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Subscribe! Because SMART IS THE NEW SEXY: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L Every year many interesting things are discovered by scientists. Those can be small discoveries or life-changing ones. They are made in different spheres such as space, natural science and archaeology and many of them help us understand our world better. Do you want to know what the most recent scientific discoveries are? Then stay with us because today Smart is the New Sexy is going to speak about things that were discovered and achieved in 2017. Here we go! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: http://facebook.com/enjoy.science/ The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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boo boo (2 days ago)
Nostradamus talked about the pigman lol.
Little Lucas gaming YT (21 days ago)
Sweety (1 month ago)
If we had access to all that Gold Platinum and silver, they would be the least valuable metal we have. Copper would become the New Gold, as Silver is actually a better conductor of electricity; it would replace Copper wire.
Jungle Jargon (1 month ago)
*Object credit givers should be banned from science...* since they give all of the glory to mindless unguided objects... for the existence of mindless unguided objects. They go to the extent of denying the laws of science trying to say that energy is the cause of energy and the ordering of energy. They are not even rational and irrational people should not be teaching science because science is what you can know to be a fact. You can't know that matter made matter or that energy made energy or that energy ordered itself!
َQader aliraqi (1 month ago)
please, Can you upload the scripts for this exciting topic to learn more and more?
eewag1 (2 months ago)
samridhi choubey (2 months ago)
these are 11 not 12
Maranda Gillespie (2 months ago)
What, how is this possible, I wounder if those things will help create life on another planet
Help my name
Naidu Swathi (2 months ago)
I'll get back eclairs cholcate
{ Anonymous } (3 months ago)
-Erase This- *Jk*
{ Anonymous } (3 months ago)
Milkybones (3 months ago)
Go right now and sub to @pewdipie to beat t series.
Jnmaniac1 (3 months ago)
>diabetes >virgin beta cells yep. sounds about right.
Dark Mentality (3 months ago)
Juliet Mamangun (3 months ago)
In 08:55 Peppa Pig's Picture Are In There
wulfrum Knight (4 months ago)
changing your own DNA and the cure for cancer and the thing that can die doing research on the thing that can't die add that to you're own DNA wold make human's survive anything or maybe the key to immortality.
The Australian Preston (4 months ago)
Tardigradum wont survive a blackhole
jack bruno (4 months ago)
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J. Green (4 months ago)
hey guess what? they found a cure for cancer! unfortunately, it's too expensive for anyone to afford! why is this the world we live in!
Scott Prian (4 months ago)
brainless. Everyone knows science isn't faith based. Either you understand it, or you don't.
Nick Hurley (4 months ago)
You are shit. Fucking shit
Duke Boreham (4 months ago)
If all this is real, why wasn't any of this on the news ?
BASSCODE PROJECT (4 months ago)
Snowstorms on mars? anybody see any snow on the mars rover footage? Nah me neither. I'm starting to think that NASA RC buggy thing isn't even really on mars.
Jay Mac (5 months ago)
Ibn al-Haytham is also regarded as the father of optics, especially for his empirical proof of the intromission theory of light. Some have also described Ibn al-Haytham as the "first scientist" for his development of the modern scientific method.
GrayWolf666 (5 months ago)
"Helps drugs stay in your system longer." Wtf is wrong with you people. Wake up!
The Orion (5 months ago)
Kwstas Western (5 months ago)
Everything was invented by Ancient Greeks. You just keep stealing their ideas.
Siew Peng Yew (5 months ago)
7:37 already knew that
Mairi Urquhart (5 months ago)
Anyone interested in learning about quantum physics should check out my review of the quantum world by new scientist instant expert https://mairiurquhart.blogspot.com/2018/09/book-review-quantum-world-by-new.html?m=1
ssSpanxz (5 months ago)
Fee F (5 months ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue!!!
Dashen Odonkor (5 months ago)
I just wasted 9 minutes in my PlayStation time thanks bro
ZombieGaming (5 months ago)
666views /•\ comfrimed
virgo virgo (5 months ago)
Your video thumbnails suck 😏
SlayerOfPlayers - (5 months ago)
"Only 40 light years away" yea I'll see you there in about 700,000 years.
Titan Smash Games (5 months ago)
glersh nern (5 months ago)
I don't believe any of this unbelievablesness
etherium cryptorama (5 months ago)
Dam ur click bait
Jain Doe (6 months ago)
#ClickBAIT #Blocked
E 10 (6 months ago)
Some bulshit...
Zandro Cabanlit (6 months ago)
Part Of New Zealand Seriously
A_ ZOMBIE_KILLA on PSN (6 months ago)
I have been clickbaited new continent found turns into 12 discoveries wth
Nathan Johnston (6 months ago)
its too bad that if it is chinese its almost always exaggerated propaganda such as the chines solar road that broke within a year
Grace Garrovillo (6 months ago)
I Like to watch again this video
MatrixGamer73 (6 months ago)
ugh waste of my time -_-, all of this is old news. Thanks for wasting my time
Jackshiftgaming (6 months ago)
That’s New Zealand which has been around for a long time
Dewan pange Kane nungcba (6 months ago)
Alecium (6 months ago)
one step closer to man-bear-pig on earth
Sam Lawrence (6 months ago)
The only Planet we know of inhabited by robots is......... Mars. ... how cool is that! :--)
julia tamihere (6 months ago)
Omg the thumbnail...NEW ZEALAND IS REAL I LIVE HERE!!!!
stickoffire181 (6 months ago)
Lol posted on my birthday
Bagas Pratsya (6 months ago)
bANoMia (6 months ago)
Yeah, uh, water bears weren't discovered in 2017
irishbreakfast (6 months ago)
meteorites didn't deposit life on earth. life was already in the mix of ingredients as our world was coalescing. before our sky existed and before the primal global ocean settled on the surface, life was already present in the earth.
Cybernetic Butterfly (7 months ago)
Smart is the old cringy.
William Dong (7 months ago)
i believe
Brian Maney (7 months ago)
OMG, so many lies.....
maccaria7x (7 months ago)
Don't sub to me I ain't worth it
jaimeson morphy (7 months ago)
How do get this information about space
Fuffles (7 months ago)
Are we there yet? When we get to Mars lmk. Most of this isn't recent.
Rarely (7 months ago)
At the end when peppe came I was dying from laughing
Nine Inch Nail (7 months ago)
This video sucked
john franco (7 months ago)
This page is trash
Lorie Jean Aldamia (7 months ago)
Is this all true? A one new continent? Zealandia? And a new planets like our own Earth? Hmmmn.. 😕😕
jadekayak01 (7 months ago)
You're right,I don't believe. I live in new Zealand and the "zelandia" as depicted by you is not NEW . The areas shown are well recorded for a long time.
Roma Channel (7 months ago)
Oof lets pu water bear DNA into a kid posibly the kid will have super powers like the water bear
edgy nerd (7 months ago)
A new continent when you can only get on a little bit of it
Jeffrey Nelson (7 months ago)
So what's with the banana man on the lounge chair? Is this Barak Banana?
cocky rocky (7 months ago)
As long as we all know this, pigs are very emotional, maybe the most, of the animals, they actually cry and scream, if they other animals including other pigs cry or in pain. It actually would be an upgrade if we can actually transfer this part of the pig in all of us.
Hunter Boi (7 months ago)
Water bear ,Cat and the hat made a episode about this and said it can live anywhere Very Hot and Very cold and even in space
truth96130 (7 months ago)
All photons (if they carry the same energy within them) are identical to all other photons of that energy so how do they know they were not looking at just another photon and not the same one they tried to teleport?
Stormy Syndrome (5 months ago)
They tend to travel at the speed of light....unless the Chinese have an instrument that measures up to the speed of light (186,282 miles per second), I highly doubt they “teleported” anything at all. They just magnified the beam until it reached outer space and said, “ oh look, we teleported a photon.”
Merv (7 months ago)
So many medical discoveries, yet not still available... will it ever come?
Eat The Carrot! (7 months ago)
come here i show u how to clickbait u coward
Zeek M (7 months ago)
I hate it when a channel believes the official lies.
nina koko (7 months ago)
exo planets XD XD
Raymond Stemmer (7 months ago)
Do you believe water is H2O ? Do you believe in believing ? Do you believe you could be a homosexual ?
Tibor J. (7 months ago)
Lots of bullshit
Apex 2947 (7 months ago)
I don’t want people to turn into pigs what if they evolve into pig like humans
Indigo plateau
Wow keren
Mr. Moon (7 months ago)
The water bear
Mr. Moon (7 months ago)
Teleportation lol
Mr. Moon (7 months ago)
Bai this is the vid of CLICKBAIT
Althea Lacson (7 months ago)
If this real you never know this now "future is coming now logic is here now" just kidding Im impressed now hehehehe
FathemBoy (7 months ago)
Clickbait it’s New Zealand...🙄🙄
Player 2 (7 months ago)
New planets? Thats so fake
GeographyGuru 32 (8 months ago)
It’s called Zealandia.
Deppengu (8 months ago)
13. This channel name is cringy
EnochGamingYT (1 month ago)
Grant Morgan (8 months ago)
Astral Serpent (8 months ago)
Wow! The Chinese reflected concentrated light particles off of a mirror up to the sky. Thats a big breakthrough guys!
Lil JazzyJaz (8 months ago)
I like when the scientist found more plants that could have life on it.so freaking interesting to me.
nazra7 (8 months ago)
Too many claims without evidence. Believing in scientific facts is not "Scientific" people. Try to disprove those "facts" first, then if you fail to do so, then you need to report it to other people for peer review. If they fail to point out any flaws only THEN can you say its "Scientific". What is true science follows the scientific method, what is pseudo science does not.
Phred Phish (8 months ago)
I think "you won't believe" is a bit strong for the title. Clickbait has been the demise of other Youtube channels and I'd hate to see your subscribes flee like rats on a doomed ship.
Micah Llama (8 months ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I live in New Zealand and I don't know if you do
Dragon Cocplayer (8 months ago)
Most smart people think they are stupid. You are smart and you think you are smart
Forensic Dragon (8 months ago)
I'd say that almost all the fields in science have changed this year, mostly for the better. I am excited to see more great changes.
MaDDMaTT Dominations (8 months ago)
Yeah thanks this has alllllllll alllllready been covered thank you lmfao
Zain Ahmed (8 months ago)
The second one made my dream creepy

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