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How to setup email on a Android phone

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Android phones have amazing support for Google services like Gmail, Maps and so on. Learn how to set up a non-Gmail email account on your Android phone @ butterscotch.com: http://bit.ly/cEKIpE
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I dont know what any of this.stuff is. This is difficult. What is pop? The only info I know is my email and my password. I'm on the screen asking for the type of account (pop and the other ones) and I clicked every one and its not letting me do anything please help I'm so confused. No normal person just knows this stuff
butterscotchcom (7 years ago)
@jordonisawesome Thanks for your comments. Please consider, though, that our mission is to offer video tutorials for every topic we can cover and for every range of user. While you clearly already understand this concept, there are people who will find it valuable. With over 1,800 single tutorials and over 2,400 "series" tutorials on the site, it stands to reason that not everything on the site is suitable for everyone.
Jordon Jackson (7 years ago)
This is so unnecessarily inconvenient. iOS takes maybe 1 minute to set up email and that's just address and password.
Apoorv Abhishek (7 years ago)
how many email accounts can we set up on da android 2.2 ??? pls reply fast
DBSpy1 (7 years ago)
How do you make a new one,android wont let me get rid of the old one.
butterscotchcom (7 years ago)
@jammy41 That comes with the Android SDK kit.
jammy41 (7 years ago)
why is there a windows icon on the home screen?

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