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President Obama's Farewell Address

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Barack Obama spoke to the nation as president for the last time on Tuesday. He reflects on some of the successes and frustrations of his presidency. And he says the work of democracy has always been hard. Here are the highlights. Originally published at - http://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/president-obamas-farewell-address/3672547.html
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Text Comments (99)
Thank you so much . Personally I like him very much. He is a good person for all ages.
SMS2020 Michael F (7 days ago)
thank you obama very cool
E Limaj (8 days ago)
The best president ever,.
Sajma Parween (15 days ago)
I will follow your foot step and I will make my country proud
FOR YOU (1 month ago)
U.S.A. miss you my fellow man.
Umair Ahmed (1 month ago)
Who is master mind of 9/11? Lolz, it's so observable that trade centre was demolishing like melting of candle, it can't be just due to striking of plane. It was inside Job! How many countries you will destroy to take advantage of their oil?
sebastiao mendonca (1 month ago)
trump's the best,
Abdul Daley (2 months ago)
I wish my country’s get a great president like Obama.😭😭😭
Việt Trần Anh (2 months ago)
Berhane Germai (8 days ago)
Việt Trần Anh Very Nice one
Ngọc Long Vũ (2 months ago)
OMG! America has so so so many great politicians! What a heart-touching speech!
prasath karupu (2 months ago)
Hats off real hero
Mr Green (2 months ago)
12:25 It's fake!
Md Hasan Md Hasan (3 months ago)
America has many special man Obama is one of them. I like him so much.
Jean MM (3 months ago)
thank you Mr Obama, thanks for make world a better place to live.
So Pheakdey Men (3 months ago)
All of his speech is so meaning for leadership and he think people the first, not only that he obedient citizens important
So Pheakdey Men (3 months ago)
Could you upload many new videos than this
tony navidad abanto (3 months ago)
Guao, Felicidades poco a poco voy comprendiendo el ingles,Gracias por contribuir con el aprendizaje,Saludos desde Perú!!!
chanyuth sok (3 months ago)
please listen to English BO.
elena gheorghe (4 months ago)
Emotiotion,very well
Obama Barack (4 months ago)
Always love you ❤
Jeorge Perera (4 months ago)
Very very good, but America most bad gay
Rathana Tek (4 months ago)
Thanks for creating Eng-subttle
amandeep gill (4 months ago)
Nice speech brarik obama
Adel Adel (5 months ago)
who's here to learn american accent?
Ibrahim Khalil (4 months ago)
Good speech
yogabunny (5 months ago)
go fuck urself   bitch ass islamic thug
Md :Moshiur Rahman Rifat (5 months ago)
Joe Salta (5 months ago)
Good to finally have leader not worried about money and check this dude up corrupt as hell. And your race comment your half white his mother. Im part indian and got sparrows
Joe Salta (5 months ago)
Change is here you groomed person for the job and yes we have real leader goodbye and enjoy the money you got. New leader now and doesnt have motivation by money. Trum 2020
Subhasmita Nayak (5 months ago)
i like obama
Wejdan Alwan Abu Nuha (6 months ago)
change so much , you make it real Mr Obama I thank you for that .
Lô Tô Nam Bộ (6 months ago)
Great for me learn English
Elijah cesspoole (6 months ago)
Do us a favor you traitor , lock yourself away and stay out of politics. You already legally deserve the death penalty, so don´t push your luck.
Boni Legend (6 months ago)
Is normal situation for people who born under the libra star sign ...libra loves peace and make other people feeling balance ...libra was born with good sense of humor ...Obama is the one
MOHD HASNAIN AZAM (6 months ago)
Nice one
Mokua Peter (7 months ago)
Thanks you sir for being great president
Kenan Ali (7 months ago)
Thanks creation of Isis and destruction of Yemen and Libya.
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead
Isaiah Johnston (7 months ago)
It was actually in part, devisive. He definitely set the tone to be against Trump. Knowing the atmosphere in the country he should have been more supportive, but since he couldn't muster up anything helpful as the commander in chief, he should have left all the "anti-trump" undertones out. That was him a chance to actually help the country with race relations instead of damaging it yet again. Just because he gave isis terrorist millions of dollars after releasing them from Guantanamo, doesn't mean that is how it should be done. Funny guy, I enjoyed his humor and how he carried himself, but didn't care for him as a president at all.
Valdete Lekaj (7 months ago)
RESPECT for the model of an extraordinary leader,....who did a lot for ordinary people
Pouk Tongling (8 months ago)
Wain DY (8 months ago)
A combination of plus and minus Men and Women = Marriage
tahar ansel (8 months ago)
Hi, I want to learn English from scratch. Have you ever told me about any video?
Puncher Boxing (9 months ago)
Hello, it would be great if you will post the all text from the video.
Joe 13 (9 months ago)
Barack Obama Was one of My Favorite Presidents.
Yes you
Arch Stanton (9 months ago)
Don't let the door hit your crooked lying, FBI spying, stick it too our country while smiling, you can keep your health Care people are dying on your way out the door corrupt sob. Spying on Trump, sold us out to the Russians. Pffft I spit on you.
Long Dao (10 months ago)
có ai là người Việt nam vào học tiếng anh, điểm danh cái đi
Nina Le (20 days ago)
It's me
Por incrível que pareça foi o Governo que mais deportou estrangeiros para os países de origrm. A emoção na Política, em vias de fato, fics quase srmpre nos discursos inflamados.
Bahman Soltanali (10 months ago)
Why do you think Iran is making weapons of mass destruction and that you are introducing Iran as a murderer?!!!!!! Please remember, if Iranian scientists were not in the NASA, you could not speak with pride today. I'm so sorry for this. The honesty and kindness of the Iranians have been proven.
QS Vlog (10 months ago)
very good
Salman Kofan (10 months ago)
He did best jobs as a president because he didn’t be races, he treated all of as equally. In my life he will be always my inspiration and hero of America... best president ever💕❣️🧡😭☺️
Math by Aditya Chauhan (11 months ago)
we love you president
Police Knight (11 months ago)
Obama you are fired!
Bah Mu Bah (11 months ago)
Great man
Poug Orade (11 months ago)
I really love you Baluk you are the first president to come to Asia you like Super Man
Najeeb Khan (1 year ago)
I have respect for the American people , however, they have destroyed The Muslim world just for the purpose of there so called national interest .
Baiyana Vue (1 year ago)
Thankyou for you be our good president Mr. Obama.
slim ham (1 year ago)
he quoted a lot from martin luther kind ' s speech 😉
seydi Fadiga (1 year ago)
one of the besUS president
Hdswi Vcztj (1 year ago)
overall your performance 9/10 which means successful president
KEITA MORY (1 year ago)
good speech
Zeinab Zaher (1 year ago)
❤insha'Allah Yes I can Like yes I did 💪
Rizwan Mughal (27 days ago)
thats so
Sen Vannan (1 year ago)
i like this
Monirul Islam (1 year ago)
I saw this news & feel my self so shame & I want to tell every body I didn't do anything& I also want to say that I m not moving to anywhere ,I also want to be with American people with bark Obama, mishap Obama, hilarious. I don't belive what's going on .....this fake news news. don't miss understand me....I don't know about this fake news
Jishnu V Sunderlal (1 year ago)
A big fan of you President of Obama.I dn't knw when i will meet you. and thanks for VDA" for perfect subtitle.
Zinedine Prime (1 year ago)
How did we get from him to Trump...
damnthisuser (1 year ago)
Zinedine Prime look at the comments on this post and you will get your answer.
Kevin Joe (1 year ago)
you make america deteriorate constantly and seriously divided. You will be judged by history as a failing president.
Vj Vijenthiran (1 year ago)
Ahmed Qasim (1 year ago)
diplomacy has been very hard
Russian Superman (1 year ago)
fuck off obama
Luan Pro (1 year ago)
big man
I almost cry together! Obama is a awesome guy!!
Obama Barack (4 months ago)
And awesome President,right?
汪浩 (11 months ago)
Tenda de Umbanda Ogum de Lei - Caboclo Roxo is sissy you
Eva Pellot (1 year ago)
Thank you for the speech.
Charlie Jr Ngo (1 year ago)
President Trump is nearly come in the White House
Matthew Nugent (1 year ago)
Goodbye already
Osiris (2 years ago)
Osiris Destinyvor 17 Sekunden (bearbeitet)Barak Obama " I am really good to kill people with drones" Obama Biografie from Mark Halperin!!!
Nate Manning (2 years ago)
He almost destroyed the idea of america. Increased racist thought. And he will go down as the worst. And trump will go down as the best jobs president. And the jokes obama told about trump shall haunt him with regret in his mind for life. Sorry obama. I never voted for you because you are a horrible liar. And if trumo is lying.. Atleast hes dam good at it.
CheckPeeh Domingo (4 months ago)
Your scary you dnt know what u are saying😡😡😡
Arch Stanton (9 months ago)
Nate Manning you made the right choice.
will chen (1 year ago)
shut the fuck up
AMD 2700x Tryhard (1 year ago)
Nate Manning- “Increased racist thought” haha, Nate probably has racist thoughts and blames Obama for his own lack of open-mindedness
damnthisuser (1 year ago)
Nate Manning how did he increase racist thought? He had the audacity to be a black president.
Sandy Sunrise (2 years ago)
Thank you President Obama! You were and still to this day .. are a dignified, compassionate, rational and honorable human being, who will go down in history as one of the top great Presidents of all times!!!!
Ibrahim Khalil (4 months ago)
Good speech
Ibrahim Khalil (4 months ago)
Mad Chacal (1 year ago)
I agree!! Obama>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all republicans together
analista (1 year ago)
cameron doward (2 years ago)
See you later thanks for nothing. And give back your peace prize
Logic 4 Life (5 months ago)
U R DUMB, you are looking at his flaws, you try being president and you will know who difficult it is to make change. Judge Obama by his accomplishments and his feats, not by his faults.
az z (1 year ago)
Driftin 911 is a mossad job. check the no plane theory... Larry Silverstein owner of WTC said they pulled WTC 7. no picture of pentagon being hit by plane despite the presence of 80 cameras. no debris no corpse nothing... just an Arab passport... high temperatures made aluminium evaporate... according to official narrative. some people sold their AA market shares on the 10th and bought them back on the 12th... how strange... and the list goes on and on...
Олег (1 year ago)
who created osama bin laden?
flightMC (2 years ago)
cameron doward fucking deluded man, "did nothing" so then who killed Osama bin laden?

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