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The European Union Explained*

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Text Comments (19885)
LordMartin 18 (22 hours ago)
That add was great
Fight Chemnitz (1 day ago)
Hey guys I just wanted to say this: I as a supporter of the european union feel more european than I feel german and thus - of course - feel very unsecure about my home country now that so much sceptisism is coming up. I accept anyone who thinks a little more realistic about the EU, but often, I have the feeling, that people want to set an end to the EU, just because of some laws or other restrictions the EU has set up in the past. (or other problems) Do you really think that the end of the EU is the only way out of these problems? I mean nobody here in Germany says "let's end Germany and be small Counties again." What I wanted to say: please people do not think so destructive about the EU and think about whether the EU is really giving more negatives than positives to you! Because there is no reason, why you shouldn't be able to change things in the EU as well as you can in your home country. That said, I wish you all a nice day and hope you will get your wishes through at the next European Election in 2019. ;)
K1naku5ana3R1ka (1 day ago)
CGP Grey sure seems to love his asterisks.
GToMaster (2 days ago)
G Ponce (3 days ago)
Greg Pix (3 days ago)
Poland is NOT in Eurozone...
Andrew Thomas (3 days ago)
What’s to explain....it’s a dictatorship...mascerading as democracy ..the most dangerous entity since Adolfo hitler...never ever let them be in charge of an army ...we leave in march thank god 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
KeyWestGlenn (4 days ago)
The EU "So you wanted all these country Germany? Have them."
Confliced Gamer Brian (4 days ago)
Poland isn't in the uero zone. I know this because I'm polish. We use the Złoty. Not the euro.
Turk (4 days ago)
1:33 Love that country "Hungarylithuania"
Technic89 (5 days ago)
Well history of EU is simple... European Communists were thinking: "How to rebuild socialism in Europe?" Then one communist guy named Altiero Spinelli told : "Hey! let's create our own Soviet Union, but without Russians and with different name"... Everyone was like "Wow! it's good idea". And Puff! They created European Union.... Good looking, with good propaganda, bureaucratic organisation that will suck your money and destroy your culture. All to slowly change you into their slave... like frog in the hot pot.
JadeWarrior (12 hours ago)
There needs to be a frog, and a pot.
Susan Hatchett (20 hours ago)
Technic89 Can you give examples of the scenarios you described?
Tareboss T. (5 days ago)
Switzerland is a fake country
Herbas Vardas (5 days ago)
Finaly! A video that has Lithuanian caprions!
dʒeɪms (5 days ago)
turkey is hideously uneuropean edit: and BiH and Albania
DaNace Spaden (5 days ago)
dude you're funny haha
Vinnieindahousezz (5 days ago)
slightly outdated ass Lithuania switched 2 euro in December of 2014 but i cant change that :(
oliv gwizd (6 days ago)
EU has the big gays
Cosmocat01 (6 days ago)
Here it is-the Fourth Reich, with all its Bundeslander: Niedersaschen, Bremen, Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein, Saschen, Thuringen, Bayern, Brandenburg, Baden-Wurrtemburg, Saschen-Anhalt, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland, Jutland, Sjalland, Faroer Inseln, Gronland, Skane, Vastergotland, Svealand, Norrland, Lappland, Gotland, Aland, Ostlappland, Ostrobothnia, Das Neueste, Savo, Revel, Dorpat, Riga, Vidzeme, Vilnius, Kaunas, Pommern, Mecklenburg, Danzig, Ostpreussen, Schleisen, Posen, Waschau, Krakau, Bialystock, Sudetenland, Bohmen, Mahren, Slowakei, Transdanubien, Burgund, Alfold, Siebenburgen, Athen, Thrakien, Malta, Walachei, Moldau, Varna, Sofia, Kreta, Zypern, Sizilien, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vienna, Carinthia, Latium, Kalabrien, Abruzzen, Venetien, Lombardei, Piemont, Toskana, Sardinien, Korsika, Katalonien, Aragonien, Navarra, La Rioja, Balearen, Valencia, Andalusia, Granada, Galicia, Basque, Castile, Leon, La Mancha, Madrid, Beja, Lisbon, Porto, Letzeburg, Alsace, Franche-Comte, Pas de Calais, Normandy, Brittany, Savoy, Parisien, Orleans, Poitou, Rhone, Alpes, Provence, Languedoc, Bourgogne, Limousin, Lyon, Aquitania, Slowenien, Dalmatien, Croatia, Holland, Friesland, Limburg, Vlandeeren, Wallonien, Eupen-Maldy, England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Ireland
Aykan Pqla (8 days ago)
Europa and terorist usa germany must exit my islam country afghanistan irak and turkey Terorist= europa and usa
Aykan Pqla (8 days ago)
Fuck secular europa . Europa is atheist and satanist fuck all west where want sharia Allahuekber
Aykan Pqla (8 days ago)
Fuck europaen union. Europa union have not democracy. Europa union is racist. Europa union have not islam from turkey bosnai ... europa union= racist nazis and cristus racist fuck europa union and germany
The 1 Who KnowZ (8 days ago)
Harry Minett-Smith (9 days ago)
This makes no sence*
RealMercurial (9 days ago)
It's all just bullshit so lets just copystrike the EU
Abbi L (11 days ago)
Poland does not use euros 😅
Napoleon Banaparte (11 days ago)
Hey where Ukraine in green they wanna be a member in EU to...
Simon S. (11 days ago)
Random Boss (11 days ago)
2:09 damn
Jamesvids. com (11 days ago)
Foreigners ruining Ireland and United Kingdom.....
Me Smokta (11 days ago)
"You can check out -in- anytime you like, but you can never leave -stay-" Niiice!
luuk boekhoud (11 days ago)
Tf... Kingdom of the Netherlands? Why not just the netherlands?
karam boubou (12 days ago)
your videos are great* *only applies to ceratin videos
Kristian Brandt (11 days ago)
The EU is like a party. Norway: Norway is the sexy rich girl all the boys crave Sweden: Sweden has to the annoyance of everybody else decided to be the PC moderator, and has so far cock-blocked 12 countries. Finland: Finland is by the DJ booth requesting every heavy metal song ever made. Denmark: Denmark is Norway's older brother and president of the cool kids club. He's just bought a new green initiative which he absolutely will work into conversation! Germany: Germany is busy holding Spain's hair. Britain: Invite pending. Netherlands: Holland is almost as hot as Norway, definite 9... "Yes Sweden I know I'm objectifying Holland, but I just bought a green initiative which I'll tell you all about later". Belgium: Belgium brought the beer. Ireland: Ireland is drunk on Belgium beer. Spain: also drunk. Italy: Italy has had a rough night. He crashed his Vespa on the way, his stylish hair he'd just spent two hours combing has been ruined by his chic helmet, France is being a prick as usual, Sweden convinced Germany to not allow smoking and trainwreck Spain just vomited all over his new leather shoes. Someone is definitely waking up with a horses head in their bed! Portugal: Portugal was THIS close to hooking up with Norway, but Sweden came in with the block! Apparently Portugal was complimenting Norway's long legs without written consent. Luxembourg: Luxembourg(calls himself De-Lux) has just dropped his 24k gold money clip. Austria: Meh. France: France has just been abroad, and is now busy telling everybody how -insert country- is nothing like France. Greece: Garlic breath. There are more member states, but the club was at capacity. Had nothing to with De-Lux buying the club moments ago to keep out Eastern peasants. And there you have it, Europe in a nutshell.
Kristian Brandt (2 days ago)
Beautiful Monster My comment was a comedic take on western Europe, hence factors like stereotypes and national traits, aswell as international perception were taken into account. A large percentage of Norwegian women are tall and blond, and Norway has a ton of oil money. Hence Norway is the sexy blonde funded by daddy's succesful oil business.
Beautiful Monster (2 days ago)
lol Germany is the rich one not norway..its just rich per capita not as whole Nation
RedIce4 (12 days ago)
That third one you said
Jimmy Sullivan (13 days ago)
The eu is fucking evil
Xhavier11 (14 days ago)
I am both a greek and a serb which means I am technically an EU citizen but I still have to have a passport for going abroad from serbia, why?
Martyna Viola (14 days ago)
Poland doesn't use Euro
Joseph Rees (15 days ago)
Update please this information is false since the UK have left the EU.
Ian Moore (17 days ago)
The EU is a Criminal Extortion Syndicate located on 'Rothchilds Street' in Brussels. Europe is far better off Leaving it and making similar agreements of their own.
Ian Moore (17 days ago)
The EU flooded Europe with Islamic Migrants.... Why ? By mistake ? hahaha...er...no!
john Thatcher (17 days ago)
Corrupt undemocratic
TheFireBoy999 (17 days ago)
Ode to Joy was a nice touch
patrick Sampson (18 days ago)
Why do some conservative British attack the E U when their own out of date United Kingdom needs tearing down!
MSYΛ (18 days ago)
2:12 Wrong. When I went from italia to slovenia i needed to show my ID to the border guards.
Iamnyamgamer (18 days ago)
Ireland's a bit weird, the UK (where I'm from) owns half of it and the border just is there, nothing like passport control, the only way to know if you are in southern or northern Ireland is that there is a change to kmh from mph but they still will accept pounds £ instead of euros € countries are hard man
Minkanon Kammel (19 days ago)
Norway has bouvet Island too
Lord Wojtek (19 days ago)
what about the massive refugee crisis* why do we* still allow that*
Patience Rachel (19 days ago)
The shade towards Greece
Admiral Yi (20 days ago)
*_-that is sooo cool-_*
Admiral Yi (20 days ago)
Admiral Yi (20 days ago)
Alex Metagross (20 days ago)
*Not exactly Explained
aStar (20 days ago)
Why is ode to joy playing at the end
Deo A (17 days ago)
The EU stole it as their anthem
Asuser (21 days ago)
Latvia and Lithuania are in the Eurozone, but Poland is not...
T L S (21 days ago)
Like mine
Dick McBladder (21 days ago)
EU fooled many ppl. It's an invasive tool made by evil geniuses.
Luky0805 (22 days ago)
UK ... When did you create this video.
Andrew Stirling (22 days ago)
So many freaking asterisks!*
Expand Dong (23 days ago)
0:14 maybe not..
a british bloke (24 days ago)
“HAH!” said all Brits.
NESTI (24 days ago)
poland is not in eurozone, we have own value
Super power India (26 days ago)
China Russia India Brazil south Africa not belong world benk
Super power India (26 days ago)
China Russia India Brazil south Africa not belong world benk
AManThatCantFly (26 days ago)
""""""Kingdom"""""" of the Netherlands.
Super power India (27 days ago)
many countries slaves under of European union
Rollblock (27 days ago)
What a mess
Emperor (28 days ago)
Europe is a joke
JoelJames2 (28 days ago)
Nothing on earth is as complicated as the US tax co--
Had To (28 days ago)
i want a video of all the asterisks*
Molly De Winter (28 days ago)
When it zoomed in on Greece i died
alex medel martinez (29 days ago)
Who paid for the asteriscs? xD
Goyren Add (29 days ago)
it sucks that GB is not part of the EU, cause I wanted to retire there before... FUCK
Foorack (26 days ago)
It is still a full member until the day it leaves, 29 March 2019. Therefore you can still exercise your right of movement, however, your legal status would be unknown after the date of leaving.
Kek- 9 (29 days ago)
0:43 is that a minecraft creeper? Lmao
Polan Can into space (30 days ago)
Not uk any more brexit
Matija Krunic (30 days ago)
Also, Montenegro uses Euro even though it is not a part of the EU
Kevin Cho (30 days ago)
EU will be a country in about 20 years
Deo A (17 days ago)
Ha the EU won't even exist in 20 years
Roman Darius (30 days ago)
Blacks and Whites don't get along in America, so why does the European Union believe that they will get along in Europe? These old farts at the European Union will be long dead before they realize that they have destroyed Europe. What a bunch of fucking idiots.
Bcare &comic (1 month ago)
Buy beautiful t-shirt https://teespring.com/BeautifulTshirts#pid=389&cid=100019&sid=front
Israel Joshua Santhosh (1 month ago)
"I'm le tired."
Dagau Lucian (1 month ago)
FUCK eu you have destroyed my cuntry
CANNER (1 month ago)
2:45 Latvia and Lithuania are using Euros as their currency.
ArmouredLemming (1 month ago)
*In general...
Unown -F (1 month ago)
*Not all of it.
Ulf Lingbratt (1 month ago)
European cooperation was first a dream, then it became a hope and eventually it became a necessity.
Suistamo Karjalainen (1 month ago)
The eu is anti-democtatic.
SuperJacobe (1 month ago)
What the people of this world need to find out is? What is the EU Agenda What is the EU Ultimate goal you all really need to find it out. Hitler started with just speaking in the streets?the end was mass murder,it may look good now but what do you lose in the end?the thing is you won’t find out till you are caught in the web of no return, by then it will be too late people.
SuperJacobe (1 month ago)
Good buy.If I was in power things would move a lot quicker,when Hitler came to power not many Jews or deplorables really new what was to come, so will be with the European Union
JAI BHOLENATH (1 month ago)
European Union please change your flag it's look like lazy Europe (deadly europe)
TJ Smyrl (1 month ago)
Britain 🇬🇧 isn’t a part of the EU anymore
Foorack (26 days ago)
The UK is still a full member of the EU until the day it officially leaves, 29 March 2019.
Paul Kurz (1 month ago)
Switzerland also has border checkpoints
Shirokröte (1 month ago)
Paul Kurz Most counties do have them by now but they rarely actually check things
and i won (1 month ago)
i don’t want to shoot up my school*
GAMING XL (1 month ago)
hungary is not realy part of the eu hungary do not use euro's but forint
Foorack (26 days ago)
Hungary is a full member of the EU. Only 19 of the 28 members use the euro as their official currency. 10 places have a Monetary Agreement to print and use the euro as their currency even without being an EU member. 2 places have adopted it unilaterally without an agreement but uses it nonetheless and countless of places uses it to a partial degree. Use of euro does not imply EU membership, nor does EU membership imply the use of the euro.
High Ground (1 month ago)
3.34 poland isnt in eurozone
Lucas Perez (1 month ago)
*European Soviet Union
Orppranator (1 month ago)
The EU is essentially the American federal government, European countries being the American states- If Americans had 0 say at all, as compared to partial say.
Deborah Graham (1 month ago)
You filthyEuropean Union Brexit well win
Think 409 (1 month ago)
Brexit means brexit
RantherYT 4537 (1 month ago)
Whats the music?
Shirokröte (1 month ago)
Ode an die Freude / Ode to Joy (European Anthem)
John (1 month ago)
Can I still move to France after Brexit?
Deo A (17 days ago)
Why would you want to move to France? Lots more nicer places in the world.
viktor1496 (1 month ago)
Well yeah, but you'll be treated as a non-EU citizen which means it will be a hell of a lot harder to do :p
Marks LV (1 month ago)
But if now Latvia has the euro are they a part of the eurozone.
Unions are made so the strong can loot the weaker. E.u is a peaceful war

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