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CySEC - Panel discuss Cyprus forex brokers

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Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) - Panel discuss Cyprus brokers' global competitiveness
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Shirley A. Wine (10 months ago)
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Shirley A. Wine (10 months ago)
You can contact him via email: [email protected]
ahsanullah shanto (10 months ago)
Security is a major issue to consider while choosing a broker. Without having a highly reputed security level from a broker any time we can lose our trading capital. With Trade12 I have the high security of funding all time. Because they use several reputed bank accounts in order to provide high security.
Forex4SteadyProfit (1 year ago)
CySec are unfit for purpose. IronFx the owner is godson to the president. CySec will not take action against this fraudulent Broker

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