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The European Union Explained*

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Text Comments (18088)
joe8075 (12 hours ago)
EU is condemned to internal guilt of two countries: Merkel's Germany for two world wars, Belgium for 65 years of genocide/elslavement the Congo. Germany has admitted thier mistakes but strangely Belgians continue to ignore King Leopolds gutting of Congo.
5 years later this video is kinda not accurate
Kayden Sanchez (1 day ago)
When you live in Switzerland 🇨🇭 And can make memes
Poland dont use euro but you put poland in euro zone
Ultraschrall (1 day ago)
Say what you want about the European Union but Beethoven's 9th is just fantastic.
XxAGxX (1 day ago)
Montenegro uses the euro
dulal23 (1 day ago)
How many times did he use the word general
Clouds Of Happiness (2 days ago)
Challenges of European Union Explained https://youtu.be/K0qzTDB65XI
Clouds Of Happiness (2 days ago)
tait love (2 days ago)
dwaosiemtrzy (2 days ago)
everything ok but, Poland doesn't have euro but złoty :)
Jonistan (2 days ago)
2:18 of course there is the Gotthard main line on the photo for Switzerland. We are famous for watches, mountains, chocolate, cheese, democracy, a complicated linguistic situation, neutrality and TRAINS!
PeshoTheKaiser (2 days ago)
Why did he show 20 levs even tough they are still in use thats the old 20 levs but they are still used
Tobias Taylor (3 days ago)
Noah Tedesco (4 days ago)
France also holds St.Pierre et Miquelon off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada
Nick Walsh (4 days ago)
This...this is why America wanted to let Europe kill itself in 1914.
Made In U.S.A (5 days ago)
HA VOTE! There is no vote in the EU.
Alan Lacard (5 days ago)
whats this part of Greece that bans women? 5:22
Nici Kalender (5 days ago)
That video is a piece of trash! Get the facts right, guys!
Lofoten :D (6 days ago)
1:26 norway has changed its paper money.
Ingrid Helfer (6 days ago)
Poland is not in the Eurozone, just wanted no say that.
Michael VPS (6 days ago)
Yoyo Panda (7 days ago)
england is not a part anymore! haha
qwerty keyboard (7 days ago)
what could possibly go wrong?
Maanze (7 days ago)
Oh, glorious EU. Greatest achievement of humankind.
Super Mario Player (7 days ago)
I'd have shown that video to my mother but she hates the _Ode to Joy._ o)_(o
Kawaii-Five-0 (7 days ago)
The kingdom of the Netherlands is different than the Republic of the Netherlands.
Metal Quintessence (8 days ago)
EU = USSR 2.0 Greetings from Bulgaria.
MOLLAMAS (8 days ago)
Icelandic music makes everything worth it.
TheLionBrony96 (8 days ago)
0:14 They're leaving in March.
The Waylander (9 days ago)
The eu is the 4th REICH.
quagmire (9 days ago)
I'm British and voted to leave. But seems some people think that we (the UK) is leaving Europe lol .
the illegal seagull (9 days ago)
So the eu is like the United States but they are all independent countries? And European?
Xeper-I-Set (6 days ago)
If the US consists of several sovereign states with their own constitution, legislation, foreign policy, military, budget, etc, then yes. Unfortunately the US does not consist of several sovereign states with their own constitution, legislation, foreign policy, military, budget, etc.
Foorack (9 days ago)
Pretty much yes.
pompom69Qc (9 days ago)
<France, the Queen of not letting go>... he hum... Canada...
PugTheLouie (10 days ago)
Malta doesn't own any territory.
Elf on the Shelf (10 days ago)
There are different Maltas, there is Malta, which does have territory, and the Sovriegn Military Order of Malta, which doesn't
[GD] SmileyFace (10 days ago)
American text *European text*
Blue 89 (11 days ago)
Explain NATO!
Sturla Jónsson (11 days ago)
Iceland is NOT trying to become a member!!!!!!!!
Foorack (9 days ago)
Iceland has an application. They applied to become member in 2009 and negotiations started in 2010. Negotiations stopped in 2013 and the application was frozen but never redrawn. In 2015 the Icelanding Foreign Minister sent a letter to withdraw the application but he didn't have permission from the Althing so the letter was invalidated, and the application is currently formally on-hold.
I can explain the EU much simpler........it's bollocks.
Olive Obelisk (11 days ago)
Croatia uses the Kuna
Marilu Sindol (11 days ago)
I love your description about France : "The queen of not-letting-go" 😂😂😂 These asterisks almost never end, but this video must. You're funny and you made a good video. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Florian Kowalski (11 days ago)
3:32 Poland is not in eurozone
Big Fat Eat (14 days ago)
Lithuania and latvia now use euros
bertha yellowfinch (15 days ago)
Amazingly -- the Vatican is who started the "EU" (remember Pope John Paul?) and the Vatican refuses to join the EU!!!!! A lot of European countries are refusing. Who in their right mind would want that EU bunch in control of your country or life???
ReMOvE kEbAb! (15 days ago)
F the EU
YellowDasher (9 days ago)
Fuck you. You fucking cock sucking loser
bamischijfje123 (15 days ago)
The EU is a country, but it's not a country. It has no benefits for the people living there, except moving and living in every country in the EU, but that can be fixed by collective boarder controll, you don't need the political union for that. Ditch that shit like brexit
Vikram Anantha (16 days ago)
Tortolla a (16 days ago)
Poland dont have euro
Foorack (9 days ago)
One of the images in the video incorrectly says Poland uses the euro.
random person UK (14 days ago)
Tortolla a the video says it doesn’t
Could you do a video on article 13?
AdamFra (16 days ago)
*Hello asterisk my old friend.*
Adolf Hitler (16 days ago)
The European Union Explained: Anti-European. Fuck the EU
MKayhty (17 days ago)
sorar4 (17 days ago)
The European Union wants to unite all these countries into one. This is a good goal, but I don’t think they are ready for it. These humans are not smart or wise enough to be part of such a union, and we can see that by how they insult each other during the parliaments discussions. The only way they can unite is when the individual members of each society reach a level of wisdom and enlightenment that in turn will turn the government into an enlightened government. Also the refugee crisis isn’t helping
Someone None (17 days ago)
0:35 You say it’s a story for another time, yet you never tell that story.
Lawrence Pascasio (17 days ago)
This is not updated
Russian Bear26 (18 days ago)
The EU is in Europe*
LegoBeyblade BROS (18 days ago)
Umm, brexit much?
Dire Wolf (19 days ago)
FUCK EU corrupt asshole nazi globalist islamic superstate
YellowDasher (9 days ago)
If you live in the US the average amount of school shootings is like 69 a day 😂
Muhajir (19 days ago)
why though
Foorack (9 days ago)
Strength through cooperation. More powerful in numbers, and integration reduces the risk for further wars, something which we are quite good and yet quite tired at.
Fedor Cherp (19 days ago)
Law to protect copyright in internet******
Divico Umiker (20 days ago)
Mein Traum wäre eine Europäische Eidgenossenschaft. Einheitsstaaten (Unions) funktionieren zwar immer besser als Bundesstaate, aber eben am Volk vorbei. Spanien, Frankreich und Italien werden auseinander fallen wie Jugoslawien.
Brian Dublidi (20 days ago)
I live in føroyar/Faroe Islands😃
TaylenHD (20 days ago)
sub to me plz
giorgos katsianos (21 days ago)
Buhdahto (21 days ago)
Switzerland is part of the European Free Trade Association, as are Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. By agreement, Swiss citizens are allowed to live in EU/EEA countries. Conversely, all EU/EEA citizens are allowed to live in Switzerland.
Wojtek Universe (21 days ago)
Poland isn't in the eurozone. Mistakes!!
pesek3d (22 days ago)
In 3:27 you made a mistake, Poland is not in the Eurozone.
Content Brony (22 days ago)
It's retarded end it
BroLo (22 days ago)
Montenegro uses the euro
Baguette (23 days ago)
article 13 is a bitch.
PoliticalMonkey (23 days ago)
The European* Union
MLG_ freddy_56 (24 days ago)
Down with the EU
Piotr Bączek (24 days ago)
Sorry, but Poland is not a part of the Eurozone. We still have Polish Złoty (PLN).
Косово је Србија
EU IS CANCER. DONE They don't want you to know that *<This comment has been removed for violating the EU Internet Licence Protocol.>*
Sebastian Playz (25 days ago)
wrong Poland uses Złoty (gold when translated) not euros
No meme land
G.A.B.E (25 days ago)
i died when it zoomed on greece
kane goodwin (25 days ago)
its a shame refugees are ruining Europe
elijahpepe (26 days ago)
Meme banners.
Biplav Dhakal (26 days ago)
So not all colonial territories are in the EU? Only some?
Major Gaming (27 days ago)
Had to watch for homework !!!!
Richard Johnson (27 days ago)
is it the eec
The MinecraftR 9598 (28 days ago)
Is the diagram used in this video still technically a Venn diagram or is it something else?
Isaiah Simmons (28 days ago)
b33r turkey
419NigerianPrince (29 days ago)
1973Washu (29 days ago)
Articles 11 & 13 are the heralds of a dark chapter of Europe's history as they goosestep into tyranny once again.
Promark613 (1 month ago)
Living in Europe sounds like hell
YellowDasher (9 days ago)
Not if you live in Finland! Lmao (im finnish)
Debre Szabolcs Attila (26 days ago)
What the fuck?
Phil Ad (1 month ago)
Europeans love complication and war. EU shows it.
Debre Szabolcs Attila (26 days ago)
You're living in an alternate universe, pal. The US is the only country that by definition loves war.
Patrick Star (1 month ago)
USA: We will ban net neutrality now our internet is worse Eu: Hold my beer
Meso Sleepy (1 month ago)
You erroneously put Poland into Eurozone. They use Zloty.
Foorack (28 days ago)
He also said Sweden has a permanent opt-out, which it does not. Although overall this video is still helpful. 👍
Pilietis (1 month ago)
This comment has been removed for violating the EU Internet Licence Protocol.
John McNamar (1 month ago)
Don’t be fooled. Even though the EU countries cry and complain about how America, as an example, has borders, so do EU countries. Think about it, if you’re European, yeah, you can move anywhere in EU countries freely. BUT if you’re African, Asian, or even American, they wring you like every other country does when it enforces borders. Why else do you think despite being so close to Asia, and Africa all EU countries are still predominantly white? Like 85%+ white.
John McNamar (26 days ago)
Debre Szabolcs Attila But the policies they advocate for would make that possible. Don’t fortify borders, get rid of ICE, relax immigration screening, don’t ban people from entering countries that we know are linked to terrorism, and then Germany and France say we are “Islamaphobic” meanwhile they have restrictions on various attire that the Islamic faith wants women in Particular to wear
Debre Szabolcs Attila (26 days ago)
John McNamar  But they don't say that you should let EVERYONE to enter the United States. There are other options between Trump's wall and completely open borders.
John McNamar (26 days ago)
Debre Szabolcs Attila Yeah good question, why would we? Because multiple EU countries and their leaders have criticized the US for enforcing our borders
Debre Szabolcs Attila (26 days ago)
Why would we let everybody in? Nobody argues that we should do that.
Cal Col (1 month ago)
I'm moving to Norway
Benjamin Davis (1 month ago)
jack wiśniewski (1 month ago)
Poland isn't in the Eurozone yet,
Ignacy Łuka (1 month ago)
Poland is not in Eurozone, there is different currency - złoty.
Ignacy Łuka (2 days ago)
That Person 3:26 on the map everything is fine
Paul M (1 month ago)
Life was so much easier before this......
Bill Kendich (1 month ago)
EU is one big nonsense.
Debre Szabolcs Attila (26 days ago)
That's bullshit.
MemeDealerDavid (1 month ago)
Why does the European unions laws have to effect the North America!?
Debre Szabolcs Attila (26 days ago)
Why does America have to constantly fuck with the rest of the World?
Foorack (28 days ago)
Do you have an example?

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