ago)
How can u lock text messages on this phone? Usually this is simple to do but I can't find it at all..help me please thank u
Miguel A. Wilder (1 year ago)
Does the Blade work on 5hz bandwidth?
yo please send me this.phone it's amazing!?
Johnny 3D (1 year ago)
Has anyone figured out the cool little hidden jem on the split screen allowing you tube to minimize hidden at the top of the notification bar? I found it completely by accident, and its pretty amazing no other devices I've owned can do this without having Paid You Tube Red..
Abraham Lincoln (1 year ago)
Johnny 3D yeah I noticed by accident too
shaneclipse97 (1 year ago)
?? that does not work at all for me
John Jay (1 year ago)
Johnny 3D I just access YouTube through the browser while the *request desktop site* box is checked. By doing this, I can even shut the screen off and the audio still plays. The split screen minimization, although very cool, doesn't allow that.
Lucciano Green (1 year ago)
didn't even know what the fuck i did the first time it happened it works out of split screen mode too
Slide show jim (1 year ago)
Johnny 3Dthank thank you I think I found it how do I tell you so I know if I'm right .
Crystal Woods (1 year ago)
Why when u screen cast and use nexflix it shows a black screen but u can hear audio
jacqueline mcmasters (1 year ago)
Crystal Woods how did u screen cast
Mou Aniki (1 year ago)
Knew most of them except for the last two, mine did not have the easter egg i have nearby instead. What id like to get rid off is all the metro bloat apps. And more camera tricks.
ram_man rock (1 year ago)
I have the ZMAX PRO. Do you think it's an upgrade? I've seen videos where the pro is faster than the blade..
Edward Priore (1 year ago)
Edward Priore 1 day ago I have several Yahoo accounts I want to put on the ZTE blade zmax. what are the pros/cons to using the internal email program vs the actual yahoo app? Please answer :)
stella marie (1 year ago)
P47 Thunderbolt I sold my max pro on offer up for 100$. 😄😄
ram_man rock that's a good phone but I prefer the blade zmax
Deathstroke 87 (1 year ago)
ram_man rock just buy both phones problem solved
ram_man rock (1 year ago)
Yes Yes thank you very much for your sincere answer I will be definitely holding on to my Pro.

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