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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 How To Speed Up & Improve Battery Life - YouTube Tech Guy

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Our video on how to Dramatically Improve Battery Life on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & Make it A Lot Faster Find Out Every Piece of Gear We Have and Use on a Daily Basis on our Amazon Affiliate Page: https://amzn.to/2Fa5DUK Join our Monthly Giveaways on Patreon Here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/Youtubetechguy Check out our brand new Merch Store!!!: https://www.redbubble.com/people/YouTubeTechGuy/shop Download High Res OLED Wallpapers: http://www.youtubetechguy.com/oled-wallpapers.html Check Out Our New Website: www.youtubetechguy.com/ Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/youtubetechguy Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/youtubetechguy Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/youtubetechguy Follow on Google+: plus.google.com/109915502991322532029 Email me at: [email protected] Song: Joakim Karud - Flix & Chill (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/pSv9cYnn0Ao Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/vtHGESuQ22s Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - In My Dreams (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/PiKks_6yC8Q Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - Smile (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/zunoFnne7e4
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Text Comments (214)
Tony H (8 days ago)
Very helpful!
Du Juan (10 days ago)
I actually discovered some cool Note 9 functions by watching this video.
Pranto Biswas (13 days ago)
When my note 9 is idle it draining a lot of charge how can i get rid of that
Rajan Singh (13 days ago)
How to update Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Got one of these bad boys in midnight black a few days ago, not gonna lie in a bit skeptical about battery life but I'll try this, thanks pal :)
Badr (18 days ago)
Best video for battery saving
nifran sn (1 month ago)
Thumps up to video man you deserve it...
Rajiv Singh (1 month ago)
Amazing...……… hopefully I will use these tips IF I get the note 9 :( keep up the good work , you rock
Bikrom Biswas (1 month ago)
Thank you very much, it's very usefull.
S DeeyALOO (1 month ago)
Wow coming from iphone my mind is blown!! This is insane, I'm so happy with this phone!!!
anoop 2255 (1 month ago)
Great !👍
Bader A (2 months ago)
Great video , thanks
MOHD NAZIRUL FAHMI (2 months ago)
Can I turn on Battery saver 24/7 ? Any bad effects?
M Archibald (2 months ago)
Good job!
Jiby (2 months ago)
We should also disable McAfee scanning . Its a huge battery saver activity
NoReason (2 months ago)
+Jiby Thanks
Jiby (2 months ago)
+NoReason settings. Apps. Right side on top click on 3 dots. Show system apps. Look for device security. Clean data and cache
NoReason (2 months ago)
How? I tried to disable McAfee but I can't find the "switch".
Donghoon 2 (2 months ago)
Some of my T-Mobile apps can't be disabled
Donghoon 2 (2 months ago)
+What did i do ??? "pro" is always paid I'm 14
What did i do ??? (2 months ago)
Yeah it can with package disabler pro
Mary Mary (2 months ago)
Thanks very much god blessed you it was helpful to me
Brooke Archer (2 months ago)
Thank you for this. And what is your opinion on letting lithium batteries stay charging at night? I've heard that it is bad for older phone models, but I'm questioning it for this phone...I haven't been leaving the charger in, but lately I have had to because I kept chromadoze running all night until pretty late in the day (only for a week) because I'm on vacation. I wanted to know the answer to this question for future reference because I know that only a few days can't dramatically damage the battery.😂
Brooke Archer (2 months ago)
+What did i do ??? oh awesome!! Thank you :)
What did i do ??? (2 months ago)
With these new phones, it stops charging once it reaches 100 percent
Jay M (2 months ago)
Great Video, thank you! Watched it for my Note 9
Tu Muy Bien (2 months ago)
How to fast charge
Saaz (2 months ago)
Very helpful.
ET Vapes (3 months ago)
Just got the note 9 badass phone
Markus Luminoso (3 months ago)
Love the note first android phone in 10 years from having iPhones the note 9 is so impressive unbelievably
Edgar Paulk (3 months ago)
As usual great and complete review. I followed every step. I do have a doubt maybe someone can clarify. If I have location always on, won't that use more battery?
Elmer Masinag (3 months ago)
Hi. After I turned on my Medium power saving mode the fb messenger's font size became bigger. I need to restart it to return back to same size before. What seems to be the problem? Thanks
moondarck (3 months ago)
Before you set it to Medium you can chose what resolution you want medium to have, that's your problem. It went down from quad to fhd
Random Hero (3 months ago)
My god this phone... Let me tell you, it's the best all-around phone. I bought it used for a week with dome glass protector, wireless charger and a tigen case for €770. BEST. PHONE. EVER.
Rob Hoar (3 months ago)
so i understand that using a wireless charger to avoid overcharging is important to battery. how much?
isra mintTM (3 months ago)
Lol I removed my screen protector and then saw the high sensitivity setting
James Landers (20 days ago)
Did removing it save you battery power? I swear havinf it on is killing my battery faster.
Bader A (2 months ago)
Lol me too
KaMPoL PhaNaPiSaN (3 months ago)
TheManInUrMirror! (3 months ago)
Thanks for the video. Let me start by saying that I have used phones with 4000mAh (or more) batteries for over 2 years now (mostly Huawei devices). So, I have a mental benchmark that I hope the phone to match/beat. I have a Pixel 2XL (3520mAh), Asus Zenfone 5Z (3300mAh) and my Exynos Dual-SIM Note 9 (I also have my old Note 8 in a drawer waiting to be sold on eBay). I'm a power user + someone who likes to test apps. I have pretty much the same 500+ apps on all of my phones (save for the Samsung specific apps in the Note 9 like PenUP, Samsung Health, etc). Unfortunately, my Note 9 performs nowhere near those levels in terms of battery. Granted its dual-SIM but so is my Asus (with 'just' a 3300 mAh battery on SD845), granted there are 500+ apps, but like I said, the same apps exist in ALL my other phones. On top of this, I use the N9 only in 'HD+' mode (not quad HD), I have downloaded 'Package Disabler' and disabled pretty much everything related to Bixby and then some. Apart from 15-20 apps, all other apps have been marked as 'Always Sleeping Apps', disabled WiFi and BT scanning, tried system launcher instead of Nova, etc. Still, the best I get is probably 3.25-3.5 (and rarely 4hrs) of SoT with around 12-15 hours of overall device on time (for comparison, my N8 which is also dual-SIM but with SD835, gave me 2.5-3hrs SoT with 11-12 hours of overall device on time). My Pixel 2XL (which is another story since it lags like a 2010 phone!) gives me decent battery life. The biggest surprise was my Asus. I did not expect it to last 20+ hours with 4-5hrs SoT on a 3300 mAh and all this WITHOUT having to do any battery optimization antics (unlike Huawei devices which aggressively kills any app in the background, and after having owned 5-6 Huawei devices until the Mate10Pro, I've given up on Huawei for this reason) ! Also, my N9 drains 3-4% per hour in stand-by, it was 4-5% before all the disabling I did, now its 3-4% (I'm actually ok with 1-2% per hour drain during stand-by). So, one big reason for my N9's poor overall battery performance seems to be due to a non-existent doze mode. Since I imported the N9 from HK, I really can't return it. Hence, I'm genuinely surprised when the interwebs keep talking about the N9's supposed great battery life. Sorry about the unintended rant. (PS - I'm still surprised by my Asus's overall performance and amazing batt life, didn't expect it at all.)
Krishaang Deep (2 months ago)
Damn bro I got 4hrs on my GS8 and I get around 5.5 hrs easily on the N9(BOTH EXYNOS VERSION)
Subham Kumar Bisoyi (2 months ago)
+villavan kothai ya bro i have the exynos model as well. This is blasphemous
José Cavalcante (2 months ago)
8 hrs of sot easily here. Batery in learning mode yet. Snapdragon model.
villavan kothai (3 months ago)
Dude the problem is that Exynos processor. Watch those battery drain problems of Exynos 9810 processors.
Subham Kumar Bisoyi (3 months ago)
Yaa bro, same situation here. All those people claiming 7-8 hrs of SOT makes me feel either I have a faulty one 😢 or they are lying.
Leaveil Dabney (4 months ago)
Great video. Helped a lot. Love learning the ins and outs of my new espensive device.
Ha haha (4 months ago)
If the apps not running in background. Will get get notifications??
alexlovesjapan (4 months ago)
Thanks man great vid as always 🙌🔥
firm1z (4 months ago)
Great video, helped improved by battery life, especially with the device maintenance and stopping apps that run in the background.
Urban Kitsune (4 months ago)
Why not turn animations off all the way?
HaoHan - 浩瀚 (3 months ago)
Is up to u if u don't mind the animation then can turn all to off one
christopher kurniawan (4 months ago)
Very helpful , thankk youuu ! 😁
Great video!! Thanks
Stixx Bixby (4 months ago)
Settings > Apps > Tap all individual apps & toggle OFF 'Allow background data usuage'
laith alwedyan (4 months ago)
This is usless unless if you show a before and after results ya i am doing all these stuff on my old note 3 and it would make night and day difference ,but for a 2018 top of the line device if all these stuff would just give me like 1% performance and like 10 extra minutes of battery then i don't want it
Urban Kitsune (4 months ago)
Same reason a gamer would go with an Intel core i5-8500 processor over an Intel core i5 8400, that 0.2GHZ extra clock speed for $35 more lol
Vicki Howe (4 months ago)
Shouldn't need to improve battery life lol (All day battery) 8 hours screen on time what a load of 💩 And you can't speed up a phone it will be as fast as it is out of the box. Pointless crap, Samsung love all of you though 👍
J J (4 months ago)
I just bought my note 9 today . Developor options was already on. Could this have been a defected phone ?
Urban Kitsune (4 months ago)
+Steve Gold agreed
Steve Gold (4 months ago)
It sounds like somehow it was returned by another customer and Best Buy passed it off to you. If it were me, I'd request a brand new Note 9. For $1000+, who wants a refurbished or returned phone?
J J (4 months ago)
Came out box with the plastic on screen and everything in plastic bag . Plus it only been out since 24th so its still very new
J J (4 months ago)
Thnks. And I bought it from best buy
Steve Gold (4 months ago)
I'm no expert but it sounds like someone used it before. I've never heard of a brand-new out-of-the-box Samsung phone having Developer Options being turned on by default.
antoine chandler (4 months ago)
If I pay 1k for a phone I'm using every feature available 😂
Taylor Swift (4 months ago)
Great Video. So helpful man !!!!
Antonio Enrico (4 months ago)
what about wifi scanning in location? is that helpful or just another battery drain?
Chowdah_RG (4 months ago)
Thank you for the tips, very informative video. Will test on my Note9
Juju (4 months ago)
Thank you!!! This has helped dramatically!
Devi Prasad K (4 months ago)
Very good tips. Nice video, thanks. Got 9hrs29mins SOT (with 15%battery left) on my Note 9 without any tweaks as mentioned in this video. Now will optimize the phone & check if the battery performance improves or not.👌
What did i do ??? (2 months ago)
It improved? Btw are you using snapdragon?
• Angus • (4 months ago)
I had an S9+ and I was getting like 5 hours SOT. :( Now I have a Note 9 and I have around 8h, 30m SOT! :D
Tamim Abulhassan (2 months ago)
How? What are your settings
Gail B. (4 months ago)
Thanks for all these tips. I did all you suggested and saw a difference right away.
Linux_Android (4 months ago)
Great video man. I got the blue note 9 with 8gb of ram
OmarNevaeh (4 months ago)
Exactly the video I was looking for..thank you!! 🙌🏼👌🏼
Lil Brown girl (4 months ago)
Who else watching on the note 9😊
Hailam Bacin (4 days ago)
+khaled almousa wow. have a nice day
khaled almousa (4 days ago)
I received mine today ^_^
John Thang (1 month ago)
Hailam Bacin (1 month ago)
+Somite meeee
Michael Stephens (1 month ago)
Sam Wilson (4 months ago)
This has been so useful, thank you. Mine Note 9 comes this afternoon and I'll definitely be following your advice.
elrojas 93 (4 months ago)
What about turning on optimizing battery setting on battery all apps ???
Urban Kitsune (4 months ago)
Turning it on for all apps can make those apps run at lower resolutions and can cause all sorts of problems because it can also effect the refresh rate of the app. I did it with pokemon go when I had my s7edge about a year and a half ago and that caused all sorts of glitches a jitters
Supernatural4us (4 months ago)
Thank you for this very valuable video!
Denise Martinez (4 months ago)
received my phone about three hours ago...&& am already upset that I can not change my background on my messaging...☹
Life with a Maltese (4 months ago)
Samsung themes
Eff Ahston (4 months ago)
Denise Martinez ...awww poor baby
Antim Andrei (4 months ago)
disable NFC, Location, Bluetooth, Hotspot and any other features that are you not using constantly.
mariekt (4 months ago)
whoaaaa, changing the animations to .5 seriously did make it faster!! wtf!😍
mariekt (4 months ago)
I JUST CHANGED IT ON MY PHONE AND IT'S SO DAMN FAST! it actually almost hurts my eyes😂
Ken Geraths (4 months ago)
Some good tips and a few I have forgotten about. I'm waiting on my note 9 now should be here tomorrow I think. The money has been removed from my account so fingers crossed.
forbiddentreasure (4 months ago)
@The YouTube Tech Guy, You can also save over 15% of battery by turning off the AOD "Always-On-Display.
Naim Zahari (4 months ago)
AOD shud not be off it make the phone look more premium
Mr BrightSide (4 months ago)
How do you check your screen on time on yr note 8? Thanks
Krishaang Deep (2 months ago)
Go to device maintenance and tap on battery...then battery usage and screen should be the first thing over tgere
Himanshu Chamoli (4 months ago)
Wow Samsung version of greenify great
Bo Soerjadi (4 months ago)
You might also remind viewers that in Settings you can set it to "block accidental touches". It prevents the screen from detecting touch input while your phone is in a dark place, such as your pocket or bag. Settings - Display - scroll all the way down - check "Block accidental touches". I think that will not only save much in battery use, but it also prevents activating apps unnecessarily.
Rikardo Trevino (1 month ago)
That will have the phone constantly activating its light sensor and scanning screen touches, it will make the battery and performance worse
Andy Akin (4 months ago)
With such a big battery, why would you turn anything off? Curious.
Eff Ahston (4 months ago)
Andy Akin .... Because as humans, we are never satisfied.
Himanshu Chamoli (4 months ago)
Andy Akin To get more But personally i think it is best with all that still ON
MY TECH LIFE (4 months ago)
Zzzzzzz repeated video.. stopped watching ASAP
Michael (4 months ago)
great video! this works for my s8 as well!
sanjay neelam (4 months ago)
Would like to see the battery life tests of yours on note 9 as compared to note 8. Was expecting...
Yobran Colon (4 months ago)
Ricky's Note 9 lost 2% battery during the video. attention to details yall. haha
Krishaang Deep (2 months ago)
+Quick Life which res?
What did i do ??? (2 months ago)
His brightness was on max and he had it set to 1440p resolution
Quick Life (4 months ago)
Lol which would equate to over 6.5 hours of screen on time which is pretty good. I get around 8 hrs of screen on time
Max (4 months ago)
Are just go to device maintenance and set the battery to MID...😁
TheVoicz (4 months ago)
"How To Speed Up & Improve Battery Life" By not buying it. Improves speed, battery, & money. : 3
LethalPhatGuy (4 months ago)
How the hell does the edge panels use battery?
admorris11 (2 months ago)
It doesn't...he's wrong on that one
Luis Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Because the panel is always floating there and has a lot of info within it at a easy swipe.
YouTube Pro (4 months ago)
I haven’t got any emails or notifications or tracking numbers on my order and I ordered it from Verizon and I ordered the purple galaxy note 9 512 GB And by the way thank you for the speedy improvements and battery life improvements on the galaxy note 9 That I tested on a Galaxy note 9 From Best Buy
Bray Webster (3 months ago)
I have Verizon why didn't you order through best but for the bogo deal you could have got 2!!! Plus 2 free wireless chargers and 2 $150 dollar gift cards!!!
Nazar (4 months ago)
6 hours screen on time plus 20% to spare with screen resolution to 2k....this is by far the biggest I've used especially after note 8
Krishaang Deep (2 months ago)
You have the exynos or Snapdragon??
Nazar (4 months ago)
+Mohan Thakur I've disabled background apps when not in use and use black theme and wallpaper. Also continued YouTube and browsing will easily give you 7-8 hours of SOT but regularly turning phone on and off will not. I'm using dual SIM and have 2 Bluetooth devices connected all day, so I'm assuming it's your background activities that's draining battery
Mohan Thakur (4 months ago)
Do you have any special setting. I am getting only 3 4 hours of battery life. If you do, please hlep me too.
Lord Vader (4 months ago)
Note 9 gives me 8hrs + of on Screen time 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Love it 😎
Krishaang Deep (2 months ago)
And AOD?(Always on display
Lord Vader (2 months ago)
+Krishaang Deep Nova Launcher
Krishaang Deep (2 months ago)
And what about your launcher and do you use AOD
Lord Vader (2 months ago)
+sanjay neelam Major difference in battery life Was getting 5.30 of on Screen time in Note 8 And now 7.30 to 8hrs of on Screen time
Lord Vader (2 months ago)
+Krishaang Deep FHD+ 2220x1080
Mark Hicks (4 months ago)
Will be getting mine Friday.. 👌
Elton Thaqi (4 months ago)
Mark Hicks mine Wednesday😉
Akirah Shamie (4 months ago)
Do you know if Bixby can be disabled I heard something about you can accidentally hit the button if that’s the case I won’t be purchasing this phone because of that I have Samsung note 5
Urban Kitsune (4 months ago)
The buttons on the note 9 are removable, so just take the button off if you are really that worried about it
Steve Gold (4 months ago)
On the Note 9, Samsung removed the setting to disable Bixby, but you can easily get around that by using one of two applications -- one free and one not. bxActions is the free one and it lets you remap the Bixby button to something other action like Google Assistant or disable it. Package Disabler (which I believe costs $3.49) allows you to simply disable it. PD is generally a very useful program to have anyway, even though it's not free, as it lets you disable any bloatware or battery-hogging programs you don't want running (i.e. Facebook).
sanjay neelam (4 months ago)
Dnt worry..i have disabled bixby buttton on my note 8..no wonder it will be hard same on note 9. Its a choice of yours.. Long press of bixby button might rise up the application but accidentally tapping even several times won't pop up after disabling the application.
+Akirah Shamie um you might accidentally hit any button if you're not careful. By the way, Bixby isn't designed to be an assistant like Google. It's an assistant for the use of the phone. It's really nice.
Akirah Shamie (4 months ago)
Catherine Adams Yeah but is it on the new note 9? Because I’m hearing you can’t and yes if you’re not able to I will take the phone right back to the store and get my 1250 back
Matthew Small (4 months ago)
Wifi tip was a new one, works on S9 too
CanoNuevaYork (4 months ago)
..and S8 Plus!😁
kramdens1967 (4 months ago)
Speeding up the animations just makes the entire experience really jarring. Not a fan of that.. but as they say, to each their own ;)
villavan kothai (3 months ago)
It helps to save battery in fractional amount.
MegasXLR (4 months ago)
Same here, I actually like seeing animations.
Darly P (4 months ago)
Mine will be here this Wed via FedEx. I'll be watching all day for it :)
Cynthia Peed (2 months ago)
You are going to love it, I got the 128GB and I already had one in my S8+ and I got that in my note 9 now that's also 128 and I have a 256GB that I havent even used yet, but you are going to love it... oh I have the lavender one and I have like 21 cases for it and I change cases almost everyday, awesome phone
Bryan Ocobain (4 months ago)
shadow10462 I got the headphones and the phone together
shadow10462 (4 months ago)
Also dont forget to claim your gift, headphones or skin, download shop samsung app to claim
shadow10462 (4 months ago)
same here, cant get the purple. needed that yellow pen. Once I have set everything up and rebooted, this thing is amazingly fast and beautiful
Bryan Ocobain (4 months ago)
shadow10462 which one you get? I got the 128 gb blue.
dee lewis (4 months ago)
This $1000 device just released. It should not need to be sped up.
Aston Bright (16 days ago)
I have this phone......it is super fast and in all honesty speeding it up is just overkill. I have never ever thought "why is this slow" in fact quite the opposite.
bruno lopes (4 months ago)
retard.... even with animations its speed is superior to most phones.
truebeliever (4 months ago)
It’s all about preference. Derrr
Louis Ballz (4 months ago)
Dumbest comment of the day, dee
Robert Romeo (4 months ago)
It doesn't.Those are just tips to get more of your phone, if you want more.
LunarAtom (4 months ago)

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