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Kim Jong-Un's New Strategy: Explained

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First 500 people get 2 months free of Skillshare: http://skl.sh/polymatter5 Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/polymatter Twitter: https://twitter.com/polymatters Discord: http://discord.me/polymatter North Korea appears to have suddenly changed its tune, but this is only part of its longstanding survival strategy. *The end of this video includes a paid sponsored promotion. This company had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of the video. Credits Music is “Lurking” by Silent Partner Music during sponsor segment is Sunrise Drive, South London HiFi Quote and inspiration comes from: The Real North Korea, by Andrei Lankov (highly recommended): https://www.amazon.com/Real-North-Korea-Politics-Stalinist/dp/0199390037 (*The quote was edited for length) Rules for Rulers, CGP Grey: https://youtu.be/rStL7niR7gs The Mark Zuckerberg gif and joke is from a Reddit post (not mine): https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/8bb5r8/mark_zuckerbot_at_his_congress_hearing/ https://www.armscontrol.org/factsheets/6partytalks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_North_Korean_missile_tests https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Korea_at_the_2018_Winter_Olympics https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2017/jul/04/north-korea-announces-successful-intercontinental-ballistic-missile-test-video https://www.vox.com/world/2017/12/19/16794970/wannacry-north-korea-bossert-cyberattacks http://www.nti.org/analysis/articles/cns-north-korea-missile-test-database/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_North_Korean_missile_tests https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/28/north-korea-has-fired-ballistic-missile-say-reports-in-south-korea https://www.vox.com/2018/4/27/17290344/north-korea-south-korea-kim-jong-un-moon-trump North Korean Olympic Cheerleaders: https://twitter.com/BBCDavidMcDaid/status/962276136376983555 Mike Pompeo Meeting Image: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/white-house-mike-pompeo-kim-jong-un_us_5ae240c3e4b055fd7fc9fa0f
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Text Comments (10439)
PolyMatter (8 months ago)
Had to really rush to get this video out, so I hope you like it! I also made a couple wallpapers for Patreon supporters!
Mirdov Kron (3 months ago)
Polymatter Excuse me, but it's the 'East Sea', not the 'Sea of Japan'. I think you should put that error in the description.
🇨🇳China and North Korea also Work TwoGather 🇰🇷  🇰🇵North  Korea  Situation  &  USA Strategy  🇺🇸 https://youtu.be/2ytaS609jwY
The Vrus (2 days ago)
Cyber Attacks with Windows 98...
Toiness Boss (2 days ago)
400 IQ Kim
Hendrik W (2 days ago)
You lost me at attributing WannaCry to North Korea.
Just Plain Viizionz (2 days ago)
Anyone in 2019?
tunder975 (3 days ago)
someone kicked his ass so he changes attitude lol
Stanislav Veliky (4 days ago)
LOL love the Civ V analogy
Der Führer (4 days ago)
Wow this was surprisingly well thought out
Arlene Jr (4 days ago)
I think Kim is trying to get on our good side she he can reunite the Koreas or something
4,2-cm PaK-1 (4 days ago)
Nigga, the U.S goverment should hire you. You appear to have a better understanding of the situation then most of those chair fuckg political "experts" that the U.S Goverment hires.
DeLEET Titan (5 days ago)
So it's basically realpolitik in action
Mohamed Ali (6 days ago)
No more wars no more refugees
Mohamed Ali (6 days ago)
This means do you complicate everything so the Americans get a line we all die what a coincidence why can’t we just live in harmony and lave everyone alone!!!!!
vinod rawat (6 days ago)
ILLUMINATI : stay where you are
jwafy جوافي (7 days ago)
You should delete this you dont want to get assassinated
debotten (7 days ago)
Reminds me of German Reich.
Jacob Black (8 days ago)
Trump 2020! He did it.
Indie Eclipse (8 days ago)
When you have 2 sponsors in 1 video, beautiful
5kehhn (9 days ago)
This is a grand conspiracy hatched by snowflakes.
Chang Lee (9 days ago)
There is one unveiled but obvious fact that Chain helped North Korea's Nuke development.
CGI Future (9 days ago)
Kim for president 2020
Count Daedalus (11 days ago)
You missed out a key point. He threatened to use the big button on the USA, and Trump threatened to use his bigger button. The sheer threat of M.A.D from Trump is what made Kim change strategy. It was not “suddenly out of nowhere”. Do not attempt to rewrite history, I know hatred of Trump is trendy.
Ice Bear (12 days ago)
all those Civilization reference but no nuclear Gandhi
Stijn de Koning (12 days ago)
hmm your predictions are accurate 31 december 2018
Joshua Garrard (12 days ago)
If Hillary Clinton and the Democrats we're in office we're elected we would already be in a nuclear wasteland
Joshua Garrard (12 days ago)
This is because of Mr President Donald J Trump
ZeroTsu (13 days ago)
Dude the predicted everything... have you seen the New Years message he sent out?
Keeping up with the Kims.
Saiprasad Duduka (17 days ago)
I really love how detailed your videos are! Really admire you and your team(if any)
William Huh (18 days ago)
Amazing commentary and you definitely got some of Kim Jong Un to a T. But you're missing a lot. The truth is we don't really know what Kim Jong Un wants. You say it's purely to remain in power, and that is 100% part of it but we don't know what he's saying behind closed doors with Chinese and even South Korean leaders. You talk as if his main source of income is denuclearization deals with the United States. Well, then aren't we funding North Korea's nuclear program? Now that I think about it Kim Jong Un and the US are definitely discussing topics beyond nuclear weapons. Perhaps selling Chinese secrets? Hard to say. The US would obviously want a unified Korea under South Korean (US-allied) leadership that borders China. And China obviously would not want that. The US could provide Kim wealth and safety in exchange for this deal and this would be an attractive prospect because North Korean citizens are becoming increasingly doubtful of their own government. At the same time China is trying to revamp their image and are abandoning North Korea. Kim Jong Un definitely knows that his country cannot continue to survive as an isolationist country and needs to begin opening up. The politics of the area are immensely complex and what goes on behind closed doors is definitely far beyond what is made available to us as people.
ItzOn Gaming (19 days ago)
*KIM JON UN wants to know your location*
David Miller (19 days ago)
Anatoly S. (20 days ago)
His haircut is what happens when nobody can say uncomfortable truth to your face
Chris müller (20 days ago)
Whitley Programm is He using for this Video?
Romeo Lachapelle (23 days ago)
you should have nuke is grand daddy yankee ...live and learn mofo!
Dark Mage (23 days ago)
OH SH!! I HAVE NUCLEARPHOBIA or is that even real?
Evan Dugas (26 days ago)
Omg... that is the same thing as the cycle for abusive relationships.
Evan Dugas (25 days ago)
+Tiago H. Ya like... a dick person hits there partner. is abusive they keep acting like that, when they say they want to break up they suddenly act like that changed. When they get what they want they are abusive again.
Tiago H. (25 days ago)
I was thinking the same
This is why I say the human race is dumb as a stupid they fall for that trick from North Korea over and over again and they'll keep falling for that same trick same reason why America is in decline in China is on the way up if this continues China will arrive in America in the Roman Empire part 2 of the 21st century will fall
Mishael Soto (29 days ago)
He acts like he wants war but he know he get his ass pounded
Skyler Drabing (30 days ago)
"Out of no where" = Because of Trump, because he realizes defusing North Korea is a massive middle finger to China, and also a massive safety resolution for the USA
mbear1 (1 month ago)
This is excellent.
Asmodey (1 month ago)
But you knew what happened to country which have no nuke, and does not friendly to US.
Şahin yaşar (1 month ago)
Kim Jong-Un is a blood sucking slug If USA really want peace they should kill Kim Jong-Un first Im sure for real north koreans will be happy for his death
C L. (1 month ago)
Seriously this channel is one of the best on Youtube, very knowledgeable, little prejudice, well animated, brilliantly written with just right amount of humor :) Plz KEEP ON
AE Pulsar (1 month ago)
Seems you’re wrong.
Kaveh Kooroshnia (1 month ago)
You undountedly know that I am the master, boss, and leader of all communists and marxists around the world too, in china, north korea and all other countries. Be responsible to me.
Steve Lkh (1 month ago)
The thumbnail look more like Simon Cowell
Francis the memer (1 month ago)
Noice animation man
Shy Cactus (1 month ago)
will there be another Korean war? even if there was is dis boi dumb cause if he looks at history on what happened in every war the US and the Allies always win! Except for the Vietnam war, I don't know why we entered that in this first place.
Sean dore (1 month ago)
Kim jong un is a transvestine 🧞‍♂️
Landon Rivers (1 month ago)
Hi there, my friend is wondering what software was used to make this video?
NeinTeaAteKay (1 month ago)
its like a shitty infographics show with a kid for a narrator
Derek Davis (1 month ago)
I heard kids fight over mice to eat, and two kids were fighting over a kernel of corn from cow shit, this was from a defector that worked in the camps, idk why they just can't snipe him, hire a Hitman or something, he likes the young girls to, when he has a son next asshole in power, that's why he got rid of any family left so his son can take over maybe idk.
Ben (1 month ago)
Fat Kim is the worst terrorist. Fuck you scum Kim and free the north Korean people !
Free Thought Stop (2 months ago)
Was never concerned about little rocket man. He's a loser who won't do a thing. He'd be absolutely demolished if it became necessary. His country would disappear from the map.
Kim Jong Un (2 months ago)
it wont fail
Boss (2 months ago)
Rising Threat for release sanction and they want dollar.
Toast (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure most Americans are afraid of North Korea because they just heard the word "missle". Didn't South Park make a episode about this?
Wow I’m a Meme (2 months ago)
🥳🥶🥵🥺🤠🧵🧶🌫☔️☂️🌬💨☃️❄️ I just used every new emoji I can.
G J (2 months ago)
Such a bad inaccurate analysis. Lankov is very pessimistic. If you actually understand Korean and listen to various analyses done by Koreans who negotiated w NK for decades, they would disagree with an assertion NK sees nuclear weapons as a way to extract dollars to support the regime. In fact they keep saying they do not need a penny from the US. A similar suggestion by Pompeo got the talk stalled earlier. According to the best of Koreans involved in the past talk, Washington has NO North Korean expert. Read listen anything in English by American experts with skeptism.
Yakuza 863 (2 months ago)
5:37 French flag 🇫🇷
R A (2 months ago)
2019: NK Attempts attack on Hawaii.... Kim's missile attack Fails..... USA responds with Two cruise missiles which kill NK leader and a few of his associates.
Jemma Shin (2 months ago)
It's not "Sea of Japan". It's THE EAST SEA.
Countryball Animations (2 months ago)
Other countries who met him; Hey dude you’re co..... North Korea; *TRAP CARD*
SSchithFoo (2 months ago)
Similar cycle happened with a terrorist organisation named LTTE in Sri Lanka. An organisation banned in EU, USA, India and UK. They get their asses whooped, peace talks begin. This give them time to rearm themselves, they commit another suicide bombing run, usually involving women and child soldiers and break peace talks. This happened about 4 times till a president finally grew a pair and wiped them out in 2009.
Pygmy Puff (2 months ago)
Funny thing is, as I am watching this, he's threatening with a nuclear attack. If America wanted to destroy NK, then they could. But it's a bad idea due to another world war. I hope this leader isn't willing to sacrifice his whole country over a world war just because he can't get what he wants. Here's the link: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1040989/north-korea-world-war-3-nuclear-threats-us-talks-donald-trump-kim-jong-un
강주현 (2 months ago)
Hello, guys. A bit out of this topic, but I'd like to take your attention regarding the fact that "Sea of Japan" is incorrect, but "East sea"is right. I know Japan insists that this is ridiculous Korean propaganda which is just confusing the world, because the term "Sea of Japan" has been used for 100 years internationally. However, from 16C to 19C, various kinds of terms had been used and the most frequent one was "Sea of Korea". In fact, "East sea"/"Sea of Japan" had gone down in history as "East Sea" for 2000 years. The first trace that "East Sea" was found dates back to when 동명왕 governed Goguryeo dynastay(One of the Korean dynasties. BEFORE CHRISTIAN). Also, 광개토대왕기념비 (monument memorial) in Ji'an, China, can prove it. Also, old maps of other countries, including China and Russia, and those in main European libraries say "East Sea". However, since late 19C and 20C, since Japan turned to be a successful modernized country and it colonized my country, currently many countries usually choose "Sea of Japan". Some people might think this is just blunt and boring issue, but for Korean, nothing can be more important, because it implies the rein of this area. I have a lot more things to write here, but let me terminate it. If you read whole of this, I really appreciate it.
Dean 0506 (2 months ago)
Ghandi skipped the tech tree too Ghandi is in the atomic era now oh no terrible
Sushil Pant (2 months ago)
Sometimes, I wonder what if there was no universe? I don't know
jason santana (2 months ago)
Yeah their missiles can reach but the accuracy sucks. The accuracy of their missiles is terrible!!!
suddenly stanning (2 months ago)
Okay but you are so good at sliding into ads that I never realize it’s happening until a few seconds after you do it
Official Kim jong un (2 months ago)
This is so true
*_"Kim Jong Un: im gonna nuke you guys"_* Trump, Jae-In and other presidents start laughing... *_"no guys i'm being serious"_*
Cassan Q (2 months ago)
Did you just transition your video into a sponsor... INTO ANOTHER SPONSOR?
Nikolay Belorusov (2 months ago)
Great video man
Lükaz Machòr (2 months ago)
why is war in three different colors . Did you mean this W: is red and mean blood or death and it is for war versus south korea A: is white so it means not much and is for time when the war stopped but they were every single second ready to attack R: is blue and means something like peace sorry for the bad english i come from germany and this is my first year
YO MAMA (2 months ago)
This is so great I had to come back. It's Awesomeness.... I dig Kim Jong Un & Ri She is The Cutest 1st Lady of Korea I can't wait for her to meet Flotus Melania
Mundane Theif (2 months ago)
World War 3 coming soon~
Vince Lam (2 months ago)
Holy crap this was completely accurate
Exolette (2 months ago)
OMG FINALLY SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!! I ASKED MY PARENTS THE SAME QUESTION! I'm like yeah I think he's just sabotaging us!!!
Wurfenkopf (2 months ago)
I'm Italian, why do I see the italian flag at 1:52?
Anticreeper (2 months ago)
What strategy?
PsychoPat (2 months ago)
Full banana strategy will work leave them alone, we will soon come to conclusion of 1 united people from earth; then reach space. But first we got the rule those who don't want to for the best of all others. (english not my main language suck it)
Jaime Mendieta (2 months ago)
Who dislikes this video? It is brilliant
Shabaal (2 months ago)
nice video dude! Thanks!
Baby Jesus (2 months ago)
This video is so extremely bias and misleading. Its honestly people who eat this garbage up w/o even questioning it that are keeping things from being fixed. The narrator acknowledges the facts but then perverts them with his anti-Trump bias, he literally even says “there’s a chance this all may go well with flying coolers” (aka I have no solid proof of evidence my theory isn’t bullshit but let me still tell you about it with a fancy flash animation) tf. You literally have to be next level stupid to actually eat this video up. The fact is, North Korea has NEVER gone this far EVER towards SK or USA, by the logic behind that he’s presenting they’d have way too pride to even get this far. Do your own research people and stop eating up every anti-Trump piece, I bet most of y’all can’t even imagine Trump being right about anything, that’s how far off the edge y’all have fallen smh..
Rocky Pingale (2 months ago)
Seems like a pretty smart man.
Rene Dulnuan (2 months ago)
Ballade and bass
Vaporeon Trainer (2 months ago)
So basically..... We’re doomed
Ramith Gopinath (2 months ago)
It's eery how accurate your predictions were. Then again, it's North Korea...
saintflev (3 months ago)
your right about the past, but now is when that story falls apart. i predict N-Korea will be in peace mode from early 2018 and forward. Kim was given an ultimatum he believed, do this and that according to this timetable or you will be removed. And his reward for following this plan will be he will be in power until North and South is reunited, and will go down in history as a man who brought peace to his country, and retire with wealth in another part of the world. not up for debate, ill come back in a couple of years and write either, i told u so, or im sorry, i was very wrong.
Needs Ajob (3 months ago)
The U.S. secretly killed kim n we just sent one of our clones to replace him
Venarnium [Crazy] (2 months ago)
but the clone learns the truth and does everything again
Kim Jong-Un (3 months ago)
no true me good man
Carl Johnson (3 months ago)
Nah I’m pretty sure the new plan is reunification
Carlos Quiroz (3 months ago)
What is this rookie time crap? It's Spider-Man, not SpiderMan. You forgot the hyphen....
Tony Montana (3 months ago)
Yawn. If the A-holes running the U.S. want Kim gone he'd be gone, U.S. population be damned. This is like watching two evil puppet masters(China and U.S.) scheming for power, resources, and control. Money and power, same old shit.
Dorjee (3 months ago)
Thank you for this awesome video. I really learned a lot after watching this.
Corbyn Bush (3 months ago)
Dude, you literally predicted Kim’s moves exactly. I think you need to be apart of the government... but still make these videos :)
ShadowMaster 45 (3 months ago)
Just when i thought you werent sponsered by skillshare
CedarHunt (3 months ago)
There is a pretty fundamental flaw with your analysis: He isn't fooling anyone. Nobody in a position of power is under any illusions over North Korean military capabilities, namely that they don't have any. Simultaneously just about the worst thing Kim could do would be to make threats to the US that he actually has the ability to follow through on because at the end of day if it's clear that it's just talk you'll get a slap on the wrist and a stern finger wagged in your face but the US won't go to the expense of doing anything really threatening because A) we don't think it's worth the effort and B) we don't want to be seen as the aggressor. If on the other hand Kim started dropping nukes off the coast of California you can bet the US would destroy them pretty much immediately. That's US foreign policy in a nut shell, we'll make noise and push for change but not really do anything if there isn't anything to be gained by us in that reform but we'll overreact and destroy anything that looks like a genuine threat. It's why even our biggest rivals don't make overt threats against us: because they know if we take them seriously it's a death sentence.

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