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The European Union Explained*

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The European Union with a lot of asterisks. Support these videos: https://www.patreon.com/cgpgrey
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TheLabourMP (18 hours ago)
Switzerland is also part the single market
Damien Davids (1 day ago)
I am german and let me explain the EU by a american
Ryan Lindsey (1 day ago)
The only EU there should be is an EU dedicated to independant national states and the cultural preservation of the beautiful white cultures who have so contributed to our society. Not an EU owned by globalist Jews and demographic terrorists.
Jason Adams (2 days ago)
Unelected gangsters.
Jonas Kielė (5 days ago)
I was like wait what? #2019
Dariusz Nowak (5 days ago)
Germanistan .
UnderTownstruction (5 days ago)
Poland is not in the Eurozone
K Hogan (6 days ago)
TheLabourMP (6 days ago)
at least memes won't be banned in the UK
Dem K. (7 days ago)
All brands with code forbidden AE styles in automobile market have been grade D all. End report. From All brands databases
Rainbow Dash 123 (7 days ago)
ThePremiumOnekek (8 days ago)
Ok so I'm from the future and this shit will ruin internet
Kim Jong-il (9 days ago)
Montenegro also uses euros and its not in the European union
Phil King (10 days ago)
Fucking nightmare!
Aryan Kumar (10 days ago)
0:41 someone in a Minecraft creeper hat
Cognitiva Dissonantia (10 days ago)
Ab Aha (11 days ago)
Produce all your accounts to the European people since the eu began, you haven't any be warned god will reveal
Turanic Unity (11 days ago)
EU = terrible communist bureocracy taxing people and taking their nationalities.
Hanif barrar (4 days ago)
Turanic Unity i don’t know what country you’re from but what the EU does is make countries unite with each other. For example you don’t need to pay as much going from country to country with or without products. If you buy something from the Internet from an EU country it’s much cheaper for the transport than if you would buy it from Switzerland for example. Also (as they said in the video) there are no border controls on some places and the union will show a lot more when conflicts/wars break out.
Turanic Unity (4 days ago)
+Hanif barrar If trading become suddenly difficult explain why my country's economy was 120% better before EU
Hanif barrar (4 days ago)
Turanic Unity why don’t your country leave the Eu so you can experience how the trading and traveling all of a sudden becomes 10x more difficult
Turanic Unity (4 days ago)
+Hanif barrar mass migration and taxes.
V Mäkinen (11 days ago)
Go to hell EU where you belong.
michael88h (11 days ago)
Heck yeah man, joyful joys
Blu Dude (11 days ago)
Still not as bad as Britain
General Kadmo (11 days ago)
PlS lEt MaCeDoNiA iN tHe Eu
Ab Aha (11 days ago)
Flanders remember, Paid in full, you owe Britain now shut your mouths up
IanTheHipster (12 days ago)
Great video!*
Long live united Europe <3
It__ YaBoo (13 days ago)
Greece lied right
D (13 days ago)
Germany is not only taking gas from Russia but they are contrlling Europe through the european Union Greece has been reduced to nothing but a protectorate Italy and spain economy is very weak Eastern europe are expiencing their countires weaken as labour force emigrates to Germany to work Portugal’s economy is on the brink of collapse. Yet Germany grows stronger daily on the backs of other countries Parasitical Germany has always destabilised europe with their grand schemes which fail miserably then the UK and the US have to interviene and clean up their mess The French are Spineless. Ironic how the EU was created after WW2 to control Germany so France could control it. but today Germany controls france and Europe. The EU parliament is a disgrace to Democracy a bunch of Gangsters and bueraucrats who have not even been elected. The Assasins of sovreignty and freedom of individual nations. The british propose a simpler model. Trade with eachother but have our own laws. Repsect each countire differences and not try to overpower them with German Politics. but co-operation is better. If germany step out of line again. You can he Sure us Brits will be there to remind them what liberty and freedom is and get them back in line.
Blazing Coolness (13 days ago)
At 3:35, it says Lithuania is Hungry. (Ya, ya, ya get it?)
Liam Reilly (14 days ago)
North America needs our European brethren to navigate the future with us, and it will be far easier if we're all ready to overlook our differences and work together to ensure a bright and free future for everyone. The New World stands with the Old, regardless of short-term politics
Blue Fire (14 days ago)
Why did you add turkey? It’s more Asian except Istanbul.
Kelli Kocha (14 days ago)
A lot has changed since this video was posted. No one wants to be apart of it.
Charlotte Le Roy (15 days ago)
Gibraltar is Britain's!!!!!!!! Fuck you
jankkhvej (15 days ago)
wait, ukraine is not a part of the eu?
A united europe country cant be exist because so many people and difrent ethnicitys
Brownskikuca (16 days ago)
We serbs aint joinin' them..... for now.... you know..... kosovo............
LCB 444 (16 days ago)
I want an updated version of this.
Fastnail (17 days ago)
Look what the EU does to Africa never mind implimenting the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan in Europe. https://capx.co/how-the-eu-starves-africa-into-submission/
mikie cash (17 days ago)
ATHENA B (17 days ago)
*uk left the chat*
Konstal105NRocks (17 days ago)
Um, Excuse me? Poland Uses Złoty As it's Currency! And It's Not in the Eurozone
Henry Attewell (18 days ago)
*this video is not allowed in your country* SCREW YOU ARTI-...*britain has left the chat* o yay
jostur3 (18 days ago)
The last time I heard this many conditions for something, I was playing Yugioh.
figen keleş (19 days ago)
Turkey never become a EU members becuase We have so much Syrians and We muslim They hate us
Thorny Dig8 (19 days ago)
It's the new Nazi party. * Explained
some_nub_kid (20 days ago)
4:23 must be hard to be queen...
rolland mousseaux (20 days ago)
EU = bloodless ( so far ) JU swiss bankster coup of european governments....run by jesuits....and NATO their terrorist organization
Gacha Cookies (21 days ago)
*Britan has left the chat*
user userovic (21 days ago)
This is american Shit...
andrás csont (21 days ago)
3:31 Poland is not in the eurozone.
the lemon (22 days ago)
I will say a word and a number Artical 13
Bread (22 days ago)
I need help “Where is the EU?” My first thought: *c h i n a*
Anthony Flores (22 days ago)
Do I here Ode To Joy in the background?
Fakta fakta (22 days ago)
you should explain the reason why we have EU
European Union (23 days ago)
Right here ;)
soawesome2017 (23 days ago)
Turkey has came inside my bois
Megaio (23 days ago)
at the end the song was fuck you eu
TransAsh XV (24 days ago)
Excuse me Poland use Zloty not Euros
Katheryne Koelker (24 days ago)
The EU sounds like a complete mess. The UK probably can't wait to get out. Wonder who else will follow suit?
Hanif barrar (4 days ago)
Katheryne Koelker well you hit the jackpot cause that’s exactly what’s happening
Katheryne Koelker (4 days ago)
+Hanif barrar I would rather each country's government make their own laws.
Hanif barrar (4 days ago)
Eu do many good things as well
Piotr Rudy (24 days ago)
J O-T (25 days ago)
The whole of the EU needs to be massacred
J O-T (25 days ago)
UN = Kalergi Plan
JItterRy PoKERy (25 days ago)
Its basically new rome
Yoyle 0340 (26 days ago)
I hate EU
Mr. Cringe2 (26 days ago)
0:42 who else saw the creeper in the crowd
RetroX (27 days ago)
So hypothetically if I create a small nation that uses the Euro, I can over print it crippling its value and the economy making members of the eu not prepared for an invasion by my small country?
ThisNameIsntCreative (26 days ago)
+RetroX Oh shit
RetroX (26 days ago)
ThisNameIsntCreative your country shall be the first to be invaded
ThisNameIsntCreative (26 days ago)
You 1. Can't just create a country. A piece of land you say you own only becomes a country when the UN votes on whether or not your "country" becomes a country. 2. Can't just start using the Euro in your new country. You need to join the EU first, and to do that you need to meet the requirements set in the video. 3. Can't print Euros as an EU member. They just don't let you
raccoon activist (27 days ago)
*laughs in brexit*
Taylor Barbieri (27 days ago)
EU to German Reich: Hey man can I copy your homework? German Reich: Sure just change it a little. EU: *procedes to copy German Reich, but putting friendly name like “Union”.*
Janko Mudrak (28 days ago)
Poland doesn't use the euro as its main currency though...
jazzspring (28 days ago)
Slow down!
Azure Mapping (28 days ago)
*This video has been blocked in your country due to Article 13*
ThisNameIsntCreative (26 days ago)
I don't think you've even read Article 13
The abstract german (29 days ago)
Video: *says eu exists* Obese 12 year olds:THERE STEALING MY MEH MEH s
ThisNameIsntCreative (26 days ago)
Jesse Doescher (29 days ago)
On the british part, you forgot Murica, which would be outside of all of which since we hate the crown and monarhcies, and we overthrew the EU
ThisNameIsntCreative (26 days ago)
The EU didn't even exist until hundreds of years after France helped America become independent
Doug Onion Head (29 days ago)
Latvia uses Euros now, Latvia started using the Euro in like the 2000's, this is outdated.
soflo23 (29 days ago)
Hmmm........how’s that whole Syrian refugee thing working out?
1K With No Vids (30 days ago)
All I know is they ban memes and ruin the internet
Mr Dictator (30 days ago)
2:14 is factually incorrect you are supposed to have identification when crossing into another country except it can be your id and u dont have to carry a passport
Tony Krijger (30 days ago)
The 4th Reich!!!
JC de Dios (1 month ago)
After brexit, where would UK go on the Venn diagram?
The truth is The U.K. has spent 8 trillion on Eu since 1973 We now lose 100 million a week hence Brexit Wto about time !
Shmuel Integrali (1 month ago)
Kinnai (1 month ago)
I live in the Canary Islands! And its full of brits
mike rolton (1 month ago)
BILDERBERG GROUP founded the EU to RULE over EUROPE as the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT   CLINTONS have always worked for the BILDERBERG GROUP and run the Dept of FOREIGN RELATIONS FOR THEM    not for the USA This has been going on for 30 years with both BUSHES being FREEMASONS and helping implement their orders Obumma was just a puppet who served them you is lucky to have Donald Trump to get you out of this but this problem remains   Rich pay NO TAX       all CORPORATIONS (GLOBALISTS) profit goes to the PARENT COMPANY(overseas) and is taxed at a TAX HAVEN RATE      only the WORKERS PAY TAX        the government prints its own money and you pay for it    Yellow Vests required
Ro Bust (1 month ago)
CGP Yay!!!
Breath Growth (1 month ago)
Only white people
James Morrison (1 month ago)
The EU is a globalist banking cabal's wet dream...ruling over a powerless population by an unelected group of parasites. It's ending soon.
James Morrison (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention that the EU is a festering pile of shit that is about to collapse.
littlebighorn (1 month ago)
EU Corrupt beyond belief. Anti Democratic beyond belief. Anti Citizen beyond belief. EU biggest pile of Autocratic shit the works has ever seen.
TheSOLARMUSIC (1 month ago)
I have no idea how P.M. Teresa May can stay so cool! And with these massive complex world wide trade negotiations with Common Wealth of G.B. Past it is a most complex issue. I voted EXIT from E.U..as view as Power Hungry Elitism of Germany that links to Walter Holstein agreement in WW2. Then notable Bilderberg Elitism of Totalitarianism like Tony Blair. and Marcuse. The W.W.Web is Watching these Power Mongers! Yellow Vests will Rule across Europe. Reject U.N. Compact on Migration!
I lost it when he said "semi-permiable membrane"
terry phidaheights (1 month ago)
Maekar I Targaryen (1 month ago)
I'm Le Tired as well
Alessandro Jones (1 month ago)
And it's a big shithole. And its raping Europe.
You dont need to learn it cuz it will collapse
Kippyer 231 (1 month ago)
amurica will never be part bout that crap called the EU we don't want no article 13 that prevents our videos and our laws.
Ethan 15 (1 month ago)
or maybe because ‘amurica’ is on another coNTINENT YOU FUCKING IDIOT
. in plenary of the European Parliament! Eleni Theocharous, President of the Solidarity and MEP of the ECR Group, had the courage and the fist to do what everyone else did, to speak openly about the Katsifas affair, and more generally about the big problem facing the Greek minority in B. Epirus. So, when the ECR's request for a debate on the human rights case of the Greek minority in Northern Europe was rejected, Eleni Theocharous asked for a one-minute speech (speech right for one minute) , and made the following statement to the House: Yesterday's intervention in the European Parliament on the human rights of the North Epirus and the murder of Konstantinos Katsifas: "Yesterday the Albanian government declared me persona non grata. Because I defend the human rights of the Greek minority in Northern Epirus, which are being abused by the Albanian regime and living in a climate of terrorism and impunity for ethnic cleansing. The demographic composition of the population in purely Greek areas is changing dramatically with the transfer of settlers, the property rights of Greeks are being thwarted by the state with intimidation and arbitrary and illegal acts, while their educational rights and the use of the Greek language are systematically prosecuted. Some time ago the Albanians murdered Aristotle Gouma because he spoke Greek, a few days ago Constantine Katsifas because he raised the Greek flag. I regret that the European Parliament did not want to discuss the violation of the human rights of the minority. I believe that he must immediately send an ad hoc committee to look for the truth about what is happening in the Greek Community, without the presence of the regime's victims who terrorize the citizens. "
Andrew Thomas (1 month ago)
I do not recognise eu law in the uk from March 19. As per our democratic vote......the British electorate legally leaves .....don’t know wats the government is going to do but the electorate leaves...democracy in motion 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Ian Cook (1 month ago)
They will never let us leave. I said this on the morning after the referendum. No one believed me. Now look what's happening.
LittleImpaler (1 month ago)
The EU needs to die.
Sneezy Cat Shack (1 month ago)
Next compare Mercusul and the African Union.

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