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Million Dollar Traders Part 3 - a reality show about a group of novices who get a chance to trade

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Text Comments (17)
Rick Williams (2 years ago)
A bunch of whining bitches! You couldn't get grown ups to do this damn?
Money Mark (2 years ago)
High IQ management with low EQs. I was thoroughly surprised.
Coach Gumby (2 years ago)
I don't understand why somebody would trade for somebody else and make them money, when you can do it for yourself if you so good..
Money Mark (2 years ago)
If someone puts up $1 Million dollars, they take all the risk. *You* on the other hand have no risk, only the potential to make, $250k or whatever you're going to make. Most people don't have $250K to risk or even spend for that matter.
davis kampschror (2 years ago)
+Coach Gumby a more stable paycheck I guess....
dangold boumhower (3 years ago)
"if you go on a progression journey.." she just put a bunch of words together to form an incoherent sentence on that one.
Geoff (3 years ago)
OMG Ahmit!
Sejdr (3 years ago)
She is a spoiled brat and the fight promoter a love-sick puppy going on a crusade.
Michael Patton (4 years ago)
So glad they got rid of the sensitive people. I never get why people expect professional trading to be a friendly environment. It's a battlefield, period.
AlxndrMGMT (4 years ago)
is she gonig to cry? --- she's going to cry
Andrew Racine (4 years ago)
This would never happen in the states, especially NYC. What a whole bunch of softies 
Alii Kaimi (4 years ago)
Boy if they were losing their own money, How different the attitude would be to lose a million of their own money. Only the weak fall.
Alii Kaimi (4 years ago)
I would love a shot a this, I think i would do well. Cant hurt to wish
siajiale (4 years ago)
The people who left are not serious about trading. Full stop.
Buffet Power (4 years ago)
da sheep I agree 100 pourcent with that the same for me!
Paul Mamakos (5 years ago)
Awesome show Guys. Check out stock ACTC They are a stem cell stock with a 1 shot treatment for vision
DaSheep (5 years ago)
srsly what is wrong with this people? they had the chance to trade with pros, which also gave them a nice stack of free money and all they came up with was whining and bitching like some kids -.-' really stupid, some people like me would do stupid things to get a seat in that room :/

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