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15 Amazing Phone Functions You Had No Idea Existed

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15 secret phone codes that will give you access to the hidden functions of your smartphone. Did you know that you can hide your number in every outgoing call you make? Find out more great phone tricks in our video! TIMESTAMPS IMEI number 0:40 Number identification 1:23 Statistics and secret menu 1:50 No outgoing calls 2:28 Instant factory settings 2:58 Whole reinstallation 3:30 Better communication 3:58 Listen to yourself 4:30 Service center number 4:58 Quick turning off 5:20 Call waiting 5:51 Quick service menu 6:36 Signal information 6:59 Straight to voicemail 7:39 Hide your number in outgoing calls 8:13 SUMMARY - This simple code *#06# is available for both iPhone and Android users. By pressing it, you can see your International Mobile Equipment Identity number, or, as it shortly called, IMEI. - The code *#30# will help you turn your number identification on or off. So if you want to hide your identity and go incognito for some time, this is a way to go. It works the other way around also. By pressing *#30#, you can find out the number identification of the person, who's calling you if he or she didn't turn it off beforehand. - The combination *#*#4636#*#* has various purposes, depending on your device. If you have an Android, use this code to see the Wi-Fi signal as well as your battery and CPU usage statistics along with other information. - If you want to try in just press the following combination - *33*#. Voilà! Now you won't be bothered by any outgoing calls. Don't forget that you can turn this function off any time by pressing #33*pin#. - After using the combination *#*#7780#*#*, your phone will remove Google account settings as well as application data and settings. - The code *2767*3855# will not only remove all your phone files and settings but also reinstall your phone's firmware. - The combination *3370# is available only for iPhone users and turns on an EFR coding. It improves the quality of your communication, but, unfortunately, reduces battery life. - Press the combination *#*#8351#*#*, and you'll be able to listen to recordings of your own voice during the last 20 phone calls! - iPhone users can quickly find out the number of a service center for a current provider when in need, by simply pressing the combination *#5005*7672#. - Press *#*#7594#*#*, and your phone will turn off instantly without showing you this small menu. - If you're in this group of people, and you have an iPhone, there is a very important function that can make your life way easier. It's this combination - *43#. - If you're in this group of people, and you have an iPhone, there is a very important function that can make your life way easier. It's this combination - *43#. - Enter the Field Mode by tapping *3001#12345#*, then press and hold Power until the off slider appears. Then release Power and press Home. Now you see your signal in dBa. - IPhone users can turn on the call forwarding function so that all your incoming calls will be pushed right to voicemail. All you have to do is dial *#21#, and there you go. - This simple combination #31# “phone number” will allow you to hide your phone number in all outgoing calls! It's definitely worth a try. Which one of these codes do you find the most useful? Tell us your opinions in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ SMART Youtube: https://goo.gl/JTfP6L 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Text Comments (6301)
BRIGHT SIDE (4 months ago)
7:49 My face when I check my bank account.
kshama pandey (9 hours ago)
Sohel all hacking (9 days ago)
Nice video
Ioan Rata (10 days ago)
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Loveleen Singh (11 days ago)
+Raghavi A *31#
baibhav saxena (16 days ago)
BRIGHT SIDE hi! #31# trick doesn't worked.
1214 Epiphany Place (16 hours ago)
Pound and asterisk is a term we used back in the 1900's🤣🤣🤣❤🧡💛💚💙💖💜
Alternate Titles (16 hours ago)
Alternate title: No, we wont ever address our channel's tendency to make thumbnails with wierd arrows pointing at nothing.
Stephen Swen (18 hours ago)
#31# it's not working on my phone, when I try it just disconnect.
Ivelina Markova (23 hours ago)
this doesn't work in Europe...
robloxsbro31 (23 hours ago)
7:23 is fake!!
I known of 11 of the
Rosa Marshall (1 day ago)
Jennifer Richman (1 day ago)
Informative tips
Chris K (2 days ago)
Number 12 "No Outgoing Calls" actually disables INCOMING Calls. Duh!
shreyash sonone (2 days ago)
This Tricks don’t on my iPhone
RAGHAVAN R (2 days ago)
How to enable the outgoing call function,i disabled by press #31# But the same code not enable the funtion
RevBiker Big D (3 days ago)
How to block unwanted calls that call you everyday??????
King Khan (3 days ago)
One function is not working power of with *#*#7594#*#* in my android
Hariharan M (3 days ago)
4:30 is not working
Stxned Mic VII (3 days ago)
Now I Could Dial A Factory Reset Number To Steal Someone's Phone If I Wanted To
Helping Mind (3 days ago)
Yeah I had no idea about this code. I have gathered more idea about this code and its functions.
Bryan Craig (3 days ago)
none worked on my android device
Rovertino Tse (3 days ago)
With my Samsung Phone. It does shows my Service Menu. With that feature
Muantei 98 (4 days ago)
No.8 doesn't work on mine
Alfie John Kennedy (4 days ago)
Larry Molina (4 days ago)
4:30 doesn't work...why
Kenndrick Thorndike (4 days ago)
Yorumcu Turk (4 days ago)
#* All these functions are available on menu/s. No need to know this functions. *#
Qbean Games (4 days ago)
Not a single one of these codes worked for me.
Sonia Rao (5 days ago)
Sir saudia arabia khuraiz m mobile signal issue ha room m signal band hojaty ha but bahr kuch area m just signal aty uskliy plzzz kio app ya vedio batady tak room m easily bat hojaya kry
Fart Face (5 days ago)
Fart Face (5 days ago)
penagaluru supriya (5 days ago)
Pls tell how to change call mode from jio 4g voice to phn
Good Things (5 days ago)
How to deactivate 1st code #33# How please tell
Nicholas Derasmo (5 days ago)
Absolutely none of these work... This video is useless and now have 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back...
RjNoor Mughal007 (5 days ago)
It's not Working on galaxy phone
Bro you are great plz pinned me
kanika kumari (5 days ago)
karichiku (5 days ago)
nope i dont have cp in my pockef but in my bag so its safe i love my phone
Ronald Anselmo (5 days ago)
Wow amazing
Sahil Gupta (5 days ago)
How to unhide my number in outgoing call after applying last code?????
Re**Z dongx (5 days ago)
Well I found free $4523a money making system that is really working for me>>>getpplcash.win/?DITaBV Woow amazing....thanks.
Sunita Saxena (5 days ago)
Why it us not working for honor 7x
Yacintha van der Net (5 days ago)
The Galaxy service menu is NICE to know about!! No.11, however, does not work on the galaxy s8...
Not a one worked with tracfone! Is it because of tracfone?
Raiuu_ Ryan (6 days ago)
Star hashtag not astrik pound😆😆
Sai Kumar (6 days ago)
Poda kuthi
Niza Kasitu (6 days ago)
am puzzled
Niza Kasitu (6 days ago)
this is not true
Dustin Wheless (6 days ago)
Why TF don't you just say STAR
Annie Lokegaurd (6 days ago)
Hey the option 1 (#31#..) was not working in Android . So is it true of your video.
titmusspaultpaul5 (6 days ago)
Pretty cool, although there are more apps coming every day that can do some of these things. Great vid thks.
Chaman Tailor (6 days ago)
Eric Maesa (6 days ago)
Some codes arenot working...big joke!!!
havi havish (7 days ago)
Half of them are fake and not workinh
Vijay kumar (7 days ago)
Abdul Bhai (7 days ago)
Abdul bhai bes vides
KSY siddesh (7 days ago)
How to unlock my number I would like to visible my number on outgoing call
this is epic
New ME (7 days ago)
most of these didn't work sorry i dislike
Miley onDisney (8 days ago)
0:10 Looks like Suzy Rottencrotch.
jason adams (8 days ago)
the power option works but if you hold the power button for 7 seconds it turns off straight away avoiding the options
Eemeli Sinkkonen (8 days ago)
Thoe s are not workgin
Remashu Chobi (8 days ago)
Sir, in 1st I understood but after typing that code for who many time it will remain. And my number & all outgoing call later how can be seen.
masti ki pathshalla (8 days ago)
Last one
Shahin Vahora (8 days ago)
It workksss
Harman Preet (8 days ago)
#31# is reversable ??
Afiq Khairul (8 days ago)
4:52 not working for Android
Josue Coronel (8 days ago)
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plushkid 99 (8 days ago)
I have a Samsung Galaxy
AARO LEV (8 days ago)
04:26 should say star or pound??
fairsfair (8 days ago)
I Have forgotten the pin/ password  as I have just found my Samsung Gt-C3590 anyway to return it back to normal?
venox48 (9 days ago)
*43# ( call waiting ) works also on Android ( OnePlus 5 phone )
Babula Sabar (9 days ago)
Useless idea. Time wasting video. Don't see this. Not working in Android.
Kepha Records (9 days ago)
Somebody... How do you undo #31# (last part)?
ger kav (9 days ago)
number 7 is not working on my android
Mohammed Sami (10 days ago)
can anyone help me...all incoming calls are showing private call to me...how should i off it..
Sudham 1978 (10 days ago)
1:10 not working
5D Vibes (10 days ago)
5D Vibes (10 days ago)
The KL TV (10 days ago)
Villagers Funny Videos (10 days ago)
Stephen Hornak (10 days ago)
why is none this working on my Samsung S9+?
COC with kannadiga (10 days ago)
Very nice video
Lucinda Macomber (10 days ago)
You are probably not hearing this for he first time but i'd still show my gratitude as a satisfied costumer. Andy is magical. Dude even got deleted texts messages back and recorded calls too. He really did an awesome job. Text him on +1 (740)-481-0414
Lucinda Macomber (1 day ago)
Yes really
Cheyenne Johnson (4 days ago)
+Lucinda Macomber really?
Lucinda Macomber (5 days ago)
Yes he can get deleted text messages from a while back.., text him on 740-481-0414
Lee Matherson (10 days ago)
Lucinda Macomber what do you mean he can get back deleted texts? I really need some brought back
Sudham 1978 (11 days ago)
It's all of fake tricks don't try to fool us!!!!
Bhuwam Bam (11 days ago)
Durga Thapaliya (11 days ago)
. How to deactivate the function #31#????
Musaddiq Hassan (10 days ago)
Anirvan Samantaray (11 days ago)
Iam an android user but *#*#8351#*#* isn't working ?
Dinesh Patil (11 days ago)
Useful information
Vishnu Sahu (11 days ago)
anvi desai (11 days ago)
How to change 1st code then?
Aniket Yadav (11 days ago)
Common Man (11 days ago)
How to disable or off *#30# ??
All in 1 (11 days ago)
ess video ka koye Hindi review hai.....?
VA Status (11 days ago)
I don't know
Monet Randolph (11 days ago)
I like the last one
Monet Randolph (11 days ago)
Because the last one is real cool
Technical Fact (11 days ago)
Madison Hogan (12 days ago)
I need this in life
Hitesh Sonawane (12 days ago)
Mercedes Estrada (12 days ago)
I have been reading some of the comments below⬇ and I see that some are having difficulties using #31#... It is simple... Just input the code (#31#) and follow up☝with the number you want to call📞. And for the people who want to reverse🔁 the code effect... It is already done... You just call the number you want to call and the code will be nullified. Until you want to put the code back in... You just type in the code (#31) and the phone📱 you want to call📞 and it works like a charm💎... 👍.
T. Avinash Reddy (12 days ago)
How to reverse the hide number feature in Android phones..!?
Iishita Banerjee (12 days ago)
How to turn off incongnito mode

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