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IRON FX - Documentary by a BBC reporter HD

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IRON FX Documentary by Ex - BBC reporter who reveals his findings and experience with the company - 2016 by Freddie Rostand from Rostand Productions IRON FX - (Source Wikipedia) IronFX is a foreign exchange trading company based in Cyprus providing retail foreign exchange service. Founded in 2010 the company is authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Cyprus and has operations in various locations including London, Sydney, South Africa and Limassol. IronFX was founded in Limassol, Cyprus in December 2010 after obtaining authorization by the CySEC. In 2013, IronFX opened an office in Australia and became regulated by the ASIC , while it also received authorization of the FCA in the UK. In early 2014, IronFX opened an office in London and was soon granted with the variation of permission license and extended the scope of the existing license in order to upgrade the services provided to the traders under the FCA authorization.[1] In 2014, IronFX opened an office in South Africa and became authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Board (South Africa). According to the Wall Street Journal, IronFX, filed confidentially for an IPO in 2015, in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2015, aiming for a valuation of $800 million. The company confirmed it had made a bid for the operations of insolvent Alpari UK in January 2015. In January 2015, IronFX received complaints from Chinese affiliates.160 complaints were filed with the District Court of Limassol in Cyprus, followed by media complaints in Hungary. In August 2015, the CySEC announced an investigation related to IronFX. In November 2015, the CySEC settled all charges against the firm, agreeing to a €335,000 settlement with the company while imposing fines on FXGM, EZTrader, Interactive Option, UFX and others ranging from €123,000 up to €340,000. IronFX provides retail foreign exchange trading via trading platforms that include MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, PMAM, MultiTrade, Webtrader and Sirix Social Trader as well as on a number of mobile trading platforms. The company also provides financial spread betting in the United Kingdom and Ireland and in March 2015 also added a Contract for difference trading platform called Multi-Asset Trader. Trading Strategies Live Trade Coaching Binary Options CFD's Futures Equities Commodities FX
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Text Comments (19)
TradingCoachUK (1 year ago)
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wassup (7 months ago)
was just about to sign up....then i did my research thank fuck
Vance Ross Evans (8 months ago)
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Vance Ross Evans (8 months ago)
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forex mania (1 year ago)
My withdrawal request has been pending since august 2015!
matthews 1320 (1 year ago)
It is seen that Iron Fx under the name 8SAFE UK LIMITED is FCA regulated. Are they still scamming people under the FCA regulation?
Mario D'Angelo (3 months ago)
they do a simple trick. if you register an account through ironfx.com, you will be under cysec. if you do it through ironfx.co.uk, you will be under FCA...now, guess where most of their clients are regulated...
AwarenessForex (9 months ago)
yes. And they've intimidated people into removing their articles that are critical of their actions
Forex4SteadyProfit (1 year ago)
I lost £55k Cyprus is corrupt the court system useless CySec is unfit for purpose. It is a nightmare.. I avoid all things Greek now .. Hoilday in Spain!!!
Petros Constantinou (1 year ago)
VIBE (1 year ago)
1. you are an idiot for not researching a proper broker. 2. you are an idiot for not using stop-loss. 3. you would have probably lost that money anyway
Nuella N. Michael (1 year ago)
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Milton Waddams (2 years ago)
Forex basically has no regulation, it's the wild west of finance. Alternatively use a real broker with decades of good business practices. But people are greedy and cheap and will use BS like this IronFX.
jayarjo (1 year ago)
Just wandered in accidentally. And why is IronFX so bad?
Andras Kapitany (2 years ago)
woopygoman (2 years ago)
Yooo, this is crazy!! How is IronFX still around?? And they still have FCA and ASIC licenses?? WTF?? How on earth will people from around the world get their money back?? Lesson learned people... CySec is a joke!
AwarenessForex (9 months ago)
By having gov't officials in their pocket. And too many people in a position to expose them keep quiet.
jayarjo (1 year ago)
Is it know for bad things or why?
Kitsis (2 years ago)
Errr... Cyprus is Greek? And the North is Turkish? How sloppy is this if you've not bothered to check whether Cyprus is an independent country or not? I was watching this till that point. I certainly believe ALL forex trading with leverage is a scam for the gullible, but this comes across as if you've an axe to grind.

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